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Syntropic Wisdom

Syntropic Wisdom

By Sjoerd Aardema
Become a Monthly Subscriber to Syntropic Wisdom and unlock all future episodes: Syntropy is the Missing Link. Syntropic Embodiment is key to making the changes that expand and uplevel our ability to Navigate reality based on Nature's wisdom. All Journeys here are intended to empower you with the knowledge to become a master navigator! Navigate your first Syntropic Wisdom Journey:
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Spirals in Nature & Human Storytelling
Speaking to the human spiral journey also known as the Heroes Journey from Syntropy means that there is an active invitation to become master navigators, cultivating our awareness, expanding our comprehensions of Life and growing in our Love-based compassion and support for others. Syntropic Wisdom Journeys Disclaimer: Without adventure (Journey) there is no growth, expansion or change. If you want to expand, grow and or learn “new things” then stepping into any Wisdom Journey is key. TODAYS SUBJECT (AND THE IMAGE TO THIS SYNTROPIC WISDOM SESSION) : THE WOMB (3 spirals) This talk goes rapidly and deep into how all pre-existing symbolism from around the world is all expressed in 2-dimensional artforms and moreover what it is genuinely communicating in relation to its 3-dimensional existence in the living world!! Through this Syntropic Wisdom sharing you get to look through the lens of Syntropy at the archetypal nature of life and the language of images that are all expressed in all journeys of all humans. For more Syntropic Embodiment Journeys: I offer personal or group/community services in: Doula birthing support work, inner child work, soul retrieval work gentle trauma releasing work, internal family dynamics work, complex psychological healing work (PTSD) I offer 6-week private tuition and support in all the above I also offer one-on-one private Journeys in: Syntropic Agroforestry Coaching Strategic Syntropic Business planning and advising using Nature’s Rule. Bringing Syntropy into your personal life, work relationships, family, community or inspired project.
June 24, 2022
What is a Course in Syntropy?
From the 4 day FREE remastered Masterclass in Syntropy! Enjoy!
June 11, 2022
The Gift our Human Journey - Life happening for us not to us
Souvereign shares his comprehensions on the essence of Human Nature and how our intrinsic love-based Human Ecology is foundationally bound on the same living principles that all of Life (Nature) effortlessly operates on #syntropy In the Syntropic Wisdom Journeys he discusses the role of language in shaping our world and how see it and relate to it, and asks is it possible to change our language towards it reflecting our true relationship with and within Nature?  How does Syntropy relate to an understanding of our inner agroforestry systems? For more one on one Journeys:
June 10, 2022
Fostering Collaborative Resilient Communities through comprehending Syntropy in Human Ecology
A sharing on Humanities' Natural Human Ecological Blueprint and how to come back in to syntropic relationship with that by focusing on re-enabling one's own self sovereign nature. In the Syntropic Wisdom Journeys we discuss the role of language in shaping our world and how see it and relate to it, and asks is it possible to change our language towards it reflecting our true relationship with and within Nature? How does Syntropy relate to an understanding of our inner agroforestry systems? For more one on one Journeys:
June 10, 2022
⚡CTA: 🎤 The #Re-Generation 🌳💪 #RegenerativeLeadership 👣🕊️
💥 Regenerative Leadership requires Hands, Heart and Soul 🧘‍♀️Syntropic Healers & Regenerators require Nature's Roadmap. ✊ Effective Culture Disrupters require knowledge of Syntropy. Training the next generation of Master Navigators.   "If we want our offspring to be able to steward their own Life in Syntropy with nature and eachother it takes our generation, the Regeneration, to become willing to look at our actives, our own navigation and any existing non-presence or domination based frequencies. They all speak ONLY of our own childhood traumas AND it is NOW that we get to break out of those unnatural programs by choosing to Will it so!" Regenerative Leaders, Healers, and Culture Transformers expand your knowledge of the field of True Human Ecology rooted in Syntropy. SARI is established to offer places of Research in the field application of Syntropic Agroforestry, Successional Agroforestry, Regenerative Agriculture, and Indigenous Wisdom regeneration. connect in direct:
June 08, 2022
Direct Access:⚡ Through #Syntropy 🌳 knowing #Sovereignty 👑🕊️
The true Hero's Journey is one of Syntropy. Every human soul is essentially born free... How come we each know this but often feel restricted in our freedom? What does this have to do with #cultprogramming? (our entropic "matrix") Training the next generation of Master Navigators of Regenerative Leaders, Healers, and Culture Transformers. Share this #mindsong so it may inform other #mindgardens again to reclaim what was theirs all along. #Syntropy is the missing link to the regeneration of #freedom and thriving of all of Nature. #wearesyntropy About Sjoerd Aardema: has an extensive background in the #regenerative #agriculture movement and has worked for over a decade with farming families across various countries and climatic zones. As a human #ecologist he has studied human nature in relation to the outer world for most of his career, with the objective to assist communities in attaining their ideals for conscious and freedom-based-living on and with their land. He received most of his essential training from first nations peoples and shares actively the life-way teachings he received through #Syntropic Human and Agro-Ecology. He currently resides in Ubud, Bali where he is stewarding #SARI - the #Syntropic #Agroforestry Research Institute and the International Foundation for Environmental Regeneration of Nature. He is the visionary and founder of the Brave New Life community and offers online courses on syntropic human ecology, agroforestry and reclaiming self-sovereignty. Direct connect:
June 08, 2022
#Syntropy: 🌿🎤 How Everything in Life Performs a Function with Purpose✊🕊️
💥 Regenerative Leadership & Future Pioneers master Skills in Feeling-Based Relating. ⚡ Effective Culture Disrupters hold rooted knowledge of Syntropy's Design. 🧘‍♀️ Syntropic (Self) Healers & Regenerators use Nature's Transformation Roadmap. 🌟 Master Navigators know the Strategies of Life & the Patterns of the Universe 🌈 The kaleidoscope of virtues that the Syntropic Nature of Life🌿 operates on is simply a m a z i n g.✨🕊️ Over and over again #Syntropy can remind us of the highest intelligence that we can be a conscious part of and attune our cells with.. 👉👉👉 Syntropy elevates the human experience out of #entropy👏 Sjoerd Aardema: Mission-driven. #Syntrepreneur. #Regenerative community strategist. #ecosophist and #regenfutures impact-trainer. Focused on identifying, articulating and bringing out regenerative (Syntropic) solutions that enhance Eco-Logic regeneration of culture, belonging, and having an #impact. Connect in direct:
June 08, 2022
🕊️🔮Future Proofing #Regenerative #Communities 🌿👉(focus on Australia)🧭
Subscribe to unlock 57 Min of #Syntropic Inspiration! Syntropy becomes part of all societal structures over time. SO! How do we get ourselves into that place quicker? #RESTORATIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES. #refi #regenerators #disrupters #regenculture #web3design #DAO's #Regenfutures fund #tinyforests Training the next generation of Master Navigators of Regenerative Leaders, Healers, and Culture Transformers through the field of True Human Ecology #rooted in #Syntropy 👉Regenerative Leadership requires Heart, Soul, and true Listening. 👉Syntropic Healers & Regenerators require Nature's Roadmap. 👉Effective Culture Disrupters require Syntropy. Myself I have run and operated a restorative local food network in Far North Queensland Australia for 7 years with great joy and fulfillment. It was a tremendous experience-based learning environment to figure out how to transition our current ways and means of navigating into a #regenerative #culture as a society. Connect in: or book a call here: image credit:  (worth a read also!)
June 08, 2022
🌳 Syntropic Agroforestry is the answer ⚡✊ to redesigning our Regenerative Futures 🌏💪 ( A Disrupters Must Listen!)
