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Take 2: Utah politics with Heidi Hatch and special guests

Take 2: Utah politics with Heidi Hatch and special guests

By Take 2
2News Heidi Hatch hosts an array of special guests as they talk about the issues most important to Utahns.
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Take 2 - Women's suffrage, equality, polygamy, governor's race and more
Take 2 is hosted this week by Anchor Heidi Hatch with guests and Maura Carabello, of The Exoro Group, and Utah State Auditor John Dougall. The special Valentine's Day episode began with a discussion about the 150th anniversary of Utah granting women the right to vote. A Utah woman cast the first ballot under a women's suffrage law days after the 1870 measure passed. The trio went on to talk about the following topics among others: Equality - One day after a rally for the Equal Rights Amendment at the Utah State Capitol, "silent sentinels" took up the watch. Message bills - A waste of time? New Hamshire Debate - The Democratic Party's seven strongest presidential contenders are preparing for what could be a fierce debate. Trump love? There are more unaffiliated voters than Democrats. Will Trump win them over? Rep. Chris Stewart to take over as the director of national intelligence? Gubernatorial race - Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox is first to get 29,000 signatures turned in but they still need to be verified. Does he have an edge? Decriminalizing Polygamy? Is this good for Utah?
February 14, 2020
Take 2: Impeachment vote, bill to recall Romney and more
 Take 2 is hosted this week by Anchor Jim Spiewak with guests and Maura Carabello, of The Exoro Group, and Utah State Auditor John Dougall. The topics discussed in Utah's political world include the impeachment vote where Sen. Mitt Romney broke from his party and issued a guilty vote of Article I of the charge against President Donald Trump for abuse of power. Many say his cote will hurt his re-election chances. Will it? Will Romney even run again or will he use his 6 years to keep voting his conscience? Additional topics discussed include: ROMNEY’S GUEST: Any insight as to Romney’s plus one pick being Gov. Gary Herbert at the State of the Union (SOTU) address? THOUGHTS ON POTUS REMARKS: Hit or Miss? Trump delivers the SOTU as impeachment vote looms, Clinton had to do the same. Trump refused to shake Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s hand, then she ripped up the President’s speech. Are there any adults in D.C.? LEGISLATURE HAS A BILL TO RECALL ROMNEY: It was filed before the vote. Why spend time on an issue the state has no control over? MOM'S IN FAVOR OF RED FLAG LAWS: Does this legislation have a chance? Poll shows overwhelming 90% support for preventing gun sales to those individuals mental health providers notify police are dangerous. UTAH BILL REQUIRES WARNING LABEL FOR PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL:  Rep. Brady Brammer, R-Highland, introduced a bill that would require pornography distributed in Utah to include a label warning about the harm porn consumption can have on minors. Those who don't comply could be fined $2,500 per violation. UTAH BILL REQUIRES CLERGY TO REPORT CHILD ABUSE CONFESSIONS: Is the criticism legitimate?
February 7, 2020
Take 2 - Tax reform, new abortion bill, gun storage & recalling US Senators
Take 2 welcomes Sen. Dan McCay (R - District 11) and Maura Carabello, of The Exoro Group, and host 2News Heidi Hatch. UTAH LEGISLATURE IN SESSION TAX REFORM REPEALED: Meanwhile, there have been 139,793 verified signatures as of Thursday morning. “We applaud those who have engaged in the civic process and made their voices heard. We are not foes on a political battlefield, we are all Utahns committed to getting our tax policy right. That work is just beginning,” Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, Senate President Stuart Adams, and House Speaker Brad Wilson WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: Budget, tax reform 2.0, does this hurt Herbert’s legacy? ABORTION:  Sen. Dan McCay files the first bill to make headlines: A new measure to ban most abortions in Utah. McCay is also making waves on Twitter: Lt Gov Spencer Cox, Todd Weiler, and others hate his judicial bill. RECALL OF UNITED STATES SENATOR BILL: Rep. Tim Quinn (R - District 54) introduced a bill to make it possible to recall a U.S. senator, but the Constitution may stand in his way.  GUN STORAGE BILL: The same day a 3 year and 9-year-old find loaded guns and accidentally shoot themselves, Elizabeth Weight files a bill that would give prosecutors the option to charge people with a misdemeanor for unsafe storage resulting in injury or death.
February 1, 2020
Take 2 - Impeachment, condom conundrum, abortion & women in the workforce
Take 2 welcomes a new guest with former U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman who will join guest Maura Carabello, of The Exoro Group, and host 2News Heidi Hatch. The topics discussed in the political climate of Utah, which was rocked lately with a questionable HIV campaign, included the Articles of Impeachment against President Donald Trump that were hand-walked over to the Senate late Wednesday. Additional topics talked about surrounding the impeachment proceedings include: Mitt Romney - open to witnesses (Democrats only need 4 Republicans) Mike Lee - (not open to witnesses but sided with Democrats on Iran military bill) Utah Impeachment History: Rep. Chris Cannon was a trial manager in 1999 for President Clinton. He was chosen by the Judiciary Committee (not the Speaker). The trio then took to other issues at the forefront of Utah politics. The chit-chat included: Democratic Presidential Candidates:  Should they take part in the trial? Michael Bennett, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Amy Klobuchar. Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn) ... Wants them to recuse themselves. Bishop will not run for Governor: Throws support behind Thomas Wright, who announced Bishop as his running mate Thursday. Spencer Cox Abortion Comments at the Eagle Forum: Much ado about nothing or big problem? More Women in the workforce: Buried deep in the U.S. government’s December jobs report was an interesting piece of data—women hold more jobs than men, occupying 50.04% of positions. Will this move us closer to equal pay? Gov. Herbert kills funny condoms in the Utah Department of Health's HIV campaign.
