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Swearing Mamas

Swearing Mamas

By Lindsey & Lauren
Sharing the good, the bad, and the sweary moments of motherhood.
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99: What Kind of Buzzfeed Mom Are You?
Lauren talks about her first time being accused of bad parenting, and Lauren and Lindsey get into the parenting part of buzzfeed for fun polls and a quiz. Produced by Corey Davis @coremillionaire @ghostfossils @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
September 21, 2020
98: Expectations VS Reality
Lauren and Lindsey discuss their parenting/motherhood expectations vs reality and how things have changed. Produced by Corey Davis @coremillionaire @ghostfossils Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces @swearingmamas
August 31, 2020
97: Revealing Question 6
Lauren and Lindsey play would you rather. Produced by Corey Davis @coremillionaire @ghostfossils Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
August 13, 2020
96: Taylor Swift Space Sharks
In this episode we focus on the moms behind the kids. Lauren and Lindsey answer some fun, imaginative questions. @swearingmamas Produced by: Corey Davis @coremillionaire @ghostfossils Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
August 3, 2020
95: I'm a Genie in a Bottle, Baby
Lauren and Lindsey talk about the things that they hope/wish for their kids in life.  Produced by Corey Davis @coremillionaire @ghostfossils Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces @swearingmamas
July 27, 2020
94: I'm Gonna Climb That Tree
Lauren talks about her move. Lindsey warns us against the dangers of drunken tree climbing.  vote for Panda Forces in the pop/punk category below: produced by Corey Davis @coremillionaire @ghostfossils Intro: So Basic by Panda Forces
July 16, 2020
93: With or Without Raisins?
Lauren and Lindsey discuss this year's 4th of July plans and more importantly: what foods they won't be bringing to any cookouts.  Produced by : Corey Davis @coremillionaire @ghostfossils Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces @swearingmamas
July 8, 2020
92: The Godyaddy
Lauren and Lindsey talk about their dads and their 2020 father's day experiences produced by Corey Davis @coremillionaire @ghostfossils Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces @swearingmamas
June 30, 2020
91: Boss Babes with Boss Babies
Lauren and Lindsey talk about the balance of work life/side hustles and parenthood, as well as the struggle of being strong-willed women raising strong-willed kids.  Produced by Corey Davis @coremillionaire @ghostfossils @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
June 22, 2020
90: Wet Beds or Bathtub Poops?
Lauren and Lindsey continue their toddler would-you-rather. Produced by: Corey Davis @coremillionaire @ghostfossils Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces @swearingmamas
June 15, 2020
89: With Kids, or Alone?
Lauren and Lindsey play a little game of you do that with your kid or alone? @swearingmamas intro; So Basic - Panda Forces
June 9, 2020
88: Sharing Mamas
Lauren and Lindsey share a little update on their personal lives. @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
June 2, 2020
87: Preschool Ain't Free School
Lauren and Lindsey talk about their opinions on preschool and why they would or would not enroll their kids.  @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
May 19, 2020
86: What's On Your Kitchen Table?
