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By Urban MVMNT
Urban MVMNT is a place to workout + get workout done in Charlotte, NC - and while we obviously do the workout thing really well...we are obsessed with our hood.

We'll be covering local happenings, new food + drink spots that are opening, interviews with our awesome members and other local business owners...

and of course - we'll jam on fitness topics too.

So if you're in CLT and looking to stay up to date with everything that happening and learn a thing or two about how to enhance your fitness lifestyle...this is the podcast for you.
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Stop Listening To Your Co-Worker Karen's Diet Advice


It's Not Goodbye, It's See You Later
The final episode of the #SWEATLOCALCLT podcast is here. The Urban MVMNT crew talks about what they are up to next, how they plan to fitness now that they're civilians again, and some parting tips for our members who are looking for a new fitness home. While the ending is bittersweet, we cannot express how much the past 10+ years have meant to us.  Whether you were a part of our community for 1 week or 10 years, we're honored to have been able to be a part of your fitness journey.   Thank you and always KEEP MVNG. 
November 06, 2021
Pink Hair, Don't Care + Growing An Instagram Coaching Business with Kristen Bousquet
Kristen Bousquet is an incredibly engaging and interesting human.   And we mean interesting in a flattering way, not like the new intern at your office that participates in Civil War reenactments.  She's a self-made entrepreneur who carries probably the most judged title in all of the professional titles currently - an Instagram Influencer We know what you're thinking...EW. STOP ALREADY.  But if you're willing to hear Kristen's story, listen to us rap on social media + marketing strategy, and openly talk about the judgment that her profession receives...take a listen.  We guarantee you won't be disappointed.  IG @kbousq + @yoursoulcialmate
July 18, 2021
2 Babies Later and I’m Growing My Modeling Career with Bree Bush
This week's #SWEATLOCAL CLT podcast is a member highlight with Bree Bush. We talk about everything from growing up in the Dirty Myrtle, her experience as a cruise ship performer, and her rising modeling career. Listen to learn more about her and then say hey the next time you see her crushing a BUILD workout with us! Follow Bree on IG @itsbreebush
June 18, 2021
Growing BOLD with Julie Brauer + Leighann Mason
Julie Brauer and Leighann Mason are focused on preventative healthcare for the older generation. These two awesome Urban MVMNT members have teamed up with CarePods to allow seniors to age and train safely in their own homes.  While this is probably not super relevant for our audience, anyone who has parents or grandparents that they would like to see stay physically active and self-sufficient should definitely listen in.  We go into their roles, why they are passionate about this, and how to start the convo with your parents about their plans (hint: it involves wine).
June 04, 2021
So Is Urban MVMNT Like CrossFit???
This is a common question we get asked by prospective new members and one that our current members get asked frequently by their ecosystem when they share that they workout at Urban MVMNT - so we figured we'd break down how to best answer that question. 
May 27, 2021
On-Journey Turning Your Side Hustle Into A Career With Jenn Gallardo
Jenn Gallardo is not only a devout member at Urban MVMNT, but she's also an incredibly talented photographer.  We asked Jenn on the podcast to discuss how she is currently in the planning + action stages of taking her photography skill set and making it her full-time career.  The vast majority of humans have something they're passionate about - but very few ever get to turn it into their livelihood (either by choice or by fear).  It was awesome hearing Jenn's transparency in the obstacles that she faces to truly going all-in on her passion. As a side note, Jenn is responsible for the amazing photography that is displayed on our social media and website and we couldn't be happier to have her on the Urban MVMNT team.  If you're in need of amazing photos for your wedding, event, portraits - anything...check out her work at 
May 06, 2021
Question + Answer With The Urban MVMNT Crew
You've got questions, we kinda have answers...and the answers we don't have we make up completely on the spot, so at the least, you'll be highly entertained. 
April 11, 2021
Your Friendly, Neighborhood Reality TV Star + Influencer, Lexi Marsella
On this week's episode of the #SWEATLOCAL CLT podcast Isaac and Deuce talk with Urban MVMNT member Lexi Marsella.  Lexi talks with us about how her willingness to take chances has led to some big adventures (like being on an MTV reality show!), what being an "Influencer" even means and of course we threw some fitness talk in there as well.  Take a listen and then let us know - if you could be on any reality show, which would it be??
