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"LIVE" with Taji

"LIVE" with Taji

By Taji De Souza
Fashion, Music and Everything Else Magnificent
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"LIVE" with Taji: Season 3 (Episode 8) - Orease Bowers
Orease Bowers is an American actor, writer, and voice-over artist from New York City. He is a versatile actor and has worked on numerous productions ranging from comedies to dramas. He has also co-starred in the Emmy nominated and award-winning shows NBC's The Blacklist (2018) Netflix's Orange Is The New Black (2018) and Showtime's Billions (2019).
October 1, 2020
"LIVE" with Taji: Season 3 (Episode 9) - LaDecie's Collections
LaDecie is the owner of a homemade soy wax candle business, called LaDecie's Collections. She is based in Brooklyn, NY, and has a variety of colors, scents, and designs.
September 30, 2020
"LIVE" with Taji: Season 3 (Episode 7) - Ciara Horton
Owner & Editor-In-Chief, Ciara Horton of She Is E-Magazine and He Is E-Magazine discusses her startup in electronic publication, her inspiration, creative process, how POC (people of color) that handle their business can be presented in her E-Magazines, and how to subscribe.
September 9, 2020
"LIVE" with Taji: Season 3 (Episode 6) - Mansa Gory
Mansa Gory is a musical enigma as he performs original Soul, Hip-Hop, and Jazz songs as a vocalist and trumpeter.  Mansa enjoys creating memorable high energy environments and reflective and subdued performances alike with his solo and 6 member band acts. His passion for music has afforded him to serve as a performer, composer, and educator for over 20 years. Song details - "Ego", "Envictus" and "Prize"
September 2, 2020
"LIVE" with Taji: Season 3 (Episode 5) - SoSoon
SoSoon's second solo album SOONY (Sound Of Old New York) is out! Purchase: iTunes Google Play Amazon Music Music + complete visual art Experience: Bandcamp Stream: Spotify Youtube Twitter Instagram Who: SoSoon is a New York-born emcee, producer, fashionisto, and occasional filmmaker. The moniker SoSoon, an acronym for Sound Of Something Out Of Nothing, represents the heart of Hip-Hop culture, which was developed by people who lacked access to outlets for creative expression.  SoSoon’s sound and style are a reflection of the working-class New York experience. His conceptual storytelling approach captures the joys, challenges, and varied experiences that come with living in modern-day New York City.
September 2, 2020
"LIVE" with Taji: Season 3 (Episode 4) - Ab5olootfaxtz
Ab5olootfaxtz is a Hip Hop Music Artist from Yonkers, NY. We discuss the meaning behind his stage name Ab5olootfaxtz and his EP "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" and even rate those in the general population that are good, bad, and ugly. Stay tuned for his song "Dreams" feat. 1 Lyph.  Special Guest and music by Ab5olootfaxtz:  Song details - "Dreams" feat. 1 Lyph" from the EP "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly"
August 26, 2020
"LIVE" with Taji: Season 3 (Artist Spotlight) feat. SoSoon
SoSoon's second solo album SOONY (Sound Of Old New York) is out! Purchase: iTunes Google Play Amazon Music Music + complete visual art Experience: Bandcamp Stream: Spotify Youtube Twitter Instagram Who: SoSoon is a New York-born emcee, producer, fashionisto, and occasional filmmaker. The moniker SoSoon, an acronym for Sound Of Something Out Of Nothing, represents the heart of Hip-Hop culture, which was developed by people who lacked access to outlets for creative expression. SoSoon’s sound and style are a reflection of the working-class New York experience. His conceptual storytelling approach captures the joys, challenges, and varied experiences that come with living in modern-day New York City. Projects: On May 29th, 2020, SoSoon released his second music project of the year, S.O.N.Y. Quarantine: an 8 track EP that is the first full-length music project dedicated to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. S.O.N.Y. Quarantine is available to purchase at and to stream at S.O.N.Y. Quarantine will be available on all major streaming platforms on August 28th. SoSoon is currently releasing a six-part documentary titled S.O.N.Y. in the Quarantine which details the process of creating his EP in the middle of the pandemic. SoSoon has released four music videos for the S.O.N.Y. Quarantine project which can be found on YouTube ( Accolades: SoSoon's single Tired premiered at number 5 on Tidal's official Rising Hip-Hop playlist (7/8/2020). It has been streamed over 6,000 times on Spotify since its June 1st release. SoSoon has opened for notable Hip-Hop artists Dead Prez, M.O.P, Saigon, Leaders of the New School, Spliff Star, Smoothe da Hustler, and Trigga Tha Gambla. His music can be heard in the movie “American Trial: The Eric Garner Story” which premiered on Reelz Television in early June.  SoSoon made his debut television appearance as part of a documentary called Fatherhood which aired on Fuse Tv. (2019) Sounds Like: Mick Jenkins, Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lemar, Rapsody, J. Cole