In "being Regenerative" Syntropic Embodiment is Key. For #entrepreneurs, #solopreneurs, business management leaders, #NGO's, public speakers, #syntrepeneurs, #web3teams, #visionaries & #ReFi creators/ #investors: Increase your cells' capacity for impact! Regenerative Leadership is knowing how to FEEL, how to Lead from Love through not being afraid of feeling, and being fully versed in the natural process of Succession in Nature (and business). Uplevel: Retrain your cells in Syntropic Wisdom. Action from Rooted Wisdom has you uplevel all the systems, projects, and relationships that you build, touch, and get to influence. Traditional Regenerative 'Leadership' is not enough. Master Navigators of Human Ecology is what is required so that all our systems from finance, business, community, and nature Landcare are rooted in regenerative practice. This Syntropic Wisdom is stored deep within your bones, all of your cells know how to navigate in Syntropy. Start this #Syntrepeneur Journey. Become a Master Navigator. Contact directly:
June 08, 2022
🌿Observing Nature, Partaking in Your Ecology 🌍 creates 👉 Paths to Belonging
The relevance of comprehending the Origins of Species of your locality Impact of Climatological Zones for #TinyForests, #RegenerativeAgroecology Observing your locality of Native Plant species, opens you to new Fields of #Syntropy AND #belonging !! What season are you in?  Are you observing the patterns of Nature around you? The Patterns of Nature are always communicating their function and place in succession through time. #LivingInformation for the health of your cells #NatureConnection this is the practice of coming to know more of YOU and #belonging. Apply this to your #communitydesign In the Syntropic Wisdom Journeys we discuss the role of language in shaping our world and how see it and relate to it, and asks is it possible to change our language towards it reflecting our true relationship with and within Nature? How does Syntropy relate to an understanding of our inner agroforestry systems? For more one on one Journeys:
June 08, 2022
EcoSophy Journey: Cultivating a Syntropic Mindset
Syntropy, Self Sovereignty and Self Love. This is a return to our innate natural knowing of how Life within us truly functions. Enjoined with a roadmap to re-member who we really are. Through sharing from the three internal Schools of Syntropy, Sovereignty and Self Love a template is laid to assist everyone called in, to re-member who they really are. This is deep and transformative work that exposes the corruption of mind programming and unveiling the hidden systems by which humanity has been manipulated to stay obedient, fearful, and in self-perpetuation of trauma. From Love shining a bright light onto the veiled aspects of our current human culture. Remembering Love easily exposes and illuminates humandamage also known as "wetiko", humanities' mind virus, and its many forms and ways that it keeps humanity lingering in the past of unresolved experiences. Unresolved Humandamage keeps perpetuating this artificially induced state of humans not reclaiming their self Sovereign nature, but instead (out of fear and avoidance of retriggering already existing trauma) asking permission, and believing in external authorities and their power over them. My sharings are in service to help free humans individually from their unresolved emotional imprinting by providing beauty full, Life supporting, comprehensions for the navigation of the internal landscape and the subsconscious/unconscious mind. In grace and lovingkindness, Souvereign Love what you are receiving? Support my navigation: become a Podcast supporter here: or also Nice and relevant: Buy me Coconuts or Join my Support Circle or you can send me ETH-based crypto tokens: Wallet address 0x6252f17dB21296769e1E2fC2372914f0C1B9E6CB
May 19, 2022
Birth, Sovereignty & Syntropy with Imanee Oxum Mamalution
With topics ranging from birth, ancient wisdom traditions, regenerative agriculture, and raising younglings in communities of the New Earth, Souvereign articulates for the first time "on-air" his extensive comprehensions on human ecology, syntropy and the re-membering of who we truly are. Considered by far to be one of his most comprehensive sharing around becoming a Master Navigator through the re-enabling and use of our “Will.” With the topic of self-sovereignty interlinking all subjects we explore in this conversation, the question: How have we strayed from sovereignty and what do we move towards radical self-love required for this new earth metric we are co-creating? becomes addressed. Enjoy a sharing of Mindsong that is founded on Love and a deeper knowing of our Human Nature and the Lifeways of Peace and prosperity. ABOUT IMANEE: The original Mamalution podcast can be found here: More about Imanee Oxum Mamalution: To follow her on Instagram:
May 19, 2022
EcoSophy: Money, prosperity and Crypto
If everything in Life is simply performing a function with purpose and there is no right or wrong in this universe, how might we then expand and relate to Life, reality, and technological advancements from a contributive standpoint? Welcome to a fully loaded blast of syntropic relating to the crypto space, money, and how you can make use of the function of all aspects involved for your growth, expansion, and return to greater states of wholeness, freedom and self-sovereignty. If you want to learn more or grow and prosper in this wild and wondrous digital ecology called the crypto blockchain space:  I am leading a weekly Brave Community conversation on how to educate oneself more to create prosperity during these fast-changing times we are navigating. You can get on the mailinglist for these calls here: If you want to jump right into an opportunity to use your fiat currency to start prosepering you can contact me privately:
November 28, 2021
The Bio-Philic Model - The Love for Life Model!
