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Swim for Tri Podcast

Swim for Tri Podcast

By dan bullock
The Swim for Tri Podcast
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Georgie from the and I discuss Bills Legs 😳😆
Bill wrote in with our first guest question regarding his legkick. Coach Georgie shares how she improved her kick to become a professional Triathlete. Enjoy! And do please email with your swim questions you want investigated. I hope to speak to a new guest coach each week.
December 03, 2021
Catching up with Joe Beer….
New location, podcast from poolside 😊 Joe and I catch up chatting how our athletes have been improving despite the unusual challenges we find cropping up. How to train despite, what not to drop now we have pool access and staying healthy.
November 11, 2021
A chat with Annie Emmerson, the voice of Triathlon, the BBC, the Olympics, her Elite racing career....
Another famous lady more used to being on the other side of the mic, but today I am asking the questions. Annie first raced as far back as 1991 and has had success running for GB, Duathlon and Triathlon on the world stage & even winning the UKs first Half IM distance event in 2002. Since then her coaching career has grown helping womens tri grow with the help of the BBC Tripod podcast then the Herspirit website. Other accolades include being involved in the 2012 and 2016 Olympics with the commentary team. A fascinating insight to her racing, overcoming a fear of the swim, not fully but enough to race to an elite level. Her coaches and progress through to retirement when she started coaching herself. Profile Tri247 Results Coaching SuperLeague
November 11, 2020
Joe Beer and I discuss training camps, something to look forward to on day 1 of lockdown
I first trained at Club La Santa in 1990 on a swim week getting ready to head back to the U.S. and Collegiate swimming. I have loved it ever since. Needing something to look forward to as we lockdown again what better than a virtual training camp guide with Joe Beer Our tri camp runs February at Club La Santa on the beautiful island of Lanzarote and since Joe and I have been doing these for well over 10yrs we thought we would share the benefits, what can be achieved, what to avoid, how to fuel and prepare for a week of training. Fingers crossed we get out there again soon. Joe will next be speaking at the Booking details Zwift with Joe Beer
November 06, 2020
A chat with Dr Perry, Sports Psychologist and Ironperson. We chat mental health, social media and lockdown.
With a long background in communications she first started learning about performance psychology after competing in Ironman Melbourne in 2013. It was a really windy day with huge waves. For someone used to swimming in a 20 metre London gym pool this was way out of her comfort zone. She heard the commentator mention the waves. He said “you can’t control the conditions. What you can control is the way you choose to react to them.” A light bulb moment. She realized it was her choice if she was scared or not and had to choose not to be. It became the fastest Ironman she’s raced and set off a full career change, from a conversion course to learn all the basics of Psychology to the MSc in Sports and Exercise Psychology.
October 31, 2020
4th Discipline- Nutrition is such a key topic we decided to chat to Claire again.
A chat with Claire about the new Hub feature she has created - Her swim progress and how to best fuel for the sometime awkwardly timed swim sessions we have to endure. What is the best approach if you are swim training until 9pm or starting at 6am? Claire delivers some key insights I wish I had known about  30yrs ago as an elite swimmer. Wake up at 4:45am,  swim 8km with no water or gels/bars from 5:30 - 7:30am, get home, 8 weetabix! repeat after school 5-7pm. It is brilliant how the supporting science has progressed to help us become better athletes now. Fuelling is definitely one of them.
October 21, 2020
A chat with Frankie Sanjana. Champion rower to AG Tri Champ to Pro to finally a Pro Win. 6years of hard work off the back of more hard work!
I have worked with Frankie for 6 yrs now and still have not met anyone quite so focused or determined or prepared to work so hard to do well. Tenacious and driven, hers has been a hard journey with injuries interrupting progress. But it has been a remarkable journey that finally culminated in a her first Pro Win last year in France. Have a listen to find out what drives her on and some great advice re injury prehab and rehab.  Web @frankiesanjana for twitter etc News Tri247 Columnist for Neuff Rides a Felt Bike!
October 13, 2020
30mins with Olympian Marc Jenkins. 'That' moment at the Athens Games, coaching and the new Jinx Sport concept.