August 26, 2020
"LIVE" with Taji: Season 3 (Episode 3) - H2O
Haron Hargrave is a Queens, NY native that's extremely passionate about basketball. He graduated from Campus Magnet H.S and decided to head west after receiving a scholarship to Sacramento State University. Hargrave led Sacramento State to Division 1 Status in his senior year after scoring 13.8 points per game.  After playing basketball internationally in countries such as China, Romania, Columbia, and the Dominican Republic, Haron returned home to New York City and gained the name "H2O" after scoring 57 points in a Hoops In The Sun Tournament. The announcer praised his jump shot as being "pure like water". H2O used his entrepreneurial spirit to capitalize on the nickname and founded H2O Basketball, a youth basketball training program.   H2O BASKETBALL provides students and adolescents with the opportunity to learn sporting techniques through weekly athletic training. Specializing in; strength & conditioning drills and professional 'Let It Fly' shooting clinics. Since launching in 2014, H2O BASKETBALL has worked with over 3000 students (ages 6 - 18) and a number of organizations/youth programs including Game 7 Sports Long Island, Coaching AAU, Lightening Junior Knicks, and various adult tournaments. Find out more about Haron Hargrave's commitment to the community by leveraging his celebrity entertainment connections in an interview.
August 26, 2020
"LIVE" with Taji: Season 3 (Episode 2) - Lord Baby Byron
Lord Baby Byron, better known as "Baby Byron," tells us about his music path.  His upbringing was a tough one, which we may be familiar with, from the movie "Losing Isaiah." Byron expresses himself through his music. Although he is half of the duo group "A Kid Called Gauwd," he makes his way as a solo artist. We touch on his recent album release, how life is during COVID-19, and his newfound music label called "Gauwd Co." Watch and listen to the sounds of Lord Baby Byron. He has come a long way!
August 11, 2020
"LIVE" with Taji: Season 3 (Episode 1) - Trini Boi
Trini Boi is a Music Artist from Tampa, Florida. He touches on his life in federal prison, getting stabbed and going through the trials of dishonesty from people he would least expect it from. The topics discussed include if a Management Team is needed in order to move forward in your industry and the story of Ellen Degeneres allegedly being racist.
August 11, 2020
The Bully Exposed - Film Director with Co Host Zach MrEyeliner - Creative/Beauty Director/Anti-Bullying Advocate
Film Director, Richard Santiago discusses his documentary "The Bully Exposed". He wishes to spread love and end bullying together. Co Host, Zach MrEyeliner who is an Anti-Bullying Advocate touches on his eagerness to spread his "No Bullying in the Work Place Policy".
July 1, 2020
Just Say Hey, Girl! - Psychologist/Approachability Strategist
Psychologist/Approachability Strategist, Fi, of Just Say Hey, Girl! gives us key notes on when and when not to approach someone whether for business or pleasure. She also has merch that are great conversation starters.
July 1, 2020
Danielle Black - Singer/Rapper/Songwriter/Actress
Danielle Black discusses her love for music and her unique sound. She talks about her songs "You Think You Know Me', "Finished" and new release "Soul Never Dies".
July 1, 2020
JLoha Out Loud - Female Comedian
Female Comedian, JLoha Out Loud, discusses her startup as a Comedian, what keeps her driven, her eyebrow & tanning business, and life on Tik Tok.
July 1, 2020
JChosen - Singer/Songwriter
Singer/Songwriter, JChosen discusses life after NBC's "The Voice", where he is now and upcoming projects.
July 1, 2020
YoYo - Celebrity Hip Hop Artist/Actress/Entrepreneur
YoYo is a Grammy Nominated Hip Hop Artist known for her song "You Can't Play with my YoYo". She has been featured on Brandy's "I Wanna Be Down Remix", Queen Pen's "Party Ain't a Party Remix" and more. Let's not forget YoYo in movie "Boyz n the Hood", TV Show "Martin", as Keylolo and MTV's "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood".  YoYo enlightens us about her school grants for college students and her new song "Out of Control" feat. Patient Picasso, Brittany B. and Tyeler Reign.