January 16, 2020
Take 2 - Governor's $20 billion budget, tax referendum, inland port ruling & more
Take 2 guests Maura Carabello, of The Exoro Group, and Utah Sen. Dan McCay (Riverton-Dist. 41), talk with 2News Heidi Hatch about politics in Utah. The Friday discussion led off with former Take 2 guest, Greg Hughes, joining the gubernatorial race. The first debate of the candidates vying for Utah's head of the executive branch took place in St. George. The panel analyzed if there's enough money to go around and how the candidates are going to have to position themselves to stand out. Other topics discussed included: Governor’s Budget - $20 Billion, which included a freeze on higher education tuition and an earmark of $18.6 million for extended day Kindergarten, The budget increased per pupil spending by 4.5% increase, though the State Board of Education wanted  6%. Another earmark was $100 million for air quality and $20 million for affordable housing. Tax Referendum: Harmons opens stores to signature gathering. Inland Port ruling: Big loss for Salt Lake City?
January 11, 2020
Take 2 - Iran attack, tax referendum, governor's race and more
2News Anchor Heidi Hatch hosts guests Maura Carabello, of The Exoro Group, and Greg Hughes, former Speaker of the House, in its first episode of Take 2 in 2020. The panel discussed Thursday's attack by Joint Special Operations Command that killed Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commander, Qassem Suleimani. Carabello and Hughes didn't exactly agree on the political fallout from the mission. Other topics they also were at odds about included: Tax Referendum signatures: Can they get on the ballot? Full Medicaid expansion is in place and is now a huge part of the state's budget. Gubernatorial candidates file to gather signatures (except Rep. Rob Bishop – he’s old school.) 4th District is getting crowded by candidates but is there any standouts? Utah Legislature will look at delayed school start times again, this as the Salt Lake City School Board is on a listening tour to see if kids really need more sleep.
January 4, 2020
Take 2 - Impeachment, citizen referendum on new tax code, federal parental leave
2News Anchor Heidi Hatch hosts another Take 2 Podcast with guests Maura Carabello, of the Exoro Group, and Utah's former Speaker of the House, Greg Hughes. The lively debate focused on several topics; impeachment, tax reform and background checks on guns. The trio also discussed the claim by a whistleblower that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is stockpiling $100 billion instead of earmarking to help the needy. Words were also exchanged about federal parental leave. A breakdown of the debate is as follows: Impeachment: How the Utah delegation voted and reacted. Fundraising for District 4 based on the impeachment vote. Governor signs tax reform but there's a citizen referendum that is collecting 116,000 signatures in the next month. Is it possible? Winners and losers with tax reform, personally and politically. Salt Lake County Mayor puts in place the new rule for background checks at gun shows starting Jan. 1. Federal parental leave.
December 21, 2019
Take 2 - New tax code, impeachment vote and more
2News Anchor Heidi Hatch hosts guests Maura Carabello and Greg Hughes to talk about politics from both sides of the aisle. A new tax code has been introduced in a special session of the Utah Legislature. It awaits a signature by Gov. Gary Herbert but is opposed by Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox. An impeachment vote on President Trump is coming, while only two of Utah's representatives in Congress have spoken out. Meanwhile in the U.K., conservatives won big.
December 16, 2019
PODCAST - Take 2: Talking politics at Thanksgiving, animal cruelty, insulin costs & more
A special holiday Take 2 podcast for Thanksgiving features 2News Anchor Heidi Hatch and former lawmakers Jim Dabakis (D) and Greg Hughes (R). The three-member panel talks about Trump in Florida for Thanksgiving after being given the opportunity to testify next week in his impeachment hearings. Will he? Should he? The trio tackles those questions and more: Melania Trump was booed in Baltimore in her speech on opioids. Was the heckling warranted? Federal Animal Cruelty Law: The Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act (PACT) is a bipartisan initiative that bans the intentional crushing, burning, drowning, suffocating, impalement or other serious harm to "living non-human mammals, birds, reptiles, or amphibians." Insulin Cost: Utah Legislature takes on soaring prices. Amber Alerts: Why can’t Utah get them right? This week's Amber Alert sent with 511 number and no information and last month's Amber Alert said, "GryTyt" and nothing else. Debt Ceiling: Cliff coming Dec. 20. Sens. Mike Lee and Mitt Romney voted against the budget lifeline last week. Could we face another shutdown and over the holidays? Thanksgiving: Is there anything you are thankful for that the party of which you don’t belong is doing something right? Politics at the table on Thanksgiving? Do you discuss it?
November 27, 2019
Take 2: Mexico border killings, SLC mayoral election, tax hikes & mental health
This week, 2News Anchor Heidi Hatch moderates debate between former lawmakers Jim Dabakis (D) and Greg Hughes (R) in the weekly Take 2 podcast. The three-member panel talks about Trump's call to wage war on cartels after 9 victims were killed in an ambush-style attack on Monday. What does the United States need to do if anything? That and more is talked about including: Election wrap-up and low voter turnout that resulted in the win of Erin Mendenall as Salt Lake City's 36th mayor. ERIN MENDENHALL -- 58.17% -- 25,502 LUZ ESCAMILLA -- 41.83% -- 18,342 Tax Meeting: A state tax cut from $75 million to $100 million, with a flat-rate of 4.5 percent, down from the current 4.95 percent. Food Tax: Refund if you can’t afford the food tax? Taxation of new services? Hunstman family's donation of $150 million to mental health at the University of Utah. Is Jon Huntsman, Jr., going to announce candidacy this coming week for the governor's seat? The Salt Lake Tribune officially becomes a non-profit. Sen. Mitt Romney joins bipartisan Climate Change Caucus.
