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The Swiss Cheese Project

The Swiss Cheese Project

By Lost Boy and Toast
Free market advocates poking holes in political philosophies, discussing guns, and current events, all while having fun.
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Project 1: Self-ownership and How I Learned to Hate Hoppeans

The Swiss Cheese Project

Project 10: Frustrations Arise
We're joined by Dr. Babidi Boi, MD to discuss the impeachment, HR 127, and Governor Cuomo's lies and manslaughter. @LibertyLostBoy @HomieNamedT0ast @HRpaperstaxx
February 18, 2021
Project 9: GameStop, Adventures to the Moon
We discuss the events surround the short squeeze by r/WallStreetBets, GameStop, and the attempted silver short squeeze.
February 5, 2021
Project 8: Trouble in Paradise
We talk about the Capitol “insurrection,” criticisms and support of it, thoughts on the inauguration and what the new President plans to do.
January 24, 2021
Project 7: Anarchy Proof of Concept
We poke a hole in the statist talking point that anarchy couldn't work as we discuss Brehon Law, the stateless civil system of ancient/medieval Ireland, and how anarchy has already proven to have worked for over 800 years.
January 6, 2021
Project 6: Party Like It's 1999 - A 2020 Recap
We recap 2020 focusing on personal changes and growth, notable events of the year, and Twitter evolutions.
December 24, 2020
Project 5: The Boogaloo is Dead, Long Live the Boogaloo
We're joined by Babidi and Tettsui to discuss the origins of the Boogaloo, how it turned from a meme to a movement, its problems, and why it died out. @LibertyLostBoy @HomieNamedT0ast @Tettsui77 Discord: Dr. Babidi Boi, MD #9890
December 10, 2020
Project 4: Devastation to Save One Life
We have Dr. Babidi Boi, MD as a guest to discuss pandemic conspiracies, the lockdowns, and the economic and mental health tolls governments have taken this year alone.  @LibertyLostBoy @HomieNamedT0ast Discord: Dr. Babidi Boi, MD #9890
November 25, 2020
Project 3: Fun Policies and Warcrimes
We interview @pibbnibb and discuss the differences in military tactics, techniques, and procedures between the US and Russian militaries, his experiences, and gear/setup preferences.
November 11, 2020
Project 2: A Human’s Attitude and Bad Ideals
We discuss whether humans are inherently good or evil, as well as what Marxism is and the flaws it contains.  
October 15, 2020
Project 1: Self-ownership and How I Learned to Hate Hoppeans
We discuss libertarian infighting, self-ownership and human rights, and the AR vs AK debate.
September 30, 2020