Lauren and Lindsey talk about how messy their homes are or are not during the toddler life! @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
May 12, 2020
85: Snitches Get Boo Boos
Lindsey and Lauren are here to tell on themselves this week. We talk about how we handle tattling, bullying, and more! @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
May 5, 2020
84: Day Who Even Knows Parenting in Quarantine
We bring you the latest on how hardcore we have given TF up. Grab your fruit snacks and your screens, take your pants off, and cuddle up to some commiseration. @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
April 28, 2020
83: The Easter Bunny Is Essential
Lauren and Lindsey discuss toddler easter in quarantine. The article we referenced: @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
April 22, 2020
82: 5G Anti-Vax Apocalypse Aliens
Lauren and Lindsey create their 'apocalypse characters' and discuss their opinions on vaccines during the pandemic, and what they think the future looks like. @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
April 14, 2020
81: Coronavirus Cookies
THE STRUGGLE IS REAL - Let's hope this goes viral. @swearingmamas Intro : So Basic - Panda Forces
March 31, 2020
80: March Mama Madness
Tornadoes, date nights, and more. Lindsey and Lauren talk about the latest chaos that has ensued in their lives as individuals and parents. Please note that this episode was recorded before covid-19 became what it currently is. We are NOT still going out and doing the things mentioned in this episode. We record weeks in advance as we have busy lives. We will be back next week with an episode where we will address our current lives IN ISOLATION.  @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
March 23, 2020
79: The Circle Of Life (feat. Jeanette Passwaters of Circle Of Life Surrogacy)
Lauren chats with Jeanette, from Circle of Life Surrogacy, about becoming a surrogate, and about using a surrogate to grow your family. @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
March 18, 2020
78: Tarot and Bedwetting
Lauren does tarot readings for herself and Lindsey, and the girls discover some interesting new developments in pee technology. Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
March 10, 2020
77: Swearing With Hugo Pt. 2 (feat. Hugo's Posts)
Lauren, Lindsey, and Hugo of Hugo's Posts podcast talk about parenting in the age of social media and technology.  @hugosposts @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
March 2, 2020
76: Swearing With Hugo Pt. 1 (feat. Hugo's Posts)
Lauren and Lindsey chat with their good friend Hugo, of the Hugo's Posts podcast and @hugosposts on twitter! This is the first of a two part episode where Lauren, Lindsey, and Hugo talk about various parenting topics they've all faced at their various different stages of parenting. @swearingmamas Intro: So basic - Panda Forces
February 25, 2020
75: Green Eggs and Many Fish
Lauren and Lindsey talk about things they enjoy about their kids' favorite books! Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
February 18, 2020
74: What Is Fish Food Made Of?
Lauren and Lindsey talk about some of the most annoying things around tv shows and movies that their kids watch. Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
February 10, 2020
73: Meme Girls
Lauren and Lindsey read some of their favorite memes and tweets...mostly about parenting. Anyway here's wonderwall. Intro :So Basic - Panda Forces
February 5, 2020
72: Wait A Second
Lauren and Lindsey talk about the prospect of having more children. Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
January 28, 2020
71: Self-Caring Mamas
Lauren and Lindsey talk about the things they do for self care!  Meditating with kids: @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
January 21, 2020
70: Holiday Recap #2!
LIndsey and Lauren recap their holidays and talk about Ollie's big second bday! Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
January 15, 2020
69: A Few Of Our Favorite Things
Lauren and Lindsey talk about some of their favorite parenting products! @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
January 7, 2020
68: New Year, New Milf
Lauren and Lindsey discuss their New Years plans and beliefs, as well as their MILF statuses. Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
December 24, 2019
67: Moms Against The Elf
It's our annual Christmas episode! We talk about our plans for the year, and about the elf resistance squad growing in the SM facebook group. Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
December 18, 2019
66: Sit Down, Karen, They're Just Boogers
Lauren and Lindsey want you to know you're probably not a better mom than them, and that some people's kids really are just less challenging when they're younger. @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
December 11, 2019
65: THANKS fr th mmrs
Lauren and Lindsey talk about their Thanksgiving experiences this year, Lauren's birthday, and a big first for Oliver. We had MAJOR technical difficulties - the site we use to record malfunctioned a ton, so we greatly apologize for any moments where quality isn't at its best. We did our best to edit it lol.  @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
December 3, 2019
64: Does Shia LaBeouf Draw?!
Lindsey and Lauren talk about their side hustles as moms. @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - panda forces
November 27, 2019
63: Lauren's Trip to Connect Live 2019!