November 8, 2019
Take 2- New beer in Utah, homeless out in the cold and voter turnout
2News Anchor Heidi Hatch hosts another epic Take 2 Podcast with guests Maura Carabello, of the Exoro Group, and Utah's former Speaker of the House, Greg Hughes. The trio talked about how the Utah congressional delegation voted on party lines with the Trump impeachment inquiry. They also talked about the following topics: Mail-in Ballots: How is voter turnout? Will people vote or let the day slip by in an off-year election? Twitter No More Political Ads: Should the rest of the internet follow suit? Homeless center issues continue. There's a cold snap and there aren't enough beds. Who’s at fault? Kanye bringing Jesus back? Can this save our Country? New Beer: The state stayed up late dumping the week stuff down the drain 3.2%. This was a big enough deal Budweiser’s Clydesdales came for a funeral procession. Now what? Business as usual?
November 1, 2019
Take 2-Tampon tax, LDS Church on conversion therapy & Lee's 'Beto, take it back!'
This week, 2News Anchor Heidi Hatch moderated a debate between Maura Carabello, from the EXORO Group, and Greg Hughes, former Utah House Speaker in a new episode of the Take 2 podcast. The panel discussed Sen. Mike Lee's demand of Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke to take back what he said about religious freedom.  The former Texas congressman proclaimed in a recent town hall meeting that churches should lose tax-exempt status if they oppose same-sex marriage. Other topics the trio discussed included: Utah Legislature looking at incentives for daycare as families struggle to find resources. Tampon Tax – Utah lawmakers killed the bill in 2016; new effort to make tampons a medical necessity. LDS Church releases a statement opposing a proposed conversion therapy ban. New advertisement calls Sen. Mitt Romney a "Secret Democratic Asset." Democratic Debate: Presidential candidate Elizabeth Ann Warren show, hits, and misses. Elizabeth Warren tries to trap Facebook with fake ad: Hit or miss?
October 18, 2019
Take 2 - Adoption laws, Romney vs. Trump, competing rallies and more
2News Anchor Heidi Hatch hosts another debate on issues important to Utahns between Maura Carabello, of The Exoro Group, and Greg Hughes (R), former Speaker of the House, on the Take 2 podcast. The three-member panel talked about the University of Utah being selected to host the 2020 vice presidential debate on Oct. 7, 2020. It's a  first for Utah and the only one in the West this election cycle. Additional topics discussed are: Tulsi Gabbard believes the nominating process is rigged. Should she boycott the debate? Competing rallies outside Ben McAdams Office: Our own Greg Hughes among them. Sen. Mitt Romney comes out swinging against Trump this week and Trump swings back. Do we need tougher adoption laws in the state with this week's human trafficking case?
October 11, 2019
Take 2: Run for governor, cannabis banking, paying college athletes and more
2News Anchor Heidi Hatch facilitates a lively discussion between Utah lawmakers Jim Dabakis (D) and Greg Hughes (R) on the Take 2 podcast. The three-member panel tackles the issue of the Salt Lake City mayoral race. Is Dabakisready to back one of his former rivals? Listen in to find out and also what is speculated about former U.S. Russian Ambassador Jon Huntsman, Jr. candidacy for governor.  Will he or won't he run? What is known is that businessman Greg Miller is not running for the state's top seat, saying in a prepared statement: After careful consideration, I have decided not to run in the 2020 election. At this time, I believe I can do more to enrich the lives of my fellow Utahns through my work in the private sector and through philanthropic and community engagement. What about Hughes? He has half-a-million dollars earmarked for a campaign but is he joining the governor race? Additional topics discussed include: Should the Utah High School Athletic Association (UHSAA) fine schools who forfeit because of injury? California is going to start paying college athletes. Should Utah follow suit and does anyone get hurt? Cannabis banking heads to the Senate after fall break. Bernie Sanders was recently hospitalized. Is there an age that is too old to run?
October 4, 2019
Take 2 - Impeachment inquiry, conversion therapy, voter registration and more
2News Anchor Heidi Hatch meets with former Utah lawmakers Jim Dabakis (D) and Greg Hughes (R) on the Take 2 podcast to discuss the recent hearing from the  Utah Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing that took public comment on rules for conversion therapy. The controversial, pseudoscientific practice of trying to change an individual's sexual orientation from homosexual or bisexual to heterosexual using psychological or spiritual interventions was a heated topic at the Thursday hearing. Other issues the panel debated included: Utah 9th best state for teachers considering salary and cost of living and the possibility for advancement. However,  Utah is 49th for student-teacher ratio and 50th for spending on students. Voter registration deadlines coming. Tribune Investigation into Governor Cabinet member’s “side hustle" Impeachment inquiry
September 27, 2019
Take 2 - Topless Utah women, cannabis grow in Corrine, 'red flag' gun laws & more
**Warning: Viewer advised that an expletive is said in this podcast and in the video.** This week, 2News Anchor Heidi Hatch posed some heavy-hitting questions to former Utah lawmakers Jim Dabakis (D) and Greg Hughes (R) on the Take 2 podcast. The panel discussed the following topics: Utah Women can go topless, Climate Change in Utah, Driver's License Division allowing law enforcement to scan your ID, John Swallow’s big payout, Cannabis in Corrine Utah, Salt Lake County Mayor heads to the border, Utahns favor “red flag” gun laws.
