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This is Taboo Topic. Here, the narrative gets questioned out-loud. A place where nobody is safe from being questioned. In the age of spin, only the truth can set us free. Independent, fearless, and American. Free speech triumphs your safe space.
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Blueprint: Executive Branch & Executive Orders
AK from the Black Republican Black Democrat Show joins us to kick off our discussion of the Executive Branch!! We discuss the growth in the number of executive orders each president has passed and the scope each order addresses. What is the purpose of an executive order? Are executive orders law? Should presidents be able to choose their own cabinet members or should cabinets be selected by the people? What should be the penalty for a President who passes unconstitutional executive orders? We discuss all that and more -- Don't miss it!   Welcome to the limited series Blueprint, a collaboration between Ryan from Between the Liars and Ken from Taboo Topic! This series is designed to envision a smaller federal government that is limited in power and scope, much like the founding fathers originally intended. Conservatives like to talk about smaller government, but most don't know what that looks like in the 21st century, besides the usual buzzwords. Thus, it's about time we start giving Americans this vision of a smaller government. Ryan & Ken take one issue they see with the current government and discuss it, then they propose a constitutional amendment to rectify the situation. At the end of this series they will finalize their amendments and you will have the opportunity to ratify them (follow our social medias so you don't miss the vote!). Join the fun and the discussion, but be sure to hit the like button, subscribe, and notification bell!  Subscribe to the newsletters; the inspiration behind the Blueprint!   Follow all social medias on Instagram, Gettr, & Truth Social @kengine_express and Facebook through Taboo Topic: sure to follow to stay up to date when by following these social media accounts so know when a Hot Seat or Voter's Eye Special comes out!  Be sure to tune in and follow Between the Liars on any social media platforms @Between the Liars to stay up to date with their content!  Check out more from AK:
September 21, 2022
Voter’s Eye: Kristen Turner, Pro-Life Activism
Who said you had to be conservative and religious to be pro-life? Kristen Turner, the head of Pro-Life San Francisco, breaks the stigma, as she joins Ken in discussing her journey in becoming pro-life, what she does, and the dirty secrets of the abortion industry as a whole. They also discuss what's next for the pro-life movement now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned!  Follow Kristen Turner public profile on Instagram @kristenturnerlife ( along with her Pro-Life San Francisco page as well ( Check out more about what she does and her resources to the pro-life movement: -- --  Welcome to Voter's Eye! This series is intended to put politics aside as a second thought, and come from a more concerned citizen's approach. Voter's eye is formatted to be an interview to give the audience a nuanced perspective of the subject at hand. These are special edition episodes, thus if the viewer enjoys these editions, it would behoove them to subscribe to the channel and follow all social media accounts associated! Subscribe to the newsletters; the inspiration behind the Blueprint and Hot Seat!  Follow all social medias on Instagram, Gettr, & Truth Social @kengine_express and Facebook through Taboo Topic: Be sure to follow to stay up to date when by following these social media accounts so know when a Hot Seat or Voter's Eye Special comes out!
September 20, 2022
Blueprint: Court Packing
We continue our discussion on the judicial branch, this time focusing on packing the Supreme Court! Should we pack the courts to achieve a particular agenda? Should there be a constitutional amendment preventing congress from packing the bench? We discuss all that and more -- Don't miss it!  Welcome to the limited series Blueprint, a collaboration between Ryan from Between the Liars and Ken from Taboo Topic! This series is designed to envision a smaller federal government that is limited in power and scope, much like the founding fathers originally intended. Conservatives like to talk about smaller government, but most don't know what that looks like in the 21st century, besides the usual buzzwords. Thus, it's about time we start giving Americans this vision of a smaller government. Ryan & Ken take one issue they see with the current government and discuss it, then they propose a constitutional amendment to rectify the situation. At the end of this series they will finalize their amendments and you will have the opportunity to ratify them (follow our social medias so you don't miss the vote!). Join the fun and the discussion, but be sure to hit the like button, subscribe, and notification bell!  Subscribe to the newsletters; the inspiration behind the Blueprint!  Follow all my social media on Instagram, Gettr, & Truth Social @kengine_express and Facebook through Taboo Topic: sure to follow to stay up to date when by following these social media accounts so know when a Hot Seat or Voter's Eye Special comes out!   Be sure to tune in and follow Between the Liars on any social media platforms @Between the Liars to stay up to date with their content!
September 14, 2022
Blueprint: Supreme Court & Term Limits
At last we move on to the Supreme Court! Should the Justices of the highest court in the land have term limits place upon them? Should they be directly elected by the people? Should they be up for re-election every few years? We discuss all that and more -- Don't miss it!  Welcome to the limited series Blueprint, a collaboration between Ryan from Between the Liars and Ken from Taboo Topic! This series is designed to envision a smaller federal government that is limited in power and scope, much like the founding fathers originally intended. Conservatives like to talk about smaller government, but most don't know what that looks like in the 21st century, besides the usual buzzwords. Thus, it's about time we start giving Americans this vision of a smaller government. Ryan & Ken take one issue they see with the current government and discuss it, then they propose a constitutional amendment to rectify the situation. At the end of this series they will finalize their amendments and you will have the opportunity to ratify them (follow our social medias so you don't miss the vote!). Join the fun and the discussion, but be sure to hit the like button, subscribe, and notification bell!  A new episode of Blueprint will be released each Friday at 8:30 P.M Eastern Time.  Join Ken on Taboo Topic the last Thursday of every month to discuss and react to current Events every last Thursday of the month at 8:30 P.M Eastern time!  Subscribe to the newsletters; the inspiration behind the Blueprint!  Follow all my social media on Instagram, Gettr, & Truth Social @kengine_express and Facebook through Taboo Topic: Be sure to follow to stay up to date when by following these social media accounts so know when a Hot Seat or Voter's Eye Special comes out!  Be sure to tune in and follow Between the Liars on any social media platforms @Between the Liars to stay up to date with their content!