July 1, 2020
Da Inphamus Amadeuz - Artist/Producer/Videographer/Director/Publisher/DJ/Entrepreneur and more
Da Inphamus Amadeuz tells us about how he started as a Celebrity Videographer and Director.  He then discusses the difficulty of being a music artist when you have many other hats that keep you busy. Inph discusses DJ'ing for Sirius XM and his newly released "COVID-19" EP.
July 1, 2020
SS House of Couture - Custom Fashion Designer & Zach MrEyeliner - Creative/Beauty Director/Anti-Bullying Advocate
Sheena, CEO of SS House of Couture walks us through the process of designing custom wear and discusses her upcoming Fashion Show Expo. Zach MrEyeliner is a true anti-bullying advocate that wishes to get his anti-bullying in the work place policy presented everywhere. Zach also discusses his eyeliner line, which is for all individuals
July 1, 2020
Smokin' Shots - 420 Friendly Event Organizer/Drink Specialist & Notes82 - Lyricist
Smokin' Shots is an added business to Dro Drinks Ladies. Budtender, Kellz talks about her THC infused drinks and her smokin' shots that are a hot commodity. Notes82 discusses his upcoming album "Watch the View" and his thoughts on music showcases. "No Justice, No Peace" is played.
July 1, 2020
Lexx - Celebrity Chef
Lexx, Celebrity Chef, discusses being the Top Chef and Owner of House of Seafood, which is located in Harlem, NY. She has two locations.
July 1, 2020
Mad Muzik Cali - Rapper Catcher
Mad Muzik Cali, known as the "Rapper Catcher" discusses how he was given the name "Rapper Catcher", how being on the grind helps your brand, what to look for in a Manager, new merch and new music video releases.
July 1, 2020
Yes Yes Its Blessed - Published Artist/UV Specialist & Phunny Phy Phy - Female Comedian
Yes Yes Its Blessed discusses the many types of paintings she does, including body painting. Phunny Phy Phy describes life as a female Comedian and why she started hosting her own comedy shows. "Artists of the Night" are Siren Sav, Frida Krueger and Yhung Sky.
July 1, 2020
Teemonee & ReachingNOVA - Music Artists/Songwriters
Teemonee & ReachingNOVA are solo music artists but they come together to form "KLMG". They discuss how difficult it can be as independent artists and how important it is to support each other. They discuss a line up of upcoming events and their soon to be released album, "Legends".
July 1, 2020
(BONUS) Boujie Boutique, Suzette Monique, Ms. Yana Bean, Lazaris the Don & EPULL with Deborah & DJ Digital
Tynece, Boujie Boutique Custom Fashion Designer discusses her use of sustainable items and her upcoming NYFW Fashion Show. Suzette Monique of SMB Group is a Creative Director in the fashion industry that coordinates fashion shows, styles, models and more. Ms. Yana Bean is featured in BET Plus', American Gangster: Trap Queens docuseries.  She tells her story about serving time in jail for financial fraud and learning from that experience. Lazaris the Don is a Music Artist that discusses what pushed him to become a CEO of his own record label and publishing company. EPULL is a Music Artist/Producer/Engineer/Songwriter that has unbelievable bars. The show ends with a couple of freestyles as Co Host Deborah, Executive Producer of Enjoi Lux witnesses greatness.  DJ Digital plays independent music throughout the show.
July 1, 2020
JR Just Real - R&B Recording Artist & Yhung Sky - Artivist with Co Host, Jay Troy - Radio Engineer/Radio Personality
JR Just Real discusses life as an introvert, his song "Dear Ex" feat. Fred the Godson and his new album "Another Level 2020". Yhung Sky focuses on her many talents as a rapper, singer, producer, writer and more.  We listen to songs from her "Concrete Jungle Flower "EP. Co Host Jay Troy is a food critic that loves wrestling.