A great insight to a great Olympian. How Marc Jenkins bounced back from Olympic disappointment and helped coach Helen to glory. We discuss his race career, that moment at the Athens Games, swim technique, coaching philosophy, plans for the future and the new coaching concept. JinxSport.  JINX Website TRI247 announcement  INSTA TWITTER
October 06, 2020
JOANNE MURPHY - the journey from Triathlon to Commentator. Learn the secrets to talking for 9hrs straight!
Joanne, similarly to my sister and I quit her real job to follow her passion. And clearly it shines through here as she discusses Ironman, Triathlon in Ireland, Galway Tri, her fundraising exploits and recent enjoyment of sea swimming. Usually she asks the questions but today we enjoyed a 30min chat as we posed some questions to her. Broadcasts on FB Her podcast is way more professional and can be found here LINK
October 02, 2020
Sport and Psychology - Hope Youngs explains her passion for sport and how to be faster.
Hope swims with us at our Lake, a very bright young lady now working on her PhD and it was refreshing to hear of her recent enjoyment of the sport of swimming. Hope also had some nice sports specific related insights on visualisation which will really help race day. Linked in Contact Charity - Havenhospice The Lake! Stubbers
August 21, 2020
IronGran Eddie Brocklesby, Britains oldest Ironperson talks to me about how Tri started for Her and Silverfit.
Eddie loves to train, to race and to inspire others. At 77 she is Britain's oldest IM finisher, founder of the, keen member and has published her memoirs Irongran. We did not even have time to mention how she also squeezed in a trip to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen and collect her B.E.M. We discuss what led her to Tri, her favourite races, plans for the future and how she fits in all that training! I hope you like our little chat about Eddies life, she is a remarkable lady!
August 04, 2020
Joe Beer, Triathlon Coach and Sports Scientist talks to us about Training methodology, fatigue and getting your rest.
Joe Beer is a familiar name in the world of Triathlon. Pick up a copy of 220 Magazine and you will see his name. Award winning with multiple books published. His Club La Santa Tri camp in February is a legendary sell out out- Talking about: Post-Covid training, history in sport, research, zones, and more. Enjoy Joe is available from October 2020 for personal Tri coaching
July 30, 2020
Rob from VASA talks to us about his background, the swim bench origins and swim technique.
Before VASA and the swim bench there was Exercise Physiology, books and an interest in nordic skiing. Rob explains how the company started, his love of sport, swim technique and training.  "Rob, are you more Sportsman? Exercise Physiologist? Inventor? I ask because as I know we often bounce ideas back and forth and you have been a great mentor to me with ideas and designs - I share concepts and then a package arrives with some clips & elastic and special components and you have helped with another of my swim aids ." Details of Robs books can be found - VASA swim benches -
July 24, 2020
swimtips from the stairwell. The last one
Hope you do not mind me utilising this as a podcast but over on FB, YT etc I ran a lockdown series called swimtips from the stairwell which lead to our weekly stretch cord dryland sessions. We touched on wetsuit fit and repairs, how to make some stretch cords and just keep in touch with a swim chat. As pools reopen but swim clubs/masters/triclubs are not yet given access here is something that might help in the meantime. - learn about its inception, the design and how to get more from the sessions. 
July 17, 2020
marathonswims founder Diccon Loy talks pools, laps, loops and its clever zigzag format....
Diccon Loy has an amazing background in swimming, events and sport in general, learn how the marathon swim event came to be. We also touch on the Swimathon, LevelWater, Great Swims, the Olympics and parallels to the Running Marathon and Parkrun. Enjoy
July 08, 2020
A chat with Dan Abel, The Flying Kiwi...
Dan is a coach and swimmer I admire a lot. A lifelong swimmer, traveller, learned from the best and now bringing it altogether with his swim program in New Zealand. He is missed by his dedicated South London following after many years spending 6months in each of the North and South Hemisphere. His new project now he has settled back into life in NZ full time sounds amazing. We talk about his role in the Airforce, his swim clubs, SwimTrek and coaching methodologies. A real pleasure to catch up with this gentleman of the swimming world. 
June 26, 2020
A chat with Colin Hill, Mr Openwater...
