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Never Not Having Fun

Never Not Having Fun

By Sydney Benjamin
A weekly podcast talking about all things that are never not fun, and making the not fun... fun again!

listen every week for a little comedy, a little story telling, and way too much fun.
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32. Chronically Ill
Let's talk about Chronic illness, and why I have been MIA lately! We are on the up and up again, so hopefully, things will get more consistent around here
May 09, 2022
31. Dating Life Update
Here it is... the update you have all been looking for!
January 17, 2022
30. How I Manifested My Life (On Accident)
Take a listen to hear how I manifested my life on accident, what I have planned for 2022, and why turning 26 sucks!
January 03, 2022
29. Thanksgiving
Happy thanksgiving! Take a listen to hear Why Sydney Hates thanksgiving, her traditions, and far too many Arbor Day jokes (per usual) 
November 25, 2021
28. Neighborhood Drama
Take a listen to hear Sydney spill the tea (or made up tea) on her neighbors.  Please send in stories to my DM's I thrive off of neighborhood drama Instagram/Youtube/TikTok: @Sydney_Benjamin 
October 18, 2021
27. 75 Hard (Week's 1 & 2)
Take a listen to hear more about my journey with 75 Hard, and why I am doing it. 
October 11, 2021
26. Wild Dreams
Take a listen to hear Sydney's strangely vivid dreams and get a peak into why she is the way she is. 
September 20, 2021
25. Roommate Horror Stories
Take a listen to hear about our roommates and how horrible they are... Sydney Spills the tea!  Available on YouTube Instagram: @nnhf_Podcast Sydney's Socials: @Sydney_Benjamin 
September 06, 2021
24. She Went on a Date?? (The Tea)
Sydney went on a date for the first time in a year... take a listen to how it went. Also hear her recent discovery about Tesla, and Birkenstocks. Available on YouTube  Youtube+Instagram+Tiktok: @Sydney_ Benjamin 
August 23, 2021
23. Rush Tok and My Regrets
Never Not Having Fun: A Comedy Podcast    Were you on Bama rush tock? it was a cultural moment and I loved every minute of it. T ake listen to hear all about it... and sydney's opinions on sororities, lofted beds, and girl scouts.   also available on YouTube Instagram + TikTok + Youtube: @Sydney_Benajmin
August 16, 2021
22. Is She Quirky?
Catch up with Sydney on all tings TikTok, and hear about hew new crisis- Is it a quark or is it a problem. Episodes now available on YouTube (starting with this episode) Instagram: @Sydney_Benjamin, @NNHF_podcast Tiktok: @Sydney_Benjamin Youtube: @Sydney_Benajamin
August 09, 2021
21. Existential Crisis: Who Am I Without My Birkenstocks?
Weddings, Birkenstocks, Glasses, and Church OH MY!!!!!!  I really need to go buy new Birks
June 29, 2021
20. Thoughts of the Week
Here are my thoughts from the week. Only explicit cause I say beaver dam Podcast Instagram: @NNHF_Podcast MyInstagram/Tiktok: @Sydney_Benjamin
June 21, 2021
19. The TIKTOK Dress
SHE'S BACK!!! Sorry about that guys... life was... well life. I sort of went viral on tiktok... and now it has gone to my head... JUST KIDDING...  For all NNHF updates @NNHF_Podcast  Sydney's Tiktok and Instagram : @Sydney_Benjamin  Sweatshirt Giveaway at 50 reviews.. sooo go leave a review!!
June 14, 2021
18. Tinder Bio's
Tinder Bio's are the worst/best thing to happen to the internet! Take a listen to har my Bio... and the Bio of the men I am forced to swipe on!  Keep up with all things NNHF on instagram @NNHF_Podcast If you have any Bio suggestions.. DM ME  Leave a review!   
May 24, 2021
17. Is Prayer Controversial?
Spoiler: it is! Take a listen to hear about my experience with Prayer.   Also listen for some life updates that are not controversial.  Follow @NNHF_Podcast on instagram for updates  If you have an opinion on this episode please DM Me.. lets have open discussions (but only with kindness, and openness)
May 17, 2021
16. Things I Don't Understand Part 2
Welcome to part two of things I don't understand. Keep listening to hear me attempt to redeem myself from Ep. 4's multiplication mishap.... Follow along on instagram @NNHF_Podcast  and for all updates on Sydney Check out the new website (its kinda cute) 
May 10, 2021
15. The Disappearance of Kristin Smart
FIRST TRUE CRIME EPISODE!!! Listen to hear all about Kristin Smart, and the almost 25 year old mystery.  I used A TON or resourses for this. Including the phenomenal podcast: Your Own Backyard!  Links to Websites Used:
April 30, 2021
14. Humble Brag
To Humble brag or not to humble brag... DON'T DO IT!! Brag loud and proud... but like with humility... does that make sense.  Take a listen to hear Steele and I spill the tea... sort of.  Follow along on instagram @NNHF_Podcast, @Steele.Jesss (yes 3 s's) Leave a review, and Come back next week for another episode of Never Not Having Fun  (true crime edition)
April 23, 2021
13. No Good, Really Bad Day's
Sometimes we just have those day. Take a listen to hear my WEEK.... and some stupid bad days... and then some inspiration - yes I get a little preachy... but I needed it to be said.  follow along on instagram @NNHF_Podcast
April 16, 2021
Minisode #1
What? First Minisode??? First of Many?? Probably not.. but we shall see.  This episode is just me talking for 6 minutes about what pops up in my brain... is there a point to it? Nope... Is it entertaining... You tell me.  Follow the new Never Not Having Fun Instagram @NNHF_Podcast
