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Sweet Film Talk is a podcast dedicated to reviewing movies. Everything Sweet, Sour and Spoiled.
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Take 116 - Second Annual Sweeties Awards: Sound of Metal Review & The Sweets' Favorite Movies of 2020
WELCOME TO THE POD FT JIVES!! (0:00) TYPE IN JIVES TO APPLE MUSIC/SPOTIFY TO SUPPORT OUR PRODUCER’S MUSIC (3:20) Our favorite French fries (4:30) What we’ve been watching (7:00) BRENDAN FRASER IS BACK + OTHER MOVIE NEWS + We talk Cyberpunk 2 months late lolz (13:30) The Sound of Metal Review (24:15) The Second Annual Sweeties Awards (37:50) THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR VOTING  OUR NEXT REVIEW WILL BE “Palm Springs” PER YOUR VOTE FOR FAV MOVIE OF THE YEAR.  LOVE Y’ALL AND STAY SWEEEEEEEEEET
January 18, 2021
Take 115 - Sweetest Films of 2020: 5 Sweetest FIRST TIME Watches and 5 Sweetest 2020 Releases
Keeks’ Disney World trip (1:20) TC’s New Year’s (3:05) TC GOT INTO GRAD SCHOOL (5:15) Super Bowl Predictions aka the one time of the year we ACTUALLY talk football (7:45) Keeks’ Disney World trip continued lolz (14:25) Keeks and TC’s Favorite First Time EVER Watches in 2020 (19:45) Keeks and TC’s Favorite 2020 Releases (32:45) THANKS EVERYONE WHO CONTINUES TO SUPPORT THE POD! BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THE SWEETIES NOMINATIONS OUT THIS WEEK ON OUR INSTAGRAM (SWEET FILM TALK). WE LOVE Y’ALL AND STAY SWEEET
January 11, 2021
Take 114 - Wondrous Soul: Soul & Wonder Woman 1984 Reviews
Welcome, 2021! To start off, we review Soul and Wonder Woman 1984. ALSO, we give our top 5 things of 2020. Thank you to everyone supporting us throughout 2020. We doubled our plays from 2019 and we couldn’t have done it without you guys!
January 4, 2021
Take 113 - The Bache-Lorian: "The Bachelorette" & "The Mandalorian" Reviews
Hey all you sweets! We are just 200 downloads away from doubling our goal from 2019! Please listen to other Takes if you missed any so we can hit our goal! We appreciate all the love and support throughout this difficult year. We are so grateful for being able to connect with many of you! Enjoy New Years Eve with your loved ones and we look forward to more content in 2021! STAY SWEET
December 28, 2020
Take 112 - SFT Christmas Special Vol. 1 - Elf, Home Alone and How the Grinch Stole Christmas Reviews
IT'S CHRISTMAS WEEK WE HOPE EVERYONE IS SNUGGLED UP WITH SOME HOT COCOA FOR THIS TRIPLE HEADER Spoiler Alert Etiquette (2:00) What is the definition of a nerd nowadays? (5:50) Spider-Man 3: Home Worlds casting rumors. Watch us predict this title (9:20) Favorite Christmas traditions and moments (14:35) Favorite Christmas songs (21:15) Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? (24:30) Elf Review (26:55) Home Alone Review (33:45) How the Grinch Stole Christmas Review (40:00) As the year winds down, we're so grateful for all of your support in 2020. We love y'all and stay EXTRA sweet this holiday season
December 21, 2020
Take 111 - You're Tearing us Apart, Disney! Marvel/Star Wars Announcements & "The Room" Review
Disney+ went absolutely ham announcing everything that they have coming up! Including new Marvel and Star Wars shows. We talk all about it! We wanted you sweets to choose what terrible movie we review, and what better one to discuss than The Room. We love all you sweets and thanks for the support!
December 14, 2020
Take 110 - Three Billboards outside Warner Bros. Studios: "Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri" Review and Warner Bros. HBO Max 2021 Streaming Announcement
Keeks and his gym-scapades...? (2:50) TC has his smell back !!! (3:45) LORD OF THE RINGS TRIVIA WINNER (7:00) Warner Bros is releasing all of their 2021 theater releases on streaming service HBO Max (14:30) Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri (23:30) SEND US YOUR SUGGESTIONS OF WHAT HORRIBLE MOVIE WE SHOULD WATCH NEXT WEEK. WE'LL PUT THE QUESTION ON OUR INSTAGRAM STORY THIS TUESDAY. WE LOVE Y'ALL STAY SWEET
December 7, 2020
Take 109 - The Wildlings: An Unbearable Journey: The Hobbit Trilogy Reviews
Welcome back to our favorite Wildling--Eric Nolan !!! We're gonna keep it a buck, there's some language, so listen at your discretion. That being said, it's an absolute BLAST of a Take so sit back and enjoy :). How is Eric (1:15) Croods 2 Review (12:00)  Tenet Follow-Up Talk (14:00) The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Review (22:55) The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Review (35:30) The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (47:35) Eric's Thoughts on Lord of the Rings (1:01:30) December is for y'all!!! We'll get a poll up this week to get YOUR request of the movies YOU want us to review this month ALSO, we might have one of our biggest interviews yet next week...we'll keep you posted :). STAY SWEET AND WE LOVE Y'ALL
November 30, 2020
Take 108 - The Beacons Are Lit! Return of the King Review
Our journey to Mordor has come to an end, we sail off from the Grey Havens into the Undying Lands! We talk about our favorite moments in the trilogy, favorite characters and more! Enjoy our last installment of the greatest trilogy ever made. Thanks for all the support!
November 23, 2020
Take 107 - Lord of the Rings: We Survived Helms Deep: "The Two Towers" Review
We talk all things Two Towers! Jam packed with Sweet Movie Morsels, Andy Serkis deserves an Oscar and we go to Edoras then to Helms Deep. Stay sweet!
