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The Apple Core Podcast

The Apple Core Podcast

By Jack Scarfe
Join Jack Scarfe, an independent Apple reporter as he shares the latest and greatest Apple News, Leaks and Releases.
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Preorder day has come
The Apple Core Jack Scarfe
September 17, 2021
iPhone 13 cases are not on PreOrder
The Apple Core Jack Scarfe
September 16, 2021
iPhone 13 collection roundup
This morning Apple released four new phones, this episode has all the important information you need on the new products! The Apple Core Jack Scarfe
September 15, 2021
The disappointing Apple Watch Series 7
This morning Apple released their next-generation Apple Watch, this episode has all the important information you need on the new product! The Apple Core Jack Scarfe
September 15, 2021
iPad 9th Generation & iPad Mini 6th Generation
This morning Apple released two new iPads, this episode has all the important information you need on the new products! The Apple Core Jack Scarfe
September 15, 2021
A brief glance at California Streaming
The Apple Core Jack Scarfe
September 14, 2021
My final thoughts before the event
Apple Watch App Redesign Latest event updates The Apple Core Jack Scarfe
September 14, 2021
JB Hi-Fi just confirmed the iPhone 13 specs...
Read for yourself: The Apple Core Jack Scarfe
September 11, 2021
Does Apple Still Care About Privacy?
The Apple Core Jack Scarfe
August 10, 2021
It's Apple Season
The Apple Core Jack Scarfe
August 06, 2021
Spring Was Loaded
Let's have an in-depth talk about the April Event The Apple Core Jack Scarfe
August 05, 2021
so... about the next Apple Event
The Apple Core Jack Scarfe
July 30, 2021
Jacks-Cast Podcast Changes
The same guy we all know and love, just under a new name. Thanks guys!! The Apple Core Instagram Links: Find More:
July 24, 2021
MagSafe Battery Packs
The Apple Core Instagram Links: Find More:
July 23, 2021
Apple vs. Leakers
The Apple Core Instagram Links: Find More:
July 16, 2021
Lamborghini Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimate
Get all new betas HERE Links: Find More:
July 07, 2021
The Great News Drought Of 2021
Never before have we seen such little news in such a prolonged period of time. Links: Find More:
June 28, 2021
Spacial Audio | New Apple Store | Windows 11
With Windows 11 right around the corner, Apple news is scarce.  Join Jack this week as he shares his thoughts on the new Spacial Audio update, also a conversation about Apple's newest store. Links: Find More:
June 23, 2021
Opening The iPadOS Floodgates
Jacks-Cast Podcast is now streamed to a live audience the day before publication. Links: Find More:
June 14, 2021
Hardware at WWDC
Links: Find More:
May 29, 2021
"Hey Google, What's The News?"
Google IO was this week, listen as Jack fills you in with all the important news that happened. With Pride Month next month. Apple likes to release new products for the time and the people, and with the new releases of all OS's customers are receiving their preordered products this week. That and more news Links: Find More:
May 22, 2021
iOS 14.6 & WatchOS 7.5
*BONUS EPISODE* iOS 14.6 and WatchOS 7.5 RC beta was released today... and this is what it has inside that update package
May 18, 2021
Apple Music HiFi
This week Jack shares news he received on Apple Music HiFi, there is also more news on the new AirPods coming sometime this year... There is also more Mac news this year regarding Mac Pro and MacBook Air Interesting news came into Jack's DM's this week regarding the 2021 series of iPhones And finally returning to Apple Music HiFi, there was a small update on the Music app, and Jack sheds some light on why...
May 17, 2021
In this episode, Jack talks about AirTags, what they are and what they can do. He touches on his experiences with his AirTags and what his thoughts on them are. Jack touches on WWDC2021 and what you're to expect from the show Changes with iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS, macOS and tvOS Finishing off with mentions of the Leaks and Concepts of previous months
May 09, 2021
Jacks-Cast Podcast Trailer
Welcome, everyone!  Nothing too special from this episode, only a snapshot of what you can expect from this weekly show. If there is anything you wish for me to talk about, you can find me on Twitter and send me a DM. That and all other socials are attached to this URL here. Thanks for the support, Jack.
May 08, 2021