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Tales By RJ Talz

Tales By RJ Talz

By RJ Taleha Khan
Hi I am Taleha Khan , TEDx Speaker , Spotify India's FIRST Voice of Anchor after winning the biggest Podcasting Contest in India , Podcast Host & Coach , RJ on weekends and Software Engineer during the weekdays. I have been featured in the Statesman for being a motivating podcaster and coach. Creativity is the heartbeat of life and I am here to share my experiences that will help you stay focussed , positive,motivated and inspire you to unleash your talent and potential :)
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Living in the Present | Day#2 : 100 Days of Gratitude

Tales By RJ Talz

Living in the Present | Day#2 : 100 Days of Gratitude
What would you do if you were given a second chance? Think about your past and future to see how much of your present is worth remembering. Not guilty of letting the past dictate your future but guilty of not valuing it for what it is. Hey people who are listening to this show I want to share a thought with you guys. If you have your goals and aspirations, and you have all of that in front of you--there's no use going backwards, because everything is moving forwards. So how do we make sure not to go backwards, but move onwards? Have you started to feel like you are losing control over the way your life is headed?
September 11, 2022
How to fill the Jar of Happiness ? | Day#1: 100 Days of Gratitude
Starting this new series to pay my gratitude. Hi Everyone , my family is going through a tough time , it's tough to keep sane honestly. Thus , as a councious effort and to put the best positive vibes to the universe am starting a new series that has experiences from which I have personally benefitted a lot. This series will be called "100 days of Gratitude" Today I share "How I fill my Jar of happiness , even though there are gloomy days and how this has personally helped me to overcome stress " This is streaming across all major Podcasting Platforms What is a Happiness Jar? Put simply, a happiness jar is a glass jar in which you deposit a daily note of gratitude. On a piece of paper, write one good thing that has happened that day for which you are grateful, fold it or roll it up, and pop it into the jar. Listen to this episode to know more. Don't forget to share with someone whom this episode can be helpful. If you liked this , Rate us on Spotify and Review us on Apple Podcast.
September 10, 2022
How to make Yoga a part of your Life? Feat. Shilpi Taneja ,Founder, Transcend Yoga
They say "Yoga se hi Hoga" , Yoga is actually an important part of life and its crucial to practise under a trained Professional and today on International Yoga Day , I thought to bring in an expert who is not only my friend but also I get so inspired from her Yogic posts that I thought no one else can inspire better than her! Presenting Shilpi Taneja , Founder , Transcend Yoga Studio who has trained world class boxers , Olympians and Arjuna Award winners and been practising Yoga since a long time now. Lets Listen and dive into the world of Yoga. You can reach out to Shilpi at and follow her at . If you enjoyed this Podcast Rate us on Spotify and Review us on Apple Podcast.
June 21, 2022
Is Self Respect important in the Multiverse of Relationships ? : Raw & Real !
Dear Listeners , you have been reaching out to me like a dear friend seeking answers to questions like " how should I grab attention ? , How should I make someone fall for me ? " And many details made me feel you are doing one big mistake at keeping your self respect at bay ! While it's important to respect your partner in a relationship, it's also really important to have respect for yourself, whether single or dating. Self-respect is the key to building confidence and maintaining healthy relationships with other people throughout your life. So , though am not a relationship coach , but I thought to share this important aspect and share my own mistakes so that you dont end up demeaning yourself! It's important to self care and self love and realize our worth before keeping others worthy above us! So let's listen on! If you have anything to talk to or a topic you wish me to talk upon reach out at or , Don't forget to Rate us on Spotify & Review us on Apple Podcast !
May 15, 2022
WAGMI! Did I PodFade? Closing this Podcast?Special Life Updates, Voice of Anchor, Where was I?#61
Posting almost after an year , spoke my heart out of all that happened in the last 1 year ! My lows My highs and all the things in between , winning Voice of Anchor and much more ! Don't forget to connect at , Music used is subscriptioned from Epidemic Sound.