November 16, 2020
Take 106 - Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Sweets: "Fellowship of the Ring" Review
Keeks' trip to Utah recap (1:55) PS TC's ziti recipe is NO JOKE. Will be posting the recipe on the pod's instagram: Every movie is delayed. 2021 let's try it again...maybe 2022 (6:55) Brief Mandalorian talk (8:00) LOTR Prologue (11:20) Prancing Pony Promo (27:10) Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Review (27:23) DIGITAL LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY HD EXTENDED EDITION GIVEAWAY ANNOUNCEMENT (47:00) - Rate the pod on Apple Podcasts. Just tap 5 stars and you can write a review if you want - Once we get to 50 Apple Podcast reviews the giveaway is active, keep track of your trivia wins each Tuesday and whoever wins the most will win Lord of the Rings on Digital HD
November 9, 2020
Take 105 - Trick or Sweet Vol. 2 Feat: Bekki & Kennedy
Trick or Sweet is here! We give some good spooky recommendations of all levels! We discuss some irrational fears and legitimate fears shared from all you sweets. Big thanks to our sweet wives, Bekki & Kennedy for coming on the pod! Had an absolute blast being back together. Have a wonderful Halloween weekend! STAY SWEET
October 30, 2020
Take 104 - Harry Potter & the Sweetly Hallows: Deathly Hallows Pt 1 & 2 Reviews, "Marauders" Series Pitches and Fav Characters
How we doing? (2:00) "Marauders" series produced by SFT Productions coming October 2022 on HBO Max (7:00) - TC "Marauders of Hogwarts" Pitch (7:00) - Keeks "Marauders" Pitch (11:53) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Review (18:25) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Review (29:19) Harry Potter Movie Ranking (Lowest to Highest) (43:40) Fav 5 Characters (47:00)
October 26, 2020
Take 103 - Harry Potter & the Dawn of David Yates: Order of the Phoenix & Half-Blood Prince Reviews
Have you done leg day recently? (1:00) Why Harry Potter is a good adaptation (4:00) Jurassic World 3: Dominion delay (7:05) TOBEY MCGUIRE AND ANDREW GARFIELD BACK IN SPIDER-MAN: *INSERT HOME-RELATED-TITLE HERE*?!?! (9:02) Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Review (12:50) Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Review (27:15) Harry Potter rankings through Half-Blood Prince (42:42) Don't forget to subscribe and give the pod 5-stars on Apple Podcasts :D.  WE LOVE ALL OUR SWEETS
October 19, 2020
Take 102 - Harry Potter & The Tale of Two Vibes: Prisoner of Azkaban & Goblet of Fire Reviews
Prisoner of Azkaban Review (8:35) TC's biggest gripe about Prisoner of Azkaban (21:00) What would come out as a boggart for us? (24:00) Goblet of Fire (28:05) Thank you to all the sweets for all the love and support! Hope all you sweets are tuning in and rewatching Harry Potter!  And lastly.. EXPECTO PATRONUM
October 12, 2020
Take 101 - Harry Pod-ter and the Red Herring King ft. The Bad Broadcast: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and Chamber of Secrets Reviews
Welcome back Madi from The Bad Broadcast pls follow her Instagram @thebadbroadcast Chit chat to start the pod (1:00) Why Madi hates "Back to the Future" and her theory (9:45) Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Review (16:05) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (37:08) Favorite magical object (1:00:00) Thanks for listening everyone, we love y'all, rate the pod 5 stars and stay sweet
October 5, 2020
Take 100 - Keeks' and TC's Top 10 Movies of All Time
The title says it all.  Enjoy us talk about our favorite movies of all time. October 1, 2020 on at 5:00 PM Mountain Standard Time we will have a 100 minute sale where everything is $10 (Tenet20 discount code WILL WORK). In honor of this Take, buy all the merch you can and help support the pod :,). We love all our Sweets and thanks for sticking around for 100 Takes and we'll see you during the next 100. Stay sweet
September 28, 2020
Take 99 - 2 Stream or Not 2 Stream: TC & Keeks Talk Movies They've Streamed in Quarantine and Top 5 Movies We've Never Seen that We Should Have by Now
Live Action Disney Movie Controversy: Which was the REAL First Remake??? (4:00) CHRIS NOLAN STAR WARS??? This isn't news, just something we thought of on the fly (8:27) Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer Reaction (9:45) Trial of the Chicago 7 Trailer Reaction (12:14) TC & Keeks Review EVERY New Movie They Watched in Quarantine (15:30) TC & Keeks Talk TV They Watched in Quarantine (43:50) Top 5 Movies We Have NEVER Seen That Y'all We Should Have Seen by Now (53:48) On the Slate for Take 100: TC & Keeks' Top 10 OF. ALL. TIME. Also, We'll have a special sale on our website in its honor
September 21, 2020
Take 98 - I'll Make a Pod Out of You: Mulan 2020 Review
Use TENET20 on our website to get 20% off ALL MERCH. CLEAN US OUT PLEASE! BBB Restaurant Orders: Stay in your lane when you order at restaurants. TC learns the hard way (3:00) Tenet follow-up (6:00) Oscar un-written rules finally written for 2024 awards (8:30) Dune trailer reaction (15:00) REY WAS A KENOBI?! (20:25) Mulan (2020 & 1998) Reviews (25:25) Where it ranks amongst the live-action Disney remakes (39:45) On The Slate: Take 99 we talk about everything we've seen and haven't reviewed during the quarantine AND give you our Top 5 movies that we haven't seen that we know we should have by now LOVE Y'ALL AND STAY SWEEEEEEEET
September 14, 2020
Take 97 - 79 ekaT: Tenet Review
Tbh, we only talk about Tenet this Take, so enjoy us reviewing it and trying to explain what it's about :).  IN FACT, you can use Tenet20 on our website and get 20% off all purchases, so help us clear all that out :D. We love y'all and next week we're reviewing Mulan (2020) 
September 8, 2020
Take 95 - TMNTSFT: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Review and Favorite Pizza Places ft. Kyle Carlson from Pizza Time Reviews
Welcome, Kyle Carlson. Check out his pizza review YouTube channel: Use code TENET20 to get 20% off your order on our website How TC & Keeks know Carlson (1:10) Tron 3 News (12:37) Cartoon Throwback: STATIC. SHOCK (14:26) 5 Fav Pizza Places (19:00) Fav Pizza Movie Moments (46:47) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) Review (52:17) Carlson's Top 5 (1:02:24)
August 24, 2020
Take 94 - Sweet Hour: "Rush Hour" Trilogy Review and TC & Keeks Pitch their Buddy Cop Movie Ideas
Look for TC & Kennedy to be in Hallmark's "Hot Chocolate Christmas" this Holiday season Favorite Donut (4:45) What is TC's hygienic blind spot? (8:00) Avatar: The Last Airbender creators have left the Netflix live-action adaptation (9:50) the 30th discussion about "Tenet" and will it (or will it not) release (11:33) DC Fandome Lineup announcement & what we want to see (14:45) Major Movie Releases for 2020 (17:55) Rush Hour Review (21:57) Rush Hour 2 Review (30:55) Rush Hour 3 Review (37:00) TC's buddy cop movie idea: "The Pod Guys" (44:37) Keeks' buddy cop movie idea: "Paywall" (47:20) Tease for Take 95: we're having the host of YouTube channel "Pizza Time" on the pod and we'll review "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" (50:22) Stay sweet everyone, we love y'all
August 17, 2020
Take 93 - Michael Caine LOVES to Chase the Bag: IMDb 250: 210-206 Reviews, Is Mulan worth the $30 price tag?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEKKI WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Tease for Take 100 (2:55) Mulan VOD Disney+ release for $30, is it worth it? (6:40) Also, we were on a podcast called "Final Take" where we talked "Jaws". Check it out and support these guys :D. Just so you know, 100000% we're buying new mutants if it comes out VOD, no questions asked! What could have been: Sweet Film Meetup Tenet :,( (12:00) TENET20 DISCOUNT CODE FOR 20% OFF MERCH ON SWEETFILMTALK.COM STARTING AUGUST 11 TIL FOREVER TO CELEBRATE THE 3RD RELEASE DATE OF "TENET" IMDB 250: 210-206 Million Dollar Baby (16:00) Into the Wild (22:30) The Wages of Fear (29:25) Stand by Me (34:45) Network (40:00) What we've got next for IMDb 250: 205-201 Recap of the ranking for the 45 movies we've seen til now (47:00) NEXT TAKE WE ARE REVIEWING THE RUSH HOUR TRILOGY! WE LOVE Y'ALL AND STAY SWEET!!!