Lauren recaps her first big trip away from her son, and talks about her time with Google! @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
November 20, 2019
62: In Our Feelz
Lauren and Lindsey talk about talking about talking about talking. Honestly this episode starts off about working through emotions with your kids, but quickly leads to Lindsey exposing Lauren's passwords, whether crabs are seafood, and an ad for you to buy our feet pics. Feels so good to have this girl back, right?! @swearingmamas intro: so basic -panda forces
November 5, 2019
61: It's the SECOND ANNUAL Halloween Episode, Witches!
Lauren and Lindsey chat about their Halloween plans, Tim's favorite song, and who Lauren dated in the 9th grade.  @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
October 28, 2019
60: Guess Who's Back....
Back again! Lindsey's back! Tell a friend. This week we catch up with Lindsey since she's been gone.  @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
October 22, 2019
59: Gettin 'Tips'y
In this mini episode, Lauren shares a few quick bits of info and 3 mom tips! YouTube video: @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
October 15, 2019
58: Moms Who Read
Lauren talks about her toddler's potty training adventures and behavioral changes, and reads a hilarious viral poop story.  #momswhoread @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
October 8, 2019
57: Getting Out of Litter Duty (feat. Dr. Grace Castro)
Lauren chats with veterinarian Dr. Grace Castro about kids and pets. We discuss allergies, teaching gentleness, familiarizing pets with new babies and more!  @swearingmamas @mamabirdwords Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
October 1, 2019
56: Cute Mini Rants
Lauren vents about some of the parenting topics that have her frustrated lately. #BENICE #NOMOMSHAMING @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
September 24, 2019
55: Everything but the Sorting Hat!
This week Lauren dissects her toddler's personality using a quiz, web MD, the love languages, and his natal chart - partly for fun, but also to generate patience and understanding toward her angsty toddler.  The 3 personalities of toddlers: Toddler personality quiz: Love Languages for toddlers: Horos for Android: Co-star: Starry Alignment podcast: @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
September 17, 2019
54: September Update
Happy September! Lauren chats about new changes with the podcast, her life, and her son's development including a potty progress report. @swearingmamas @classyassmommy Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
September 9, 2019
53: That's a Bad Poop (feat. Kristen, Rachel and Lyndsay)
Lauren chats with Kristen, Rachel and Lyndsay from her local SAHM group before a girl's night out! We talk about our lives as moms, what matters to us, and laugh a lot along the way.  Rachel's body products: @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
September 4, 2019
52: Like a Boss Mom feat. Hannah from Motherhood in Nashville
In this episode, I chatted with Hannah about her site, her travels and life changes having two daughters, and how she manages self care as a badass mom boss!  @motherhoodinnashville @swearingmamas
August 26, 2019
51: I Saw Courtney Wearing Army Pants and Flip Flops, So I Bought Army Pants and Flip Flops
This week I got to talk with one of the absolute coolest moms I've met recently (hence the episode title) about a little bit of everything. Courtney is a brand new friend, so I learned all about her experience having a baby with health complications, enduring a NICU stay, and learning what it means to be a mom to her.  Join our group to interact with Courtney, and other amazing women at Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
August 19, 2019
50: Talkin Bout 3 Generations! (feat. Edie Russell and Wendy Prahl)
Lauren invited her mother and grandmother to help her answer some of the internet's most suggested questions to ask your mom!  @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces @pandaforcesband
August 13, 2019
49: Mom Guilt (feat. Seth Howard)
Lauren talks to her husband Seth about "mom guilt" and how parents on both ends experience guilt, and how we handle it. Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces @swearingmamas
August 6, 2019
48: What Do You Want Your Kid to Know?