September 07, 2022
Blueprint: Lobbying & Repealing the 17th Amendment
Congress finally gets a wrap as Ken and Ryan discuss the complexity of the first amendment in order to minimize corruption with lobbyists. Then they get into a debate over the merits over the 17th amendment. Should there be a full repeal and give the power to state legislators in sending senators into congress? If so, what extra provisions could be added to prevent the events that led to the 17th amendment to create a true populist vote?  Subscribe to the newsletters; the inspiration behind the Blueprint!  Follow all social medias on Instagram, Gettr, & Truth Social @kengine_express and Facebook through Taboo Topic: Be sure to follow to stay up to date when by following these social media accounts so know when a Hot Seat or Voter's Eye Special comes out! Be sure to tune in and follow Between the Liars on any social media platforms @Between the Liars to stay up to date with their content!
September 01, 2022
Month in Review: Student Loan Forgiveness & Pentagon's Rejection of D.C's Mayor; Biden's Collusion with The DOJ, Australia's Woke Politics, & Florida Primary Results
We're back to discuss and react to current events that caught the eyes of the host Ken Drew, and host Grayson Dockery of The Conservative Nerd Podcast. They will dive into the details of Biden's decision to cancel student loans; was it fair or legal? Then what's happening in D.C to where the mayor is requesting assistance with the National Guard from the Pentagon? They remain in D.C and speculate over the new revelations the Biden Administration's role in Mar-a-Logo, before diving into the primary results in Florida. Many say it's the year of the parents, as many feel uncomfortable with the direction the public school are heading when they see stories, like the teen being allowed to identify as a cat by the school. Tune in for the first month in review!
August 26, 2022
Blueprint: Single Issue Bills & Legislative Accountability
Another edition of Blueprint where Ryan from Between the Liars and Ken of Taboo Topic, goes over the flaws of the legislative process. There is more to the song of, "I'm Just a Bill," as congress has the tendency to pass legislation that has no relevance to the issue at hand, including not requiring everybody being called to vote. Should that be mandatory? Then Ryan and Ken debate the nuances of proposals, including a unique idea that could give more leverage back to the people in holding congress accountable when they failed in their duties. Tune in to hear the debate and pushback, including giving theories as to why the Framers didn't take the concerns of the Anti-Federalist more seriously in the ratification process in the beginning of the show!
August 24, 2022
Blueprint: Congressional Salaries & Benefits
Congress has unlimited power to give themselves raises, creating a resentment between our delegates and the people. There are also benefits they receive without taxpayer consent—how should their power be limited? We discuss and debate the practicality of ideas, including having a short discussion in our thoughts about the recent FBI raid at former President Trump’s home and the timeliness of starting this Blueprint series!
August 17, 2022
Blueprint: Congressional Term Limits
The host Ken Drew joins forces with Ryan from Between the Liars to embark on a new journey of discovery. What does it mean when conservatives champion small government? What were the thoughts of America's Founding Fathers on certain matters? What were their thoughts on congressional term limits? Were they right in their conclusion? Ryan and Ken begin a limited series on building a "blueprint" to give the average American a visual an idealistic idea of a limited government to empower the people, debate the practicality of ideas, and in the spirit of the Founding Fathers, compromise on hypothetical scenarios.
August 10, 2022
Takeover: Between The Liars, California's Universal Healthcare Push
Once again Ryan takes over Taboo Topic with his show Between The Liars, featuring the host of Taboo Topic Ken Drew, debating a failed universal healthcare bill in California. This leads into a deeper discussion concerning whether the government is the best solution to increasing healthcare costs, or are they responsible for the skyrocketing cost across the nation? What does it mean healthcare for all? And the audience gets a better understanding of the problems Obamacare had as well. 
July 20, 2022
Between The Liars Takeover: The Great Reset
Ryan has slayed the dragon temporarily, as his show Between The Liars takes over for this month. To summarize this special feature, Ryan is joined by his usual co-hosts and Ken from Taboo Topic as his guest, to debate the Great Reset. Are corporations influencing the government, or the government influencing corporations to accomplish this Great Reset. And in Ryan's own words,"is the Great Reset a conspiracy theory or are we really moving toward a new world order?"
July 13, 2022
Voter's Eye: Ryan Goke, The College Experience
Is it college as good as advertised? Or are the horror stories true? That's the core question this voter's eye edition seeks to answer. Inspired by finishing his first semester, host Ken Drew deep dives with Ryan, from Between the Liars, about the good, the bad, and the nuance for anyone considering a higher education. Ryan shares his journey how he went from aspiring a drastically different career path, to answering his calling to remain in the collegiate world to guide future students into productive members of society. Meanwhile the host of Taboo Topic gives his first impressions of college, as someone who didn't go to college right out of high school, giving his advice on the manner one semester later. 
July 06, 2022
Hot Seat: Post-Roe Vs. Wade Era
Tensions spill over as SCOTUS ruled to overturn Roe Vs. Wade, giving power back to the people in their respective states. How will this affect future interactions with people? What's next for the Pro-Life movement? What allegations are being spewed that are causing paranoia for Pro-Choice supporters? Part of the misconception on both ends is the overturn created a nationwide ban of the practice. America embarks in a new chapter into unknown chartered waters. 