August 10, 2020
Take 92 - We are NOT Throwing Away Our Pod: Hamilton Review and Fav 5 Musicals
We are a LITTLE late to this review, but better late than never :D. The winner between Hollywood Video vs. Blockbuster Who's the best Spider-Man? Hamilton Review Fav 5 Musicals! Thank you to everyone for your support, we love you so much and stay sweet
August 4, 2020
Take 91 - The One Where TC Trains Keeks in Basketball: Talk about TC's wedding, Keeks' vacation in Utah and Hollywood Video vs. Blockbuster
This is a short Take to finish off July :). We had weddings and vacations this week, not to mention Keeks got some basketball training from TC :D. Hollywood Video vs Blockbuster Preview of what we'll be reviewing in the next 3 weeks: August 3, 2020 Hamilton & Best Musicals August 10, 2020 IMDb 250: 205-201 August 17, 2020 the Rush Hour Trilogy Check out our website for our most recent movie reviews and buy a hat or shirt while you're at it: WE LOVE ALL YOU SWEETS
July 28, 2020
Take 90 - We Can Be Anything We Want to Be ft Rowin Amone: "King Ester" , "Salacia" and "Cinderella" 1997 talk, and what it's like to get your big break
For Take 90 we have Rowin Amone on! Talking about her recent series King Ester and Salacia. We love all you sweets and are grateful for all the support!  About Rowin (6:50) TC & Rowin were probs neighbors in NYC (9:00) "King Ester" King Ester and what it was like to take on this role as a Black Trans Woman (12:25) What it's like to be a role model in the Trans community (18:30) How to support the Trans Community (26:45)  ROWIN AND WILL SMITH SHARE A MOM AKA AUNT VIV AKA JANET HUBERT (27:10) Who does Rowin want to work with most (29:50) hi Brandy come on the pod Working with Dui Jarrod, director and creator of "King Ester" (33:00) "Salacia" Working with Tourmaline (34:20) Seneca Village story (35:00) Working with Keanu Reeves (37:30) What does Black Lives Matter mean to Rowin (41:15) Rowin's future (45:30) "Cinderella" with Whitney Houston Review (47:20) ROWIN'S TOP 5 MOVIES (56:30) WE LOVE Y'ALL STAY SWEEEEEET
July 20, 2020
Bonus Take - The Summer of 2016(9): Overrated Things, Keeks & TC's Best Friend Journey Summer 2016 and Reviewing the Movies We Saw
TAKE 90 FEATURING ROWIN AMONE WILL BE OUT THIS MONDAY, JULY 13, 2020. We dropped the ball on the audio, but it will be out next Monday, this is a fun Bonus Take for y'all :D. Joey Chestnut GOAT Conversation (4:20) - Hotdogs vs Hamburgers Overrated Things (7:45) - Fireworks - 3D Movies - Boating / Any Activity Where You Have to Pack a Lunch Car Horror Stories (14:30) - TC & Peggy - Keeks & Accord - Autozone & O'Reilly's Jingle-Off - Also, Keeks met DJ Khaled at a gas station Deoderant & Couch Talk (29:15) - Blue Gel vs White Powder - RECLINER. COUCH. Summer '16 (31:30) - Becoming Best Friends
July 9, 2020
Take 89 - Sweet Fighter: Crazy, Stupid Love Debate & Review, Movies We Hate That People Love, Mental Health Spotlight
THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPPORT OF THE WEBSITE AND OUR MERCH! WE CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO EXPRESS HOW AMAZING ALL OF YOU ARE! ALSO WEAR A MASK AND STAY SAFE Mental Health Spotlight (3:30) Gym Etiquette Talk (10:30) TC & Keeks Quiz ft. a bit of ASMR (12:20) Movies the Sweets Hate that People Love (22:30) Crazy, Stupid Love Review & Debate (34:30) Top 5 Movies We Hate that People Love (52:20) Next Take we are THRILLED to interview and have guest-host Emmy Nominated Actress Rowin Amone, star of the 4-Time Emmy Nominated Show, "King Ester". STAY SWEET
June 29, 2020
Take 88 - The Proposals ft Kennedy Neilson and Bekki Brau: TC & Keeks proposal stories, “The Proposal” review and top 5 romantic comedies
Take 88 - The Proposals ft Kennedy Neilson and Bekki Brau: TC & Keeks proposal stories, “The Proposal” review and top 5 romantic comedies
June 15, 2020
Take 87 - We Stand with You: “If Beale Street Could Talk”, “13th”, and “Do the Right Thing” Reviews
ALL STREAMING REVENUE WILL BE DONATED FROM JUNE 8, 2020 THROUGH JUNE 15, 2020. STREAM ALL OUR TAKES AND DONATE TO "BLACK TV & FILM COLLECTIVE". LINK TO DONATE BELOW WE LOVE ALL OF YOU STAY SWEET AND BLACK LIVES MATTER Black TV & Film Collective Donation: 5 Tips for being an ally: Register to vote: Hollywood Minority Filmmaker Statistics: Petitions to Sign: Breonna Taylor Petition: Jamee Johnson Petition: Make Lynching a Federal Hate Crime: Hands Up Act:
June 8, 2020
Take 86 - #ReleaseTheSweeterCut: IMDb 250: 215-211, The Snyder Cut, Tenet Trailer
HBO MAX Talk PS we love it (5:00) #ReleasingTheSnyderCut (8:00) Tenet X Fortnite: The collab no one wanted (14:15) How badly we want to go back to the theater (17:15) 215 Logan by James Mangold (18:30) 214 The Passion of Joan of Arc by Carl Theodor Dreyer (26:30) 213 Rush by Ron Howard (31:40) 212 Ben Hur by William Wyler (38:15)  211 Platoon (43:20) Next Take we will be unveiling our new merchandise
June 1, 2020
Take 85 - Air Sweet: The Last Dance and Space Jam Reviews with Lace 'Em Up Basketball's Tanner Lind
Thank you to Eric Nolan again for Take 84 and talking about his experience with Game of Thrones. This Take, we talk about the Michael Jordan documentary "The Last Dance", "Space Jam" and sprinkle a bit of "Hoop Dreams" here and there. Enjoy a Take talking a bit of sports and passion for one of, if not, the greatest basketball player and athlete of all time.
