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Swayamsiddha Foundation

Swayamsiddha Foundation

By Swayamsiddha Foundation
Podcasts on varied topics such as education, health, self employment, business and other topics related to women empowerment. These podcasts would be available in marathi.
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Entrepreneur of the month Vrushali Gadre
Presenting our Entrepreneur of the month Vrushali Gadre of M/s Shreeji Oils.  Vrushali started her business in cold pressed oils which she claims are traditionally made, natural & chemical free. She runs the company named Shreeji Oils. Vrushali can be reached on 8082428726/9987972727
February 10, 2022
Successful Entrepreneur Prachi Pandit
Meet our successful woman entrepreneur from Pune, Prachi Pandit
January 12, 2022
Successful Entrepreneur Kalpana Balasaheb Wagh
Meet our Women Entrepreneur of the month Kalpana Balasaheb Wagh in our Entrepreneur of the month series.
December 11, 2021
Successful Women Entrepreneur Uma Desai
Success Story of Uma Desai.
November 11, 2021
Successful Women Entrepreneur Janvi Pawar
Story of Successful Women Entrepreneur Janvi Pawar
October 09, 2021
Successful Women Entrepreneur Shonam Ghare
Story of Successful Women Entrepreneur Shonam Ghare
October 09, 2021
Successful Women Entrepreneur Vaishali Naik
Story of Vaishali Naik our successful entrepreneur.
October 09, 2021
Entrepreneur of the Month
A glimpse of women power. Swayamsiddha Foundation presents Women Entrepreneurs Success Stories.
August 10, 2021
नको झाले तुझें येणे - कविता
सौ. साधना अनवेकर यांनी रचलेली कविता
July 18, 2021
Sheetal's Space
Sheetal Sawant scribbles poems, articles and everything that is close to her heart. Do tune in to her podcasts.
May 09, 2021
आणि एका गर्भवतीचे प्राण वाचले...
सकाळ वृत्तपत्रात आलेल्या एका सत्य घटनेवर आधारित लेखाचा वाचन सौ.अंजली नवलकर यांनी या पॉडकास्ट मधे सादर केले आहे #podcasts #marathipodcasts #marathi-podcasts #मराठी 
May 01, 2021
सुप्रसिद्ध कादंबरी श्रीमान योगीचे वाचन
सुप्रसिद्ध कादंबरी श्रीमान योगीचे वाचन - सदारकर्त्या सौ. शालन सपरे जोशी
May 01, 2021
माझा पहिला जर्मनी प्रवास 
संस्थेच्या सौ शालन सपरे जोशी यांनी जिवंत केलेला त्यांचा पहिला जर्मनी प्रवास
May 01, 2021
हरिपाठ जसा समजला तसा
हरिपाठ जसा समजला तसा, लेखक श्री अरविंद खरे - वाचन सौ. साधना अनवेकर
April 24, 2021
कवी गुलझार यांच्यस हिंदी कविता
कवी गुलझार यांच्यस हिंदी कविता. वाचन स्वयंसिद्धा च्या सौ कल्पना उबाळे
April 24, 2021
Kafan - Munshi Premchand
An immortal story Kafan written by legendary Munshi Premchand.
April 19, 2021
प्रवास वर्णन
मराठी प्रवास वर्णन, लेखिका व सदरकर्त्या सौ. कल्पना उबाळे
April 14, 2021
Asha Amar Aste
A marathi translation of an article Asha Amar Aste from the blog of Vijay Joshi. Translated and presented by Kalpana Ubale. #marathipodcasts #podcast #marathipodcast #marathistories #marathiaudiostories
April 03, 2021
Motivational Speaker Madhura Keskar
Motivational Speaker Madhura Keskar speaks on various aspects of life on the occasion of International Day for Women.
March 31, 2021
Ghe Bharari - Stories of Women Entrepreneurs
Ghe Bharari is a series of Stories and Interviews of Women Entrepreneurs who have struggled and achieved what they aspired for. Most of the entrepreneurs we feature in our Ghe Bharari series are members of Swayamsiddha Foundation, Mumbai, an organization working for Women Entrepreeneurship since 2006. For details of Swayamsiddha Foundation please visit us at
March 31, 2021
Women Day Special 2021
Swayamsiddha Foundation, Mumbai organized a Special Webinar for Women on the occasion of Women's Day on 08th March 2021. The audio recordings of some of the events that were planned are published here.  Detailed Webinar is available at To know more about Swayamsiddha Foundation, please visit #womensday #marathipodcasts #podcasts #marathi #marathipodcast
March 30, 2021
Mahadev Verma Poems
Hindi poems of Mahadevi Verma, presented to you by Mrs.Kalpana Ubale
November 21, 2020
The famed character Narayan written by Late Shri P.L.Deshpande
October 28, 2020
Fatima Chaku
A real life story of a lady named Fatima. Narrated by Mrs.Kalpana Ubale, written by Vijay Joshi.
October 20, 2020
A business opportunity for women from Mumbai and Pune to earn right from their kitchen. For details please visit
October 13, 2020
राज्यस्तरीय निबंध स्पर्धा
स्वयंसिद्धा फाउंडेशन, मुंबई द्वारे आयोजिय राज्यस्तरीय निबंध लेखन स्पर्धेत सहभागी लेखकांचे लेख आम्ही येथे प्रकाशित करीत आहोत. अवश्य ऐका व प्रतिक्रिया नोंदवा.
September 23, 2020
संस्थेची प्रार्थना
स्वयंसिद्धा फाउंडेशनची प्रार्थना
September 21, 2020