May 02, 2022
Good by covid , #IndiaFightsCorona : Spark Up! Episode#59
The last almost 45 days have been a war for each one of us, I doubt anyone of us has been untouched by what has been happening around us. I never had the courage to record this episode , it actually took me a lot of effort and courage. Just wanted to share my lessons , just wanted to spread a ray of hope. This is the most unprofessional way of recording , but just wanted it to be the most neutral natural one ! I hope we all sail through this and emerge as winners. Stay Safe , Stay Blessed!
May 12, 2021
Wishing all the beautiful women around us the pinkest of health and a blossoming life of happiness and success :) Happy Women's day and to every men who make the women in their life shine bright like a diamond :). While the world gives you oodles of reasons why you should celebrate Women's Day , I give you the reason why You SHOULD NOT celebrate It !
March 08, 2021
16 year old earning 7 figure monthly through Blogging ft. Umer Qureshi| Spark Up! Episode #57
We all want to be the best version of ourselves, wanting personal development and ways to self-improvement, so that we can shine and become rich and successful in life. But to get that success in life, should you really follow old sayings that you are guided with- to invest in yourself, focus on yourself, learn new skills and upskill yourself so that one day you can change your life Umer Qureshi, Young Entrepreneur and Marketer, in this Talk, he tells us how he made his way to the top. All of his success was coupled with a series of failures and challenges. Drawing from those instances and how he overcame them, he gives us the skills that he learned and worked on in order to become a successful entrepreneur and make revenue in lakhs at the age of 16. If you're looking for ways on how to be rich and successful in life or how to be successful as an all-rounder, go watch this Josh Talk for all the success motivation. Know more about Umer Qureshi here:​ You can also follow Umer's YouTube Channel:
March 06, 2021
The One Minute BOOK Reviewer ft. Aun Abdi| Spark Up! Episode#56
If you feel you're addicted to phones and technology, and have no time to read real books, here's an avid book reviewer and am sure this fabulous personality needs no introduction! In this show, I bring to you the amazing Aun Abdi who brought a global revolution and changed perspective of people around books. We talk about how technology is affecting our productivity and offers suggestions on how we can have a quality life with minimal quality use of technology and not forgetting the esseence of books. His podcast and social media would not only make you fall in love with his work but also literally make you realize that Books are Indeed Best Friends! You can follow him at and
February 27, 2021
Mohabbat ki duniya galiyaan tak har lamha chhedta tha, Ab teri dastaan mohabbat ka hai. Mujhe tujhe pyar karna wali tasalli na thi…There is no nation in the world that could do without love. Love is the very foundation of our life and civilization. Love plays a very dominant role in almost all spheres of our existence and hence does not need any explanation or description. {Sultan year} This is a heart touching podcast for all those who have lost the one true love of their life. Will you be able to take away their pain and help them move on? Will this be your Valentine's Day gift? The story about first love is the most passionate and crazy experience. It goes by different names, and has been referred to by the number of its chapters. It has had many renditions in all languages, but I am here to narrate you the story of Mohabbat.
February 14, 2021
Lo Ji! Humko bhi hogaya FOMO & Imposter Syndrome: SPARK UP! Episode#54
I know these are fancy terms courtesy social media , but in reality they take a toll on your mental health ! After suffering from them for a long time , finally I can share my story and solution that helped me combat these two. Also this is my effort to make the internet a positive space and to talk about things that are unspoken and many of us shy away from , taking them lightly! So listen up and do share with people around you , as this could help them. Would love to hear your feedback too. Follow me on my social media
February 08, 2021
SECTUMSEMPRA : "Where the HELL were you ? Huh ! "SPARK UP! Episode#53
This podcast took me almost 3-4 months to record , and its a curation with a lot of variations! These months have been super tough on me , I have been on bedrest for the past 1 month now , and more is yet to come! While I wait for some magic Lumos to extricate me! Also I have a surprise in this podcast just for you :) There is a video version to this podcast that is completely different and you can find it here : All links mentioned in this podcast can be fetched here :
January 18, 2021
2020 was a roller coaster ride ...but I had a share of my best and worst times..* In this podcast , which is completly my new way of portraying my not a rant or how the year went like everyone else...but infact it's a *totally different* experience. As it's been a bed rest phase for me , my spirits did not die and it took me *10 hours* to edit this piece , catered to bring you smiles and share my journey. Hope you do *like* it , if you do , please do *subscribe* , like , *comment* and *share* to *support* my work *All major podcast platform links here :* #talesbytalz #2020rewind #YTRewind
January 02, 2021
Hi Everyone , I am happy to announce a new season on my podcast , called SPARK UP! This season is a time to actually unleash your potential and shine on! It's here that I talk about hustling and how you too can chase your passions to reincarnate them to professions! Seriously , you can ... And you will! All you need to do is feed your earbuds with some inspiring stories , tips and tricks and how everyone made a difference. You will also get to know some secrets from my Pandora's box of tips and tricks! Sounds awesome right! So this season...lets all ignite our souls & SPARK UP!