May 25, 2020
Take 84 - Game of Thrones Wildling, Eric Nolan: Game of Thrones 1 Year Anniversary Talk
We want to give a HUGE thank you to Eric Nolan and Ireland for making this Take possible. Eric, TC and Keeks talk what it's like being on the set of the biggest television franchise of all time, how it is as an actor to get your start and don't worry, we talk about Season 8. Eric answers all your questions from our Instagram and MANY many more.  Please enjoy this man's passion and love for Game of Thrones and we all look forward to visiting Westeros many more times in the years to come. We love you all and stay sweet.  SWEEEEEEEEEEETTTT
May 18, 2020
Take 83 - Oh Captain, My Captain: IMDb 220-216 and Bad Movie Dates
The boys seem smooth with movies on the pod, but in real life, especially with the ladies...not so much The movies this round for IMDb 250 had some of the most WILD 3rd acts of any movies we've seen so far. IMDb 220: Rang De Basanti: A group of Indian youths cast to portray freedom fighters from their country in the 1920's learn the importance of activism and standing for what's right. Is this the best Bollywood film we've seen yet? IMDb 219: The 400 Blows: A French boy who comes from a troubled home must navigate growing up and making his own decisions. Is French New-Wave the most impressive new genre we've come across in our IMDb 250 Challenge? IMDb 218: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2: The final installment to the Harry Potter saga, but is it deserving of being the only film to make it into the IMDb 250? IMDb 217: Dead Poet's Society: A group of young boys at a prep school learn about the importance of expressing one's self from a free-thinking professor. Is this one worth the hype everyone gives it? IMDb 216: Andrei Tarkovsky's biographical telling of famous religious painter,Andrei Roublev's life during medieval Russia. Which Andrei was more talented? The painter or the filmmaker? Next week we're celebrating the year anniversary of the finale of Game of Thrones with actor Eric Nolan, a wildling from seasons 5-8, who also has appeared in History's Vikings and Syfy's Krypton. We love you guys and stay SWWEEEEEEEEETTTT
May 11, 2020
Take 82 - May the 4th Be With You: Star Wars Original Trilogy Reviews
It's IMDb 250 time...NOOOOOOOTTTTT *cue Borat voice* We delve into the behind the scenes process of how "Star Wars" came to be in 1977 and give the movie a review. Is it sweet, sour or spoiled? Further, George Lucas decides to make the anticipated sequel. Can lightning strike in the same place twice? We give Sweet Movie Morsels galore for "Empire Strikes Back" and even give it a little review as well. Is it the best sequel of all time? Then, with George still paving his own path, he might have created some difficulty in getting his third film made of his beloved "Star Wars" trilogy. What is the story behind the making of "Return of the Jedi"?  We cap all of this off with a ranking of our Fav 5 moments from the Original Trilogy. We hope you all enjoy this Take as much as we enjoyed making it. Stay sweet and may the force be with you...always SWEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTT
May 3, 2020
Take 81 - MX(N)C Most Extreme (Nolan) Elimination Challenge: Inception Review and Christopher Nolan Filmography Ranking
TV W KEEKS SEGMENT: A blast from the past! MXC: Most Extreme Elimination Challenge Talk TONS of movies have been delayed, but the most important movie of the year is still on track: "Tenet" We had a Sweet Film Virtual Meetup and we talk about the pros and cons of watching movies with friends virtually We review "Inception" and then rank the rest of Chris Nolan's films
April 27, 2020
Take 80 - SFT Q&A: Answering The Sweets' Questions and Dune Coverage
So happy to bring you this Take from day 1669 of quarantine How is Dune looking? The SFT boys answer YOUR questions submitted from Instagram Follow us on Instagram at We love you all and stay SWEEEEEEEETTTTT
April 20, 2020
Take 79 - The Sound of Sweet Music ft. Composer Matt Orr
If you're reading this on Apple Podcasts, give the pod a 5 Star rating and write us a review
April 13, 2020
Take 78 - The Greatest Sports Movie Ever Made ft. Kennedy Neilson
Turtle Neck Time! (2:30) Delayed Movie Dates List (5:00) March Movie Madness Championship Recap (12:30) Greatest Sports Movie Ever Made: Remember the Titans Review (23:20) - SWEET MOVIE MORSELS GALORE!! Reminiscing about the 1st Annual March Movie Madness Selections (34:05) NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHING: Kennedy Neilson (36:55) WE LOVE YOU ALL, STAY INSIDE AND STAY SWEEEEEEEETTT
April 5, 2020
Take 77 - The IMDb Kings: IMDb 230 - 221 and Tiger King Talk
March Movie Madness Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight Recap (3:30) FINAL FOUR WILL BE THIS THURSDAY APRIL 2, 2020 TC STREAM (12:30) Tiger King Talk (16:30) #230 Ace in the Hole (20:00) #229 It Happened One Night (23:15) #228 La Haine (26:25) #227 Monster's, Inc (32:50) #226 Rocky (36:30) #225 The Handmaiden (40:38) #224 Rebecca (43:10) I'M SO SORRY TO MY WIFE WHOSE NAME IS REBEKAH AND I DIDN'T THINK I KNEW A REBEKAH OH NO - KEEKS #223 Spotlight (46:30) #222 Hotel Rwanda (52:18) #221 Amores Perros (56:10) All IMDb going forward will be five movies instead of 10 so we can focus more on each movie :). We love you guys may "The Sandlot" win the CHIP SWEEEET
March 30, 2020
Take 76 - Sweet, Sour, Spoiled Special: Interstellar, Ready Player One and The Last Airbender Reviews w/ March Movie Madness Sweet 16 Reveal