June 29, 2022
One Year Anniversary
It is the one year anniversary for Taboo Topic! I am joined by multiple guests who have participated during the first year since its launch to share their favorite memories from being on the show. A special thank you to all who have been a consistent listener from the start and all guests who have joined the show! Who was your favorite guest? What is your favorite memory?   
June 27, 2022
Week In Review: Democrats Gun Control Push & The DeSantis Rebuttal; Rays' Pride Night Objections & Taylor Lorenz Journalism Malpractice; San Francisco Recall & John Deere To Mexico
The honorary co-host Ryan from Between the Liars joins the main host to discuss a wild week of current events, starting with the Democrats pushing for gun control amidst the recent mass killings in Uvalde and Buffalo. What is hidden in the bill and is it a distraction from the bigger problems that is leading to these mass killings? However, Florida Governor Rob DeSantis has taken a different approach, as he vetoed a budget to give the Tampa Bay Rays a new practice facility due to their stance on gun control--is it justified? The stories from Tampa don't stop there, as five Rays players decided to opt-out of wearing the rainbow patch symbolizing the LGBTQ community on "Pride Night." The backlash from the media gets hostile, as the focus transitions over to the Washington Post, with Taylor Lorenz-- is there a better way to hold our media accountable for journalism malpractice? The topic of accountability remains a point of focus, as an elected official in San Francisco gets recalled. Lastly, what led to John Deere moving their manufacturing over to Mexico? Is it selling out the American working-class or is it just business? 
June 10, 2022
Hot Seat: The Secular Church
America is having an identity crisis with the truth. How can this be reversed? This hot seat edition, I expand the conversation from last week to the secularization of the church being the root cause of the disintegration of morality.
June 08, 2022
Hot Seat: Mass Shootings
Does America have a mass shooting problem or mass killing dilemma? My friend from the Conservative Nerd Podcast joins me in discussing how we got to this point in American society. What are the main symptoms? What are long term solutions to consider and what can we do now to reverse the trend of these murders? Grayson and I get unhinged in debating this sensitive subject, provoking thought to address points that need to be explored to have healthy solutions for a better tomorrow. 
June 05, 2022
Week In Review: Domestic Terrorism Act & Mass Shootings; The United Nations, World Economic Forum Meeting & NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh's Investigation; Parents Transitioning Their Kids In Texas
Returning the favor after being on the, “Agree To Disagree Show,” Luigi and I kick things off in D.C where the Democrats are pushing for the Domestic Terrorism Act as a response to recent mass shootings— what’s in the bill that’s worth dissenting? Remaining on the topic of mass shootings, we discuss our respective differences on how to prevent future mass killings. We then go global, as the international leaders from the UN and WEF discuss how to further the Great Reset. Luigi later takes us back to his homeland in Canada to passionately discuss free speech—when do insults toward a political leader become problematic? We finish off the show in the Lone Star State to discuss parent’s rights. Is transitioning your child within a parent’s right, or is it child abuse?
May 27, 2022
Week In Review With Magda Khalifa: Elon Musk Republican Switch & Biden's Economy; World Health Organization Proposed Amendments & 2000 Mules Overview; Disinformation Board Pause & Buffalo Shooting
For this week in review, I am joined by entrepreneur and combat veteran Magda Khalifa to talk current events, starting with Elon Musk coming out of the closet in support for the republican party. Then we stay in the realm of business, as we discuss how Biden's economy is hurting businesses and consumers-what can the people do for this recession-like economy? Then we talk about medical freedom with Biden's proposed amendments to change how sovereign nations deal with healthcare. Then we give an overview of the 2000 Mules political documentary. What are the key takeaways from the film? Then we finish off with the disinformation board being put on "pause" and the recent Buffalo shooting-what are key pieces of information to look for as the facts come out? 
May 20, 2022
Hot Seat: Stagnation
There are times in everyone's life when you have to evaluate whether the pastures are greener by making a change, no matter how big or small it may be. That's the subject of today's episode, as many people struggle with stagnation, often affecting their mental health, and sometimes physical. What changes can you do to improve the situation you are currently facing? Is there something that you are scared of that is holding you back? Hopefully this Hot Seat edition is the inspiration you need to take that chance!
May 18, 2022
Week In Review: Marijuana & Parenting; Biden Cancels Oil (Again); $40 Billion Dollar Controversy; Democrats Attempt to Federalize Abortion; Rob DeSantis' Victims of Communism Day & Legal Victory
Your one and only host goes over current events after an action-packed week, starting with a softball- what social stigmas still exist with smoking marijuana and is it acceptable for parents to do so? Then we heat things up by traveling to Washington D.C for Biden's war on fossil fuel, as his administration cancels Alaska's oil and gas lease sale. Will this exacerbate the problems at the fuel pump? And just how out of touch is congress after they tried to pass a $40 billion dollar package for Ukraine and codify Roe. How will republicans be affected by supporting this package and democrats attempt to codify Roe at the ballot box? Then we head back to the great state of Florida to go over DeSantis' declaration of "Victims of Communism Day" and legal victory against Disney's lawsuit.  
May 13, 2022
Hot Seat: Abortion & Men
The general sentiment with the pro-choice side tends to be men don't have a say on the manner because they don't have to carry the pregnancy. This comes as the result of what's transpired with the presumption Roe will be overturned. But today I get personal and share some content that may be uncomfortable to hear, however this is my story why abortion is more than a women's issue. Abortion always involves a man, it's just a matter of how they are involved. 
May 11, 2022
Hot Seat: A United States of America?
