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Life Has No Edit!!

Life Has No Edit!!

By T
A place where I can be myself. I want this to be a podcast that is friendly and fun. I can’t wait to see where this can go. I have so many plans for this. Thank you for listening. Please subscribe. Donations are nice but not necessary but none will be rejected lol. Interested in your comments and tips but please be respectful. You do not know if my smile and laughs are hiding something else.
Cover art photo provided by Andrew Ridley on Unsplash:
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A small change in plans.
Hi guys. I am just leaving you with a small episode to inform you of the changes and why they were made. I hope you have a wonderful day. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mother’s and single fathers out there. You are loved and appreciated.
May 11, 2019
Sorry for the tears! Hope this helps someone!!
This is a tribute to my uncle. May you find the peace you deserve. Sorry for the tears. Please pray for my family as well as my uncle. Still waiting and praying God sends help for us to get justice. Thank you for listening. Let me know if this is helpful and if you have any questions or comments.
May 3, 2019
An update on the channel
Giving an update on the channel and why it has been a while since I posted. Please send me any ideas you have and anything you are interested in hearing me discuss. Love you guys!!
April 8, 2019
Introducing Myself!
This is my first ever podcast episode and I am soooo excited. Although this was about to become an emotional one, I held my own and held it together. Thank you to all who listened. Please share your thoughts.
December 17, 2018