July 1, 2020
Zach MrEyeliner - Creative/Beauty Director/Anti-Bullying Advocate, Brooklyn Isla Jewels - Custom Fashion Designer/Music Artist, Lyrical Bliss - Artivist & Co Creator Blanco - Music Artist
Zach MrEyeliner discusses his eyeliner line for all individuals and his work place anti-bullying policy. Isla Jewels AKA Brooklyn talks about his upcoming Anti-Bullying Fashion Show. Lyrical Bliss plays the ukulele and has a song called "I am" coming soon. Co Creator Blanco discusses his song "Wavey Like" and the process behind producing and engineering.
July 1, 2020
ModEst - Music Artist & Wellington Hair Spa - NYC Hair Salon
ModEst discusses his album release party for "Winter Baby: Vol 1". He sings live for us as well. Wellington Hair Spa, ran by Patrick Wellington discusses the many styles given in his salon for both men and women, all while in a robe.
July 1, 2020
Aglaya - Model, Lex - Model & 2020 Images NYC - Photographer
Aglaya describes life as a model. costume designer, dance choreographer. Lex shares his model journey. professional photographer, O'hagi of 2020 Images NYC loves bright, bold colors and discusses what it's like capturing such photos at fashion shows, corporate events and more.
July 1, 2020
D Wiseguy - upcoming Comedian & Jason Bourne - Journalist/Host/Radio Personality
D Wiseguy Co Hosts for a bit. Jason Bourne tells us about his love for writing as it helps get independent music artists heard. He is known for Hype Magazine, Lavish Life, writing EPKs and bios.  He is also the Host for Lawyers and Labels, Military Grind Concerts and C.U.T Showcases. Music is played by various independent music artists from his events. R.I.P. Jason Bourne!
July 1, 2020
D Wiseguy - upcoming Comedian, Jay Troy - Radio Engineer/Radio Host, Danny Cruz - Music Artist & Snax - Music Artist/Producer
D Wiseguy and Jay Troy discuss hosting their own radio shows. Danny Cruz & Snax arrive straight from New Hampshire. They discuss  music life, showcases and their Record Label NTS (Nothing to Something) Entertainment. They take opportunities outside of their hometown to show how serious they are about their talents.
July 1, 2020
Zakiyyah - Hip Hopera Singer & Miiz Misha - HIV/AIDS Activist/Humanitarian/Motivational Speaker
Zakiyyah from Boston, MA discusses her song "Shades of Black" and how opera began. Miiz Misha is openly HIV positive and sheds light to other HIV positive people by spreading awareness. 
July 1, 2020
F.A.M. - Music Artist & Bags of Billion Tha Label - Hip Hop Artists/Label
F.A.M. just released the video to his hit song "NITRO", which features 3 additional artists. Bags of Billion Tha Label is a Hip Hop trio group, King Mula, Jada Spazz & Anthony. They talk about their label, music and fashion.
July 1, 2020
Dro Drinks Ladies - 420 Friendly Budtender/Event Organizer & The Munchbox - THC Infused Chef with Co Host Mae I Speak - Poet/Motivational Speaker
Kellz of Dro Drinks Ladies tells us about the start of her THC infused drinks and weekly 420 friendly events. Chef Greene of The Munchbox, discusses the need for munchies after attending a 420 friendly even. She typically partners up with Dro Drinks Ladies at these events. Chef Greene serves her THC infused paninis in the studio and more. Co Host Mae I Speak bares witness to what is about to go down. "Artist of the Night" is Mad Muzik Cali.
July 1, 2020
Kuniworks - Woodworker, Mae I Speak - Poet/Motivational Speaker, J Rose - Poet/Host/Event Curator & SANtikii - Recording Artist
Don, owner of Kuniworks discusses his wood making process, popular items such as backyard blocks and jumbo connect 4, designing flyers, backdrops and more. Mae I Speak tells us about her poetry and the motivation behind them. J Rose discusses her weekly Open Mic events and what it's like being a Host. SANtikii talks about the meaning behind his name and more of his music.
July 1, 2020
Chef Rome - Personal Chef to the Stars, Drug Free World - Non-Profit Organization & J-DON - Hip Hop Artist
Chef Jerome Brown AKA Chef Rome discusses being a personal Chef to Stars and that he can be your personal Chef as well.  He has a cookbooks "Eat Like a Celebrity" and "Carolina Soul". Drug Free World, an International Non-Profit Organization educates on the truth about drugs. they want to help make the world drug free. J-DON recently released his solo album called "Don Talk", which is available on all platforms.
