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EP #21 - How to sell a company and sail around the world for 4 years

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The Swisspreneur Show is a podcast series of in-depth, candid conversations with some of Switzerland’s most successful founders, business leaders and innovators. By getting to the heart of these leaders’ stories - their successes, their failures, their must-have advice and greatest regrets - we hope to both inspire and guide the next generation of Swiss entrepreneurs. Each episode deconstructs and showcases one person’s personal and professional background and provides advice and recommendations for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs in Switzerland.
EP #25 - How to build a successful multimillion e-commerce startup
This month we talked to Alan Frei, co-founder of Amorana, a well-known, Swiss online sex shop! Timestamps   1:32 - What can the Swiss startup ecosystem learn from the Chinese one? 12:10 - The importance of having the right focus 16:20 - How Alan's father being an entrepreneur influenced him 20:57 - Does minimalism bring happiness? 26:34 - The role of the social circle when it comes to personal growth and support
May 7, 2019
EP #24 - How To Fundraise As An Early Stage Startup
Daniel Gutenberg gives us his tips on smart fundraising. Timestamps: 1:15 - Mistakes Swiss founders make repeatedly. 4:20 - How to find the right evaluation. 09:58 - How much money should an early-stage company raise? 21:47 - How should a startup team deal with an investor? 29:12 - How often does Daniel check-in with his investments?
April 17, 2019
EP #23 - One Man, 12 Unicorns - And Still Counting
Daniel Gutenberg - an angel investor that has collected 12 unicorns in his portfolio so far! Timestamps 2:55 - How he started his first company 14:28 - His first successful exit 19:00 - Being a Venture Capitalist and an Angel Investor at the same time 27:40 - What are the characteristics of a Unicorn CEO? 39:33 - The future of blockchain technology and crypto assets in general
April 2, 2019
EP #22 - How to build a great product
Today we talked to Herbert Bay about what a killer product looks like and why. Timestamps  1:19 - Mistakes Swiss startups repeatedly make when creating a product  10:03 - How long does it take to build a great tech product? 12:44 - How to acquire customers 17:46 - Bringing new technology to Switzerland 26:22 - What makes a great product?
March 19, 2019
EP #21 - How to sell a company and sail around the world for 4 years
Have a listen to our interview with Herbert Bay, a successful entrepreneur who went on a 4-year sailing trip with his wife and kids. Time Stamps: 1:20 - What made Herbert Bay become an entrepreneur. 5:40 - Having two technical founders; dealing with lack of business knowledge. 7:30 - Raising 10 million dollars. 12:25 - How Herbert dealt with a difficult time in his life; what he learnt. 24:57 - Managing a company from a distance.
March 5, 2019
EP #20: What Makes a Good Startup Team
Today we talked to Cédric Waldburger, founder of Sendtask, about the ins and outs of team-building in the startup world. Timestamps   1:23 - Team-related mistakes 4:50 - Giving guidance vs offering freedom to employees 7:11 - The company lifecycle 12:55 - The ideal co-founding relationship 34:25 - Sendtask and remote teams
February 19, 2019
EP #19: Cédric Waldburger (DFINITY & Sendtask)
Today we had a chat with Cédric Waldburger, the man who's involved in 11 different business projects and owns only 64 things.    Time Stamps: 1:37 - Delivering value to 11 different projects at the same time 14:19 - How the Swiss military service supported/hindered Cédric's entrepreneurial career 20:15 - Owning only 64 things 22:52 - What is DFINITY? 34:42 - 90-day goals
February 5, 2019
EP #18: How to find the right startup idea
Today we talk to the Founder and former CEO of Atizo, Christian Hirsig, about the topic ideas. He talks about  how to stress test your business idea for success.  Timestamps 1:30 - What mistakes do you see Swiss startup founders repeatedly make? 7:30 - How to obtain accurate feedback for your idea. 14:50 - Where to spend your time: documentation vs implementation. How to implement. The minimum viable product. 25:40 - Data gathering to evaluate the possible success of your idea. 28:12 - When to kill your idea or move on from it
January 16, 2019
EP #17: Christian Hirsig (Founder Powercoders)
Today we visit Swisspreneurs co-founder, Christian Hirsig at Effinger in Bern. He talks about his new social venture and much more. Timestamps: 3:00 - Changes for Swisspreneur. 6:28 - Associations vs For-profit companies. 12:40 - Finding good employees. 16:36 - The ideal founding situation. Can you work with your spouse? 23:25 - Growing up in an entrepreneurial family. 26:47 - When to leave a startup.
January 1, 2019
EP #16: Anastasia Hofmann & Naomi MacKenzie (Founders KITRO)
Today, we are visiting Anastasia Hofmann and Naomi MacKenzie at the Kickstart Accelerator in Zurich. The two talk about the factors of success for startup competitions, the experience with their first pilot client and what it means to have your best friend as a co-founder.
February 15, 2018
EP #15: Thomas Sterchi (Serial Entrepreneur & Founder
Today we visit Thomas Sterchi at his home and place of work in Zurich. Thomas talks about the secrets to his success with and what it means to build a company that is independent of you as a person.