America's state of the union gets put on the hot seat in this rare Friday before Mother's day. I provoke the idea if whether or not America is better off keeping all 50 states together anymore. When the people of a nation are divided by region and can't agree on primary subjects, do you have a country anymore? Is it worth forcing states to remain under the same umbrella when people are living in alternate realities of what truth is? I put these thoughts on the hot seat to explore the potential reality America may have to face sooner rather than later. 
May 06, 2022
Voter’s Eye: Grayson Dockery, The Star Wars Franchise
Star Wars is the theme for this Voter’s Eye edition as my friend Grayson from the Conservative Nerd Podcast, nerd out. We discuss the franchise and it’s association with Disney from a consumer’s standpoint. We debate with our conscious whether it’s worth the entertainment to watch the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series despite it’s association with Disney- contradicting our religious values.
May 04, 2022
Week In Review: BBC's Gun Ignorance & Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness; Mysterious Food Plants Burned & Marjorie Taylor Greene's Trial; Elon's Official Twitter Takeover & The Disinformation Task Force
We're joined again with Ryan from Between the Liars to talk about current events! The Constitution is the central theme, as we start off discussing the second amendment with BBC's confusion with distinguishing a BB gun and a real firearm. Ryan gets unhinged discussing the differences between positive and negative rights which led us to debating student loans. Can there be a middle of the road solution to fix the federal student loan program? Then travel across the continental U.S to investigate the food plants being burned in a short time-span. And for the rest of the show, the first amendment concerning free speech is our focal point, starting with Marjorie Taylor Greene's trial. Is challenging the election results worthy of taking a candidate off a ballot? What does the 14th amendment have to do with this trial? Then we finish off with the official purchase of Twitter from Elon Musk and the federal government's reaction afterward. How is having a Disinformation Task Force constitutional? Is America heading to a dystopia? Can we survive? Tune into our conversation!
April 29, 2022
Hot Seat: The Hunger Games, Political Implications
We go in a different direction with this episode, as the story itself isn't on the hot seat, but the ideology being presented. What parallels can we make from this fictional world? And is America along with the rest of the west doomed to have this become a reality? How does a Marxist society compare with the traditional west in regards to morality and values? The lessons from Suzanne Collins' novel shouldn't be ignored or dismissed as hyperbolic. It is a foreshadow of things to come if the political implications in her story are disregarded. Her story is worth investigating! 
April 27, 2022
Week In Review: Disney's Property Tax Exemption & Shanghai's Lockdown; Ukraine Update & Twitter's Poison Pill; Cancel Culture Vs. Marjorie Taylor Greene
I'm back to talk about current events with my friend Joshua, as we dive in to saga between Disney World and Florida. Should a corporation be exempt from property taxes? Then we go across the globe, starting with Europe. When will the conflict end between Russia and Ukraine and how come the media has been quiet? We stay on the other side of the world with Communist China, keeping their people in Shanghai hostage over Omicron. What can we learn from their tyranny? Lastly, we stay on the tyranny train, as cancel culture strikes again to keep Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene off the ballot box despite her overwhelming support from northwest Georgia, district 14. Perhaps this is the Pokemon evolution of cancel culture. Tune in to our conversation!
April 22, 2022
Hot Seat: Transgenderism
Is our healthcare helping those with gender dysphoria appropriately? The debate about transgenderism gets put on the hot seat, as I discuss why this shouldn't be a debate, as their mental health is being exploited for monetary gain. Disclosure: there's sensitive content for some to listen, as there's parts where the descriptions of the transitioning process gets graphic, and other serious mental health disorders get discussed- thus it may not be appropriate for minors to hear. Listenership discretion advised. 
April 13, 2022
Week In Review: Obama's Whitehouse Visit & January 6 Protestor Acquittal; BLM $6 Million Mansions & The Kill Switch For Cars; Elon Must Twitter Saga & Palm Springs' LGBTQ's Universal Income
I'm joined for the second time from the Conservative Nerd, Grayson Dockery to discuss current events as we kick off with Obama visiting the Whitehouse. What should the focus be from that meeting- Obamacare's failures, or Biden's weakness? We stay in D.C to dissect the judge dropping the charges on a January 6th protestor. Then we look at the corruption of the BLM organization- is there a pattern with Marxist to zero in on? We do zero in on the little detail the mainstream liberal and conservative media missed concerning the future of car manufacturing-how can something significant such as this "safety device" be missed? We then talk about the big story of the week with Elon Musk becoming the biggest shareholder for Twitter. Will Elon Musk make Twitter great again? Lastly, Palm Springs California decide to give universal income to those who identify non-binary or transgenders. All this your week in review!
April 08, 2022
Hot Seat: Passivity & Sin
How do we keep reaching new levels of depravity? Is pedophilia at our doorstep with Corporations such as Disney insistent on sexualizing children? I dive into the possible routes that have led to society to this point, with a call to introspect the church. The hands-off approach and refusal to hold people to God's standard of morality for social and political acceptance been ineffective. Tune in!
April 06, 2022
Voter’s Eye: Independent Citizen Journalist, Andrew Kozak
This month we start a new series where Taboo Topic interviews the average citizen once a month to get their perspective of the situation of their environment, starting with Andrew from Check Point News. Here we discuss the Canadian parliament system, the Freedom Convoy, and the aftermath of the month long protest.