July 1, 2020
Dre the Shadow - "Geek of all Trades"
DanDré Henry AKA Dre the Shadow discusses life in Canada vs. New York. He loves dancing, modeling, video games and comics. He calls himself "The Geek of all Trades".
July 1, 2020
Allweyz 1oo, June R0se & Beejay Jones - Rappers
Allweyz 1oo discusses balancing fatherhood, his love for music and his "Focused" album. Female Music Artist, June R0se spent so much time writing throughout the tears but is taking this time to come forward. Beejay Jones discusses delivering his feelings through his music. We listen to "Dojo" and "NY Minute". This ends with a couple of freestyles. "Artist of the Night" is Snax.
July 1, 2020
The Electric Negro - Black Super Hero Animated TV Series, Dr. Miami - Celebrity Plastic Surgeon, iGlam - Lash Expert & Vintage Xipishi Furs - Vintage Fur Fashion Designer with Co Host Rob - Actor
Papa Joe Aviance introduces his black super hero animated tv series, The Electric Negro.  Dr. Miami spreads knowledge and safety perspectives on Brazilian butt lifts through WAGS. He discusses penile extensions as well. iGlam is a Lash Expert that does individual lashes. She discusses her upcoming Christmas Toy Drive held at a Hospital in the Bronx. Vintage Xipishi Furs explains the different furs she has and why she chooses vintage. CoHost Rob is an Actor from "BULL" the movie and is going places.
July 1, 2020
Rachelle - Model & Didiami - Rapper/Dancer with Co Host Bella - Wardobe Stylist and DJ Celly
Rachelle discusses life as a Model and Physical Therapist. Didiami talks about her rapping style and her love for dance. Bella, a Wardrobe Stylist, tells us about her experiences and growth in the fashion industry. She also discusses how she maneuvers time to study for her LSATS. DJ Celly plays independent music while chiming into some topics. "Artists of the Night" are Danny Cruz and J-DON.
July 1, 2020
Pamely, Jonathan & Vergil - Models
Models Pamely, Jonathan & Vergil discuss the start of modeling, how castings work and what goes on behind the scenes. "Artist of the Night" is Beejay Jones.
July 1, 2020
Vjewels - Custom Jewelry Designer, Fat Fly Freddie Lee - Retro Soul Rapper & FunkNCrystals - Custom Eye wear Designer
Vjewels shows us her custom jewelry pieces. Fat Fly Freddie Lee just released "Because She Can't Fry Chicken" Album. We get to listen to a few songs of this retro soul feel. FunkNCrystals Eye wear is made with real crystals and she takes great pride in her designs.
July 1, 2020
Pieces of Wisdom - Accessory Designer & Jeniffer - Model
Katrina, CEO/Designer of Pieces of Wisdom discusses the items she designs by hand...bamboo earrings, bracelets, kufis, bow ties and more. Katrina also tells us about her upcoming Pop Up Shop. Jeniffer AKA Jenny tells us about her modeling journey and what she carries in her model bag. They both have been presented in NYFW. "Artist of the Night" is David Sincere.
July 1, 2020
Raz B (R&B Singer/Actor) of B2K (R&B Boy Band) with Co Host, Deborah
Raz B discusses the start of B2K and how B2K got back together. He briefly discusses the Millennium Tour, his upcoming documentary, "Full Disclosure" album and more. Co Host, Deborah (Executive Producer of Enjoi Lux) has some great questions to ask Raz B as well. 
July 1, 2020
Enjoi Lux - Event Producers & Kasey Alease - Atlanta Rapper
Enjoi Lux Event Producers, Deborah and Alaina discuss the start of it all and their upcoming SHDC (Short Hair Don't Care) annual runway event. Atlanta Rapper, Kasey Alease discusses her determination for success and her new song "DUH". "Artist of the Night" is B.Elise.
July 1, 2020
Uptown Bodega - Hip Hop Artist & Busy Bodega - Booking Manager/Hype Man
Uptown Bodega talks about his stage name, his music influences and new music out. Busy Bodega, his Brother/Hype Man keeps us hype throughout the show, hence the name "Busy". "Artists of the Night" are Brooklyn and Ray Rav.