This week I asked listeners to tell me something they'd like their kids to know in the future. I read their responses and some funny stories sent in as well. Send your replies to or anywhere @swearingmamas Intro - So Basic - Panda Forces
July 29, 2019
47: Parenting Through Darkness
Lauren talks about her experiences being a parent while coping with mental health issues, as well as grief and loss.  @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
July 23, 2019
46: Storming Episode 46 with Jeremy Bentley
Lauren chats with her friend Jeremy about what it's like being a single dad, and raising a new teenager.  @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces @pandaforces
July 16, 2019
45: Better Than An Okay Grandma (feat. Wendy Prahl)
Lauren chats with her grandmother about what it's like to be a great grandmother, parenting in the 70s vs now, and the differences in raising boys and girls.  @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces @pandaforcesband
July 9, 2019
44: Milking it with Caroline Pemberton
Lauren and Caroline, of Naturally Caroline Pemberton, discuss milk supply, how Caroline overcame issues with a tongue tie, and other breastfeeding concerns.  postnatal tea: cooling nipple pads: @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces @pandaforcesband 
July 2, 2019
43: Raising 3 Boys (feat. Crystal Passwaters)
Crystal Passwaters joins Lauren to talk about VBAC, raising 3 boys within 4 years of one another, and the loss of her son, and Lauren's cousin Tyler.  #adoptdontbop @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces @pandaforcesband
June 25, 2019
42: Shrek and His Shower Orange
This episode is a mixed bag of things our kids are currently into and goofy irrelevant things we have to say. @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
June 18, 2019
41: Would You Rather - Parenting Edition
Lauren and Lindsey play parenting 'would you rather' addressing everything from breastfeeding, to sandwich crusts, to legos. Join our new Swearing Mamas Facebook group! @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces @pandaforcesband 
June 12, 2019
40: Summer Moms
Lauren and Lindsey are talking about their summer plans for the year! Join our new facebook group to view exclusive content, chat with our hosts and fellow swearing mamas! Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces @swearingmamas
June 4, 2019
39: ...idk my BFF Jill?
Lindsey and Lauren talk about how they've navigated friendships throughout motherhood, and the importance of sharing vulnerability and hardships amongst friends. intro: So Basic- Panda Forces @pandaforcesband @swearingmamas
May 29, 2019
38: Sick AF
Lauren and Lindsey talk about how they deal with their children during illnesses, ickiness and other issues. #scrunchy  find us everywhere @swearingmamas merch: Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces 
May 21, 2019
37: There's A Name for People Like Us
Lauren and Lindsey review baby names they've seen and heard and discuss alternative names for their own kids.  @swearingmamas Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
May 14, 2019
36: Oh S#!t
Lindsey talks about her current progress in potty training. Lauren talks about her findings reading up on elimination communication and early potty training, and summarizes her game plan.  Oh Crap! Potty Training by Jamie Glowacki: Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces @pandaforcesband @swearingmamas
May 7, 2019
35: Baby at the Bar
Lauren and Lindsey talk about going out as a parent. From hiking, to camping, to shows, we cover it all.  Relevant links: @hugosposts  Intro: So Basic - Panda Forces
April 30, 2019
34: Telling Vs. Sheltering
Lauren and Lindsey talk about when and in what ways they plan to be honest with their children about some of the more difficult realities of the world, mythological creatures, and the uncomfortable questions that kids ask. @swearingmamas
April 22, 2019
33: I Yelled At An Infant
In this week's episode, Lauren and Lindsey spill the honest truth: we've lost our shit and yelled at a tiny, innocent baby before, and so have most other moms we've talked with. We are here to share the funny moments, but we're also here to share the ugly ones. And in this struggle, mama, you're not alone. 
April 16, 2019
32: No Mom Shaming
Lauren and Lindsey talk about mom shaming and why it's the worst, and you're the worst if you do it.  F mom shaming mugs, stickers, shirts and more: @swearingmamas
April 9, 2019
31: To Spank or Not To Spank?
Lauren and Lindsey talk discipline and how they each feel about spanking.  @swearingmamas
April 2, 2019
30: DO IT....JUST DO IT!
