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Swiss'Up is the podcast on Swiss entrepreneurship and innovation.

We interview founders, innovators, researchers and people who make Switzerland the most innovative country in the world.

Swiss'Up is a platform that aims to share inspiration, knowledge and a mean for Switzerland to promote and grow its innovation ecosystem.
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More places to listen

Swiss'Up Meets Flyability - the world of drones
In this episode, Patrick Thévoz, the CEO of Flyability takes us through their journey of becoming a successful Scale-Up, from 2 founders to 75 employees in 5 years. Flyability won numerous awards such as the Drones for Good Award and has been in the top 4 of the top 100 Swiss Startups since 2015. Patrick shares advice for entrepreneurs and gives his experienced view on the Swiss startup ecosystem. From the global drone industry, business strategy, the Swiss tax regulation, the challenge of being a CEO to the importance of having role models, this podcast is inspirational for entrepreneurs who are starting their businesses, for people working in the ecosystem, for other scale-up founders and for listeners who are looking for an inspirational hour. Tune in, share it and enjoy!
February 19, 2019
Swiss'Up Meets the EPFL Hyperloop Team - The future of transportation
A Swiss success story: From underdogs to winners, the EPFL Hyperloop Team is on to win this year’s Hyperloop Competition.  In this episode, Swiss'Up sat down with three key members of the EPFL Hyperloop Team, Lorenzo Benedetti who is the  EPFL HyperLoop Team Lead, Nicolas Paltenghi who is the Mechanical Team Leader and Théophane Dimier who is the Propulsion Team Leader.  Following the team's success at last year's Hyperloop competition at Space X's HQ in California, we come back on their experience, on what makes them a successful team and on some technical aspects behind building a high-speed pod.  We also talk about their preparation to win the 2019 Hyperloop Competition.  Tune in and listen to their inspiring project and support them in making Switzerland shine around the world. More information and contact:
January 20, 2019
Swiss'Up Meets Visium - Democratizing the Access to Artificial Intelligence
We met Alen who is the CEO of Visium in their offices at the EPFL Innovation Park in Lausanne, Switzerland.  Visium’s mission is to democratize the access to Artificial Intelligence. It currently offers Machine Learning solutions to companies and will also offer solutions to the wider public in a later stage.  Visium was founded less than one year ago but it already has twelve full time employees and a wide portfolio of clients.  In the podcast, we talk about Artificial Intelligence, creating a startup in Switzerland, what Visium has accomplished so far and concrete examples of their work. We also talked about the need for people to be bold and believe in their dreams.  You can find more information about Visium on their website: and I also invite you to reach out to them if you’d like to work with them.  I hope you enjoy the podcast and feel free to reach out for feedback! 
December 27, 2018
Swiss'Up meets Kosmos - The future of School
In this episode, Swiss'Up meets Kosmos who is creating the school of the future in virtual reality. Learn about their story, about a Swiss startup who decided to grow in Silicon Valley and about how the future of education looks like.
November 19, 2018
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