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Sweat and Sunshine

Sweat and Sunshine

By Janelle Sheppard
Join Health Coach and Personal Trainer Janelle Sheppard, for inspiration and solutions to living the healthy lifestyle you’ve dreamed of, despite the challenges life offers up. Out of a deep desire to thrive in the face of chronic conditions, Janelle built her healthy lifestyle on the principles of sustainability, simplicity, science-backed research, and self care first. As your wellness guide and supportive mentor Janelle is here to motivate you to toward healthy behavior change, educate you when you request it, and empower you to take responsibility for your health.
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Revolutionary Self Care with Joy Carter, LCSW

Sweat and Sunshine

How to Turn a Sunrise Hike into a Healing Experience
In this episode we’re exploring how we can exponentially boost the wellness benefits of time in nature with mindfulness. I'll offer up 5 tips to turn your next sunrise hike into a healing experience. Link to blog post: Sources Bratman GN, Hamilton JP, Hahn KS, et al. Nature experience reduces rumination and subgenual prefrontal cortex activation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2015(112);28:8567-8572. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1510459112. Atchley RA, Strayer DL, Atchley P. Creativity in the Wild: Improving Creative Reasoning through Immersion in Natural Settings. de Fockert J, ed. PLoS ONE. 2012;7(12):e51474. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0051474. Mayer F, Frantz C, Bruehlman-Senecal E, Dolliver K. Why Is Nature Beneficial? The Role of Connectedness to Nature. 2009;41:607-643. Doi: 10.1177/0013916508319745 Gawande R, To MN, Pine E, Griswold T, Creedon TB, Brunel A, Lozada A, Loucks EB, Schuman-Olivier Z. Mindfulness Training Enhances Self-Regulation and Facilitates Health Behavior Change for Primary Care Patients: a Randomized Controlled Trial. J Gen Intern Med. 2019 Feb;34(2):293-302. doi: 10.1007/s11606-018-4739-5. Epub 2018 Dec 3. PMID: 30511291; PMCID: PMC6374253.
October 05, 2022
Manage Stress and Induce Relaxation with Physical Activity
Welcome to Sweat and Sunshine. In this episode I’m sharing two physical activity based solutions to manage stress. We’ll learn how to complete the stress response cycle and how to engage the rest and digest” state of our nervous system. I’ll do that by sharing two stories. 
September 27, 2022
Looking for Motivation? Try New Information
In this episode you'll learn how to identify, examine, challenge, and change unproductive thoughts and feelings that might interfere with your behavior change plans. Thanks for joining me for the post titled “Looking for Motivation? Try New Information.” Link to Blog Post: Resources for Science-backed Info: Sweat and Sun Email List Science Daily Living Well Journal Optimal Health Daily Podcast
September 20, 2022
Strength Training and Diabetes Prevention
Today we’re exploring how strength training can delay and even prevent type 2 diabetes. Thanks for joining me for “Strength Training and Diabetes Prevention.” The CDC estimates that more than 30 million American’s are living with Type-2 diabetes and the prevalence will increase to more than 54.9 million by 2030, according to research published by Population Health Management. While that projection may seem insurmountable, it doesn’t have to become a reality. Strength Training Routine:
September 13, 2022
Revolutionary Self Care with Joy Carter, LCSW
Ever heard of the term "Revolutionary Self Care?" Let Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Joy Carter introduce you. You may just be surprised. During our interview on the topic, Joy "schooled" me in the best way possible.  Joy Carter is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years of experience in the mental health field. Her passion for supporting professional women in practicing revolutionary self-care has enabled her to help numerous women create nurturing, supportive, and happy lives. In this episode Joys shares tips for revolutionary self care through boundaries, basic needs, creating nurturing spaces, and managing overwhelm Link to "Nourishing Your Mind, Body, and Soul in Tumultuous Times" online health and wellness discussion panel for women:
September 05, 2022
Are You a Match for Live, Online Fitness Training?
The most important factor in building a regular fitness routine is creating positive experiences. In other words, if we don’t enjoy it, we won’t come back. So get rid of the idea that we have to challenge ourselves to the point of near torture if we want positive results. Instead let’s focus on creating consistent positive experiences with live, online fitness training. Take this Cosmo-style quiz to discover if live, online fitness training might be a good fit for you. Link to join my  live online fitness classes: Link to Blog Post:
