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Dude! Where's My ROI?

Dude! Where's My ROI?

By Sycabe
How the digital transition can help achieve higher ROI?In this podcast, let’s understand the transition of brands from offline to online marketing! Find out the secrets this Marketing expert used to help brands grow with his amazing skills and hard-hitting campaigns.
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Ep 012: Smitha Hemmigae on “B2B Strategies, Data-Driven Marketing and more” | Dude Where’s My ROI!
Episode description: Today we caught up with the lady who ranked among the top 50 Digital Marketers in India- Smitha Hemmigae. She is the Founder of Your Philanthropy Story. Smitha is an Entrepreneur, Leader & a Core Marketer! Currently the Head of Marketing at ANSR, she is ranked among the top 50 Digital Marketers in India. Highly motivated, a visionary, and a performance-driven marketing executive having over 17 years of success in developing highly successful and award-winning marketing programs for the technology services industry. Before ANSR, Smitha has worked as a Head of Marketing at ThoughtWorks where she led marketing initiatives for both demand and supply. In this episode, Smitha shares the knowledge acquired from her career as an Entrepreneur, Leader & Core Marketer in the MarTech space. Visit our website at
May 21, 2021
Ep 011: Abhishek GP on “Demand Generation, Brand Marketing and Inbound Marketing” | Dude Where’s My ROI!
Episode description: Today we catch up with an award-winning, sales and marketing professional with experience in demand generation, brand, and sales - Abhishek GP. Abhishek GP is the Global Demand Generation Head at Freshworks. His experience straddles across Startups to Fortune 100 organizations with a concentration in areas including Digital Acquisition & Growth Strategy, Content Marketing, Brand Marketing, Consumer Research, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Marketing, E-commerce Marketing, Sales Enablement, Account Management, and Channel Sales. Before Freshworks, Abhishek has worked as a Digital Marketing Head at American Express where he worked on Direct Response Marketing, Mobile App Product Marketing & Lifecycle Marketing, and launched the Amex India Mobile app which ranked No.1 on the App Store. In this podcast, Abhishek takes us through his marketing journey and gives us insights into how to excel at the art of marketing to humans. Visit our website on
May 21, 2021
Ep 010: Vishal Purohit on “Niche Brands, Measuring Success, Content Creation” | Dude Where’s My ROI!
Episode description: Cheese and Crackers. You heard that right. Vishal is the founder of “Cheese and Crackers” - a Content Agency that works with brands such as Club Mahindra, Pantene, PNB, Godrej, Shapoorji Pallonji… With extensive experience from the world of advertising, marketing both from the agency as well as brand side - Vishal has a keen understanding of the business of marketing. Having executed campaigns at a large scale, he also understands not only to deliver ROI but also understands how to measure it effectively. Over the years, Vishal has consistently been recognized by entities like World Marketing Congress, Adobe as well as his esteemed clientele. Visit our website on
May 18, 2021
Ep 009: Ramalingam on “Crypto, Building a Brand, Communicating Ideas, Growth” | Dude Where’s My ROI!
Episode description: Ramalingam is a brand change agent, consistently looking at problems, and solving them via innovation. He has worked with big brands such as Coca Cola, Cipla and got a very first hand experience into the world of how sales and marketing actually works. He understands the nuances of marketing as well as the pragmatism of sales. From being a systems engineer - he’s come a long way today - as he works with CoinDCX - as a head of Brand and Communication where he spends time to come up with ideas and strategies to spread the light of knowledge in the world of crypto-currency. Visit our website at
May 04, 2021
Ep 008: Arnav Neel Ghosh on “Business of Tech, AR/VR, Brand Building” | Dude Where’s My ROI!
Episode description: Our Guest today is Arnav Neel Ghosh - A Futurist, Mentor, and Commercial Leader. He focuses on how emerging tech impacts communications and business. A big proponent of the shared economy; he loves to triangulate content, commerce & technology. Having worked in leadership roles across multiple markets with some truly innovative global projects with brands such as Orange (Vodafone), Coke, Unilever, Nike. One of the early movers in the space of AR - he founded Blippar - the world’s leading augmented (AR) reality platform for helping business be “Future Ready” through AI, AR, VR, IOT, Adtech automation, platform & products One of the projects during this time involved " Launching world's first AI enabled AR visual search engine with Blippar codenamed #Hopenhagen Project - UN's first global climate change project 2009. If you love Pink Floyd, Mad-men days of advertising, talks around disruptive tech - this is the episode for you! Visit our website at
May 03, 2021
Ep 007: Bhavishya Garg on “UX|UI, Hustling, Building Career Path & Community” | Dude Where’s My ROI!
Episode description: Bhavishya Garg is the Head of UX @MX Player and is one of the main guy’s working behind the scenes of MX Taka Tak. He is all about the hustle - right from the start - in his college days he was inspired and started creating clubs much like you see in International schools and universities. As a student he started his side hustle working with over 30 companies - yes you read that right. He did everything that he could get his hands on - right from coding, marketing, designing and much more. Professionally he started working with HDFC before making the switch to Coin DCX where he literally made the product from scratch. Once satisfied he moved on to MX Player.  Looking at the expensive UX resources available online - he went on to create the first of its kind “UX Notebook” for the designers. He’s always been the one to look at things and understand the problem and moves on to get his hands dirty and create all kinds of solutions.  Discover more interesting takes that will surely inspire you to focus on users, problem solving, doing your best and creating a community. Visit our website at
May 03, 2021
Ep 006: Karthik Nagarajan on “Company Culture, Marketing Technology and more” | Dude Where’s My ROI!