Colin knows openwater. Listen in to hear how Colin came to swimming, to Triathlon, started the Great North Swim, Chillswim, was listed in the Guinness Book of records, Swimming Hall of Fame, raced at the ICE world Champs, worked at the 2012 Olympics and has worked with FINA as an OW consultant. It is all here, somehow crammed into 30mins. Colin is now coaching and guiding OW swims in the Lake district. More info here - Ullswater Swim Place Website   Follow us on social media: You Tube  Instagram
June 19, 2020
Ben Price, Coach, Competitor, Bike Fit and bio mechanics expert talks to us about his racing, coaching and 20yrs at Club La Santa
Ben Price, Coach, Competitor, Bike Fit and bio mechanics expert talks to us about his racing, coaching and 20yrs at Club La Santa.  If you head out on a bike group at CLS you hope you are in Bens group as you know he will work hard to keep you safe and entertained. I am not fast enough for Bens groups while on the Joe Beer tri camps so I get the next best thing, Bens dad Phil! Father and Son are legends in the sport and Lanzarote and it was a delight to spend 30mins chatting about Bens plans for the future.
June 04, 2020
A chat with Andy Eaton, Super AgeGrouper and Tri Veteran of 34 years.
Andy talks about his long racing career, his favourite races, the evolution of the sport since the 80s and his training methods. He met his wife through Tri, Sue also was a strong international competitor having also raced for many years. A few years ago Sue suffered a stroke and one of the most moving things I have ever seen in sport was the night on Steve Trews Training camp Sue swam unaided in the sea after a lot of rehab. The whole beach was in tears as she completed that swim. Andy is now losing his sight and talks about his latest battles with racing and training as he enters a new era.
June 03, 2020
Psychologist Heidi Lawrie helps me discover why I was not a better swimmer and how you might better switch from a team sport to Triathlon.
Heidi comes from an amazing sports background, Elite runner, Pro Tennis player and Nationally ranked swimmer. Her parents were both Olympians, but she pursued Psychology and now she combines this experience and has many answers as to how to get more from your performances. I was curious why I swam so well when under team pressure in the US Collegiate system but did not quite reach the performances I had hoped for at the more solo events ie Olympic Trials. She helps us think about what to look for in a Tri coach and respective coaching styles. The Psychology of coaching. You can reach her on - Heidi Lawrie founded an organisation which recognises the importance of a more flexible product at more affordable prices. In addition to individual coaching we are experts in team coaching. The latest research finds that team coaching has far more impact than individual coaching. It has been reported that team coaching increases team performance, systemic awareness and commitment to an organisation. Heidi was born to two double Olympians and was a successful Junior Tennis player in her own right. The result of which lead her to become obsessed with the power of the mind. It was then she decided to retire from sport and follow the academic route where, she completed an MSc in Occupational Psychology from Nottingham University.
May 27, 2020
SISU is the Finnish word for Stoic Determination and is also the name of the Tri Coaching group led by Duncan Grainge.
Duncan and I chat about his switch from athlete to coach, his background, Kona, IM Lanzarote and his coaching philosophies. A rising star on the Tri coaching scene he shares how he looks after his athletes having nearly got locked down at the end of his last training camp at Playitas, Fuerteventura. You can read more about his coaching group at or contact Duncan on He has completed 13 IRONMAN races, 3 at Kona World Championships INSCYD Certified Numerous 70.3 IRONMAN'S Is an IRONMAN Certified Coach Open Water Swim Coach for Hercules Events Training Peaks Certified Coach and Ambassador Expert published contributor to "Time Outdoors" & "Mens Health" Twice completed the Marathon Des Sable's, recognised as the toughest foot race on the planet Diploma in Personal Training and Nutrition Numerous Ultras incld UTSW twice Swum competitively at club, county and regional level Coached swimming at club level for over 7 years, all ranges and abilities including Masters, County and Regionals
May 21, 2020
Gold in Rio, ParaOlympic swimming, The London Marathon, Swim Serpentine and a chat with Susie Rogers and Coach Michelle.
After 10 years of coaching Tri/Openwater I had become a little stale with my coaching and needed a new challenge. I was fortunate to meet Coach Michelle Weltman who was running the London Disability Swim Club. About the same time I was racing for Otters SC and met Susie. The chance to work with Michelle who I had observed on pooldeck was too jumped at. Susie won Bronze in 2012 and moved to Gold in Rio. We still swim together under Michelles watchful eye. The 3 of us chat about the ParaOlympics, training, swim technique, the challenge of swimming with disabilities.