March 27, 2021
Juices, Smoothies & Growing A Family Business with Green Brothers Juice
Josh and Stephanie Norris are the face and brain trust of Green Brothers Juice, even though the venture was originally conceived  with two other Norris brothers who are still involved in the business.  However, these two have grown their healthy and tasty empire into several Charlotte locations and are excited about the future for their niche market. 
March 10, 2021
Urban MVMNT is Expanding! + Friday Debates + Our New Online Programming
On this episode, the Urban MVMNT crew get together to discuss our newly announced license model that will allow us to expand the brand into other cities around the US - very exciting stuff! We also touch on the Friday Instagram debates we've been posting and analyzing your feedback on those (hilarious) and finally we tease our newest offering that will be launching later this year.
February 26, 2021
Honeybear Bake Shop Turns COVID into Cookies
During a time where the majority of the news and global happenings were on the hopeless and downtrodden side, Hannah Neville decided to let her circumstances or resources stop her from pursuing her passion. So she changed her circumstances and became resourceful. After years of a successful pastry chef career, Hannah found herself furloughed and wondering what would be next. In this interview, she gives us a full account of how she started Honeybear, the obstacles that are still in her way as a young business owner and what's next for her cookie company. 
January 28, 2021
Creating Your Own Career With @wheretoeatcharlotte
Miranda Mounts is self-made. Her story takes her from hustling as a server in the food industry to becoming one of the leading food bloggers/influencers in Charlotte.  We had the opportunity to sit down and get to know her backstory, the challenges associated with going 100% into your "side hustle" and some of the misconceptions that exist around the world of Instagram influencers.  If you're looking for amazing places to eat in Charlotte, follow @wheretoeatcharlotte on Instagram! 
January 16, 2021
McRibs and Marketing with Carly Jimenez
On today's episode, Isaac + Deuce catch up with our of favorite member -  Carly Jimenez. Carly works for an advertising firm that contracts with McDonalds HQ - yes, she is literally apart of the machine that is trying to feed you Big Macs and McRib sandwiches, while we sit on the other side of the health + fitness line of scrimmage. You'd think it would make for a controversial episode, but between Deuce's love for the McRib and Carly's love for fitness - I think you'll truly enjoy this episode. 
December 19, 2020
Pioneering Craft Seltzer in Charlotte with Summit Seltzer
During the middle of the pandemic, Kristin Cagney had the amazing idea of becoming only 1 of 3 craft seltzer facilities in the United States.   COVID be dammed, she went to work and acquired an amazing team with Ben Quinones as the head seltzerer and Andrew Mayer as the manager.  Since opening up, even with strict COVID restrictions, they have surpassed their expectations and came on the podcast to discuss their origin story and where they see hard seltzer industry going in CLT.  Go check them out 
December 01, 2020
Skiptown Barks Back At The Pandemic
We jam with the founder of Skiptown, Meggie Williams.  She walks us through her journey, from walking dogs to building a 24,000 pet epicenter in South End during the pandemic.   If you have a furry loved one that is in need of socializing, boarding or daycare - definitely check out Skiptown! 
November 13, 2020
LIFT+MOVE: How To Place Conditioning Emphasis In Your Workout
We continue our deep analysis that we originally started in a recent blog post, where we let our members know exactly how to hit their LIFT+MOVE class workouts so they can prioritize conditioning. Enjoy! 
October 30, 2020
Hannah Oliveto's Journey To Becoming A Sports Reporter
Hannah Oliveto is a member here at Urban MVMNT and also a sports reporter for Charlotte WCCB.  We asked Hannah to come in and let us learn more about the sports reporter world, how she got started in the industry and learned some inside stories of working with celebrity athletes. Follow Hannah and her sports experiences @hannaholiveto
October 14, 2020
Meet The Ladies of Project Lean Nation (SouthEnd)
Brantley Belk & Annaka Beatty are the dynamic duo that run the show at Project Lean Nation in South End, right across from Sycamore Brewery.  On this episode, we get to hear how the both arrived in this unique accessory to the fitness industry, their hot take on Charlotte's fast growth and what PLN has in store for the future.  Make sure to stop by to try out a their pre-made meals, shakes or get your In-Body scan!  @projectleannationclt 
October 07, 2020
Smarter Growth with Sustain Charlotte
With all the controversy around the infrastructure (or lack thereof) within the Queen City as it relates to the growing population, we decided to consult with an expert.  Shanon Binns, founder of Sustain Charlotte came by the podcast to discuss what their non-profit organization is doing to work with the city to create a more sustainable growth plan.  They also have an awesome pivot to their annual Biketoberfest even this year, check it out.  To learn more about Sustain Charlotte, head over to or on Instagram @sustainclt
September 23, 2020
LIFT+MOVE: How To Place Strength Emphasis In Your Workout
As a more in-depth follow up to our recent blog article, the Urban MVMNT crew dives deep into how our you can personalize your workout inside of our LIFT+MOVE class for strength training.  We'll be following this episode up with one that teaches you how to place extra emphasis on conditioning soon! 