July 02, 2020
Where was I ? Last Episode of this season!: UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN: Episode#50 :
Hi Everyday , A very happy month of July. A lot of you have been asking me where was I ? Here I share what all I have planned for you all. I am bringing a lot of new content that will help you massively. Also many of you asked me how you can join my podcasting workshops. Here is the link for the same . You can also follow me on the social media @talesbytalz. I feel so nostalgic as I say its my 50th episode. Listen up as I also tell you about the next season :)
July 01, 2020
Memory lanes with King of Pop - Michael Jackson: UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#49 :
Hi Everyone , in today's episode I will be sharing some random facts that I carry with me associated with King of Pop - MJ. Ofcourse we all love him so much as the greatest entertainer of all times. Someone who had pulsating energy. His songs reflected what all he had gone through! If you have seen his movie 'This is It' , released post his demise you would see how amazing he was at his practises that it was hard to believe it was a behind the scenes , practise session and not a LIVE performance. I barely ate anything for a week when I heard about his demise! Listen up if you too are a true MJ fan or wish to know more about some crazy memories I have !
June 25, 2020
Get your dream fitness with Pizza Slices! Avishai El - Health CoachUNLOCK the LOCKDOWN: Episode#48
Hi Everyone , Today's guest is super awesome and this conversation is not any other health talk , rather it's super funky and how to drop pounds , get rid of stress and create the life you deserve that too without eating 4 leaves of salad. Avishai El , founder of Eat Stress Away and host of Avi uInfiltered podcast that is doing wonders! Listen up to know about cheese and icecream and pizza can help you to get your dream fitness and desired body! You can reach out to Avi at and , instagram @avishaiel .
June 24, 2020
The Secret Sauce of Motivation: Divya Kothari -The Laborious Lad! UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN: Episode#47 :
Hi Everyone , I must tell you it took me a whole week and almost 31 hours of production to render this episode!!! This amazing episode has a lot of amazing takeaways. Divya Kothari aka The Laborious Lad shares his secrets of becoming a butterfly from a caterpillar using the mantra of motivation and curiosity! Am pretty sure after listening to this episode you would feel as if Divya is a Marvel hero! So listen up and stick to the end to know about an ultimate tool called Zen Mode. You can reach out to Divya at , instagram@thelaboriouslad.
June 23, 2020
Lesson learnt from today! RIP Sushant!UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#46
Hi Everyone , today's episode is dedicated to something I realized today and wanted to address it asap. The sad demise of Sushant Singh Rajput has been a huge eye opener and while investigations are on , I also feel that its important to realize how mental health is most important , and we keep it on a backseat. While many of us in the aim to be successful forget about it,one day when everything goes out of way we resort to extreme steps! Dont ever forget how precious is this life!! I have a something crucial to share please listen on!