September 20, 2019
Take 2 podcast: Dabakis is back as Utah wrestles with medical marijuana
The Take 2 podcast welcomes back former Utah lawmaker Jim Dabakis, representing Democrats and speaking about the latest political topics with former Speaker of the House, Greg Hughes. Host Heidi Hatch takes the two through topics that include a possible special session of the Utah Legislature to tackle the unfinished system of medical marijuana. They respond as one mother says she could lose her children because she uses CBD. They also talk about Jeff Burningham, who recently threw his hat into the ring to be Utah's next govenor. He is already $200,000 ahead of front runner Spencer Cox in fundraising. Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes backs the maker of guns in the appeal of the Sandy Hook shooting. Ten states and nearly two dozen members of Congress are joining the NRA in supporting gunmaker Remington Arms and it fights a Connecticut court ruling involving the liability for the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
September 13, 2019
Take 2: Rep. Chris Stewart talks intelligence briefings, gun reform & nat'l debt
2News Anchor Heidi Hatch speaks with Rep. Chris Stewart (R-2nd Dist.) in this week's Take 2 podcast. The duo discussed the congressman's recent travels for intelligence briefings and the $54 million earmarked for Hill Air Force Base that President Trump took to allocated to the border wall. They also talked about the likelihood of gun reform when Congress is back in session on Monday.
September 7, 2019
Take 2: Sexually transmitted diseases, firearm safety and 2020 presidential race
2News Anchor Heidi Hatch hosted Maura Carabello, from the EXORO Group, and Greg Hughes, former Utah House Speaker for a new episode of the Take 2 podcast. The 3-member panel squabbled over issues that ranged from "The Holy War" ( Utah vs. BYU) outcome to the shrinking Democratic pool of presidential candidates. Other issues debated include: INLAND PORT AGREEMENT FROM SLC MAYOR AND COUNCIL; Despite overwhelming public opposition, the Salt Lake City Council voted Tuesday to approve a hefty tax reimbursement to a developer in the city’s northwest quadrant, where an inland port is planned. FIREARM SAFETY: Will it stop school violence and or suicides? "This addresses the reality that guns are a part of our society and are often in places where children can find them," Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes said. STDs ARE THE MOST COMMON DISEASE IN UTAH OVER INFLUENZA: Two sexually transmitted diseases top the list for the most common diseases in Salt Lake County and the health department says the current approach to sex education is not working. Chlamydia and gonorrhea — the two top reported diseases — are more common than the flu (influenza,) hepatitis C and tuberculosis. TRUMP USES FEMA FUNDS FOR ICE COURTS AND IMMIGRATION JAILS: Good idea to solve border issues or bad idea as a Cat 4 Hurricane barrels toward Florida? 2020 RACE GETS SMALLER: Sen. Kiersten Gillibrand bowing out leaves only 10 will debate in Houston in September.
August 30, 2019
Take 2: Pence visit, medical cannabis dispensaries and women's equality in Utah
This week, 2News Anchor Heidi Hatch hosted Maura Carabello, from the EXORO Group, and Greg Hughes, former Utah House Speaker for a new episode of the Take 2 podcast. The panel discussed the abrupt resignation of Overstock CEO Patrick M. Byrne. The head of the Utah-based company stated: I now plan on leaving things to the esteemed Department of Justice (which I have doubtless already angered enough by going public) and disappearing for some time. Additional issues that resulted in highly charged conversation included: VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE IN UTAH - He touted Utah’s trade prowess saying, “Utah sends $2 billion worth of goods to Canada each year and $750 million worth to Mexico. Exports have doubled to Canada and tripled to Mexico over the past five years, according to Miller.” The trio speculated about whether Pence does the POTUS any good by showing up in a Republican state that doesn’t like his boss. INTERIM LEGISLATIVE SESSION - State abandons DABC-style control over medical cannabis; private dispensaries will be used instead. This switch will be addressed in the special session, possibly mid-September. OPERATION RIO GRANDE 2 YEARS LATER - The state touts success as we wait on new shelters. Is it really a victory? 4th DISTRICT ANNOUNCEMENT - State Sen. Dan Hemmert is in a growing and crowded Republican race against Rep. Ben McAdams UTAH BAD FOR WOMEN - Utah ranks dead last when comparing workplace environment (which includes wage, hours worked, unemployment rate), education, political empowerment against their male counterparts. Hawaii and New York ranked 1st and 2nd, respectively for the best states for women's equality.
August 22, 2019
Take 2 Podcast: Turnout and results that went against polling in SLC mayoral race
Heidi Hatch hosts Maura Carabello from the EXORO Group and former Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes. The trio discusses the just tallied mayor voting for Salt Lake County with results that went against polls.  Vice President Mike Pence is heading to Utah, but why is his visit a secret? And the gun debate continues after six officers were shot in Philadelphia. The Trump administration makes major changes to endangered species rules and wants economics to decide the fates of animals.
August 16, 2019
Take 2 - Mass shootings, municipal elections and Huntsman resignation
This week on the Take 2 podcast, 2News Anchor Heidi Hatch is joined by former The Exoro Group's Maura Carabello and former radio host and congressional candidate Jay McFarland. The three-member panel discussed the recent shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, which brings the total number of such incidents up to at least 17 this year.  Additional topics discussed include: MASS SHOOTINGS: What can be done? A space for hopes, prayers, regulation and change. MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS: Salt Lake City has had 20,544 ballots returned so far for 22.75 % turnout. That won’t include ballots being picked up Friday in drop boxes. For all the races in Salt Lake County, it is only 54,877 or 17.16% so far. Review of vote-by-mail instructions because Utahns proved in the last election they did not understand how it worked (Utah County in particular). JON HUNTSMAN, JR. RESIGNATION AS U.S. AMBASSADOR TO RUSSIA:  How would he shake up the governor race or would he?
