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Episode 14 - New Co-Host!

An episode of Viewfinder Vikings Podcast

By Svein Olav Humberset
A brand new film photography podcast focusing mainly on ideas and projects. It will be both solo shows from host Sven and also interviews with guests. Hopefully the episodes can be at least one hour (at least the interviews) because thats the length i personally love when im driving.
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More places to listen

Episode 14 - New Co-Host!
This is a special one, as i introduce the new co-host of the Viewfinder Vikings podcast. We also chat about projects and have a rant about naming images (well, i have a rant). 
August 19, 2019
Episode 13 - So Close, with Ian Barnaby Nutt
In this episode I have a chat with Ian Barnaby Nutt, or "Mr. Zine". We talk about projects, workflow and almost everything in between.  The only thing we dont talk about, is gear. So if you got GAS, you are hereby warned.
July 20, 2019
Episode 12 - Podcast update
In this episode i talk about my newest gear purchases, give you an update on the podcast, and on life in general
June 27, 2019
Episode 11 - Here I go again on my own
Another solo show with a few tips and ideas for darkroom logistics and a bit of insight into my daily struggles as a working photographer.
April 30, 2019
Episode 10 - Solo show
In this episode i talk about Shoot film like a boss, Stand developing and the Flickr group!
March 9, 2019
Episode 9 - Mr. Andrew Bartram
In this episode, I have a nice chat with Andrew about his story, how he got into photography and then evolved into experimental stuff, and he also changes my darkroom workflow 180 degrees around. Pretty cool, folks! Have a listen!
January 22, 2019
Episode 8 - James Lee from Classic Camera Revival
In this "short" but fun episode I have a chat with James Lee from the Classic Camera Revival Podcast. We talk Darkroom, Fuji, Weddings and a bunch of other topics. Give it a listen!
December 13, 2018
Episode 7 - An interview with Simon Forster
In this episode I have a quick chat with Simon Forster, the host of Classic Lenses Podcast. We talk about his photography, his podcast, and his recent dipping of toes in the film photography pool. Links mentioned in the episode: The criticised LF boat pic; @simonforsterphotographic on Instagram @simonfor on Twitter Search Classic Lenses Podcast on iTunes etc
November 16, 2018
Episode 6
A quicky but goodie, some updates and i reveal my guest for the next episode!
November 10, 2018
Episode 5 - Polaroid Land Camera, Zine swap
In this episode I chat about my latest purchases, my new upcoming family photography project, and my clever way to offer my Zine to everyone who wants it!
November 2, 2018
Episode 4
Hey folks! In this episode I talk about Film swapping, shooting sports on film, the next big scanner, and some darkroom chemistry itching! 20 minutes of goodness. Hope you join!
October 24, 2018
Episode 3 - Evening photography and darkroom papers
In this episode I need some help from you guys. I have two projects that I need some feedback on, and I need someone to write me an email. About anything. Seriously, just one! It can be hatemail for all I care. My God, what I would give for a hateful email....
September 27, 2018
Episode 2 - Projects And Ideas
How many "eh"'s can be removed from a 30 minute recording? You will never know, but i can tell you its alot! I got to get my radiohead ready for the next episode, Eh-free! In this episode I talk about projects, gear and everything in between.
September 24, 2018
Episode 1
The first ever episode of this so far unnamed podcast. My goal is that in time for episode two, the name will have been chosen. You can vote on your favorite name suggestion over at the Negative Positives film photography facebook group.
September 17, 2018
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