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Tales From the Secret Cabin

Tales From the Secret Cabin

By Christ Community Church, Greeley CO
The Tales From The Secret Cabin podcast is an engaging conversation and a “behind the curtain” look at Church culture, life and the everyday practice of being human. It is hosted by Phil Grizzle, KJ Tencza, and Jenny Hooten with various guest appearances by those who embody curiosity, wonder and a passion for something incredible.

If you are someone who has a profound sense that there is way more to life than this, we invite you to engage with our “Tales From The Secret Cabin.”
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Beekeeping vs Beehaving
In this episode, we stepped outside the secret cabin and went to visit the beehives! The bees have taught KJ so much poetry about life, and he will share that with us along with all the profound parallels between our spiritual journey and the bees.
June 9, 2021
Is That a Wasp?
Welcome to Tales from the Secret Cabin, a behind-the-curtains conversation about life, faith and poetry among friends. In this episode, our hosts look back at the podcast's journey so far and share their favorite highlights of what has happened in the Secret Cabin. Join our conversation by writing us letters! 1301 15th St, Greeley, CO, 80631
May 26, 2021
Divine Nonchalance
Welcome to the Secret Cabin, where friends have authentic and unscripted conversations about life and faith. In this episode, Phil shares a thought-provoking expression he came across during a recent trip: "curating divine nonchalance". It seems like a lot of the stories on how we encounter Christ is in nonchalance kind of moments - but can we curate these divine experiences? Come join this conversation and let us know your thoughts by writing us at 1301 15th St., Greeley, CO, 80631.
May 12, 2021
Batons and Time Machines
“I don’t want to forget the God who has proven himself to me consistently over the years, so that as I navigate the future, I don’t do it void of the past experiences that God by his providence has allowed me to have.” In this episode, we welcomed the special guest, our friend and pastor, Bruce Hoppe. Join in this conversation as we pose questions about how we see the past, the future, and our legacy.
April 28, 2021
"Our search for God is personal, but He has gifted us with relationships on this Earth to make it a richer experience." Welcome to Tales From the Secret Cabin!  In this episode, we celebrate the conversations being born out of this podcast, the power of truth spoken to one other, and even the silence that can be shared as a gift. Conversation begs conversation, and we welcome you in, friends! 1301 15th St, Greeley, CO, 80631
April 14, 2021
The Flip Side
After the 40 days of lent, here comes Easter. What's the flip side of the "eternity in the desert"? What is the reality that Easter brings in contrast to where we're at? Join our conversation today as we discuss the ups and downs of joy, hope, and redemption.
March 31, 2021
Echoes of the Garden
What does it mean to live a life that you can't imagine, to experience the unimaginable?  What does it mean to be human in this world, in this adventure-gift that God has given us?? Join this conversation as we welcome our friend Ben Fusco along with his magical stories into the Secret Cabin!
March 17, 2021
Jesus Goose
"Some things will never be my destination; but if I am aware in the journey... I might experience some incredible things." How do you journey through seasons of wilderness? Join this conversation with KJ, Phil, Jenny and Michael about seeking Jesus in unexpected places and finding goodness... even in the wilderness.
March 3, 2021
40 Days
In this episode, KJ, Phil, Dudley, and Jenny unpack some questions about Ash Wednesday and the 40-day lent period before Easter. What does it all mean? And why is this relevant for me today? Let’s explore together the beauty and the depth of this season and how it can impact us! Join this conversation and let us know what thoughts this sparked in you! We would love to receive a letter from you at: 1301 15th St, Greeley, CO, 80631
February 17, 2021
The Road Goes Ever On And On...
In this episode, we get to experience some of the tales and adventures of our friend Dudley Brown, PhD.  KJ, Jenny, Dudley and Phil share stories of their journeys and inspire us to observe and learn from our own trajectories. The path isn’t always easy, but it’s the hard path that changes us as we wrestle with courage, authenticity, and the obstacles along the way. We would love to hear your story! Mail us a letter to 1301 15th St, Greeley, CO, 80631.
February 10, 2021
2 + 2 = Jesus
Curiosity has taken Phil, KJ, Jenny, and Stetson into asking some very good questions about life and faith. Join this conversation to engage in a journey of discovery and epiphany!
January 28, 2021
We experienced Christmas - what now? In this episode, we talk about expectations, change, pursuit, and the desire to recalibrate our heart for the new year, as we chase after God and hope together! Engage in this conversation about Epiphany and in some thought-provoking insights for this season! What is being stirred in your heart? At the end of this episode, we encourage you to take some time to actually write it down on a piece of paper and mail it to us at:  1301 15th St., Greeley, CO, 80631 We would love to hear from you!
January 13, 2021
Experience Advent | Episode 4: JOY
In this last episode of our Advent conversations, we navigate the unexpected emotions that come along with JOY and the diversity of ways we experience joy in our lives. Check out the Digital Shorts we've made to enhance your preparation and anticipation for Christmas here.
December 16, 2020
Experience Advent | Episode 3: LOVE
In this episode, we share stories about Saint Nicholas, John the Baptist and other thoughts inspired on the theme of LOVE. To complete your Advent experience, check out our Advent Digital Shorts here.
December 9, 2020
Experience Advent | Episode 2: PEACE
Experience Advent this season in a new, rich way with this podcast series. In this episode, we share our thoughts and stories on PEACE. => To complete your Advent experience, check out our Digital Shorts, released every Sunday leading up to Christmas here.
December 2, 2020
Experience Advent | Episode 1: HOPE
Welcome to our very first episode of Tales From the Secret Cabin!  Inspired by the traditional church calendar, we are kicking off our podcast with conversations about Advent. Advent means “The Arrival,” and is a four-week season, leading up to Christmas, centered around the themes of Hope, Peace, Love and Joy.  Experience Advent this season in a new, rich way with this podcast series, starting with this first episode where share our thoughts and stories on HOPE. => Check out the Advent Digital Shorts released every Sunday leading up to Christmas here.
November 12, 2020