June 14, 2020
Tips to unlock the Creative Block: UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#45 :
Hi Everyone, You keep on asking me how to deal with creative block...and here is the answer!! listen up :)
May 12, 2020
Super Simple Tips to start podcasting: UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN: Episode#44 :
Hi Everyone , Many of you asked me how to start podcasting and tips and tricks to kickstart. Listen up to know more :)
May 11, 2020
Reliving the lovely 'MOM'ents :) Mother's Day Special :UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN: Episode#43 :
Hi Everyone , this lockdown I have spent quality time with my family and went through a tonne of ups and downs. I want to share my 'MOM'ents today on Mothers day where I take a trip down memory lanes and how one incident in our lives changed our bonding to a another level! So listen up to know more :)
May 10, 2020
Recession ka depression a by-product of the lockdown...coming soon !! I have a quarantine confession... Bar bar hath dhona ka regulation. Bahar na niklo ka caution. Gharwalo ko lagta hai Work For Home hai ... phir bhi nahi de rahi hame attention? Bina 24/7 wFh aapko nhi milega ofc me promotion Wo ammi ki new recipes ka invention.. isne toh laga diya hai mere fitness goals pe interruption. Youtube pe bhi har koi chef banne ki de raha hai inspiration Kisi ne seekhi importance of relations. Toh kisi ne dekh daley web series on reptition News ne  de di hai- economy girni ki stress aur tension Sochne pe majboor kardiya hai kya hoga of our Nation!  kya phir hoga lockdown ka extension? . . Maana k hua hai bahut devastation... Arey yar I forgot to mention.. . Khayal ata hoga na - Naukri rahegi ya change krna padega profession? . . Magar did you realize.. Dimag me khuli hain ... kitni new tabs of motivation ? Toh Khudh ko lagao.. Be Positive ka injection. Aur puri karo apni har ambition.. Join Me ..Taleha Khan with a new creation . To know ---The only Solution. To Recession Ka Depression Called- Side Hustle - The New Normal Dimension ... Jo hoga meri podcast k safar ka agla station. And yes stay home , stay safe.. Yehi hai sabse bada prevention
May 09, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN: Episode#41: How is podcasting a new love over Radio?
Hi Everyone ,a lot of you listen to my episodes and ask me which one do I like the most - is it Radio or Podcast ? It's like asking someone with sweet tooth - do you love chocolates or icecreams? It's tough to choose. However, listen up to know more :)
May 07, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN: Episode#40 : New Season in the making : SIDE HUSTLE WITH TALEHA - Legit Failed Bloppers :p
Side hustle will be the new normal !! While recording for the same ...I had an epic failed moment! Thought to share this to make you understand it's ok to fail!!
May 05, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN: Episode#39: Perhaps God sent me this North Star!
Hi Everyone , I know everyday I just come and ask you the same question and feel that sab acha hoga! Today I want you to be a part of a dream I had and coincidently it became a north star in my life . Would you want to know what is it ? Then go ahead and listen to my new podcast ! And yes on your demand it's in Hinglish ;)
May 04, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#38 : The true zakaat in Ramadhan
Hi Everyone , today a small idea struck my mind. And i wanted to share it with everyone. So just listen up to this small message :)
May 03, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#37: Sehri me nahi mil paya khane ko Milk & Toast & Honey !
Hi Everyone , Aap Sabki farmaish pe , I will share ek yummy recipe of Milk Toast Honey that I had in my sehri ek din! Kasam se yar...sunloge na toh dil lalcha jayega , mann karega abhi bana lo ,abhi kha lo... Lekin iss se pehle ke me usko kha paati , something happened that changed my life ! And this is a lesson which I learnt :) Listen up to know what happened... Kya pata aapki bhi life change hojaye ;)
May 02, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN: Episode#36 : A diary entry from the hospital - Salute to the corona warriors !
Hi Everyone , A new month has opened it's gates. However we still are suffering from the pandemic and being locked inside our homes. But have you seen the corona warriors , they have been the ultimate heros...heros to humanity! They have actually been able to make our life so comfortable and really luxurious. I wish each one of us learns from them and understand that on labours day , its the numerous people involved in the essential services and all the skillful daily wagers who built palaces for us and now stranding to reach to their homes. Try to remember them in your prayers, remember them in your thoughts and thank god for all the things you have before cribbing about luxury! Lets all give our salute , say a lil prayer and wish that we all sail faster ...smoother...safer back to the times where everything was normal! Listen up a diary entry from the hospital !