May 15, 2020
A chat with Claire who combines Ironman and being a Nutritionist. We talk about fuelling for Tri, a healthy diet, supplements and vitamins.
Claire FudGe - BSc RD Pg.Cert Adv Dip Being a nutritionist and Ironman leaves Claire well qualified to talk about GI Distress and eating well. I asked her some questions about this and other ideas re fuelling for Tri. Claire set up and her career began after graduating form Kings College London in 2003 with a BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics. Since this time she has covered many different medical specialties for different disease states and continues to practice as a clinical registered dietitian.
May 12, 2020
Eid. The Swimmer, the Refugee, the Nice Guy and the Olympic refugee status Team. We hear Eid's remarkable story.
Eid was shadowing one of our fitness sessions from the neighbouring public lane a while back. While at first I though how cheeky of him he then came and apologised. Didn't I feel dreadful as he explained he was a Syrian Refugee living on £5 per day at the local YMCA and swimming was his escape from the stress of his former war torn life and the chaos of being smuggled to the UK. Recognising his talent, I did not believe he had only recently learned to swim we were keen to take him on. Letters to the IOC, sponsors, training camps to Club La Santa, the United Nations a new world was opening to us both.
May 08, 2020
A chat with Dr Claire, sports psychiatry, lockdown and her sporting career.
Dr Claire Diethe is an old friend, originally came to us to improve her swimming in 2006 which she did ! (and talks about this in the podcast) and has helped with medical opinion ever since. Her new venture is helping many of us though lockdown and you should check out the ever so helpful Instagram feed with daily tips on coping, looking after yourself from a sports and therapy perspective.
May 02, 2020
Our longest serving Client - from Pro Tennis to Kona - Scott Coey
2003 SFT were just getting going at a single location in Essex. Scott heard about us and visited from South London each week. His commitment was legendary while his fitness and tech less so. From those early years of getting back on track to finally qualifying for Kona. An interesting story as our Tri stories have weaved in and out via Steve Trew training camps, trips to Club La Santa, Ironman South Africa and now finding pleasure in trail running. It is all here and makes for an inspirational listen. Enjoy
May 01, 2020
Swimming Technique from A Physio's point of view - A chat with Dan Smith, Swimmer & Physio
Dan and I go way back as swim team mates from our WF Gator days with coach Mark Taylor. As mentioned if you have a swim injury what could be better than being treated by someone who really knows swimming. Dan is now a coach at his children's swim club and combines his Physio knowledge with coaching. I usually liase with Dan on any new swim drills we create, check with him when we read about anything new in the world of swimming. Checking to see if it is safe and of use in the way we train swimmers. Keep in mind something designed for an Olympian Pool Swimmer might not filter down to openwater or Tri.  Read more on Dans guidance for swim injuries here -
May 01, 2020
Triathletes often suffer from Cramp in the Pool - Prof Maaike tells us more.
A discussion on Nutrition, Cramping and her own sporting history and ambitions. Prof Maaike Kruseman lectures at the Uni of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland. When we host training camps overseas it can be fascinating to discover our clients backgrounds and when we met Maaike I could not believe our luck. I just let her take over the Q&A during one of our sessions. We discuss many of the tried and tested cramping solutions and offer some you might not have tried.
May 01, 2020
Simon Griffiths - founder of Outdoor Swimmer magazine
Simon Griffiths - founder of Outdoor Swimmer magazine talks about all aspects of OW swimming. His own early tri career, OW and Otilo. 
April 29, 2020
Steve Trew - GB Olympic Coach, Olympic and BBC commentator
Steve Trew - GB Olympic Coach, Olympic and BBC commentator
April 29, 2020
A chat with Ralph - pilot episode - How I started in Tri a long time ago.
1992ish and while a student at Ohio University on a swim scholarship Ralph and I coached the Waltham Forest London Youth Games Tri team to success at the Interborough champs at Crystal Palace. This started an interest in Tri which led to racing, training camps, overseas competitions and eventually Swim For Tri as I resumed coaching with my sister, Keeley.  If you have met Ralph on a training camp you will know he is a larger than life character and great fun. Enjoy
April 28, 2020