August 9, 2019
Take 2 - Tribute to Norma Matheson, medicaid waiver, birth control and more
The 25th episode of the Take 2 podcast features 2News Anchor Heidi Hatch and former Speaker of the House Greg Hughes (R) and The Exoro Group's Maura Carabello. The 3-member panel paid tribute to Norma Matheson, the former First Lady of Utah, who died late Sunday night. She was 89.  Norma was the wife of former Democratic Gov. Scott M. Matheson, and the mother of former U.S. Congressman Jim Matheson and 10th U.S. Circuit Court Judge Scott Matheson, Jr., along with former Rep. James Matheson. The panel then turned their attention to the following topics in a lively debate: Democratic Debates Round 2: Did anyone make headway or lose ground? Mitt Romney goes after Bernie Sanders after the debate. Health insurance: Private vs. Medicaid - During the discussion on health care, Montana Gov. Steve Bullock credited medical treatment in Salt Lake City and "good insurance" with saving his child's life. "Health care is so personal to all of us," Bullock said. "[I'll] never forget when my 12-year-old son had a heart attack, within 24 hours of his life, had to be life-flighted to Salt Lake City, but because we had good insurance, he's here with me tonight. At the end of the day, I'm not going to support any plan that rips away quality health care from individuals." Utah Medicaid waiver not approved by the Trump Administration: What happens next? Gov. Gary Herbert issues statement telling county attorneys their health departments must dispense medical cannabis according to state. Davis County Troy Rawlings said current state law requires county employees to distribute a federally controlled substance in violation of Controlled Substance Act. Utah is one of the first states to allow birth control to be sold without a doctor. Pharmacists can now prescribe birth control. Is this a good idea? Rep. Rob Bishop confirms he won't run again and keeps his campaign promise.
August 1, 2019
Take 2: Selected pot growers, LGBTQ support and the SLC mayoral race
 The 24th episode of the Take 2 podcast features 2News Anchor Heidi Hatch and former Speaker of the House Greg Hughes (R) and The Exoro Group's Maura Carabello. Topics the panel tackled include aerial fireworks that were legalized in the Utah Legislature in 2011.  The discussion included sales doubling in the first year the aerial fireworks were permitted but now 8 years later if fires and air pollution are issues concerning enough to dial back the firework laws. Should we be able to blow stuff up because it’s patriotic?  Find out how the discussion played out in addition to the lively debate on these topics: MEDICAL MARIJUANA LAWSUITS: The state said it would pick 10 growers but ultimately chose 8. Now those who were not chosen were suing. The number dropped so Utah doesn’t end up with too much marijuana. MUELLER TESTIMONY: Rep. Rob Bishop said, “the book was better than the movie.” Is impeachment possible? UTAH NO. 2 IN LGBTQ SUPPORT NATIONALLY: 2018 poll just released by the Public Religion Research Institute, 77% of Utahn’s either favor or strongly favor “laws that would protect (LGBT) people against discrimination in jobs, public accommodations, and housing.” Surprising? The Legislature couldn’t ban conversion therapy this last session but 4 years ago passed the anti-discrimination bill. SLC MAYORAL RACE: Ballots are in the mail. Are voters fired up or is turnout going to be garbage? Free billboards for 3 candidates:  Luz Escamilla, David Garbett, and David Ibarra. Did the PACs put them up?
July 26, 2019
Take 2 - Trump racist tweets, minimum wage hike & legalized heroin injection sites
 The 23rd episode of the Take 2 podcast features 2News Anchor Heidi Hatch and former Speaker of the House Greg Hughes (R) and The Exoro Group's Maura Carabello. The panel tackles the latest poll on how Utahns feel about President Trump's job performance and his social media posting habits. Other topics discussed include: Racist tweets or POTUS speaking truth? Abortion Resolution: Local municipalities chiming in 9/11 bill: Sen. Mike Lee was a big part in holding it up, then pushing a much different plan. (Still $10 billion for 10 years.) Homeless shelters behind schedule: Asking for $21 million bridge loan. Need the money to pay contractors on time. Fundraising would pay it back. Utah lawmaker wants to legalize safe places to inject heroin and provide treatment options. Great idea or worst ever? Utah lawmakers will soon debate the idea. State Rep. Jennifer Dailey-Provost is leading the charge. Federal minimum wage $15 an hour: 6 Democrats voted against it yesterday in the House. Rep. Ben McAdams was one.
July 19, 2019
Take 2 - Driver's licenses data used by feds, inland port protest and ICE raids
This week on the Take 2 podcast, 2News Anchor Heidi Hatch is joined by former Speaker of the House Greg Hughes (R) and The Exoro Group's Maura Carabello. The trio discussed if Utah driver's license information is being used illegally by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and additional topics including: Utah Inland Port Authority protesters: Police, media and messaging. Trump announcing he will drop the census fight: Is there a reason to fight for the citizenship question? State 3-day teleworking: Does it work? Presidential candidate Kamala Harris: Utah visit a hoax but is she still invited to the Beehive State?  District 4 has a new candidate: KSL Radio's Jay McFarland enters the race against Rep. Ben McAdams, days after Mia Love says she may run again. ICE raids start this weekend: Gov. Gary Herbert says not in Utah.
July 12, 2019
PODCAST: Take 2 - MacKenzie Lueck, Trump parade, border crisis, Dem debate, college debt
 This week on the Take 2 podcast, Heidi Hatch is joined by former Speaker of the House Greg Hughes (R) and Jan Seelig, Ph.D. to discuss a variety of topics and issues.  This week's topics include: Mackenzie Lueck's body is found. We talk about legal issues that hold up missing adult investigations. What’s more important- right to privacy or giving it away so we can be found faster? Trump Parade “Salute to America: Celebration.  Hit or Miss? Emergency on the border- overcrowding and unhealthy conditions. $4.6B funding headed that way. Can money fix the problem? Dem Debate- winners and losers a week out Kamala Harris Headed to Utah July 17 Should college debt be wiped out?