May 01, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#35 : Two Gems of Bollywood lost : What it has taught me?
Hi Everyone ,this morning has brought a heavy news which added to the remorse we all were had since yesterday. What we lost is irreplaceable but also it opened my eyes. What did I learn today ? Listen up!
April 30, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#34 : An ode to all those khwahishein yet to be fulfilled : Irrfan Khan
Today , as I recorded this episode ,I had tears in my eyes. Its so difficult to digest the fact that sucha versatile actor is no more! Irrfan was known was his skills that were top notch ! There was a time in life when he did not have money to buy tickets for Jurassic Park and then came a time when he was the hero in it ! Seriously there is a lot to learn from him! Listen up and lets pay a tribute together!
April 29, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN: Episode#33 : A chit chatty what I did in the lockdown so far?
Hi Everyone, As many of you keep asking me what all I do everyday and I do a chit chat podcast talking about what I did in the lockdown, since I accumulated a lot memories and things ticked off my checklist so far, I thought to sit down today and talk to you all :) Check out what all I did and let me know what all have you done ?  Listen up and let me know your views :)
April 28, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#32 : What Podcasting for 30 days taught me?
Hi Everyone , I have completed 30 days back to back of creating podcasts...and in this journey I have learnt so much :) Today I am going to be sharing some of the things I have learnt during this lockdown while podcasting ! So listen up and maybe you too can learn from my experience:)
April 27, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#31 : The talented heart-throb child superstar : Jared Savaille
In today's episode I talk to Jared Savaille the talented superstar who has acted in many movies , serials , ads and what not! He is the next big rising star and a powerhouse of talent at such a tender age. Catch this fun interview with Jared and his father Kevin as he shares his life's journey and tips for all wannabe superstars! Listen up and you would fall in love with this talented star :)
April 26, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#30 : And they too are Podcasters Now !
Hi Everyone , today I complete my debut month to podcasting. Cannot believe that time just flew by and I have stuck to being consistent. Today this podcast is like a baby to me. But the magic is yet to be unfolded. In this podcast ,I share 12 podcasters who created their podcasts! They heard my podcast and just thought that "we should have a podcast too!". It cant be a bigger day than today , when I can thank them by being a part of my show because they have been my super motivating genie!
April 25, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#29 : Ramadhan in LOCKDOWN from Purani Dilli
Hi everyone , wishing you a happy Ramadhan. Wishing you happy fasting and feasting and there are so many memories and a special poem i wrote to wish you all going out direct dil se. Memories of my iftar and sehri...memories from food walks... So do listen up as I take a trip down memory lanes through the by lanes of old delhi food walks to waiting to eat amazing food for iftar and sehri and the coming of eid :)
April 24, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#28 : How to overcome travel FOMO / travel sickness in this lockdown?
I know most of us who love travel and are travel freaks...saving up our holidays and savings for travel are definitely missing on travel a lot and cant wait to travel again! However , looking at the current scenario it is a lil tough and instead of suffering from travel sickness or travel FOMO., I have few tips that will help you to make you feel all happy and submerged into the travel world again.. by just following few tips. So if you want a remedy to get over that travel bug whose bitten you many times during this lockdown , listen up and am sure you will feel nirvana :)
April 23, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#27: Parenting to Co-Founder to Digital Marketing : Manjusha Gadamsetty
Hi Everyone ,many of you ask me how do I cope with the Covid situation sitting at home? How to start a business while sitting at home ? Or even that my business has hampered a lot , how to revive it at home? Enter Manjusha Gadamsetty , Founder of Sproutz ,who will be walking us through her journey and telling us about the five major transitions in her life: Being a lead software architect to coming back to india and being a parent to starting Sproutz to getting into Digital Marketing! So listen up as tonight's podcast will help you in an all new insight to the world !