WHAT DAY IS IT?! (2:30) Jersey Mike's is an A+ (4:15) On Demand Movies (7:15) RIP Keeks cuz Bloodshot might be the last movie he sees in theaters for 2020 (8:00) Sweet Sour Spoiled Overview (9:30) Sweet Movie Review: Interstellar (11:00) Sour Movie Review: Ready Player One (18:55) Spoiled Movie Review: The Last Airbender (27:00) March Movie Madness Sweet 16 Reveal and Breakdown (38:30) We love all our Sweets
March 23, 2020
Take 75 - March Movie Madness: Selection Sunday March Movie Madness Bracket Reveal and Bloodshot Review
Corona Virus Update: We are healthy and PLEASE, safety first, don't risk the health of others (3:00) 2020 an all-time bad year, cancel it now (4:45) Movie release dates affected by Corona Virus (5:00) Would you pay to buy a theater movie NOW to watch on demand for $50? (9:45) Sweets Podcast Review: MADISON3333333 (14:15) Sweets Poll of the Week: If You Were Quarantined and Only Had One Movie to Watch, What Would it Be? (15:00) What movies have gotten worse over time? (18:30) What did we stream? (23:00) TC HAS A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Bloodshot Review (32:35) Selection Sunday March Movie Madness Bracket Reveal (39:45) LOVE ALL OF YOU AND MAY THE BEST SPORTS MOVIE WIN THIS MARCH MOVIE MADNESS, STAY SWEET
March 16, 2020
Take 74 - The Sweet Broadcast ft. Madi Murphy: Onward and The Way Back Reviews w/ The Bad Broadcast
For Take 74, we were joined by Madi Murphy of the Bad Broadcast to get her take on Onward and The Way Back. Follow The Bad Broadcast here A groundbreaking new friendship with Keeks and Madi (1:52) How TC and Madi met (3:00) How did The Bad Broadcast come about? (6:30) The perks of following your passions (10:00) Ground breaking question: How do you eat a shake? (12:00) Madi talks about living in New York and screenwriting (14:10) BREAKING NEWS! Madi and Keeks share the screenplays they're writing (17:00) Madi's compliment about the pod :,) (25:15) The Way Back Review (29:30) Onward Review (37:00) Invisible Man Short and Sweet Review (48:45) Portrait of a Lady on Fire Elizabeth Schaumberg Sweets Review (50:00) Favorite Food Movie Moments (54:13) Madi's Fav Five Films (ish) (1:12:45) We love all you Sweets
March 11, 2020
Take 73: The Sweet 250 Round 2: 240 - 231
A GROUP OF WHALES IS A POD AND WE ARE BLOWN AWAY (0:52) Anti Sea World Rant / Pro Disneyland Praise (2:00) 240: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (5:52) 239: The Terminator (9:52) 238: The Help (13:00) 237: The Gangs of Wasseypur (17:52) 236: Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (22:10) 235: Akira (26:45) 234: Before Sunset (31:15) 233: The White Heat (36:30) 232: The Princess Bride (39:15) 231: The Red Shoes (42:30) Sweet 250 Re-Rank (46:50) Take 74 Teaser Trailer (50:52)
March 2, 2020
Take 72- Sonic Over the Hedge(Hog): Sonic Movie Review
Life Hack: Sporting Events (3:45) Movie News (6:00) Trailer of the Week (12:16) Sweets’ Horrible Theater Movies (17:10) Sweet Movie Morsel: VFX Industry Highlight (24:43) Sonic Review (32:06) Video Game Movie Pitches (42:51) We love all you sweets
February 24, 2020
Take 71: Catch Two Birds With One Pod: Birds of Prey & Catch Me If You Can Reviews
We made it out of prison and are back to review Birds of Prey and Catch me if you can! Thanks for listening and STAY SWEET! Giveaway Winners! (7:00) Films that all the sweets LOVE (13:10) Movie News (15:45) Trailer of the week (22:53) Birds of Prey review (27:15) Catch me if you can review (36:00)
February 17, 2020
Take 70 - SFT Interview Extravaganza: "Simmer" Directors Stefan van da Graaff & Nick Rush Interview and Red Carpet Oscar Interviews and Reactions
Interview with Directors of "Simmer" Stefan van da Graaff & Nick Rush (5:15) Interviews and reactions LIVE from the Red Carpet outside of the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles (56:30) LOVE ALL OF YOU AND STAY SWEET
February 11, 2020
Take 69 - The Sweetestmen: Bad Boys for Life and The Gentlemen Reviews
The Sweetestmen: Bad Boys for Life and The Gentlemen Reviews
February 3, 2020
Take 68 - The Sweet 250: OSCAR PREDICTIONS SFT GIVEAWAY and IMDb#250-241 Movie Reviews
OSCAR SFT GIVEAWAY DETAILS (2:28) - DM us a photo of your predictions for the main Oscar categories - 1 FREE GUESS W DM OF SCREENSHOT OF A WRITTEN 5 STAR REVIEW - 1 FREE GUESS W OSCAR PREDICTION ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA TAGGING THE SWEET FILM TALK Templates for making your predictions AND the nominees will be uploaded daily on the Sweet Film Talk Instagram page SWEET 250 REVIEWS (7:34) #250 Throne of Blood directed by Akira Kurosawa (9:55) #249  Aladdin (1992) directed by Ron Clement and John Musker (12:45) #248 The Legend of 1900 directed by Giuseppe Tornatore (15:15) #247 Winter Sleep directed by Nuri Bilge Ceylan (19:10) #246 Guardians of the Galaxy directed by James Gunn (23:05) #245 Infernal Affairs directed by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak (25:22) #244 The Battle of Algiers directed by Gillo Pontecorvo (29:20) #243 Sholay directed by Ramesh Sippy (35:20) #242 Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion directed by Hideaki Anno (37:53) #241 In the Mood for Love directed by Wong Kar-Wai (43:57) Thanks for listening like always. Love you guys, SWEEEEEEETTTTTT
January 27, 2020
Take 67 - Only Reliable Oscar Predictions Podcast: Just Mercy and Weathering With You Reviews with 2020 Oscar Predictions
NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHING: JIVES! (3:00) Keeks & Jives Rap Songs: COLIN WE'RE SO SORRY: Colin Trevorrow Star Wars: Duel of the Fates (Episode 9) Original Script Conversation (7:47) The boys thoughts on Colin's script (10:47) Morbious or however you spell it trailer (14:17) GUNS AKIMBO AKA YOU HAVE GUNS BOLTED TO YOUR HANDS, HARRY (17:06) Just Mercy Review (22:08) aedgell Weathering With You Sweets Review (29:00) Weathering With You Review (30:48) ACADEMY AWARDS/OSCAR PREDICTIONS TIME (40:13) Jives Top 5 (1:17:00) THANKS FOR LISTENING TO OUR LONGEST POD YET WE LOVE YOU ALL STAY SWEEEEEEEEET