April 04, 2022
Week In Review: Oscars Drama, Don't Groom Our Children Public Reaction; Disney's LGBTQIA+ Agenda, New COVID Variant; NFL's Rooney Rule Expansion
Joined by my editor this week, we discuss our thoughts on the drama that unfolded last weekend during the Oscars. Was it staged? Then we transition over the passage of the prevention of grooming children in classrooms- is the public outrage justified? The outrage transcends to Disney's leaked footage of their LGBTQIA+ friendly agenda. Where is the line drawn? Lastly, how does the Rooney Rule reformation help minorities and women, if at all? The meritocracy is at stake! Tune in for our flushed out perspectives in our conversation! Note: The COVID discussion is to be taken with a grain of salt and you should consult with your medical provider for any medical advice.
April 01, 2022
Week In Review: Supreme Court Nomination Hearing; Immigration Bandage; Trump's Russian Hoax Lawsuit
It's just your host for the fist time in a long time for this week in review, however still worth tuning in! I'll discuss about the hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson- is she a good fit based on merit, or quota? Then I dive into a new policy to deal with the border crisis in America. Can American recover from this fiasco? Lastly Trump strikes back with a lawsuit against Clinton, the DNC, and other conspirators who partook in the Russian Hoax during and after the election of 2016. What will come of it and how can we prevent this from happening in the future?  
March 25, 2022
Hot Seat: The Great Reset
Can't let a crisis go to waste! I am joined by my friend Ryan from Between the Liars once more to discuss this agenda set forth by Klaus Schwab. What does it entail? Is it a Marxist plot and how serious should we take it? The Great Reset is a point of conversation more people are researching that is worth investigating to understand what will this mean for western civilization as we know it.  
March 23, 2022
Crossover Edition: Between the Liars, Assembly Bill 1400– California Healthcare For All
This is Ryan’s synopsis of the episode: Is healthcare a human right? California recently explored this idea. We discuss the failed California proposal for a state-funded single payer healthcare system. Two bills were proposed: one to create the system called California Guaranteed Health Care for All and a separate bill to fund it.    The bills died in the senate but would have cost between $314 billion and $391 billion annually. The plan was to finance the bill through a drastic hike in  tax on businesses, workers and high earners. Tune in to see the host of Taboo Topic receive pushback!
March 21, 2022
Hot Seat: Conservative Media & Organizations
It is hard to find a reliable source these days. Many lost faith in the legacy media and organizations that lean left, however is the conservative side any better? Lately many conservative public figures are sharing a derogatory sentiment towards Biden voters, however is all on them for the state of the union? Perhaps the same conservative media and organization who claim to be on the voters side, are just as responsible if not more for the current state of the union. 
March 16, 2022
Week in Review: The People's Convoy & Lynching Bill Passage; Florida's "Don't Say Gay" Bill & Biden's Russia Oil Ban; Gavin Newsom's Mental Health Courts
This week I have a first time guest with another podcaster, Grayson Dockery from "The Conservative Nerd." We discuss the People's Convoy, as truck drivers from around America get behind the wheel to demand the mandates to be dropped from both a federal and state level. We also get into the bill that passed in the senate this week- is it timely and is there some dirty details within the bill we need to be aware of? Then we get into the Florida bill that's been labeled the "Don't Say Gay" bill. Does it even use the word "gay" and should teachers have the authority to instruct students at any level about sexual orientation and gender identity in a k-12 public school system? Nonetheless at an elementary level. We go global once again as Biden has banned oil imports from Russia. What's next- will he finally reopen the Keystone Pipeline? Where's the hypocrisy? Lastly, Gavin Newsom has a new proposal to address the homelessness that's plaguing the streets of the Golden State. Are there just manners the government can't fix? Tune in! 
March 11, 2022
Hot Seat: Russia & Ukraine Narrative
This is all we hear these days, but how many have wanted an alternative perspective that the left and right wing media has suppressed? Bombs are dropped, as the narrative of this situation being black and white, with no room for a different perspective, gets questioned. Is Russia to blame for the entire situation, or should western leaders be held accountable too? Is western media any more trustworthy than Russia's? Taboo thoughts, opinions, and sentiment, time to provoke thought. Is a world war necessary? 
March 09, 2022
Week In Review: Washington State Involuntary Quarantine Camps, Media Handling of the Pandemic; Russia & Ukraine Update, Taiwan's Blackout; Senate Abortion Fail, Arizona Election Audit
Joined by my friend from deployment, we discuss the "Involuntary Quarantine & Isolation Camps" in Washington State- we also reflect our experiences with the pandemic and how its affected our personal lives, especially the mandates. Then we go global to get more in depth with the situation with Russia and Ukraine, including the blackout with Taiwan. What should be the foreign policy when Taiwan gets invaded? Then we go back to D.C where the senate attempted to federalize abortion- are they overestimating the popularity of their idea? Lastly we discuss why our media and system will not cover the election audit results in Arizona and other states with potential criminal activity. Tune in!
March 04, 2022
State of The Union Commentary Special
The ultimate crossover between Taboo Topic and Between The Liars, as Ryan and I discussed our predictions, react in real time, and discussed afterwards for Joe Biden's first State of The Union address as president. Be sure to check out the Between the Liars YouTube channel to catch our reactions and facial expressions we make during the speech too!
March 03, 2022
Week In Review: Military Mandate Lawsuit, CDC Withholding Information; Russia & Ukraine, Colombia Abortion Ruling; NBC Reporter Leaves For a Campaign In Minnesota
Joining me for this week in review, new political podcaster Nici from "Red Girl In A Blue World"  discuss the vaccine mandates in regards to the military lawsuit, including the CDC withholding information from the public-what do they have to hide? Then we get global and give our thoughts on the Russian and Ukrainian situation- is it our problem? Then we get heavy with abortion, due to the Columbian Supreme Court striking down abortion restrictions up to 24 weeks. That said, we end on a positive note, with NBC sports reporter Michele Tafoya, leaving her job in pursuit of a higher calling to protect her children from CRT (Critical Race Theory),as she gets involved in the political world. How will this affect her personal life and reputation? All this on Taboo Topic, tune in!
