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So You've Been Dumped

So You've Been Dumped

By SYBD Thea
A podcast hosted by Thea Newcomb, founder of (SYBD) which talks about love and lack thereof. We'll be serving up breakup tips, advice and inspirational stories from people around the world. Breakups, dating, relationships, and transforming lives is what the SYBD channel is about.
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Dear Heartbroken One, A Letter to the Lovelorn - by Thea Newcomb (Founder of So You've Been Dumped)

So You've Been Dumped

When Being Left Turns Out Right - A Call for Breakup Stories on
Hello I am Thea Newcomb the founder of So You've Been Dumped. Today I'm on the virtual hunt for stories about breakups and more specifically from anyone who has ever been left and had it it turn out to be right in the long run.   So to hear how people go from hearing those painful words "it's over" to being "over it". I'm looking for real stories from men and women of all ages who have turned that pain into gain. On the SYBD blog – and in our forum – I’ve seen thousands of people: start businesses change careers or jobs go back to school/college/university travel the world move house (state, country and even across the world!) start blogs write books make films record albums volunteer take up new hobbies or sports …and simply grow and evolve as a direct result of a breakup. How have you bounced back? If you have a story do please head over to this post When Being Left Turns Out Right and share your story with SYBD. Being anonymous is also an option or if you don't want to share you story publicly on the blog, feel free to share it on the SYBD Forum, The Exchange. You need to be registered but it's free.
August 16, 2020
Dear Heartbroken One, A Letter to the Lovelorn - by Thea Newcomb (Founder of So You've Been Dumped)
Dear Heartbroken One - A Letter to the Lovelorn of the World... I am Thea Newcomb the Founder of So You've Been Dumped and this is a "letter" I wrote years ago for the blog.  The main reason for this to give a newly single man or woman, anywhere in this world, a bit of hope and to realise that what they're thinking and feeling is not uncommon. Rejection is a universal experience - whatever age we may be. Life will go on, and most dumpees will love again in time.  Please feel free to share this with anyone going through a breakup or divorce - who you think it may help. If it's you going through one then please know you're going to be ok, you're not alone and what you're experiencing is all part of the human condition.  Log onto to tell your story and read other helpful content. Thanks Thea Newcomb Founder: So You've Been Dumped - celebrating 20 years and helping the world's lovelorn from "it's over" to "over it". This episode can be read here if you prefer.
August 10, 2020
My Breakup Story - The Inspiration Behind - by Thea Newcomb
My Breakup Story - The Story behind the longest running breakup site on the Web... Hello I am Thea Newcomb, the founder of So You've Been Dumped (SYBD) and these are some notes from one of my toughest breakups. I walked through the wide array of thoughts and emotions from "it's over" to "over it". Please note, this was written a long time ago and updated and read at the time of our twentieth anniversary.   Being dumped was in many ways one of the best things that ever happened to me - but how is a story for another day. Going through a breakup? Then please log on to share your own breakup story on and the corresponding post to this podcast is in the About section of the SYBD website. Have a question? Is there something you would like me to cover on the blog/podcast? Do let me know. Thea
August 1, 2020
SYBD Episode 1: 7 Things to Remember After a Break Up - by Thea Newcomb
Thea' Newcomb's - '7 Things to Remember After a Break Up' for The words of this episode were written by So You've Been Dumped founder, Thea Newcomb (though it was voiced by AI, a gal called Rosie on Speechelo*). For anyone going through a breakup or a divorce: this episode, is a gentle reminder that:  you're not alone, you will be happy again, you're still loveable, and more. If you're going through a breakup or know someone who is, this content will be a reminder that life does go on. Log on to to share your story or read other people's.
July 23, 2020