January 20, 2020
Take 66 - The First Annual Sweeties: Little Women and 1917 Full Reviews and the First Annual "Sweeties"
Joe Swanson & Peter Griffin stop by real quick (2:20) Oscar nomination predictions (3:25) NEW MUTANTS TRAILER TALK (9:13) Little Women Review (11:43) PLEASE GO SEE THIS 1917 Review (21:38) 1917 Spoiler Section (32:36) The First Annual "Sweeties" (38:30) GO SEE WEATHERING WITH YOU AND JUST MERCY FOR TAKE 67 SWEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTT
January 13, 2020
Take 65 - Es-10-Tials of the Decade
The 2010s are over! Ringing in the new year with our Essentials of the past decade! Stay sweet and enjoy our 20 films that we believe are "Must Watches" 
January 6, 2020
Take 64 - Top 10 of 2019
2019 has come and gone! It’s been a great year of films. Thanks for all the support this year! :) cheers to 2020! Sweeeet! Keeks actually saw Cats!! Hottest take of the yr (4:28) TC’s honorable mentions (7:50) Surprise Uncut Gens review! (10:00) Keeks gives his honorable mentions (13:10) TOP 10 time!!! (15:30)
December 29, 2019
Take 63 - Star Wars: The Rise of McGuffins: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Spoiler Review
WELCOME TO THE POD JENN PACKHAM There's not much to say about this pod, it's Star Wars. Full spoilers plus Jenn's Top 5 at the end :) We love you guys and also we love Star Wars. Remember, it's a movie, everyone has their opinions. If you loved it, AWESOME. If you hated it, AWESOME. It's all Star Wars and we love it like we love our Sweets :) ENJOY! SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTT
December 23, 2019
Take 62 - Jumanji 3: The Rise of the Jungle: Honey Boy, Dark Waters and Jumanji: The Next Level Reviews
dude1235428 Podcast Review (THANK YOU WE LOVE YOU 5:12) DCEU Release Schedule Chat (8:45) TC's DCEU most/least anticipated (9:54) Keek's DCEU most/least anticipated (12:07) Golden Globes Talk aka the Pre-Game to the Oscar's (17:30) TC Streaming (20:37) Keeks Streaming (24:12) GorillaDave5 "6 Underground" Review (24:42) MAKE ALADDIN: KING OF THIEVES LIVE ACTION @DISNEY, YOU COWARDS (27:59) Honey Boy Review (28:06) Dark Waters Review (34:15) Jumanji: The Next Level Review (39:59) - dude1235428, peep that Spoiler Alert STAR WARS HYPE (51:09) 5 Rise of Skywalker Predictions (52:09) STAR WARS BINGO CARD OUT MONDAY (52:14) Tips to avoid spoilers (1:01:46) LOVE YOU GUYS THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT FOREVER
December 16, 2019
Take 61 - The Sweetmen: Ford vs. Ferrari, Marriage Story and The Irishman Reviews
Distance makes the heart grows fonder--we're back to long distance :( NEW TRAILER ALERTS - James Bond: No Time to Die - Black Widow  - WW84 - Kind of Free Guy cuz we skimmed that trailer What we watch recently? Ford vs. Ferrari Review Marriage Story Review The Irishman Review Until next week, Sweets
December 9, 2019
Take 60 - Sweet Film Meetup: Knives Out Review
Sweet Film Meetup!  Keeks sheds some light on the Paramount Decree (3:10) and watch out for the release of Fart Dogs 12 (3:50) Knives Out review, featuring.. YOU! (9:25) End of Sweet Film Meetup review. (24:25) Mystery Movies to wrap up the pod (27:05)
December 2, 2019
Take 59 - Jojo Rabbit, Tricks Are For Kids: Jojo Rabbit Review
Sweet Film Meetup: Friday, November 29, 2019 @ Geneva Megaplex @ 7:25 PM. We’ll record your reviews for Take 60 and get some post-movie snacks afterwards :). We introduce a new grading scale: Sweet, Sour or Spoiled! New Mutants and Sonic movie news Notes From Melanie, a Chris Stuckmann film, Review FINALLY, our FULL review of Jojo Rabbit
November 25, 2019
Take 58 - Doctor Sweet: The Shining and Doctor Sleep Reviews
SPECIAL GUEST ALERT! SETH STEWART! Keeks has seen HOW MANY MOVIES?? (4:45) The Shining Review (with spoilers cuz the movie is 30, almost 40 years old. If you haven't seen it, what are you waiting for?!) (7:25) Sweet Movie Morsel: Conspiracy Edition (18:55) Keeks defending Doctor Sleep on the Gram (24:50) TC and Seth saw Doctor Sleep in a sauna apparently (26:20) Doctor Sleep Non-Spoiler Review (27:32) Doctor Sleep Spoiler Review (35:22) Sweets Review from @kingjames (42:43) SETH'S TOP 10 LETS GO (44:10) Sweet Film Meetup: Knives Out Nov 29, 2019 Geneva Megaplex @ 7:15 (55:20) LOVE THE SUPPORT AS ALWAYS
November 11, 2019
Take 57 - Termin8or: F8 of the Franchise: Terminator: Dark Fate Review
How was Spooky Season?? (0:00) Our producer Jives has a new single out, check it out (3:00) Announcement #1: Sweet Film Talk Watch Party for "Knives Out" at the Geneva Megaplex (4:05) PODCAST 5 STAR REVIEW READ: Skizzy B (5:15) Announcement #2: Jenn Packham, your number is being called for our Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker screening (7:15) IMDb Sweet 250 officially starting January 2020 (8:55) RIP Weiss & Benioff (10:45) The best superhero movie of the 2010's aka Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is getting a sequel, slated for an April 2022 release (12:32) Jesus is King User Review from Brendon Rogers (13:40) Motherless Brooklyn Review (16:25) Terminator: Dark Fate Spoiler-Free Review (18:50) TERMINATOR: DARK FATE SPOILER REVIEW (27:57) Spoilers done :) (35:11) Terminator franchise ranking (36:15) What are some red flags in movie advertisements? (39:14) So many movies, so little time Parasite, Last Christmas, Dr. Sleep. We'll get to them all, don't worry. Love you guys
November 4, 2019
Take 56 - Trick or Sweet ft. Bekki Brau-Adcock