February 25, 2022
Hot Seat: Secularization of Conservatism
Christ over conservatism? Have we begun to rely on human effort to combat culture? Is it possible to change the heart without inviting God into the conversation? I will make the case it isn’t, and we’ll be in the same destructive beliefs about humanity like the left has except different idols.
February 23, 2022
Week In Review: Sandy Hook Settlement, Assassination Attempt On Mayoral Candidate; YouTube CEO Calls For Censorship, Justin Trudeau Allows Banks To Freeze Accounts; Clinton Campaign Spies On Trump
Joined with my friend Devin to talk politics for this week in review edition, starting with the $73 million dollar settlement against Remington for the Sandy Hook families, roughly a decade after the active shooter incident. We stay close to Devin's home where an assassination attempt occurred towards a mayoral candidate in Louisville- Is there an attack on the 2nd Amendment? Then we transition over to free speech as YouTube CEO calls for government action to censor "misinformation" including Justin Trudeau's emergency actions, calling for banks to freeze bank accounts in response to the Freedom Convoy. Lastly, how deep does the corruption run with our own government? New reports allude Trump is vindicated on his allegations that Clinton spied on his campaign and a conspiracy to take him down during his time in the White House. How far will people go to control the narrative? Tune in to find out!
February 18, 2022
Hot Seat: White Privilege
Many have heard the term "White Privilege" but how many understand what that entails? Especially if you genuinely believe this idea helps combat racism? I give you my thoughts how this ideology that stems from Critical Race Theory is destructive to our society. And in order to send the paradigm back into the pits of Hell, we have to invite God back into the conversation. Also, this marks the 50th episode of the show!
February 16, 2022
Valentine's Day Special
I am joined for a special edition of Taboo Topic to talk romance with two returning guest of Victoria and Devin. We talk about the dating culture, both secular and within the church. We share heartbreaks, experiences, lessons, current status, and hope for the future in this Valentines Day edition of the show. Tune in to our venerable conversations! 
February 16, 2022
Week In Review: Crack Payments; 9k Americans in Afghanistan; Inflation Woes
It’s back to humble beginnings with just me, however that doesn’t mean you won’t get your stories for the week, starting from the popular story of Biden giving crack pipes to addicts in the name of equity. Then we go back to Afghanistan to talk about the report that has 9k Americans left behind in Afghanistan. Lastly, how is inflation affecting our daily lives? Can we reverse the trend? Tune in for another great show!
February 11, 2022
Hot Seat: GoFundMe Sides With Cancel Culture
GoFundMe received a lot of backlash this past weekend, siding with cancel culture against the working class. Whose side is cancel culture on? Is cancel culture an euphemistic term for Marxist? Tune in to find out!
February 09, 2022
Week In Review: Cancel Culture Whoopi Goldberg & Joe Rogan; Racism With The NFL & ADL's CRT Application; Florida's Abortion Bill & Canadian Truck Drivers' Protest
I'm once again joined by one of the hosts from Between the Liars, Ryan Goke for a week in review. We start off with cancel culture and their double standards of application of accountability between Whoopi's remarks on the Holocaust vs Joe Rogan's "dangerous misinformation" alleged content. What's the difference? Then we take a closer look at the lawsuit from former NFL Dolphins head coach, claiming racism along with ADL redefining racsim-is there a connection to Critical Race Theory? We then review the Florida 15 week abortion proposal that mirrors Mississippi's law that is being reviewed by the Supreme Court. Lastly, are Canadian truck drivers a threat to the Canada's freedoms with their "unacceptable view?" Let freedom ring? Tune in to listen to our dissection of these stories!
February 04, 2022
Hot Seat: Suffering
We all ask the question; why does suffering exist? And how prevalent is it in our world today? Join me in giving my thoughts about the manner while being transparent about my experience with suffering. Disclaimer: Some details may get graphic; listener discretion advised.
February 02, 2022
Homeschool For Everyone?
There’s a new wave of parents embarking into the world of homeschool. What’s the good, the bad, and challenges that comes with homeschool? And should public education be left for dead? All this will be talked about with a former full time homeschooler!
January 19, 2022
Hot Seat: January 6, The Disconnect
The rhetoric surrounding January 6th seems to be disconnected from how the average person viewed the events that day. How did we end up comparing that day to 9/11 or Pearl Harbor?
January 12, 2022
Week In Review: Marjorie Greene & Joe Rogan Censorship; Antonio Brown & NASCAR's Brandon; New York's Racial Controversy & The Failure of the Build Back Better Plan Passage
Twitter is at it again with the permanent suspension of Congresswoman Greene's personal account, while two respected doctors who appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience were censored as well, compelling Joe Rogan to join GETTR. The madness continues as wide receiver Antonio Brown had a meltdown in the middle of a game, raising questions what is going on with the individual, and the organization. Then there's the NASCAR driver himself, seeking to capitalize on the "Let's Go Brandon" chant with his sticker reveal. Lastly, New York tells white people to get in the back of the line if they want treatment for COVID? And is Joe Manchin a traitor by voting nay on the Build Back Better Plan? Many stories, for the week in review!
January 07, 2022
Hot Seat: Unvaccinated, The New Scapegoat
Inspired by the recent proposal coming out of New York, I bring a returning guest to discuss the laws being pipelined January 5, 2022. The violations the bills carry, and the correlation with the Nuremberg Code.