September 11, 2020
Stroke: From Axe Throwing to Miniature Golf
Kicking back off the podcast after a brief hiatus, we're excited to have Scott + Ashleigh Gadd with us - the owners of Stroke, a brand-new indoor putt putt and bar concept in Plaza Midwood. We get to hear about their entrepreneurial journey going from owning a thriving axe throwing business to taking a stab the bar industry, all during the COVID pandemic. If you haven't been to Stroke yet, grab your Hinge date or friends and book a tee time.  They have an amazing socially distanced workflow that allows you embrace the nostalgia of miniature golf and amazing craft cocktails. Instagram: @strokeputt 
August 21, 2020
Where We Brunchin At? Talking With Chef Cordell Weathers About Building His Culinary Biz During COVID
Chef Cordell Weathers didn't take the traditional route that most chefs pursue.  He didn't attend culinary school or travel abroad to study native cuisines. He's self taught and a natural at his craft. His business has pivoted from catering events and hosting full brunches to online cooking classes that are selling out faster than he can host them. We loved how down to earth and fun this guy was and we hope to collab with him for some catering events in the future! @cookinwithcordell @wherewebruncinat @cordellscuisine 
June 25, 2020
Making CLT More Creative with BLK MKT CLT
The Urban MVMNT crew sat down with Sir Will + Dammit Wesley, owners of BLK MKT CLT, to talk about Charlotte's creative scene, the BLACK LIVES MATTER mural in Uptown and how to help our neighborhoods reclaim their culture amidst gentrification. 
June 14, 2020
COVID Convos Feat. Rachael Struble
Our newest podcast segment in our newest normal, COVID Convos.  We catch up with our beloved Urban MVMNT members to see how they are faring during the pandemic, what they've learned about themselves and what perspectives have they gained. Thanks for listening and KEEP MVNG!
May 16, 2020
COVID Convos Feat. Robert Fewell
Our newest podcast segment in our newest normal, COVID Convos.  We catch up with our beloved Urban MVMNT members to see how they are faring during the pandemic, what they've learned about themselves and what perspectives have they gained. Thanks for listening and KEEP MVNG!
May 09, 2020
COVID Convos Feat. David Flores
Our newest podcast segment in our newest normal, COVID Convos.  We catch up with our beloved Urban MVMNT members to see how they are faring during the pandemic, what they've learned about themselves and what perspectives have they gained. Thanks for listening and KEEP MVNG!
May 09, 2020
COVID Convos Feat. Brian Porter
Our newest podcast segment in our newest normal, COVID Convos.  We catch up with our beloved Urban MVMNT members to see how they are faring during the pandemic, what they've learned about themselves and what perspectives have they gained. Thanks for listening and KEEP MVNG!
April 25, 2020
COVID Convos Feat. Jamie Sebaaly
Our newest podcast segment in our newest normal, COVID Convos.  We catch up with our beloved Urban MVMNT members to see how they are faring during the pandemic, what they've learned about themselves and what perspectives have they gained.   Thanks for listening and KEEP MVNG! 
April 24, 2020
How To Write Your Own Workouts 101
During this COVID shutdown of our facility, we've had many of you guys ask questions about how to start programming your own workouts.  Some of you are truly interested in the methods and others are looking to add some personalization to your MVMNT Anywhere workouts we provide. So we sat down and laid out a skeleton you can follow to create your own workouts.  The video version of this is available for members inside of the Urban MVMNT app. 
April 11, 2020
What's On Your COVID Netflix Playlist?
The Urban MVMNT crew is back and bringing you a socially distant way to stay in touch with your fav coaches.  Curious how many times Deuce has watched Tiger King already?  Wondering what the ABC store experience is like during a pandemic?  All this fun and more on today's podcast!