HALLOWEEN SPECIAL ALERT! NEW THEME? JUST FOR THIS TAKE? JIVES COMING IN CLUTCH! (0:00) Why didn't we call our last Halloween special "Trick or Sweet"? We have no idea (1:40) Countdown Review, with spoilers because it's SO BAD (5:35) 15 streaming recommendations for your All Hallow's Eve night (10:45) TC suggestions (11:45) Keeks suggestions (19:23) Bekki suggestions (27:55)
October 31, 2019
Take 55 - Indie-ana Jones and the Lighthouse: The Lighthouse Review
TC watched Kung Fury...not high! (2:00) Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Trailer Reaction (3:30) USER REVIEW SHOUT OUT THANK YOU 2MOREMILE (8:00) The Big 5 Studio mini history (10:20) The Lighthouse Review - No Spoilers (11:30) The Lighthouse Spoiler Review (18:30) We didn't see Jesus is King, sorry (32:30) Sweet Film History: Independent Film (33:00) Sweet Film Talk Ft. My Fire Alarm throughout the pod, you're welcome hehehe Top/Fav/Essential 5 Indie Films (42:00) TRICK OR SWEET: A MADEA HALLOWEEN SPECIAL COMING WEDNESDAY
October 28, 2019
Take 54 - Unexpect the Expected: "Zombieland: Double Tap" Spoiler Review
As you'll hear, there may or may not have been a mix-up with our "The Lighthouse" showings and by mix-up I mean we read the showtimes wrong and so Keeks drove 3 and a half hours for nothing, so we compromised and saw "Zombieland: Double Tap" Gemini Man Sweet Review (2:10) - Are studios focusing too much on technology and not enough on story? Disney+ 180,000 years of movies streaming November 12(?) (6:00) The Batman casting (8:50) The Lighthouse showings mix-up (11:50) Zombieland: Double Tap Spoiler Review (16:00) Favorite 10 Unexpected Gems (28:00) Please rate the pod 5 stars and we love all of you SWEEEEEEETTT
October 21, 2019
Take 53 - El BDH: El Camino Review ft. Todd "BDH" Helie
Happy 2 year anniversary to the New Mutants trailer, love you RIP Robert Forster who portrays Ed Galbraith in El Camino and was nominated for an Academy Award in 1997 for best supporting actor A FULL El Camino spoiler review with the one and only Todd "BDH" Helie. We love you Jesse Plemmons. You and your body are good enough, we still hate Todd though. A niche top 5: The Dan Helie (Todd's Dad) Top 5 Guessing Game Todd's Top 5 will leave you SPEECHLESS...well, yeah, speechless, that's exactly it!
October 14, 2019
Take 52 - We Live In a Society: Joker Review
Don't forget to follow the podcast's Instagram, @sweetfilmtalk. All new followers before October 10 are entered into a contest to win free movies!!
October 7, 2019
Take 51 - Lucas Strikes Back
Follow before October 10 to be AUTOMATICALLY entered to win free movies from the SFT Give your boys an upvote here to move us up in the ranks What we stream?? (4:30) The Rock (4:30) Madea Goes to Jail (7:00) Lucas vs. Disney (10:00) Kevin Feige Star Wars Takeover?? (16:00) NIGHT MONKEY (SPIDEY) IS BACK (18:00) The Irishman is good. Duh, it's Scorsese (21:20) Top 5 Pre-Movie Traditions (26:15)
September 30, 2019
Take 50 - The Midlife Crisis: Hustlers, Rambo: Last Blood, Ad Astra Reviews
Follow THIS LINK and click the UP ARROW to make us THE #1 movie podcast: Follow THIS LINK to follow us on Instagram: Everyone who follows us on Instagram before October 10th is INSTANTLY entered to win free movies on us. It's that easy, just click follow! New trailers: Frozen 2,  El Camino, Uncut Gems overview (5:51) The Batman and Jurassic World 3 casting news reactions (13:05) Hustlers review (18:50) Rambo: Last Blood review (spoilers) (22:10) Ad Astra review (35:30)
September 26, 2019
Take 49 - Reboots! Remakes! Hear All About It!
It's movie news baby! We got Apple TV announcements. Is streaming gonna replace the theater? Honey Boy and more movies from festival season are getting Oscar buzz, so we go over a few potential "Oscar Bait" films that are coming up. ALSO, a BRAND NEW TOP 5--which films deserve remakes/reboots as we also discus the news that Face/Off is being remade *cough* bring back John Woo *cough* The Suicide Squad, Disney+ Marvel cartoons, Venom 2 and to round it out, if a movie that flopped could be fixed and be a success, which would it be? Leave a 5-Star review and help support the pod so we can continue to grow and give you the best content we can. SWEEEEEEEEEEETTTT
September 16, 2019
Take 48 - It's the Peanut Butter Falcon!
WHAT'S THAT SOUND? A NEW INTRO? THE BOYS ARE REALLY OUT HERE! We wanna give a warm welcome to our new producer, Jonah Brown aka Jives. Check out some of his work here: We discuss our streaming and ESPECIALLY Dave Chapelle's new stand up "Sticks and Stones" and we debate critics vs audience. (19:28) The thrilling installment to 2017's "It", "It Chapter 2" is here and we talk about what makes a book-to-film adaptation good and bad. (26:11) Finally, The Peanut Butter Falcon might be the best superhero film of 2019 and we want everyone to know how much we loved it and also that if you haven't seen it YOU MUST. (39:45)
September 11, 2019
Take 47 - SFT23
IT'S GIVEAWAY SEASON! FIRST COME FIRST SERVE TO ENTER IN THE FIRST ANNUAL "SHEET FILM TALK". Follow the link to pick a worst movie, we'll randomly assign teams, and may the best team/worst movie, win!  We dive DEEEEEEEEEP into the D23 announcements *cough* Star Wars *cough*. Then to cap it all off, we run the gauntlet of everything we've seen in theaters and at home.
August 26, 2019
Take 46 - Chubs & Shaw
Chubs guest pod! We talk more about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, movie news & Hobbs & Shaw review. Chubs gives us his top 5 fav movies of all time.
August 12, 2019
Take 45 - Once Upon a Time in Utah
Movie reviews of Lion King & yesterday. Tv w/ TC: The Sopranos & True Detective S1. Then Once Upon a Time in Hollywood review.