July 1, 2020
D Wiseguy - upcoming Comedian, Harmony - Artist/Songwriter/Actress/Model, Olivia - Model/Singer/Actress/Host and Rozetta Marie - Hip Hop Artist
Upcoming Comedian, D Wiseguy Hosts for a bit. Harmony talks about her luv for it all, but music is her passion. Olivia discusses her talents and upcoming movie "LIT, the movie". Although Harmony and Olivia are apart of  "Jackie's Angels", I like how their personal stories are told.  Rozetta Marie plays her single "Geminii Juice" and tells us why she decided to do an album instead of an EP. "Artist of the Night" is Kia,Keeks,or Ari.
July 1, 2020
Waxing with Vee - Wax Specialist, B. Morgan - R&B Artist, Mae I Speak - Poet/Motivational Speaker & SANtikii - Recording Artist
Waxing with Vee discusses why waxing is better than shaving and her magical vagical. B. Morgan presents his new songs WDYL, LAM and more. Mae I Speak talks about what it's like doing open mics. "Artist of the Night" SANtikii features "No Hard Feelings" and "Loves Noose" which features Mae I Speak.
July 1, 2020
I Am Queen Books - Author & Women Who Want More - Women Event Curator with Co Host, Mike
Voncille Chaney, Author of Queen Ruby and Queen Iris, discusses the deep meanings of her books and why they are needed for young, colored girls. Tanisha, CEO of Women Who Want More, discusses her women empowerment events and touches on Mary Kay consulting.  Mike, the Co Host of the night, shares his views on women entrepreneurship and let's us know a little about his life. "Artist of the Night" is Qwestlasoul.
July 1, 2020
YNG Indi & TNT - Hip Hop Artists
YNG Indi tells us the meaning behind his name and goes into detail about his music. The duo known as Deeroc & Jay of TNT discuss their new album "A DFRNT World" and what it's like performing at music showcases. "Artist of the Night" is Chuck Plat.
July 1, 2020
D Wiseguy - upcoming Comedian, Durgaveli - Hip Hop Artist & Nyasia Chane'l - R&B Artist
D Wiseguy tells us why it took so long to start stand up and his performance at Gotham Comedy Club. Durgaveli tells us the definition of her stage name, life as a business owner, new music and more. Nyasia Chane'l discusses the reality of being an upcoming R&B Artist while going to school for her College degree.
July 1, 2020
LuLu - the Sexpert with Heather & Tiffany - Sip N Slay Event Curators
Learn some new tricks from LuLu the Sexpert on how to keep the passion in your relationship through neurotic massage and/or adult toys. If you need a private lesson, LuLu is the one to call. Heather & Tiffany discuss their Sip N Slay Events where they teach how to slay your face, all while you sip. Heather & Tiffany also have a back to school book bag giveaway for kids.
July 1, 2020
Manny & Brandon - the Dynamic Duo
Actor/Model/Dancer, Manny and Care Coordinator, Brandon discuss difference in opinions with my Shyt Stirring topics.  Do men and women really have opposite opinions?
July 1, 2020
AM Solemates - Shoe Designer, Hazel Ling - Model, Fashion God Preee - Business Mogul and Shea Barz - Lyricist
Live phone interview with AM Solemates, a Shoe Designer that enlightens us on her continued journey.  Hazel Ling shares how modelling started and how she fell in love with it. Fashion God Preee talks about being a Fashion Designer, Event Host and Business Mogul. He also discusses his upcoming event. Shea Barz, shows and tells us why she has bars. She also discusses acting in "Cold World" web series that is now on YouTube. Listen carefully! "Artists of the Night" are Notes82 and Jazmin Luperena.
July 1, 2020
Karina Lara - Aspiring Model/Makeup Artist, Yash Lacayo - Tax Specialist/LLC Professional and Jazmin Luperena - Artivist
Women Power! Karina talks about being an aspiring Model and her passion as a Makeup Artist. Yash, Tax Specialist, LLC Professional and Bookkeeper for Tax Press 1, tells us the proper steps needed when starting a business and more. Artivist, Jazmin Luperena discusses her journey as a Singer, Rapper, Actress, Model and more. "Artist of the Night" is Akelee.
July 1, 2020
David Sincere - Celebrity Dance Choreographer, Rapper & High Fashion Model
David Sincere, Celebrity Dance Choreographer, Rapper & High Fashion Model presents his Mixtape, Bullpen 2, talks about modeling and his start up as a Celebrity Dance Choreographer. His dancers join later on to discuss their views on dance life. "Artists of the Night" are JU-MO and 2aturday.
July 1, 2020