Episode Description: Karthik Nagarajan has worn many hats throughout his career - right from Sales, Marketing, Content to being a Podcaster himself. The Filter Koffee is his expression into the world where he gets in guests from a variety of segments and walks of life. Topics range from Activism, Creativity, Business, Entrepreneurship and more. He has scaled profitable businesses from scratch, across content, insights, research, and consulting. He has a keen eye for detail as well understands the foundation behind a successful business and thereby brings a lot of value driving the company culture forward each and every day. Calm and composed - apart from being a successful marketer, he is also a podcast host, an independent filmmaker, and visiting faculty across leading B-Schools. His indie-film Haze has done the rounds in international festivals. Visit our website at
April 26, 2021
Ep 005: Ninad Chhaya on “Gaming, Connected Packaging, AR/VR, Advertising” | Dude Where’s My ROI!
Episode description: Ninad Chhaya is the Co-Founder & COO at GoPhygital. Known for always working on newer technologies - he co-founded WITS - a digital agency as early as 1995 - when digital agencies in India were almost unheard of. Next he ventured into the world of gaming with Indiagames - the premiere indian gaming company. Again a move ahead of the time and he went on to become one of the leaders in the game developers in India. Over the years he has donned a lot of hats and has worked across all the functions right from Creative, Business, Operations leading companies to success. His journey has come a full circle as his latest venture GoPhygital is incubated by WITS Interactive - throwback to his first venture :D. With GoPhygital he is pushing the boundaries of technology and creating immersive experiences across AR/VR, Gaming, Mixed Realities and more. He has worked closely with big brands like @hindustan_unilvr , @proctergamble , @cocacola , @cadbury_dark_milk_india to create advergames and help them formulate their gamification strategies across various projects. In this podcast Ninad talks about how he played through the different levels of his life and how he answered the eternal question - Dude! Where’s my ROI? Visit our website at
April 26, 2021
Ep 003: Kartik Poddar on “Product Marketing, WFH, MarTech Evolution” | Dude Where’s My ROI!
Episode description: Kartik Poddar is the Chief Business Officer at Haptik. With a decade-plus (13+ years) of experience working in the Marketing and Product Management segment - he helps Haptik to build revenue streams. In turn, Haptik works with mid and large enterprises across the globe to help them improve their Customer Experience using Conversational AI and Bots. Kartik is a big believer in how AI and automation will drastically change the way businesses interact with their customers in turn building new shopping or interactive experiences. In this podcast of “Dude, Where’s My ROI?” Kartik shares the most memorable moments from his marketing journey over the years, how he started his own company, the culture of Haptik and the ever-changing space of Martech and Business. Show Notes: Do you wonder what it's like to work for a big company like Microsoft? Our speaker of this episode of Dude! Where's My ROI? surely does! In this episode, learn about the MarTech evolution over the years and find the answer to the question - Dude! Where’s my ROI? Visit our website at
April 16, 2021
Ep 001: Aaryendr Rajpurohit on “The Transition from Offline to Online, B2B vs B2C, and more | Dude Where’s My ROI!
Aaryendr Rajpurohit currently the General Manager - Training & Enablement at Netcore Solutions. He hails as a reputed International trainer for Sales, Product, and Digital Marketing, with experience of training more than 6000+ individuals, Professionals, 100+ companies, plus 150+ colleges across 20+ countries. He is also the author of "Bullock Cart to ECart!” Aaryendr shares his experience of how he built his foundation of digital marketing during his first stint and helped create the online presence for Jaico Publishing House. He helped them with the transition of their business from offline to online - which at the time resulted in 40% online sales. This is way back in 2014-2015 when digital marketing was at a very nascent stage. With CleverTap he explored opportunities in the B2B space and expanded his knowledge on to Marketing of a SAAS Product, Sales as well as Learning & Development. In this podcast, we learn about Aaryendr’s journey, explore the differences of B2B vs B2C marketing, and much more! Show Notes: In this podcast, let’s understand the transition of brands from offline to online marketing! Find out the secrets this Marketing expert used to help brands grow with his amazing skills and hard-hitting campaigns. Visit our website at
January 21, 2021
Ep 002: Shreyas Deshmukh on “Memes, Moment Marketing, Trends and Campaigns” | Dude Where’s My ROI!
Episode description: Today we catch up with the man who deciphers the madness behind social media - Shreyas Deshmukh. He is the Senior Brand Services Manager, Social Media at FCB Interface, and a social media enthusiast. He has 8+ years of experience in Social Media, Online Reputation Management, and Content Writing. He loves the quote - "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish". Before FCB, Shreyas has worked as a Digital Marketing Head at American Express where he worked on executing and developing content for the #DoorsOfIndia campaign by Tata Pravesh single-handedly across all social media platforms. The campaign was featured in publications like Brand Equity, aFaqs, The Drum, Campaign Brief Asia, e4m for this campaign. In this episode, Shreyas shares his journey in marketing for the last couple of years and what it looks like in COVID times. Show Notes: Which elements should we focus on to achieve higher ROI in times of pandemic? In this episode, learn some tips on how to make a local business online and deliver the right message to the audience. Learn how to capitalize on the recent happenings in the market! Visit our website at
January 21, 2021