January 05, 2022
Roe V. Wade: The Legalities and Social Implications
I'm joined by two different guest to cover separate points for the same subject. We have a law student to discuss the history that led to the ruling of granting abortion rights nationwide back in 1973. Then I have a friend to converse the societal impacts of a possible overturn will have- will this potential overturn create new conversations that have been swept under the rug? Perhaps time to overturn the sexual revolution with the "sexual renaissance?"
December 08, 2021
Week in Review: Wisconsin Massacre; Ghislaine Maxwell's trial; Jussie Smollett's Trial
This week I give my thoughts on the Wisconsin massacre despite the media trying to downplay it. Then I look into two trials of Ghislaine Maxwell involvement in Jeffery Epstein's global pedophile ring, and Jussie Smollett's race hoax coming to a full circle. 
December 04, 2021
Kyle Rittenhouse: Propaganda Machine
Double the fun again! I have a guest from Between the Liars once again to cover the Kyle Rittenhouse situation. We focus big picture, figuring out if there’s an agenda that’s being pushed and is a pattern?
December 01, 2021
Week in Review: Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict; Oklahoma National Guard; FBI Vs Parents
The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse concludes, but what should we get out of it? Then we’ll visit Oklahoma to figure why the clash with the Pentagon? Then we look into the FBI’s new push to monitor parents with school board collisions.
November 19, 2021
Trump Served His Purpose
Inspired by the polls conducted on my Instagram page, I express my thoughts at the possibility of Trump 2024. Should he run again and if he does, is he the best person to represent conservatism?
November 17, 2021
Straight Talk Jesus: Letting God be God
I’ve had quite the transition the last few months. From moving, jobs, and house hunting, I discuss what God has done in my life since the move.
November 14, 2021
Week in Review:Joe Biden’s Image;LGB; Chicago’s Mutual Combatant; Aaron Rodgers; Election Night 2021
Joined by a friend, we react to current events from the past month. What’s happening to Joe Biden’s popularity? Are people that enthusiastic about Brandon? Chicago has mutual combatants, while Aaron Rodgers gets blasted for stating his opinion on the Covid-19 vaccine. All this tie into what we saw on election of 2021? Tune in to find out!
November 12, 2021
Kyle Rittenhouse
Villain, hero, or just another pawn, Kyle Rittenhouse has both ideologies staunchly defending their positions. What’s not being said though?
November 10, 2021
Straight Talk Jesus: Finding Balance, Patience, Counting Your Blessings, & Having Peace
I’m joined by my friend in catching up on life, how God gives blessings in the midst of troubles, peace despite chaos, and how to process truth no matter the gravity.
September 26, 2021
Hispanic Heritage Month: Race vs Ethnicity
I’m joined by my friend from to discuss our thoughts on Hispanic Heritage Month, the differences in experience as Hispanics, and also the different view points of race vs ethnicity.
September 22, 2021
Straight Talk Jesus: Transition and Doubt
Update with my walk with Christ. Lately been having doubts during this transition period, but by God’s grace I’ll get through this.
September 19, 2021
Week in Review: Nicki Minaj in Twitter Jail; Soccer Equal Pay CBA; General Miley’s a Traitor?
Pop star Nicki Minaj heats up the conversation of free speech as she finds herself in Twitter jail for daring to think independently. Then we go over the women’s and men’s national soccer clubs new CBA offer- is this a fair deal? Lastly we go over the controversy over General Miley having conversations with China in secrecy.
September 17, 2021
Joe Biden’s Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandate
Do you agree with the decision to force companies with 100+ employees to get the vaccine? I express my dissent, rebuking the unconstitutional mandate. Is America’s patience with Joe Biden wearing thin?
September 15, 2021
Week in Review:Dr. Fauci’s Credibility; Vaping & FDA;Health & Climate; Statue Debate; Britney Spears
I’m joined by one of the hosts of “Between the Liars” as we review the current events of the past week. Does Dr. Fauci have any credibility left? We’ll cross over to the vaping industry with the FDA crackdown. Then we debate if climate change is truly a public health crisis, while wrapping up with an update on Britney Spears.
September 10, 2021
Moral Decline?
Are we witnessing a moral decline? In an attempt to provoke thought, I open up how I perceive the world. Have we taken for granted where our morality comes from? The perception may offend some, but it’s a conversation we must have for our civilization and any for that matter.
September 08, 2021
Week in Review: Texas Heartbeat Law; Marine Calls for Accountability; Cam Newton’s Release
Today I discuss the Supreme Court ruling of uphold Texas’ heartbeat law. We’ll also get into the Marine officer calling out the leadership in Washington D.C, leading him in hot water. And then lastly we’ll discuss Cam Newton being released from the Patriots.
September 03, 2021
Joe Biden: Eight Months Later, Was it Worth it?
Eight months into his presidency, the what grade would you give 46? Was replacing Donald Trump in favor of Joe Biden worth it? Time will tell, or maybe we have an answer already.
September 01, 2021
Week in Review: Student Loans; GM’s Disney Survey; MLB Investor; NFL’s Taunting; NFL Predictions
Today, I’m joined again with my friend Matt C in discussing Biden’s cancellation of 5.8 Billions dollars worth of student loan debt. Then we talk NBA with the GM’s survey, in which LeBron James didn’t get a single vote for best player in the league. A NBA player invested money into the Milwaukee Brewers in conjugation of the NFL’s crackdown of Taunting. Then there’s a special segment of making our predictions for the upcoming NFL season.
