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The Swiftstone Training Podcast

The Swiftstone Training Podcast

By Swiftstone Training Podcast
Martyn Linton is the Founder of Swiftstone Training which is part of The Swiftstone Group. In this podcast he will be discussing various topics relating to criminal gangs, exploitation, safeguarding, health & safety, business and more. As providers of professional training to individuals, businesses and he public sector we believe in sharing value with our listeners. Please visit the Swiftstone Training website to find out more about us.
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Inside the Mind of a Violent Gang Member - Crimecon 2022
In my last podcast I spoke about being invited to speak at the second Crimecon 2022 event in London to chair a session that is called Inside the Mind of a Violent Gang Member. In this episode I am joined by Lennox Rogers, a former member of street gangs and an organised crime group and Peaky Blinder's own Carl Chinn. Lennox now runs a gang prevention charity called The Refocus Project Carl Chinn is the great godson of a real Peaky Blinder and he is a historian who looks at gangs. This podcast features unedited audio of our session at Crimecon. Both my guests are authors of books and you can buy them on the following links. I hope you enjoy this session as much as I did.
June 22, 2022
Crimecon 2022 is Here
This weekend I am attending the second Crimecon event to be held in the UK. In this episode I talk about the session that I am chairing called Inside the Mind of a Violent Gang Member. My first guest is former gang member and organised crime group member Lennox Rogers who having escaped that life now runs a gang prevention charity called Refocus Project in Kent. My second guest is Peaky Blinders very own Professor Carl Chinn who is the great godson of a real Peaky Blinder and is a recognised Historian who specialises in gangs and organised crime. You can find out more about Crimecon by visiting their website at
June 09, 2022
When Safeguarding Goes Wrong
In this podcast Martyn talks about the importance of getting safeguarding right and the impact that is has when failings result in tragedy. Sadly there are too many cases of tragedy occurring after failings by prevention agencies and Martyn's aim is to hammer home the importance of getting safeguarding right the first time.
May 02, 2022
Swiftstone Training Has Arrived
In this podcast Martyn Linton talks about recent decisions that he has made that has resulted in the restructuring of the business. He speaks about wanting to concentrated his efforts on his passion of preventing gang crime and criminal exploitation and talks about new services that are being offered. To find out more about Swiftstone Training please visit Protocol Training and Support Services can be found at Home Counties Training can be found at
April 25, 2022
The Importance of Role Models
In this episode Martyn Linton discusses role models and the influence they have on others. He briefly talks about not having a role model in his youth and how things changed when he did find one. He also compares negative role models with positive role models and ends by asking people to consider being a role model themselves.
February 26, 2022