April 04, 2020
How Urban MVMNT Is Handling COVID-19 So Your Fitness Routine Isn't Interrupted
A real quick podcast for you guys to keep you up-to-date with how we plan on keeping you MVNG during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
March 23, 2020
Tour De Fried Chicken in CLT with Mike Ural
The boys go on a tour of fried chicken sandwiches in CLT and get to know long-time member, Mike Ural, a lot better. In what is our longest podcast to date, we think you guys are going to really enjoy this mobile-podcast episode.
March 08, 2020
Coach Isaac Is Back (Not Really) + The New Upgrades At Urban MVMNT
So for those of you who haven't had a chance to meet Sarah Isaac, our long time General Manger, this is going to be a solid idea as to what you have to look forward to when she returns. Isaac has been on maternity leave with her newborn daughter, Rivera and we wanted to catch up to see how life as has been and bring her up to speed on some of the things that have changed at Urban MVMNT.
February 29, 2020
Growing Up Raisin' Hell & Praisin' Dale with Leighanne Mason
Leighanne is originally from the dirty ROC (Rochester, NY for those of you not in the know), but has resided in Mooresville for a large chunk of her life. After trying out the lazy beach life of Wilmington, NC - she found herself looking for more hustle + bustle and ended up in the Queen City. A pediatric nurse and passionate fitnesser (that's def. a word), Leighann brings an awesome interview in this weeks podcast that I think you're going to enjoy.
February 22, 2020
Saving Old People & Treating Injuries With Julie Brauer DPT
You can find Julie working out in our LIFT+MOVE classes on a regular basis. She can also be found running through the streets of Uptown and saving old people who fall at Jeni's Ice Cream. We asked Julie to come on the show to talk about why she opts to do a little bit of everything fitness wise in CLT, why you shouldn't talk to her in the middle of her workout and how she can help save you lots of money by keeping your parents + grandparents out of a nursing home.
February 08, 2020
Jenna Colkitt: A Transplant Milleniall in the CLT Fitness Scene...Say What?!?
Jenna is from Philly - the city of brotherly love. And crazy obnoxious football fans. But she doesn't fall in that category.  Jenna's life took her a different route...corporate marketing that lead her to CLT and then the realization that she had a passion for the fitness industry. She went to work for the local Charlotte sensation SweatNET, coaches our AM classes at Urban MVMNT and is also a trainer at F45. We cut it up with Jeanna and get an insiders perspective to the fitness scene in Charlotte, what works vs. what doesn't and more. 
February 01, 2020
Mike Moulton: Flipping Houses + Crushing Assault Bikes
Mike has been a member at Urban MVMNT for 6 years now here's a few of the things we've learned about him over the years: 1.  He's had great success in various aspects of the residential home marketing here in CLT 2. Jeanne (his wife) is a complete badass  3. All ski ergs, assault bikes and rowers need to fear for their life when Mike gets on there during a SPRINT workout We sat down with Mike to get his story, talk the residential house buying scene as it stands in Charlotte and get Mike's perspective on the various workout styles we throw at you guys here at Urban MVMNT. 
January 25, 2020
Stop Listening To Your Co-Worker Karen's Diet Advice
Matt Dengler is a local CLT entrepreneur who has seen some serious success with his nutrition company startup - RxRD. Matt is a registered dietician in both NC + SC and is currently the only local RD signed to Orangetheory Fitness to provide nutritional lectures and services to their members. He's also the preferred nutrition solution for Urban MVMNT as well. We had Matt on the podcast to jam on nutrition obviously, but we wanted to get the inside scoop too  - What does make pig out on when he's had one too many adult beverages? Could he kill a man with an axe if he had to? Does he like all the growth in Charlotte? To learn more about Matt's services, check out his website and see his IG handle @rxrdnutrition 
January 18, 2020
When Mountain Biking Meets Urban MVMNT with Marc Henderson
Marc Henderson is a lot of things - tall, charismatic, fit, intelligent...the list goes on One thing Marc is not - immune to the random injuries that happen to fitness enthusiasts.  After suffering an achilles injury before joining Urban MVMNT, Marc was concerned that his mountain biking and love for strength training days were over. Deuce and I jam with Marc on how he ended up joining what's probably the best workout in CLT and we get deep into workout design and the elements that make up a great workout.  