August 21, 2021
Afghanistan: Experiences, Implosion, & Lessons
Chaos erupts in Afghanistan, as I invite another veteran who served along side with me in the “Graveyard of Empires.” We discuss our experience, observations, and lessons acquired. May we never forget why we arrived there to begin with- 9/11/2001.
August 18, 2021
Straight Talk Jesus: Tranquility
Today I discuss my decision to move for the sake of pursuing Jesus. When it’s time to leave somewhere for the sake of growth with our relationship with Christ.
August 15, 2021
Week In Review: Educational Regression; Biden’s Spending Spree; The Legacy of Bobby Bowden
This week in review I discuss Oregon diminishing writing, reading, and arithmetic requirements to graduate. We’ll also go to Atlanta where segregation is back into discussion. Is Joe Biden’s spending spree justified? Lastly, I discuss the legacy of Bobby Bowden both on and off the field.
August 14, 2021
The Irrelevance of Vaccination Status
Today I discuss the handling of the pandemic by the elite class from personal observations and experiences. Reminding relationships are more important than ideology and vaccination status.
August 12, 2021
Week in Review: Legalities of Home Eviction Ban & Disney; Women’s FIFA & Chris Chan; 1/6 Prisoners
For this week in review, we discuss the legalities of The Home Eviction Ban extension and Scarlett Johansson’s lawsuit against Disney; The U.S women’s soccer team finishing third along with a case between the state of Virginia and Chris Chan; and lastly the prisoners of January 6th-are they political prisoners. All this, with Matt C. and Alex W.
August 07, 2021
Simone Biles: Reflection of a Mental Health Crisis
I open the floor of letting in people of my experiences with mental health. Afterwards, I give insight how to treat someone with mental health and give reassurance to those who struggle. Honesty leads to an understanding. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1800-273-8860
August 04, 2021
Straight Talk Jesus: Purgatory Season
Today, I discuss why I’m in a season of purgatory, as I see light at end of the tunnel; however anxiety has cloaked me in fear from walking through.
August 01, 2021
Week In Review: Simone Biles & Treatment of Athletes; “New” Covid Guidelines; January 6 Commission
This week in review, I’m joined by my friend Matt C. in discussing Simone Biles and how we view our athletes. We have a healthy debate about our views of Covid and their guidelines; And we discuss our views of January 6, and the hearings from the commission formed by Nancy Pelosi.
July 30, 2021
An Unhealthy Nation-Changing Our Diet Will Help, with Chance Galloway
Today we talk with Chance Galloway about the benefits of having a healthy diet to combat sicknesses, including COVID-19.
July 29, 2021
Faith: Real Talk
Honesty leads to understanding? I talk about where I’m at in my faith after a week of surprises. Having someone with you during a rough season is always better than to be alone.
July 25, 2021
Week in Review: TPUSA Controversy; Covid Vaccine Push & Censorship; & Showdown of The Bureaucrats
We look back at the controversy surrounding TPUSA- did they handle that situation appropriately with the adult actress? The White House, politicians, and the sports world are pressing the gas pedal to get the population vaccinated; and Rand Paul and Dr. Fauci became best friends as things got heated during a hearing on the origins of Covid-19.
July 23, 2021
Karl Marx: Unrealistic & Heinous World View
Inspired by the Cuban protests, we get into Karl Marx’s philosophy in this episode. What mainstream education most likely will tell you anyway, but also the parts that have been ignored or rewritten for narrative’s sake. Dedicated to all those who experienced Marxism in their homeland.
July 21, 2021
Faith: Abandoning Masculinity
Last week I went over what biblical masculinity looks like; but this week the focus is on what happens when we fail to answer the higher calling of responsibility of leadership in church and culture.
July 18, 2021
Week In Review: Succession; Election Audits; Caribbean Asylum Seekers; Lighting Struck George Floyd
Reaction to a poll that suggests more Americans are in favor of secession; the latest revelations over the audits in Georgia and Arizona, while Pennsylvania attempts to initiate one; Cuban and Haitian people will have to wait in line for their asylum; and is it a sign from God the mural of George Floyd was struck by lightning?
July 16, 2021
Voter Suppression?
I discuss the recent events that have added fuel to the debate over voting rights. Democrats allege voter suppression on behalf of the minority community, but is it suppression? Are Republicans at fault? Not so fast.
July 14, 2021
Faith: Masculinity
I’ll be going over what masculinity is according to scripture in this two week series. Next Sunday will be centered on the consequences when we abandon masculinity.
July 11, 2021
Week in Review: Joe Biden’s COVID Plan; Trump’s Lawsuit; Sha’ Carri Richardson; Your Children
This week in review, I discuss the government’s plan to “knock on doors” to those unvaccinated for COVID-19; Trump’s Class Action Lawsuit against big tech; Sha’ Carri Richardson being booted off the olympics; and the viral video of “We Are Coming For Your Children.”
July 09, 2021
Critical Race Regression: The Public Education Crisis
In this episode, I discuss the various events that have propagated Critical Race Theory (CRT) into the mainstream headlines after the teacher’s union agreed to implement the curriculum nationwide. Is public education a lost cause? Will homeschool replace public schools as the mainstream option for education? What are the holes with CRT? All this at Taboo Topic, where the narrative gets questioned.
July 08, 2021
Faith: Our Country’s Foundation
Happy Fourth! I discuss how our nation was founded on Christianity, the current state of the church, and where do we go from here.
July 04, 2021
Week in Review: Legal Battles; Woke NFL; & Toxic Work Environments
This first edition of week in review, I discuss the court cases of Bill Cosby and Britney Spears; Football is gay; Kamala’ toxic work environment; and a surprise topic thanks to the Supreme Court.
July 02, 2021