This one is for you subscribers!! Its going to be released as a video on Earth Heroes Tv soon soon too but you get first dibs! :) there also be a series on using Syntropy as a way to understand the impacts and functionings of Trauma in our world. I am excited that you're here listening... send me an email sometime All music by: Saint Rêveur
July 03, 2021
Remembering the Immaculate Intelligence within Life: Always in All Ways becoming more of itself
What the Heck is going on right now with all the zombification attempt to mutate, alter and artificialize our human ecology?  How can we make ANY sense out of this?  How can Syntropy answer, and become a consoling, and even comforting, ally to help you navigate your cells during these times....  FULL POWER... I AM JUST GETTING STARTED... SHARE THIS WITH THOSE WHO NEED IT. See for more:
April 23, 2021
the formative nature of our language..
limitations or deeper connectivity? stuck in a simulation of programmed belief systems about "reality" or freely seeing the living metric of Life and relating through that with languaging that is based on what is real and living? why is syntropic agroforestry agroforestry an amazing starting point?
April 09, 2021
the Syntropic Nature of Life - reminders to Your Cells -
Yes, to hearing these sharings, this mindsong and sharing in the sense-felt recognition of the intrinsic value that is contained in these natural comprehensions about Nature and our Human Ecology. please subscribe and support me on - every monthly small contribution is welcomed.
March 25, 2021
the Living Language of Syntropy
thank you for supporting Syntropic Wisdom here by subscribing and making a monthly contribution.
March 25, 2021
Love sharing for Will & Sophia
Love, always, in all ways, remains... In grace and lovingkindness, Souvereign feel free to share.
March 21, 2021
Authentic Relating with Younglings
This episode is also available as a blog post:
March 13, 2021
Speaking to the living HOLY TRINITY within 😲🤫🦚💫
My first speaking out on the guiding metric to a fearless life: the Trinity of Syntropy in Human Ecology. 🌿 As energetic living metric these 3 spheres being intimately interrelated allows for a measuring tool based on feelings to become restored. Email me for more on this Holy Trinity from Within and why Syntropy Self Sovereignty and Self Love is key in unlocking our greater potential. Listen. Share. Subscribe. ✊💖🦚 Your inkind support is welcomed.
March 12, 2021
Feeling again our own True North - How to re-enable our internal Guidance System our Will based on Syntropy
If you want to dive into a Course in Syntropy with Souvereign check out his website here: - Guaranteed no disappointments - the course is by donation or free if you feel it is relevant for you to simply receive.
January 03, 2021
How to Question the Function - From the Study of Syntropic Agroforestry come the greatest revealings
If you want to dive into a Course in Syntropy with Souvereign check out his website here: - Guaranteed no disappointments - the course is by donation or free if you feel it is relevant for you to simply receive.
January 03, 2021
Disassociation is real - Navigating the Internal Landscape
more on the syntropic nature of life
December 30, 2020
#savethechildren and the reflective nature of this archetypal narrative that is always overlooked!
What really is occurring out there is intimately tied to in here, inside of us.. a wonderful interview with my dear friend John in Bali earlier this year. For more sharings in written form
December 04, 2020
Illuminating the internal landscape of the mind through syntropy
Syntropy, the missing link in human psychology, is hardly spoken about on earth. Yes, it feels a bit awkward being that guy that went down this deep rabbit hole of radical human ecology based on ancient wisdom teaching that always spoke about "studying the patterns of the Universe"  and Yes, I am feeling like I am speaking  10 years ahead of time...a pioneer species so to speak... I know what i've come to know and feel good about sharing around that for it may help you help others help others that help others... Yay to finding the language that re-enables our ability to dream wisely again.
October 19, 2020