August 26, 2022
Cultivating Gratitude with Your Fitness Routine
What if you could experience a genuinely thankful heart simply by adding some movement to your day? How could more gratitude affect your life? With a greater awareness and a little practice we can generate gratitude at any time. In today’s episode I’ll offer up 5 simple solutions to do just that. Link to Blog Post:
August 22, 2022
Finding Balance with Regular Exercise
While there are plenty of physical health benefits to regular exercise, it’s the mental health benefit of stress reduction that offers inner balance. And a little inner balance goes a long way. Check out this episode to get an answer to the question "Why Should I Make Fitness a Priority When There is so Much Competition for my Time and Attention?” Link to Post: Link to Study: Link to Routine:
August 15, 2022
3 Truths About My Healthy Eating Journey
In this episode I’m opening up about how reading ingredients, adding whole food, and setting sustainable goals allowed me to radically improve my health. So what were the changes I made and how have I maintained them? You may be surprised to learn, I didn’t count calories, I didn’t deprive myself, I didn’t change back, and I’m still on that Journey now. Thanks for joining me for the post titled “Three Truths About my healthy eating journey.” Link to Blog Post 3 Truths About my Healthy Eating Journey
August 08, 2022
Sleep is the Solution
Poor sleep can have far reaching consequences for our health, particularly over time. But before you reach for an over the counter sleep aid, check out this post on natural solutions to getting good sleep.  Link to Blog Post: Sleep is the Solution
August 03, 2022
Can Time on the Court Deliver Total Body Fitness
In this episode I’m sharing my personal research on finding fun, alternative fitness routines that still meet our health and wellness needs. I’ve created a unique full-body routine based on basketball drills, but can it offer as much value as a gym session? Link to Blog Post and Detailed Description: Blog Post and Basketball Routine
August 01, 2022
How to Relax and Restore with Physical Activity
In this episode I’m sharing how we can use exercise to engage the parasympathetic state of our nervous system to lower our resting heart rate, decrease our risk of cardiovascular disease, and improve our digestion and sleep. Link to Blog Post: How to Relax and Restore with Physical Activity
July 30, 2022
Staying Mindful on Mondays
Don’t believe the hype; Monday doesn’t have to suck. Experiencing a difficult day is out of our control but our perspective is completely ours to determine. If you’ve fallen into the weekly mindset that Monday must suck, check out these three steps to approach Mondays with mindfulness. Trickling Stream Link Link to Blog Post: Staying Mindful on Mondays
July 27, 2022
3 Steps to Improving Flexibility
In this episode I’ll share about the three steps I took during boot camp to increase my flexibility and how you can use them to do the same. If improved flexibility is your goal, I'll challenge you to identify the value of flexibility to you, seek small successes, and practice daily. Link to Blog Post 3 Steps to Improving Flexibility
July 25, 2022
5 Healthy Habits to Feel Good at Work
We pour an enormous portion of ourselves into our work. Today we’ll examine ways to use a breakfast, music, positivity, sunlight, and physical activity to make our time at the office work for us. Thanks for joining me for the post titled “5 Healthy Habits to Feel Good at Work.” Link to Blog Post: 5 Healthy Habits to Feel Good at Work
July 25, 2022
Discovering Exercise as Self Care
The benefits of exercise don't stop at our physical wellness. Exercise has an amazing ability to build confidence, self appreciation, and self love.  In this episode I share a bit about my experience discovering that exercise can be self care. 
July 21, 2022
Combine Cardio and Strength to Fight Chronic Conditions
When we think about exercise to manage conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and hypertension, it’s common for people to focus on cardio. One reason may be because weight loss is key to managing and preventing chronic conditions and there is a well established misconception that burning more calories by completing tons of cardio is the answer to weight loss. A research-backed approach to decreasing body fat with exercise requires us to take two approaches. We’ll need to burn more energy AND build muscle. (Shout out to my sweetheart, Steven, and my cat, Huxtable for making a special appearance in my inaugural episode.) Full-body HIIT Routines Full Body Bliss on the Trail Basketball Court Full Body Routine Create Your Own Outdoor Circuit Link to Blog Post: Combine Cardio and Strength to Fight Chronic Conditions
July 20, 2022