Lauren talks about how being a stay at home mom changed her perspective on life, and helped her work with and through her anxiety disorder to become a more optimistic and adventurous person. This is your encouragement this week to chase your dreams, and your reminder that you are beautiful, worthy, and so capable. Go get 'em, mama bears. xoxo. L @swearingmamas @classyassmommy @HWICpod
March 26, 2019
29: Swearing Daddies (Feat. Seth Howard)
Lauren and her husband Seth talk about dad life, how it differs from mom life, and how it differs from pre-baby life.  Our band: @pandaforcesband Fabian's dad blog: @fabidad
March 12, 2019
28: Momo is NoMo
This episode is all about the mass hysteria surrounding viral events such as the 360 sippy cup freak-out and, of course, your favorite baddie, Momo. Lauren and Lindsey discuss pre-internet folk lore, how to filter the paranoia, and the many reasons we aren't worried about Momo. #momoisnomo @swearingmamas
March 5, 2019
27: Feeding the Zoo Animals
Lindsey and Lauren talk about their eating and feeding philosophies, from the very beginning (baby led weaning vs purees) to the joyful days of only eating T Rex nuggets (that one is Lindsey, though.)  DISCLAIMER: This episode deals with emotional eating and briefly mentions disordered eating. Please be kind to yourself. @swearingmamas
February 26, 2019
26: One of Us Will Be Crying It Out
This week is all about sleep training and just the general joys of crying! Follow us at @swearingmamas Merch available at
February 19, 2019
25: Raising Tiny Vegans feat. Caroline Pemberton (Naturally Caroline Pemberton)
While we are still missing our girl Lindsey, Lauren chats with Caroline, of Youtube's Naturally Caroline Pemberton, about why the two of us have chosen to raise our sons vegan, nutritional concerns, and the possibility of "missing out on the fun."  Follow Caroline: Hiking Pack: Caroline's Youtube channel (featuring the pack!): Baby Cone of Shame: P.S. I apologize that our mic cut off mid-episode. It has never happened before, and never happened since, and it was definitely aliens. 
February 12, 2019
24: Swearing Grandmas feat. Lauren's Mom
Lauren interviews her mom (or Glamma as she's called in our home) about the grandma life and how parenting has changed over the years. This episode is being released on Glamma's birthday, so send her lots of love on our social media!
February 5, 2019
23: One Big Room Full of Bad Mamas
Lindsey and Lauren talk mom groups: both human and cyber. Lauren teaches Lindsey a new swear word!
January 29, 2019
22: This Is Us!
This episode is dedicated to allowing our listeners to get to know us a little bit better. Lauren and Lindsey take a step back to really talk about who they are as individuals and what their lives look like, as well as a bit about their general parenting philosophies. @swearingmamas Theme song: So Basic - Panda Forces
January 22, 2019
21: Just Let It Happen
Lauren kicks off a new segment called Mom Tip of the Week, by discussing one change that has helped her feel less stressed.
January 17, 2019
20: Welcome To My Crib
This episode is all about crib safety and safe sleep practices. For free courses and to claim your baby box, visit 
January 8, 2019
19: N.Y.E.... Bill?
Lauren and Lindsey discuss the New Year, Oliver's first birthday plans, and a lot of wildly irrelevant and highly inappropriate Sims behavior. Our merch shop is now open at:
January 1, 2019
18: Having Fun With Your Fear - with Laura Di Franco MPT
Lauren and Lindsey chat with Holistic Physical Therapist and writer Laura Di Franco. The ladies discuss Laura's new book, and the idea of purpose-driven fear. Laura gives us some wonderful words of encouragement both as individuals and as parents. For more information, scheduling, her writing group, and more of her work, check her out at and find Brave Healing: A Guide for Your Journey, on Amazon now.
December 18, 2018
17: Merry, Sweary Christmas
Lauren and Lindsey discuss holiday traditions, plans for this month, and Santa. Oh, and they get eaten by Krampus. Send us your thoughts and your stories on all social medias @swearingmamas or!
December 11, 2018
16: The TV Is the Babysitter
Lindsey and Lauren talk about screen time, including brief mentions of mom shaming, generational changes, and sensory stimulation. For anyone who would like to listen to our faves, the podcasts listed in this episode were: Last Podcast on the Left, Spooked, Dawson's Speak, and Wonderful.