April 22, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#26 : How to handle a bad day at work during the lockdown?
Some of you lovely listeners asked me what to do when they face a bad day at work during this stressful time. I thought to address this topic asap because I could sense how much it is bothering you! So after this podcast am sure you would find a better way to deal with it !
April 21, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#25 : Which type of content is the BESTEST?
First of all, a huge thanks for your messages , and second thanks to all people who said that I motivated them and even they started their podcast. Now some of you just asked me that your language is not perfect , how would people feel when you create content ? In this podcast I answer the solution and give you the answer with the best content ! So if you too are having jitters in creating content , hop on and Listen Up!
April 20, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#24: How digital marketing helped Asmita Dsouza? Rising Instagram star!
We often wonder how to grow our brand ? Should I buy followers ? Should I hire someone ? How to go about it? In comes in Asmita Dsouza who judiciously used this lockdown period and worked consistently towards her goal. Listen up to know more :)
April 19, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#23: Answering the FAQs - Part-2
I am so happy that so many of you have been sending in questions and today I am answering a few here today :)
April 18, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN: Episode#22: The social media expert : Conversation with Sanya Priyadarshni
Hi Everyone , I have been following her on instagram(sanya_priyadarshni) ,her stories and work are very inspiring especially if you wish to know how to make your day productive. She is a social media and email marketing expert who started this as an experiment and it became a joy of life. As Sanya shares her journey and shares her tips and tricks on social media conversions in her talk ,you would realize the amazing knowledge she has ! Listen up to know more :)
April 17, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN: Episode#21 : Keep CALM & Keep KAAM-se-KAAM
Hi everyone , many of you reached out to me saying how this lockdown is been daunting and you guys are just looking out for approval for even your happiness quotient! So my tip is keep calm & keep kaam-se-kaam ... Listen up to know how?
April 16, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#20 : It's time to PONDER!!
I got so many messages from people depressed,stressed,anxious and worried from the extended phase 2 of lockdown! Tonight it is my duty to ponder and make you ponder!
April 15, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#19: Top Podcast Recommendations to enjoy and learn
Today I am sharing some of my podcast recommendations that will be helpful , enjoyable and worth listening to unlock the lockdown! From entrepreneurship to politics to comedy to self help i have convered it Listen Up!
April 14, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#18: Helping Hand by Responsenet in Covid-19
In today's episode I invited Shalini from to tell us how the organisation is helping the daily wage labourers and migrant workers in this pandemic situation. Shalini tells about all the initiative and how they ensure that all contributions reach the affected with essential item kits across many cities in India. You too can reach out to them via linkedin,instagram,twitter and facebook and make your contributions no matter how small , each contribution matters! Listen on to know more :)
April 13, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#17 : Trailer + Top Highlights from DIGITAL MASTERS CONFERENCE
Today I attended DMC , where 9 top masters from India's digital platform came together for a great cause. It just made me super excited to share few points that struck in my head as some nailed takeaways. In excitement I made a raw podcast ,as I wanted to share the same with the world :) #DMCforcorona .
April 12, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#16 : Some missed out hygiene tips for this Corona
Hi everyone , as we all are caught up and locked up in this pandemic ,its important for us to realize that hygiene is important. While some tips have been circulated widespread ,some have been missed out , and here I am sharing few tips from my everyday life that I believe we all should follow ! Listen on...
April 11, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#15 : Movies unleashing the Entrepreneur in YOU!
Now that we all are binge watching movies ,I recommend few movies that will help you to learn every phase an Entrepreneur has to face! This will unleash that thought process in you and put your thinking caps on :)
April 10, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#14 : Reincarnating & Rejuvenating Animation Movies
Today I will share some of the animation movies that will not only been refreshing but also help you learn something great :) perfect candidates for unlocking this lockdown!
April 09, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#13 : Becoming RUNEPRENEUR : Interview with Dr. Tapati Bhattarcharya
the podcast about Dr. Tapati Bhattacharya​​ , Founder Carmika Creations , whose now a RUNEPRENEUR :) Her 5 minute story is full of inspiration and motivation :).Podcast available on , spotify , apple podcast , google podcast ,breaker , pocket cast , radio public !
