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Sweathead with Mark Pollard - A Strategy Podcast

Sweathead with Mark Pollard - A Strategy Podcast

By Mark Pollard
How do you get good at strategy? With over 800,000 listens, Sweathead tries to answer this question. Each episode helps thinkers realize they're not alone and that thinking takes practice. And, when your brain practices, it sweats. Hence, Sweathead. Hit SUBSCRIBE, tell your friends, and leave a kind rating. Real-time action is @markpollard.

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From Social Strategy To "Strategy" Strategy - Blake Desormeaux, Strategist

Sweathead with Mark Pollard - A Strategy Podcast

Is It Me Or Is This Company Toxic? - Emma Siu, Thiago Bersou
What do you do when where you work is hurting you? This episode was a livestream within the Sweathead Facebook group.  We discuss working at toxic companies. - Is it you? - Is it the company? - What can you do about it? Our guests: 1. Emma Siu is a seasoned scientist who is currently working in the gaming industry in Seattle as an award-winning community manager. 2. Thiago Bersou is a Brand Strategy Consultant in Los Angeles. He has 15 years of brand work under his belt with brands like Nike, Diageo, and Unilever. He also used to have his own agency in '06. ** Find the book "Strategy Is Your Words" and 100 strategy classes at Sweathead here:
January 15, 2021
Playing Your Strategy Cards Right - Jye Smith, Strategy Card Maker
What happens when you draw a card from a strategy card deck and apply it to your life? Jye Smith runs Double Star in Sydney. He recently made a deck of strategy cards called "Strategy Action Deck: Stupid Questions And Bad Ideas". I've known Jye for close on 15 years so I thought it would be interesting to use his cards on him as a sneaky way to get him to talk about mental health challenges, the ups and downs of his career, good and not good decisions he's made, and what he's learned about himself in the process. You can find the cards here: You can find Jye here:  ** Find the book "Strategy Is Your Words" and 100 strategy classes at Sweathead here:
January 12, 2021
The Different Shapes Of Strategy Careers - Serena Berra, Monica Duran, Matilde Ricon Peres
What shapes can a strategy career take? This episode was a livestream from the Sweathead Facebook group. In it, we discuss what shapes strategy careers can take.  Our guests: 1. Serena Berra is a strategist based out of Miami. From being a planner to director of marketing to teacher to co-founding her own IOS application, she is now back freelancing as a strategist and enjoying it. 2. Monica Duran is a freelance marketing consultant based out of Miami. She is a bilingual and bicultural marketer that specializes in shopper and brand marketing. She's had multiple clients and has experience in working on different brands and industries. 3. Matilde Ricon Peres is working at Mondelez in London as part of the category development insights team. She started out as a researcher that worked to analyze different channels to create innovative insights. Now with Mondelez, she is now focused on driving insights on category, shopper, consumer metrics by analysing & translating data on the Chocolate UK market in general and Cadbury brand products in particular. ** Find the book "Strategy Is Your Words" and 100 strategy classes at Sweathead here:
December 28, 2020
A Strategist Who Writes Or A Writer Who Does Strategy? - Claire Strickett, Strategist and Author
What if you think you're a strategist who happens to write but you're really a writer who happens to do strategy? Claire Strickett is a senior planner at one of the world's best agencies adam&eveDDB. In London. She writes all day every day - research debriefs, workshop agendas, presentations, and creative briefs. But she just co-wrote a book with Bert Blaize. It's about food and wine and it's called "What Wine When: What to drink with the food you love". So we investigate the difference between being a strategist who writes and a writer who does strategy. You can find Claire on Twitter here: You can find "What Wine When" here: ** Find the book "Strategy Is Your Words" and 100 strategy classes at Sweathead here:
December 22, 2020
What Do You Want? - Libby Swan, Anjali Ramachandran, Grace Steite
What are your desires, goals, and cravings? In this episode, Libby Swan takes over as host and brings four of us together to discuss our desires. Grace Steite is Head of Program Management at Square’s Creative Studio and has recently been working from Ireland: Anjali Ramachandran is the Director of Storythings and Co-Founder of Ada’s List: Libby Swan runs digital agency PRDXN: ** Find the book "Strategy Is Your Words" and 100 strategy classes at Sweathead here:
December 17, 2020
A Debrief About The Sweathead Facebook Group - Stephen Yap, CEO, Jam!Research
What do the 15,000 people in the Sweathead Facebook Group think about working in advertising and dealing with each other online? 2020 managed to infect the community with rage and frustration so, a few months ago, Stephen Yap helped coordinate a research project for Sweathead.  One hundred people in the group got together and ran discussions about the advertising industry as well as the Sweathead Group. In this episode, Stephen discusses the project and what we found. We thought it would be a 45-minute debrief but it ended up being a ninety-minute therapy session.  Stephen is utterly coherent throughout. I'm less coherent from the midpoint as I try to discuss difficult issues such as aggressive behavior