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Syncifying Syncify

Syncifying Syncify

By Sam Harris
Syncify is a tool to for listening to podcasts together. Users can listen live in real-time or easily share the best content and catch up on the same things.

Cofounders Sam and Jack Syncify themselves on the startup content to run a business. Follow our journey as we explain our lessons in entrepreneurship.

We teach listeners and ourselves as we digest the best books and podcasts for having and creating ideas. From nailing an MVP to getting investor meetings, working out equity, to growing a team. It's a constant journey and we explain our mistakes along the way and where we're going.
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Zero to One
Notes on startups, or how to build the future. When you do something new, you go from 0 to 1.  Zero to One starts by learning to ask the questions that lead you to find value in unexpected places.
September 22, 2020
How to lead
Leadership skills are essential for professionals who are considering taking up the role of a manager. Whilst the idea of leading a team sounds exciting and easy, it comes with a detailed set of responsibilities.  In this episode, Sam and Jack talks about how to lead more effectively and be a true leader. Learn to lead. Leadership is not about being in charge, it's about taking care of those in your charge. And anyone can learn to be a leader.
July 17, 2020
How to build culture
Building culture can define a business and it affects nearly every aspect of a company. From recruiting top talent to improving employee satisfaction, it’s the backbone of a happy work environment. When everyone at the company, all levels, shares the same vision and have a sense of purpose, the company's culture thrives. 
July 15, 2020
How to pitch your start up
The most challenging aspect of being an entrepreneur is working out how to pitch your startup idea. Sam and Jack discusses why a startup pitch is very important and knowing how to pitch your startup idea is essential to success of your business.  It doesn’t matter how innovative, well thought-out or potentially profitable your idea is – if you don't have a clear idea on what your startup is trying to solve, you will have a hard time getting people to understand and support your pitch.
July 13, 2020
How to prioritize your time
One of the biggest challenges with startup is prioritizing time, especially when doing tasks. On the episode, Sam and Jack shares Adora Cheung's framework for how founders can efficiently make use of their time and also discusses key points on how they prioritize their time whilst building Syncify.
July 10, 2020
How to talk to users
In this episode, Sam and Jack dives into the lecture of YC Partner Eric Migicovsky as he outlines a framework for asking questions and collecting feedback from your users.
July 8, 2020
How to get meetings and raise money
This episode helps you learn how to land meetings and identify investors/people who can help you raise money No matter how great your business idea, how great you can operate, and how big you’ve grown already, more capital and financial leverage will almost inevitably be a necessity. But there’s a number of ways to approach fundraising and to get noticed by those with the capital you need to get to the next level. 
July 6, 2020
How to work together
In a startup, founders need to figure out how to work together and develop a relationship. This episode, Sam and Jack talks about the value of building a successful working relationship with your cofounders, and setting up plans to optimize the strengths of your team. People in startups fight for:  1. Fundraising/Runway - Money 2. Customers/Employees - Kids 3. Performance - Sex 4. Roadmap - Time 5. Competition - Jealousy 6. Partnerships - In-Laws 4 things to avoid during fights:  1. Criticism  2. Contempt  3. Defensiveness  4. Stonewalling Plan before you fight: 1. Divide and conquer 2, Know thyself 3. Document a process 4. Use non-violent communication
July 3, 2020
How to plan an MVP
In this episode, Sam and Jack talk about how to plan an MVP - minimum viable product.  An MVP is a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers, whilst also providing feedback for future product development. Planning and building an MVP is a great way to test your product in the market. Successful startups should first care about their customers and make sure they like their product; technical details matter only after your product is demanded by a large audience.
July 1, 2020
How to evaluate Startup ideas
As cofounders of Syncify, Sam and Jack try to consume great content about how to run a business and be successful. In this series, they start with the Y combinator start up series; breaking down each episode and applying it to Syncify.  For the first episode, they talk about how to evaluate start up ideas. They discuss the 6 key problem areas: Popularity, Urgency, Growing, Expensive, Mandatory and Frequency.
June 29, 2020