November 21, 2017
EP #14: Rosmarie Michel (Entrepreneur & Advocate of Women in Business)
Today, we visit Rosmarie Michel at her home in the heart of Zurich. In a candid conversation, she lets us in on over 60 years of experience about what it means to be a female entrepreneur in Switzerland, then and now.
October 10, 2017
EP #13: Markus Popp (Digital Entrepreneur and Founder
Today, we talk to Markus Popp, founder of Markus talks about the spectacular success and the sudden failure of his first business, why we tend to mystify entrepreneurship today and what it means to create a vision for yourself.
September 5, 2017
EP #12: Lea von Bidder (Co-founder and President Ava Science, Inc.)
Today, we talk to Lea von Bidder at the Ava Headquarters in Zurich. Lea talks about the gender gap in the start-up ecosystem, why the team decided to launch Ava in the US and the peculiarities of American investors.
August 8, 2017
EP #11: Daniel & Markus Freitag (Owners, Freitag
In this episode, we are visiting Daniel and Markus Freitag at the FREITAG Factory in Zurich. They tell us how they grew the company without outside investors, why they decided to start a clothing line and why FREITAG doesn't need a CEO.
July 10, 2017
EP #10: Adrian Locher (Serial Entrepreneur in Artificial Intelligence & Digital Health)
In this episode, we visit Adrian Locher, the founder of DeinDeal. Adrian talks to us about the greatest lessons of his career, why it is important to start your venture early and how it feels when your success exceeds the best case scenario.
June 13, 2017
EP #9: Peter Schüpach (Co-Founder of SwissCommerce & fmr Founder and CEO of Miracle)
Today, we are visiting Peter Schüpach, Co-Founder of SwissCommerce & fmr Founder and CEO of Miracle, at the SwissCommerce warehouse in Langethal. Peter tells us about the rise and fall of Miracle and how he knows when it’s time for him to move on to something new.
May 4, 2017
EP #8: Roman Gaus (CEO & Founder, UrbanFarmers)
Today, we talk to Roman Gaus, CEO and Founder of UrbanFarmers, at his urban farm in Basel. UrbanFarmers mission is to revolutionize the way we provide people in urban spaces with fresh food. Roman lets us in on the technology of Aquaponics, talks about the challenges social impact start-ups face and why the entrepreneurial reality might differ from what many people imagine.
April 4, 2017
EP #7: André Borschberg (Co-founder, CEO & Pilot, Solar Impulse)
In this Episode, we are visiting André Borschberg, Co-founder, CEO and Pilot at Solar Impulse in his home on lake Geneva. Together with Bertrand Piccard, André achieved what many thought to be impossible: to fly a solar powered air plane around the globe. André will tell us about the vision and mission behind Solar Impulse, how to put together a great team and how to manage risk and crisis in a start-up.
March 7, 2017
EP #6: Alisée de Tonnac (Founder & CEO, Seedstars World)
Today, we are visiting Alisée de Tonnac, Founder and CEO of Seedstars World, at a Seedspace in Geneva. For her company, she has travelled to many different countries and she is committed to making Seedstars World a truly global initiative. Alisée will tell us about the why she quit her corporate job, the importance of hiring the right people and what we can learn from entrepreneurs in other parts of the world.
February 7, 2017
EP #5: Daniel Graf (Head of Marketplace, Uber | Founder & fmr. CEO, Kyte)
Today, we’re going to talk to Daniel Graf. He’s a true Silicon Valley veteran having worked at Google, Twitter and most recently Uber. We’re going to talk to him about how he started and sold his company Kyte, how he launched the award winning Google Maps mobile app and what he learned from being VP of product at Twitter. Enjoy the show!
November 15, 2016
EP #4: Toni Schneider (fmr. CEO, Automattic | Co-founder & Partner, True Ventures)
In this episode we’re in San Francisco and we’re going to talk to Toni Schneider, the former CEO of Automattic (the company behind and Co-founder and Partner of True Ventures. He will tell us how he sold his first company to Yahoo!, some of the leadership challenges he faced being a CEO and how he became a world class venture capitalist at True Ventures.
October 4, 2016
EP #3: Myke Näf (Founder, Doodle)
Today we’ll talk to Myke Näf, the founder and former CEO of Doodle, arguably one of the most successful internet startups to have come out of Switzerland in recent years. We’re going to chat with Myke about his upbringing on a farm, how he came up with the idea for Doodle and why he decided to leave the company after he sold it to Tamedia.
August 30, 2016
EP #2: Dania Gerhardt (Founder, Amazee Labs)
We’re going to meet Dania Gerhardt, the co-founder and CEO of Amazee Labs, a full-service web agency with offices all over the world. Dania went through a lot of ups and downs with her startup. We’re going to talk to her about how she recognized when it was time to pivot, how she works with her co-founder husband and what Switzerland can do to become more entrepreneurial.
August 30, 2016
EP #1: Alain Chuard (Founder, Wildfire)
We're kicking off the Swisspreneur Show with Alain Chuard, the Swiss pro snowboarder from Bolligen who sold his software company to Google for $450 Million. We're going to talk to him about how it was to grow up in an entrepreneurial family in Switzerland, why he decided to study in the US and how why he sold his software company to Google.
August 30, 2016
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