April 09, 2021
12. Pet Peeves
Ever wonder if your pet peeves are normal? Well... they probably aren't, but hey bing normal is vastly overrated (yes that was a halloweentown reference). Steele co-hosts this week as we talk about all of our pet peeves.  NEW INSTAGRAM ALERT!!! some of you asked for a hub to get connected so follow along @NNHF_PODCAST on instagram (plus share with all your friends) 
April 02, 2021
11. Controversy: Vaccines vs Peeps
who would have thought that Peeps were more controversial than vaccines. Take a listen to hearty story of the Covid Vaccine, and my opinion on the best peeps. PS Chick Peeps are WAY better than Bunny peeps...  For all things NNHF follow @Sydney_Benjamin for updates (and Merch Pre-orders)
March 26, 2021
10. Lady Doctor 101
WARNING: Gentlemen, this may not be the episode for you. Feel free to listen if you want to, but I talk about ALL things Gynocological... and I mean ALL things!  Ladies... If you haven't been to the Gyno... or you want to laugh at me and my first experience listen up! For all NNHF updates follow @Sydney_Benjamin 
March 19, 2021
9. Quarantine: Day 365
Take a listen to hear a wrap up of all things quarantine... excluding all of the important stuff... we are only talking about the Tik Tok trends, Sour Dough Starters, Banana bread, and Tiger King. 
March 12, 2021
8. True Life: I Was In A Cult
Anyone else as fascinated by cults as me? No? well ate least listen for the weird story of the time I ended up in a Cult... its wild!  Sources:  My Journals  Cults and Personality by Frank Machovec Cults In Our Midst by Margaret Thaler singer  (I used 10 books in my paper, but these were the best) For all NNHF updates follow @Sydney_Benjamin on Instagram
March 05, 2021
7. Gen Z VS. Millennials
There is a major turf war happening on tiktok. Take a listen to a Millennial and two Gen Z'ers discuss why millennials are so offended. should skinny jeans stay in fashion, are middle parts the end all, does the cry laughing face deserve a second shot?  Co-Hosts: Hannah Smith + Savannah Strozier For all NNHF updates follow @Sydney_Benjamin
February 26, 2021
6. True Crime... It's an Obsession
Take a listen to hear Sydney's obsession with true crime... is it an obsession? yes, it is... Find out who she suspects would murder her, and who her favorite serial killer is.  Also disclaimer- this is all jokes... My sister and Lindsay are wonderful people and would never murder me...   For all NNHF updates follow @Sydney_benjamin 
February 19, 2021
BONUS EP. Bargains & Giveaways
I really like my new chair Guys... sis I tell you it was like 90% off... The giveaway... go to @Sydney_Benjamin on Instagram (look for the story and press YES)
February 16, 2021
5. A Single Girl's Valentine's Day
Ever been single on valenties day? Yah me too... for the last 25 years in a row.. But hey we'll get em next year! If you don't want to have a sucky Valentine's Day take a listen to how I tackle Valentine's Day as a single girl! Also listen to hear my opinion on Galentine's day... and a couple dating stories from Melanie and I!  Melanie's Instagram @meleliabernathy To keep up with all thing's NNHF follow @Sydney_Benjamin (Ps there may be a giveaway coming up on there... but SHHH don't tell anyone)
February 12, 2021
4. Things We Don't Understand (But Should)
This Week Julie joins to talk about all things that we don't understand, but probably should. Listen along as we spill all our idiotic lack of understanding. All in good fun of course!  AND YES 7x4 is not 24.... like I said... I’m not good at math my 3rd grade teacher would be disappointed!! Follow along @Sydney_Benjamin on Instagram for podcast updates  Julie Johnson @Julie_Jay26
February 05, 2021
3. Instagram Trends & Crafting Mishaps
Johnna joins in for the first official interview on NNHF. Join us as we discuss Friendship, our OG instagram posts, and crafting mishaps.  Johnna's Instagram @JohnnaBreault Event Creativ @EventCreativ_ Image Creativ @ImageCreativ_ Use Code NNHF for 15% off Orders on For all NNHF updates follow @Sydney_Benjamin 
January 29, 2021
2. Zero Qualifications
Find out what qualifies me to have a podcast. *Spoiler* I'm not qualified.  Listen along to find out how I stay busy, and my opinions on MLM's Side note: If you are in an MLM... I don't judge you... but lets talk about it... DM me @Sydney_Benjamin (instagram)
January 22, 2021
1. The Great E. Coli Outbreak (of 2012)
** Trigger Warning** There is talk of Throw up (7:09- 9:00) 2020 was a YEAR, But you know what also was a year.... 2012 the year we were all afraid to eat a salad. That's right the year of the E. coli outbreak. Listen along for a super fun story about Chipotle, E. coli, Hospitals, A Football Game, A Nurse, the end of the world, and Ugly Holiday Sweaters.  Instagram: @Sydney_Benjamin for Podcast Updates, and if you just want to see what I look like (bonus points if you can find the End of the world sweater)
January 15, 2021
Welcome to Never Not Having Fun
HI! Do you need some fun,  laughs, and a few good stories? Well look no further! Im Sydney (the host of this Podcast). Never Not having Fun (NNHF) is a weekly podcast where we talk about all things fun, Not fun, and make the not fun fun again (with a little dash of humor).  Subscribe to join in on all the fun. 
January 15, 2021