December 4, 2018
15: Happy Birthdaygiving!
Lauren and Lindsey recap their Thanksgivings, Black Fridays, and Lauren's birthday. Don't @ us, ya turkey loving, roomba having betches.
November 27, 2018
14: The Mental Load is Heavy
In this episode, Lindsey and Lauren talk about what it's like carrying the mental load in their households, decision fatigue, and how they've managed to stay on top of it all.
November 13, 2018
13: Same S#!t Different Day
In this episode, Lauren and Lindsey talk about their unique daily routines, and explain their personal fails and the wins trying to balance life outside of parenthood.
November 7, 2018
12: A Scary, Sweary Halloween
In this episode, Lauren and Lindsey talk about Halloween plans, traditions and favorites.
October 31, 2018
11: Traveling With Kids Is a B%!@#
On this episode, Lindsey and Lauren talk about the struggles (and wins!) of traveling with munchkins. #LifeHacks
October 23, 2018
10: Say Whatever the F#%k You Want
In this episode, Lauren and Lindsey discuss SWEARING!! Lindsey details her current and past experiences with her child learning four letter words and Lauren lays out her plans for the future for her son.
October 19, 2018
09: S#!t People Say
In this episode, Lauren and Lindsey talk unsolicited advice, rude comments, and mom shaming.
October 2, 2018
08: Cannamamas ft. Lauren of M.y. High Vibrations
Lindsey and Lauren interview Lauren aka Lieu of M.y. High Vibrations massage and yoga about cannabis usage as a mom. Follow her on instagram @m.y.highvibrations and @theyoganjaboarder and check out her website for more on cannabis, yoga, mindfulness and parenting.
September 27, 2018
It Was a Bad Day .01
It Was a Bad Day is a new segment on the Swearing Mamas podcast. Separate from our usual debates and discussions, this segment is to vent the terrible, difficult or plain sh!tty things that we go through on a smaller scale. This first installment opens with Lauren's week from hell, including two trips to the doctor's office and one to the emergency room.
September 20, 2018
07: My Kid is Better Than Yours! 🤷🏻‍
In this episode, Lindsey and Lauren discuss the confusing, competitive turns that milestone tracking can take. They also have a lot to say about Ledo Pizza.
September 11, 2018
06: I Co-Slept with my Child and He Needed Brain Surgery
In this episode, Lindsey and Lauren tackle co-sleeping, and Lindsey recounts the time her baby fell off the bed.
September 4, 2018
05: Boob Juice
On today's episode, our boobtiful, positively TITilating hosts, Lindsey & Lauren, talk about their experiences with both breastfeeding and formula. And like a mother of twins, they address both sides. We refuse to bottle up our emotions, even if it means we are milking these puns a bit. Nipples.
August 23, 2018
04: Holy Sh!t, Vaccinate Your Kids!
In an episode originally designated to discuss our newfound conspiracy theories, Lindsey & Lauren redirect the conversation to the one topic they don't think is a conspiracy at all: vaccines, and why they're important. Disclaimer: This episode presents only a pro-vax point of view.
August 14, 2018
03: Our Bitchy Midwives
Lindsey & Lauren recount the stories of squeezing watermelon sized aliens out of their lady bagels. So get you a nice, steaming mug of placenta tea, and buckle up, bitches. We apologize for a few technical issues throughout this recording. We will have them resolved for next week's episode. Pinky promise!
August 14, 2018
02: Congrats, You Had Sex!
Lauren and Lindsey discuss the (baby) bumps in the road to bringing our little bundles of joy from the womb to the delivery room.
August 2, 2018
01: Hot Mess Moms
This first ever episode of Swearing Mamas acts as an introduction to ourselves, your hosts, and a love letter to all our fellow hot mess moms!
July 26, 2018