July 6, 2019
PODCAST: Take 2 - 20th episode with special guest talks sports, teacher salaries and more
 The weekly Take 2 podcast hit its 20th episode including the special on the legislature killing the massive tax overhaul bill.  The milestone podcast featured 2News Anchor/Reporter Heidi Hatch hosting former Speaker of the House Greg Hughes (R) and guest Robert Gehrke, an award-winning columnist from The Salt Lake Tribune. Topics discussed included: A new pilot project set to start this fall - charging drivers of electric cars per mile. U.S. Border. Detention versus concentration camps. Salt Lake City Teachers at impasse headed for mediation. Looking forward to a new season with the Utah Jazz and Mike Conley, Jr. Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox pulls in $250k in 4 weeks in his bid for the governor's seat – kind of. Meanwhile, Utah County Businessman Jeff Burningham quietly has $570k. SLC Mayor gets sassy online.
June 21, 2019
PODCAST: Take 2 - SLC mayoral race, e-cigs, racial profiling, foreign intel and more
 Episode 18 of the Take 2 podcast featured 2News Anchor/Reporter Heidi Hatch hosting former Speaker of the House Greg Hughes (R) and guest Maura Carabello of The Exoro Group. The panel dived into the Salt Lake City mayoral race and if ranked-choice voting could help in the election. Other topics discussed included: Gov. Gary R.  Herbert is in Europe this week with a delegation on a trade mission. Are these trade missions important or fun and games? Sen. Mitt Romney is pushing a ban on e-cigs in schools nationwide. Is this worth his while? A 10-year-old boy had a gun pointed at him by a Woods Cross police officer. Is this a case of wrong place, wrong time? Was it a bias against a black child? Trump's foreign intel admission: He's cool with it but should we all be cool with it? Romney says it's "simply unthinkable" to accept foreign dirt on rivals: "I ran for president twice. I ran for governor once. I ran for Senate twice. I've never had any attempt made by a foreign government. ... Had that occurred I would've contacted the FBI immediately." Mexico tariffs: The President made a deal or was it all smoke and mirrors?
June 14, 2019
Take 2 podcast: Inland port protests, Trump's tariffs, teacher pay, Medicaid
The Take 2 Podcast is officially a party of two as Democrat Jim Dabakis steps away to prepare to run for mayor of Salt Lake City. Former Speaker of the House in Utah, Republican Greg Hughes returns, still not officially running for governor of Utah. Topics ranges from protesters at a meeting to discuss the state's planned inland port, Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox making his way across the state, speaking to communities as a leading candidate for the governor's chair when Gary Herbert steps away and President Trump's tariff deadline with Mexico. Also, the state is grappling with teacher pay and a Medicaid waiver. Will it go through? Send topical ideas to
June 8, 2019
PODCAST - Take 2: Tariff on Mexico, energy summit, body scanners and Pride Week
Episode 16 of the Take 2 podcast features 2News Anchor Heidi Hatch moderating debate between former Utah lawmakers, Jim Dabakis (D) and Greg Hughes (R).The two politicians did not see eye-to-eye on the following topics discussed: 5% tariff on Mexico until migrants stop crossing border. Governor’s energy summit: Is it helping the state or is it just coal smoke and mirrors? AG Reyes agrees to test body scanners that scan large groups. Is this legal and or a good idea? Great Salt Lake World Record attempt at a number of people floating. Argentina has the free float record at 1,941. Can we beat it? Pride Week and Sunday's parade.
June 1, 2019
Take 2 Podcase: President Trump's support in Utah, opposition to the federal disaster relief bill and the now 'out' county commissioner
Heidi Hatch welcomed former Utah lawmakers, Democrat Jim Dabakis and Republican Greg Hughes to tackle tough issues.  It's Memorial Day weekend and our National Parks are crowded, will promoting our State Parks help? The trio has a long discussion about President Trump, and continued support of him down the road. Sen. Mitt Romney and Sen. Mike Lee opposed the disaster relief spending bill. Why?  They also discussed the bombshell when Utah County Commissioner Ivie came out as gay and may run against Rep. Ben McAdams in Utah's 4th District.  They also discussed the the tax reform task force that will hold its first public meeting next week. Herbert says he wants to get it right rather than get it quick. Do we really need to change the way we tax? Happy Memorial Day and thanks to all who serve. 
May 24, 2019
Take 2: Equality Act, tariffs, abortion and who's running for governor
 Episode 14 of the Take 2 podcast took on some sensitive topics with 2News Anchor/Reporter Heidi Hatch hosting former state lawmakers Greg Hughes (R) and Jim Dabakis (D). The panel of three discussed Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox announcing his run for governor and who else may be tossing their hats into the Gubernatorial ring.  Hughes even admitted that on a scale from 1 to 10, he's between a 7 or 8 in filing his candidacy for the state's highest seat.   Other topics discussed included: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints coming out against the national Equality Act. China trade war tariffs and Utah: Are they going to happen or will there be a last minute deal and who will hurt the most? Abortion heartbeat bills sweeping the nation; Is this a swing of the pendulum? Rep. Patrice Arent battling multiple myeloma: Wishing her the best!