July 29, 2019
Take 44 - Sweeter Things
Weekend recap! Mulan trailer reaction & Stranger Things recap.
July 7, 2019
Take 43 - Spider-Man 2.3: Home of the Brave
Hot dogs better than Hamburgers?? Spider-Man: Far From Home review
July 5, 2019
Take 42 - Small Soldiers Story 2
Toy story 4 review & Keeks saw Midsommar! He gives his thoughts.
July 4, 2019
Take 41 - Regular Sized Daddy
Keeks finally watched Chernobyl! We discuss that & some of our fav movies that involve fathers/best characters as dad’s.
June 17, 2019
Take 40 - Weak Phoenix
Chernobyl review. Movies reviewed: Tolkien, Long Shot, Brightburn, Dark Phoenix & Rocketman. We give our top 5 theater movies of the yr thus far.
June 10, 2019
Take 39 - Pod of Thrones
GOT TAKES! Keeks and I talk GOT & our recent viewing of the whole series. We give our fav season, fav characters, then talk about season 8. It cuts out around 39:45 mark, then back up at 40:05 :)
May 22, 2019
Take 38 - Podba Yaga
Streaming, movie news. Review of John Wick Chapter 3 and some underrated Trilogies!
May 19, 2019
Take 37 - LaVengers: Spoilergame
Endgame spoiler review!!! Guest appearance by Matt Crabb!
April 27, 2019
Take 36 - Kazam!
Shazam! Review. Streaming. Thoughts on some certain trailers!
April 22, 2019
Take 35 - Captain DC
Streaming, trailer reactions & other movie reviews! (Captain Marvel, Akita Battle Angel & US) also some of our favorite female performances.
March 26, 2019
Take 34 - T4ken: The Fourth Part
Streaming, trailer reactions & review of cold pursuit & LEGO movie 2. We also give a few of our fav movies growing up.
February 11, 2019
Take 33 - The Godmother
Laura guest pod! She answers our questions regarding her work in film.
February 7, 2019
Take 32 - The Pod to End All Pods
Giveaway announcement! DM us on Twitter: @sweetfilmtalk - Movies streamed, Hobbs & Shaw trailer reaction & review of “They Shall Not Grow Old.”
February 3, 2019
Take 31 - Dragon Pod Super
Life updates - movies streamed - movie news - tv w/ tc (Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan & Punisher S2) - Oscar reactions - Dragon Ball Super: Broly review & top 5 anime
January 27, 2019
Take 30 - Plastic
Movies streamed & news - we introduce a new grading scale - glass review (spoilers from 34:40 to 40:20 min mark) - top 5 non marvel/dc hero movies - top 10 most anticipated movies for 2019 excluding Star Wars & Avengers
January 20, 2019
Take 29 - Year 2
Keeks went ham on streaming movies! We discuss golden globes and we share who we think should be casted in a new fantastic 4/X-men movie. Plus some Star Wars ep. IX hype!
January 15, 2019
Take 28 - Top 10 best
Best movies of 2018 that we loved!
December 31, 2018
Take 27 - Top 10 Worst
We give our top 10 worst movies of 2018!
December 31, 2018
Take 26 - Aquaman Son of Jango
Trailer reactions & Aquaman review
December 29, 2018
Take 25 - My Big Fat Pod Wedding
December 22, 2018
Take 24 - Spider-Man: Into the Podverse
Movies we saw, tv shows & Spiderverse review
December 8, 2018
Take 23 - Call of Duty 9: Overlord
Movie news & review on Overlord.
November 15, 2018
Take 22 - Geesebumps
HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!!! We review the new Halloween & have a guest, Bekki!! Her & Keeks give their recommendations on their fav horror films.
October 31, 2018
Take 21 - A Pod is Born
We discuss some tv shows we’ve been watching. A Star is Born review and some of our fav scores in a movie
October 29, 2018
Take 20 - Mad Max: Venom Road
Keeks gives some Halloween recommendations, we review Venom & other hot takes
October 10, 2018
We’re back!!! From a month of gathering our bearings, we catch up on movie news, movies we’ve streamed & saw in theaters.
October 1, 2018
Take 18 - 48 Meters Down
Movies we streamed & review of the Meg
August 24, 2018
Take 17 - Know your Enemy
We attempt to analyze Enemy.
August 23, 2018
Take 16 - Sweet Home Sweet 16
Keeks is back from his trip! Talk streaming movies and review for blackkklansman
August 17, 2018
Take 15 - To Stream or Not to Stream
Streaming special! Top 5 fav movies we’ve streamed this year as well as the worst
August 7, 2018
Take 14 - Catch Tom If You Can
We review Mission Impossible: Fallout & give our rankings of the series & other misc movie stuff
July 31, 2018
Take 13 - Thirteen going on 14
Recap of movies seen this last week & comic-con reactions
July 26, 2018
Take 12 - Seabiscuit 2
STEVOOOOO graces us with his presence & we review Skyscraper & Sorry to Bother You
July 19, 2018
Take 11 - Uncle Josh
First guest on the pod, Josh Reynolds! We talk Uncle Drew & what two sports movies we would watch with our favorite athlete.
July 13, 2018
Take 10 - Won’t You Be My Top 10
We saw “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” and loved it! Also, we give our top 10 fav movies of all time.
July 11, 2018
Take 9 - The Lord of the MCU
Ant-Man & the Wasp review and we rank our top 5 worst & best of the MCU.
July 10, 2018
Take 8 - Sicario: Day of Thanos
Bad theater experiences & Sicario 2 review
July 4, 2018
Take 7 - The Bad Dinosaur
We LOVED Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
June 28, 2018
Take 6 - Finding Stevo
John Wick viewing, Incredibles 2 review and some of our favorite animated movies
June 25, 2018
Take 5 - Ocean's Four
American Animals review & top 5 movies that got us into loving movies
June 18, 2018
Take 4 - Charlie’s Day Off
Review of Hereditary and what movies freaked us out when we were younger.
June 11, 2018
Take 3 - Fifty STEMs of Grey
We review Upgrade, upcoming June movies & our top 5 thus far for 2018
June 4, 2018
Take 2 - Attack of the Wookiees
We review Solo (spoilers) & give our top 10 rankings for Star Wars
May 28, 2018
Take 1 - Wade Wilson: A Star Wars Story
Movie recommendations, Deadpool 2 review & Solo hype. (Connection briefly lost around 10:35 min mark, so bear w/ us 😎)
May 22, 2018