January 11, 2020
Dan Burdi Is All In on South End with The Mill Co-Working
Dan Burdi is important for two reasons. 1) He's one of Sarah's only friends that she's proven to exist 2) He's an accomplished entrepreneur who amidst several of his successful businesses, decided to create a boutique co-working space in the heart of South End. Dan sits down with the Urban crew and discusses why he decided to open up a smaller, more intimate style co-working space when it seems that the industry giants like WeWork are consuming all the limelight.   He's also very well versed in the city dynamics of Charlotte and shares probably one of the most interesting strategies I've heard to alleviate traffic in the city.  For more info on The Mill Co-Working, check out
December 29, 2019
Evelyn Henson and Adding Color To The World
You may not instantly recognize the name Evelyn Henson, but if you live in Charlotte and have frequented popular spots like Jenni's Ice Cream, then you've seen her popular #confettiheartswall that is a CLT Instagram pic must have.   While her mural has given her local notaritiey here in the Queen City, her work can be found in Glamour, Redbook, People, Domino and more. To learn more about Evelyn's work and maybe pick up a last minute gift idea for the art lover in your life, check out her website
December 22, 2019
Naming Isaac's Baby + Deuce Breaks Down Workout Programming
No guest this week on the podcast so the Urban MVMNT crew just went back and forth on several different topics ranging from Isaac's baby's mystery name, our RESET Series that we are currently offering to new members and Deuce breaks down some of the inner workings of his brain when writing your favorite workouts. 
December 08, 2019
Grant Aarons, founder of Eight + Sand - The Difference Quality Bread Makes
You may have heard of a new breakfast and lunch spot that opened up in South End recently.   They have an impressive coffee lineup, amazing outdoor patio and extensive tap beer selection. Their food is locally sourced and the bread is all made on-site. The founder, Grant Aarons, gave the Urban MVMNT crew a full tour of their new location and sat down to explain how a guy who got his reputation for his amazing pizza restaurant (Inizio Pizza for example), found his way into this new concept.
November 24, 2019
Megan Phillips On Chasing Financial Independence + Living Vegan
Megan Phillips has been a member for coming up on 3 years.   If you don't recognize her name, then you'd would def. recognize her friendly smile and awesome personality as she also works the front desk during the evening classes on Tuesday nights. We asked Megan to sit down and tell us a bit about her story, not so much the fitness side, but a few other areas of her life that extremely her and her husband working their way to be able to retire by 40 yrs old, building a tiny home on their property so they can rent out their big home, fitnessing as a Vegan and her expectations on MVNG DAY (Nov 1st 5:30pm) 
November 10, 2019
Noble Smoke + The New Joker Movie + Lots of Funnies
Isaac, Deuce and Stu hit up the newest BBQ joint in Charlotte - Noble Smoke. Located in the Wesley Heights neighborhood, which is been quickly on the rise the last several years, this spot is an absolute must for any real BBQ fans. Deuce skools Stu on the differences b/t the origins of NC & SC barbecue sauce while Isaac continuously chews gum in the background.  It's a hoot.   We discuss the new Joker movie and some of the concerns around it's release (Isaac still hasn't seen it yet so don't ruin it), Stu does a hillbilly accent and the crew is unusually giggly. Enjoy.
November 03, 2019
Isaac + Deuce Share Their Fitness Story
We all have an origin story as to how we got to where we are today.   And some of us have podcasts that you under prepare for so you have to create filler content for the week's upload. That's what this was - we didn't have much to jam on so Isaac, Deuce and Stu got together and Stu interviews Isaac and Deuce as to how they got started working in the fitness industry, their sports background and other random musings. Hope you guys like getting to know your Urban MVMNT team better! 
October 20, 2019
Mark Madara + The Evolution of Urban MVMNT from the Member Perspective
Mark Madara has logged over 800+ workouts with us dating back to 2105.  He's a staple in our 5:30am class, loves participating in Spartan Races and has gone to more Dave Matthews Band concerts than most people alive (at leave more than anyone we've ever known). But Mark's tenure not only comes with us developing a great relationship with this guy, but he is able to bring a unique perspective since he has witness our evolution as fitness brand here in CLT. I think you'll find his insight really interesting and the banter between him and Deuce is pretty entertaining as well. 