April 08, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#12 : Top lessons I learnt from this lockdown
The lockdown period has been super crazy for all of us. It has taught us so many lessons , time for us to take a trip down the memory lanes and understand how this has been super positive for a lifetime. Listen on :)
April 07, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#11 : Skincare Tips at home with Dr. Indu Ballani
Its time we all take good care of ourselves and pamper to unlock this lockdown. Tonight's episode I invited Dr. Indu Ballani , an expert dermatologist ,from Ballani Skincare & Aesthetics , to share some insight on the same. You can reach out to her at and on instagram at ballaniindu. Listen to this podcast as am sure these quick tips will help you in taking good care of all your skin concerns.
April 06, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#10: Quick tips on being active & productive
In today's episode I summarize some tips that I get asked about again and again on staying positive , active and productive in this lockdown. These are some tips that are super crisp ,handy and useful...most important easy to incorporate , so listen on:)
April 05, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#9 : Answering your FAQs : Part#1
I have a whole lot of questions that all you lovely audience keep sending me , answering few of them today on Procrastination , speaking fluently , skincare and fitness tips , how i create my graphics , how to monetize your podcast etc. Etc. If you have any questions or wish to be part of the show or any requests , you can reach out to me on my social media by the handle talesbytalz or youtube: taleha khan or leave a voice message to any podcast episode or mail me at and in the subject line mention PODCAST so that I know why did you reach out to me :)
April 04, 2020
UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#8: What kind of content is most appealling & appalling ?
In today's episode I cover the most important aspect while making and publishing content and that is to make it most appealling. Listen on ,to know more :)
April 03, 2020
FOMO or JOMO ? Start Up or Stop Down ? : UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#7 :
Now we all suffer from FOMO or JOMO. But what if you have a brilliant idea but dont execute it because of what will people think ? Or maybe you dont do it because a lot of people have done it ? It's time to start doing it , am sure this episode will be a KICK start if you Wanna be Starting Something :)
April 02, 2020
How to grow your following the easiest way ?: UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#6 :
Often we all wonder how to grow our following without spending on ads or fancy videos ? Its ok to incorporate all the traditional digital marketing techniques , but here is something which will really help you and is much needed in this lockdown. Want to know more ? Check out this podcast :)
April 01, 2020
How to start a Side Hustle ?: UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#5
I am a full time software engineer and a part-time RJ. My mind is round the clock thinking like a content creator and I love to learn! Most of you always ask me , how do I manage all these side hustles ? I have added all the tips and tricks to find your niche and start your side hustle ! I am sure this will help you :)
March 31, 2020
How to Start Your Own Podcast?: UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#4
I am super happy that so many of you took this initiative so well and look forward to a new episode everyday. The best part has been how you wish to start a podcast but do not know how to do it ? So I will be sharing some tips and tricks to make your debut in the arena of podcast in an unedited way :)
March 30, 2020
We all commit them , we all point fingers at others and dig them out , we all crib about them and we all improve by them... yes I am talking about mistakes ! In my last podcast , I did a mistake and here I am to confess some of them :)
March 29, 2020
How to become an RJ this season?UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : Episode#2
I invited my dear buddies and had a hearty conversation with them. RJ Himani & RJ Nikhil are RJs at All India Radio and they shared tips and tricks on how you can make the most of this lockdown and become an RJ. Kriti joined in and added points on how she is utilizing this time in learning new skills like tarot card reading and online education. She also gave some insights of content she wishes to listen to from RJs.
March 28, 2020
Every coin has two sides and so does this lockdown !UNLOCK the LOCKDOWN : EPISODE#1
Time to unlock your potential ,and enhance your productivity , unleash your talent . This podcast will share some tips tricks hacks and real life stories & experiences that will definitely add to your positivity stash!
March 27, 2020
March 26, 2020
March 26, 2020