May 17, 2019
Take 2: 150th Golden Spike anniversary, porn, abortion, tax code and more
 Episode 13 of the Take 2 podcast with 2News Anchor/Reporter Heidi Hatch featured a new guest, Senate Minority Whip Luz Escamilla (D).  She took on former Speaker of the House Greg Hughes (R) on issues with Hatch moderating that included: 150th Golden Spike Anniversary: Why it matters - the work of migrants and how, even after a tough history, the United States and China can come together and celebrate common achievement. More than a dozen states have moved to declare pornography a public health crisis: Is the case of Utah leading out? Riverton City Council votes on an abortion/pro-life resolution. Should city councils spend time on issues they have no sway over? The Salt Lake Tribune works to remain a voice in the market by going non-profit. Will it work? Luz talks legalities on the 501(c)3 application. Utah Tax code changes still happening – 10 people in charge but only one woman. Mueller Report is not dead yet. Does this help or hurt your party?
May 10, 2019
Take 2: No collusion ruling in favor of LDS Church and medical marijuana
 Episode 12 of the Take 2 podcast tackled some tough issues with 2News Anchor/Reporter Heidi Hatch hosting former state lawmakers Greg Hughes and Jim Dabakis. The panel of three discussed girls playing high school football and today's resignation of two members of the Utah State Board of Education. Other topics discussed included: No collusion ruling in favor of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and medical marijuana. Trump defends clinicians right to refuse to perform abortions. Will it lead to refusing service to minorities? Utah GOP meets Saturday: Can it find common ground in a new leader? Kennecott cleaning up Utah’s air – killing coal power plant. Do Utah’s charter schools need more - or different - oversight after AISU financial problems and upcoming closure? Karaoke and ax throwing: Should you be able to drink whilst throwing it down?
May 3, 2019
Take 2: 'Avengers: Endgame,' ranked-choice voting and micro-housing
Episode 11 of the Take 2 podcast took on "Avenger: Endgame" with 2News Anchor/Reporter Heidi Hatch hosting former state lawmakers Greg Hughes and Jim Dabakis. Who’s buying adult diapers to make it through the three-hour movie? Who’s saving their money?  As the trio talks shop, they address the following topics: The GOP convention is coming up. Are the party priorities in the right place? Ranked-choice voting. Senate Bill 54 statement. Call to repeal new hate crimes law. Activists want to “abort the inland port” are they going about it the right way? Micro-housing is awesome just not in my neighborhood. What else is up this weekend?
April 26, 2019
PODCAST - Take 2: China, Elizabeth Warren, Utah tourism, and Amazon robots
This episode of the Take 2 podcast took on some hot topics with 2News Anchor/Reporter Heidi Hatch hosting former state lawmakers Greg Hughes and Jim Dabakis. The Take 2 Podcast crew discusses the following topics: Hughes is back from a trip to China- why relations between the two countries matter to Utah. Senator Elizabeth Warren drops in on Utah and doesn’t even ask for cash. Utah Tourism, BLM, Wildlands, oil and who should be in charge. Amazon Comes to town with robots- are they killing jobs or creating them?
April 20, 2019
Take 2: With Sen. Todd Weiler and former Sen. Jim Dabakis
Utah’s Democratic party appears to be competing with Utah’s Republicans for the party of dysfunction. Elizabeth Warren is running for President and is making a stop in Utah. Is it just an ATM drive by or does Utah finally matter? Has the #MeToo movement gone too far? Dabakis pushes for Utah teachers to strike for better pay. GOP Todd talks Medicaid expansion, an issue where he voted against his party. A look at why Unified Police Department may not want to keep paying the body cam-footage fees. You can follow Todd Weiler on Twitter @gopTODD and check out his podcast the “TODDCAST”
April 13, 2019
Take 2: Hate crimes, conversion therapy and nuclear waste
Episode 10 of Take 2 tackles Utah’s biggest political and social issues of the week.  3 months in: The surprising grades for Sen. Mitt Romney and Rep. Ben McAdams.  A big week for LGBTQ issues in Utah: Hate crimes bill Possible revival of a ban on conversion therapy Policy change from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Governor Herbert does not veto new provisions for nuclear waste with Energy Solutions.  Crime is down in Salt Lake’s Rio Grande District or is it?
April 5, 2019
Take 2: Legalized fornication, 4.0 beer, medical marijuana & more
 Take 2 tackles the week's biggest political issues: Utah sinning legalized: Fornication, sodomy and adultery are now legal. Why does it matter? Greg Hughes says Utah County kept prosecutions in the category alive and well. 3.3 beer now 4.0 in grocery stores. Jim Dabakis is willing to let Utah cities decide their own alcohol content or ban booze all together. Governor signs bill to ban abortion after 18 weeks. Is this a giant waste of money or a much needed moral stand. Governor Herbert has one veto so far: Was it worth it? Utah Supreme Court tackles medical marijuana. The people verses the legislature. What will they ultimately rule? Sen. Mike Lee makes Colbert. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Tonton’s unite. Is Consistent Law and order seriously lacking in the USA? Think Mueller, Smollet, Rich parents buying their kids into colleges.
March 28, 2019
Take 2: Mueller report, hosting the 2020 Presidential debate and more
 Episode 8 of the Take 2 podcast proved to be lively with a debate between former state lawmakers Greg Hughes and Jim Dabakis. 2News Heidi Hatch posed the following questions and moderated the responses that were worlds apart: The Mueller Report is at long last complete: Should it be released and was the process fair? (Final bonus topic as Mueller handed report to AG while we were wrapping up recording) Rumor Mill: Is Chris Stewart headed to the Trump Cabinet?  Could Ambassador Jon Huntsman reprise his role as Utah’s Governor? Does Utah’s Legislature need more than 45 days to pass more bills? Utah’s GOP is a by many accounts a mess: Will a new Chair fix the infighting? Could Utah host a 2020 Presidential debate? The little state that could. Free Speech on our college campuses. Did POTUS make a smart move in that direction this week? NCAA tournament, gravel pits are the pits, follow the money and a whole lot more in this week’s Take 2.