October 13, 2019
Betty Burns Is 60 Years Young With 450+ Workouts Completed
Betty Burns is a staple in our 6:30am class for the past 6 years.  And around this time each year, she holds an annual fundraiser at NODA Brewery called Betty Bash. This event was created to aid the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) in which she is extremely passionate about ever since her nephew (and also an Urban MVMNT member before he left for college) was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.   We really enjoyed the chance to get to know Betty a bit more, learn about her 100 mile bikes rides for JDRF and her potential half marathon in December that Matt might just convince her to do!  For more information on Betty Bash - check out their Facebook event page! 
October 06, 2019
Optimist Hall + Why We Do Pullups The Way We Do
Optimist Hall is an amazing new addition the CLT scene that has rehabbed an old textile mill into an expansive food court on the north side of the city.  It also shares space with Duke Energy's new R&D office which we received an impromptu tour from our good friend and former member, Chandrajeet Pawar.   On the second half of this episode we deep dive into pullups - the 4 stages of modifying we have and enforce - why we do these 4 and some of the biggest issues our members encounter when trying to either get their first pullup or add to their current rep number.  Optimist Hall 
September 29, 2019
John Cassidy & Our New Friends At Mugshots Coffee
John Cassidy is a jack of a trades - but his specialty craft is craft coffee.  He founded Mountain Ground coffee roasters and has expanded his vision for the perfect cup of coffee across the country - including 3 Charlotte locations with his LoSo location inside of Urban MVMNT being the most recent expansion. John is a fun guy and we have some good laughs goofing around on this podcast.   Definitely swing by and grab a cup from the Mugshots crew next time you're in LoSo!  Mugshots Facebook
September 22, 2019
Craig Barbour, founder Roots Cafe - From Food Truck to Cafe In SouthEnd
Craig Barbour is the founder of Roots - formerly a food truck - and has grown the business into an amazing cafe, tucked away in SouthEnd - serving up amazing dishes and providing the SouthEnd/Dilworth neighborhood an awesome place to for breakfast + lunch. We reviewed Roots Cafe in our previous episode and wanted to have the man behind the curtain tell his very grassroots business story with us and what else Roots Cafe has in store in 2020 and beyond.
September 08, 2019
Roots Cafe is Delicious + We Debate the Growth in CLT
The Urban MVMNT crew went down to a hidden gem in South End - Roots Cafe.  An awesome breakfast/lunch spot tucked back off of South Blvd.  We also jam on the explosive growth that the city of Charlotte has seen over the past 10 years and whether the good outweighs the bad...
September 08, 2019
Dr. Amanda White - Small, But Mighty
Amanda White is a doctor, a wife, a former karate master sensai, an overall awesome human and we've had the pleasure of her being a member here at Urban MVMNT for 3 years now. We asked Amanda on the podcast to chop it up with us about how she got into fitness, how she manages a very busy schedule and still finds time to workout and what test during MVNG DAY she is most looking forward to....Enjoy!
September 01, 2019
Spartan Races, Fantasy Oscars and Sprints vs. Builds vs. Grinds
In today's episode... - congrats to UM member, Mark Madara on his awesome finish in back-to-back Spartan Races  - Isaac reveals how much of a nerd she is - Deuce breaks down the different dose responses we deliver in our LIFT+MOVE class - and more... Urban MVMNT is a boutique fitness facility in Charlotte, NC - and while we obviously do the workout thing really well...we are obsessed with our hood. We'll be covering local happenings, new food + drink spots that are opening, interviews with our awesome members and other local business owners... and of course - we'll jam on fitness topics too. So if you're in CLT and looking to stay up to date with everything that happening and learn a thing or two about how to enhance your fitness lifestyle...this is the podcast for you. 
August 18, 2019
Pullups, Snooze Eatery & CLT Nutrition
In today's episode... - a quick intro as to why this podcast was created and what we hope to accomplish - review of our 12 week pullup challenge at Urban MVMNT  - a review of the new Snooze Eatery in Plaza Midwood + nutritional discussion based on their menu items - CLT Nutrition is the newest shake + tea spot in Charlotte and they're located right around the corner  Urban MVMNT is a boutique fitness facility in Charlotte, NC - and while we obviously do the workout thing really well...we are obsessed with our hood. We'll be covering local happenings, new food + drink spots that are opening, interviews with our awesome members and other local business owners... and of course - we'll jam on fitness topics too. So if you're in CLT and looking to stay up to date with everything that happening and learn a thing or two about how to enhance your fitness lifestyle...this is the podcast for you.  Thanks for listening and make sure to check us out on IG + FB @urbanmvmnt! 
August 08, 2019