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Swim Streams

By Swim Streams
Swim Streams is a developer focussed podcast discussing about modern application development for distributed systems
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SwimStreams: A conversation with Joanne Friedman on Industry 4.0
In this episode, we talk to Joanne Friedman, ex-Enterprise CIO and industry analyst on how edge computing and Industrial IoT are transforming industries in various verticals and the role of real time data in Digital Transformation.
November 17, 2020
SwimStreams: A conversation with Jonathan Reichental on Smart Cities
In this episode, we chat with Jonathan Reichental, former CIO of City of Palo Alto and the author of Smart Cities for Dummies on, you guessed it, Smart Cities. We talk about various drivers, challenges including technical, socio-political, regulations, etc.. A great conversation if you are interested in how cities can transform themselves into Smart Cities.
November 03, 2020
SwimStreams: Announcing Swim Continuum 4.0: A Conversation with Rohit Bose of
Swim today announced the release of a new version of their Swim Continuum platform. We speak with Rohit Bose of about how developers can use the platform to build Continuous Intelligence applications
October 07, 2020
SwimStreams: A Conversation With George Gilbert on how Big Data is shaping Continuous Intelligence
Continuous Intelligence is fast becoming the critical arsenal in any enterprise toolkit. In this episode, we talk to industry analyst George Gilbert on how big data is shaping this trend. We talk about how legacy big data tools are sub optimal and the need to process data in real time.
September 29, 2020
SwimStreams: A Conversation With Andi Mann on the role of real time data in IT Operations
In this episode, we talk with Andi Mann, Chief Technology Advocate at Splunk, on the role of real time data on IT Operations. We discuss topics like whether it makes sense to store historical data, AIOps and how IT operations are done at the edge. A great conversation that could help you understand how real time data can be tapped to streamline IT operations
September 14, 2020
SwimStreams: A Conversation with Donnie Berkholz and Simon Crosby on DevOps at the Edge
In this episode of SwimStreams Podcast, we talk to Donnie Berkholz and Simon Crosby on how DevOps is changing as we move from deploying applications on the cloud to the edge. We also discuss how we can enable DevSecOps in a distributed environment involving edge devices
September 03, 2020
SwimStreams: A Conversation with Pete Johnson on Serverless Computing on the Edge
In this episode, I discuss Serverless Computing and how it can be applied on the edge infrastructure with Pete Johnson from Cisco
July 15, 2020
SwimStreams: A Conversation with Derek Collison on Distributed Cloud Journey, Modern Messaging Technologies and more
In this episode, I talk with Derek Collison about his distributed computing journey, the challenges with distributed systems, how modern messaging technologies can help augment the user experience, the difference between modern messaging technologies and blockchain technology, what developers should be considering while building real-time and streaming apps, etc.
May 26, 2020
SwimStreams: A Conversation with Chris Swan on Multi Cloud, Serverless and more
In this episode, we talk with Chris Swan, VP and Field CTO at DXC Technology, on various topics including Multi-Cloud Inverse Conway Maneuver Edge and IoT Serverless Hear Chris talking about these trends based on his experience working with enterprise customers
April 27, 2020
SwimStreams: A Conversation with James Urquhart on Flow Architectures and Real Time Streaming Applications
In this episode, we talk with James Urquhart on the operational complexity associated with distributed systems with Edge Computing and IoT, the changing app development paradigm and flow architectures, developer trends in real-time streaming applications and more. We end the podcast with James talking about his upcoming book. Don't miss this episode.
March 24, 2020
SwimStreams: A Conversation with Mark Thiele on Edge Computing and IoT
In this episode, I speak with Mark Thiele of EdgeGravity about edge computing and IoT, talking about use cases, challenges, applications, etc.. 
December 24, 2019
SwimStreams: A Conversation with Rob Hirschfeld on Edge Computing
In this episode, I talk with Rob Hirschfeld on the drivers for Edge Computing, the infrastructure challenges, developer trends and whether we need new application patterns, Edge computing use cases and more. 
November 27, 2019
SwimStreams: A Conversation with Bill Pugh on Smart Cities
In this episode of SwimStreams Podcast, I talk with Bill Pugh, an expert in Smart Cities about the technology trends shaping the Smart Cities evolution, the role of open source and how Swim platform is playing an important role in Smart Cities. Bill concludes this episode with some suggestions for City Managers to consider in their transformation journey
November 06, 2019
SwimStreams: A Conversation with Michael Keller on Industrial Automation in the Information Age
In this episode, I discuss with Michael Keller, a veteran of Industrial Automation with more than 35 years of experience, about the history of the industry, how information systems became the bedrock of Industrial Automation, the emergence of cloud in the field and its challenges, how SwimOS helps Industrial Automation and the future. It was a informative conversation and a learning experience.
October 21, 2019
SwimStreams: A conversation with Simon Crosby on Serverless and Cloud
In this episode of Swim Streams Podcast, we talk to Simon Crosby, CTO of, on Serverless, how SwimOS fits into Serverless and how Swim can enable modern data architectures with cloud, IoT and Edge
September 30, 2019
SwimStreams: A conversation with Chris Sachs of on Distributed Operating Systems
In this episode we chat with Chris Sachs, Co-Founder and Chief Architect of on how the modern web has evolved from a web of stateless documents served up by REST API. For today's web with streaming data you need a distributed operating system with a different protocol to access the data. Chris makes a case for why Distributed Operating System is essential and how REST cannot meet the demands of today's web
August 29, 2019
SwimStreams: A Conversation with Ali Isitman of Maxitech
In this episode of SwimStreams podcast, we are talking to Ali Isitman leading the innovation center at Maxitech. Ali talks about how Swim is helping them build their IoT platform and highlights a use case where they implemented it in Turkey. We also discuss how Swim can help in use cases like self driving car, developer experience with Swim platform and more
August 13, 2019
Swim Streams: A Conversation with Ajay Govindarajan
In this episode, we talk with Ajay Govindarajan from about Swim Platform, how to deploy stateful distributed applications, how Swim platform enables developers to compose various data sources (streaming data, batch, etc.) into one single outbound API and how Swim platform can be used to build powerful Observability and Application Performance Monitoring dashboards. Ajay also talks about how Swim can replace Prometheus for Kubernetes and provide a more powerful monitoring solution for the Kubernetes stack. The intro music for the Podcast is Don't Trust The Cloud by Lee Rosevere
June 17, 2019