March 22, 2019
Take 2: Best & Worst of the 2019 Legislative Session
Episode 7 of the Take 2 podcast was hosted by 2News Anchor/Reporter Brian Mullahy with former state lawmakers Greg Hughes and Jim Dabakis. The panel discussed the best and the worst of the 2019 legislative session with lively debate about a tax overhaul in an upcoming special session. Additional discussion addressed: - Funding education - Sales tax on food - LDS Church lost control of alcohol? - Abortion - Medicaid expansion - Hotter nuclear waste coming to Utah - $19 billion state budget  - State vs. Local jurisdictions -House vs Senate
March 15, 2019
PODCAST SPECIAL - Take 2 on legislature killing massive tax overhaul bill
 Back by popular demand, the Take 2 podcast moderated by 2News Anchor Heidi Hatch gets an exclusive update from former state lawmakers Greg Hughes and Jim Dabakis on the Utah legislature killing the massive tax overhaul. The duo answers the big question about why tax policy is being addressed as a "problem" in the Beehive State.
March 8, 2019
Take 2: Death of conversion therapy, 4.8% beer and tax reform bills
 Episode  6 of the Take 2 podcast was an emotion one with Heidi Hatch facilitating discussion about the Utah legislature with former state lawmakers Greg Hughes and Jim Dabakis. When the topic of a bill that died in the legislature that would've banned conversion therapy for gay teens in Utah was posed, Dabakis - who is openly gay - issued a question of his own. How hard would it be for you to change? How many sessions would you need so you could suddenly become gay? Other topics discussed that had lively debate included: Will Utah be stuck with 3.2 percent beer forever? Should the Legislature allow first cousins to procreate? Utah’s Constitution references men: Has the time come to make it gender neutral? The only thing certain in this session: Death and taxes, or at least the death of a massive tax overhaul.
March 8, 2019
Take 2: 4.8% beer, tax reform bill, charter school-lawmaker link
 Episode 5 of the popular Take 2 podcast included a special guest in addition to Heidi Hatch moderating a lively debate between former state lawmakers Greg Hughes and Jim Dabakis. The hot topics they discussed included Hughes expressing his concerns about a Beyond the Books investigation into the connection between charter schools and lawmakers. Other topics debated include: A ban on texting while driving: The bill is dead for a third year, even after 75% of Utahns said they wanted it in a recent Hinckley/Salt Lake Tribune poll. Gov. Gary Herbert, in a surprising turn of events, says he’s on board with a higher alcohol content bill. Will he have a chance to sign it? Brigham Young University Police : What appears to be the third and possible final nail in its coffin. The Inland Port and the idea of rural spokes: Good idea or just plain stupid. The tax reform bill: It's 257 pages long. Have any of us actually read it? AND it was the talk of Capitol Hill.  A 2News Behind the Books investigation into charter schools and legislators' influence. Hughes had some major issues with the story. We let him address them with guest,  investigative reporter Chris Jones. The debate gets even more heated in Episode 6 of the Take 2 podcast on March 8. You won't want to miss it!
March 1, 2019
Take 2: Sandy City water, tax cuts, drugs and BYU's police force
 In this week’s Take 2 podcast, Heidi Hatch facilitates discussion with former state lawmakers Greg Hughes and Jim Dabakis on hot topics in this legislative session:  A hate crimes bill collides with national headlines. Will it hurt Utah’s bill? Sandy City has a crisis on its hands. Who is ultimately responsible for the contaminated water crisis? Should Utah even fluoridate its water? Canadian drugs and their deeply discounted prices may soon be headed to Utah. Gov. Gary Herbert wants a huge tax cut: Is it even possible? Straight ticket voting - a Utah favorite could go the way of the Do-Do bird? BYU’s police force could soon be accountable like every other department in the state. That, and a whole lot more, in this week’s Take 2 podcast - "the fastest-growing podcast in Utah."  Learn more about Heidi, Greg and Jim by clicking here. 
February 22, 2019
Take 2: Earthquakes, nuclear waste and transgender birth certificates
2News Anchor Heidi Hatch moderates lively discussion between former legislative lawmakers Greg Hughes (R) and Jim Dabakis (D).  In this week podcast, the duo tackles: Trump Declares a National Emergency:  Is it really as bad as it sounds? Utah’s wake-up call in the form of an earthquake: Are we really ready for the “big one" ? Should former Sen. Orrin Hatch get $2 million from the Utah Legislature for his legacy foundation? A bill on the table could cut Salt Lake County in half: The good, the bad and the ugly. With a 45-day session, should we really care about a Utah State flag? Is Utah the nation’s new dumping ground for depleted uranium? A transgender birth certificate bill dies. Is it something we can all agree on?
February 15, 2019
Take 2: Beer, medical cannabis, Medicaid and cell phones
2News Anchor Heidi Hatch poses tough questions to former legislative lawmakers, former Speaker of the House Greg Hughes (R) and former State Senator Jim Dabakis (D). How did they respond to being asked:  3.2 Beer in Utah: Is it time to upgrade? Medical Marijuana: Do we need a set of rules? Redistricting: It may not happen?  Medicaid Expansion: A surprise GOP vote against revision and what happens next? Cell phones while driving: Should Utah toss them out the window?
February 7, 2019
Take 2: Utah's Legislature with Heidi Hatch, Greg Hughes and Jim Dabakis
2News Heidi Hatch hosts former Speaker of the Utah House Greg Hughes (R) and former Utah State Senator Jim Dabakis (D) as they talk about the issues most important to Utahns.  The duo tackled the following issues on Friday, Feb. 1: Banning plastic bags, Legislators vs. the Will of the People, Medicaid expansion, Medical marijuana, Governor's massive tax and who should get the money.
February 2, 2019