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Talk By Victoria

Talk By Victoria

By Victoria Foley
Encouragement. Inspiration. Benevolence. From the inspirational blog comes the official Talk By Victoria Podcast! Here, you will be able to listen to all of the interviews and posts done by Victoria herself. Meet the incredible people behind world-changing causes, organizations, companies and more. They have a ton of wisdom and advice to share. Make sure to subscribe to keep up with all the latest content! All transcripts of this Podcast will be found on the blog. Email for more information and inquiries.
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Stronger Women, Stronger World: Joni Swedlund, Founder of Inner Rock Group, Empowers Women and Minorities through Leadership Training

Talk By Victoria

Accessibility in STEM: Aditi Nayak, founder of the STEM Network at Amherst College, details her experience making science accessible for everyone
Aditi Nayak finds herself enamored by all things science. But unlike others, she wants to make science accessible and allow you (yes, you!) to comprehend and love all those big science concepts that otherwise seem intimidating. But they’re now so easy! At Amherst College, she started the Amherst STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) Network (ASN). She’s one of the most down to earth people that I’ve ever met. Between launching brain organoids into space (we’ll learn what that is in this episode), researching at institutions beyond Amherst, running ASN, and being a fantastic friend, she has a lot of wisdom to share. Question of the episode: What is a question that you’ve been wanting to ask? Check out the Amherst STEM network. Listen to their podcast. Email Aditi at Music for this episode produced by Keegan Foley. Listen to his music and hire him for voice and music production.
September 11, 2022
Caring for a Diverse Classroom in COVID: Dylan Mulroney, 2nd grade teacher in urban schools in PA, tells an encouraging story about perserverance
Meet Dylan Mulroney, a 2nd-grade teacher in Pennsylvania in York City School District. Dylan is my cousin, so it was easy to find out about his work in the classroom and his journey teaching young students. Dylan is from Lancaster, PA, and graduated from Millersville University. Soon, he'll start his master's degree. It was a pleasure speaking with him and asking him about his experience teaching (he's loved it!) and how he confronts the challenges that such a diverse classroom faces. Have any questions for him? Shoot me an email at to share them with him!  Quote of the episode: "You have to have confidence in yourself to say that I am the best person to be teaching these students right now." Question for the episode: In response to Dylan's quote of the episode, where in your life do you have to have the confidence to tell yourself, "I am the best person to be doing this right now?"
July 16, 2022
Las Posibilidades en las Matemáticas: Sebastián Cano, ganador de medalla oro de las Olimpiadas Matemáticas, está creciendo PINO, su organización para ayudar otros chicos apasionados
Hi! Today, I’m speaking with Sebastian Cano. I met him at the Latin American Leadership Academy. From the beginning, Sebastian told us that he loved math and that his dream was to go to MIT. And guess what? He is part of the MIT class of 2026! Sebastian’s love for math drove him to start a Math Olympics league in Paraguay. Notably, he won a gold medal in the International Math Olympics! Incredible, right? I invited him to the podcast because Sebastian does more than just math: he helps other students, once like him, get excited about school and help them with their math. He recently started an organization that does just that. He gives a lot of awesome advice here (especially if you’re applying for college!), and it’s my honor to have him on the Podcast. Enjoy! This interview is conducted in Spanish. If you want to see the English version, visit PINO Paraguay website:  PINO Instagram:  Question of the Episode:  What is the first thing that you turn to when you are stressed? Not the second thing, third thing, or thing you "should" turn to. What's the very first one? It's super revealing! Tell me your response on my Instagram (@talkbyvictoria) or through my email: Have an awesome day! Looking forward to talking soon!  Wordpress Engine, eCommerce Discount: Discount code: WOOYEAR22. 
March 06, 2022
Sports and Service Go Hand in Hand: Molly Sullivan, student volunteer with Best Buddies and Special Olympics, discloses how she combines her two favorite things to give back
Reignite your favorite hobbies and combine them with service! Meet Molly Sullivan, a current student at Marquette University who puts service at the heart of all she does. She and I went to high school together! As a volunteer and leader of Special Olympics and Best Buddies at her school, Molly knows her way to making time for others. Molly loves all things sports. In fact, she broke six swimming records in high school! Geniusly, she has combined her love of sports with her desire to build friendships with those with intellectual disabilities. Molly also speaks about her faith fueling her passion in life to be a person dedicated to serving others. Her bubbly personality shines through on this episode. It’s easy to hear her authenticity. Listen now! Question of the episode: Who is someone you can send a quick text of love to? Connect with Molly on LinkedIn. Check out Special Olympics and Best Buddies. Find more service opportunities on my blog. If you haven’t already subscribed to the podcast, do so now. Subscribe to my blog, too! Music for this podcast was created by Keegan Foley. See his music and hire him for voice and music production.
February 22, 2022
Be that Big Sibling: Ryan Kyle, leader of Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) at Amherst Co, teaches us how to circumvent virtual, funding and motivation challenges
Ryan Kyle is a joy to have around. She’s beloved by all who meet her. It’s my honor to have her on the podcast! Among the many, many things that Ryan does, she has a heart for serving others. She leads Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS), which is a mentor nation-wide organization that has a chapter at Amherst College, where Ryan and I both attend school. She speaks about how to keep kids engaged virtually, how to navigate times when funding is scarce, and of course, like all other guests, she shares her daily act of kindness which involves… a name tag? Listen now! Question of the episode: Who is someone in your life that you frequently pass by, who you don’t yet know their name? Find out their name!  If you want to share your testimonial from this episode or blog, catch me on my instagram @talkbyvictoria or email me, Music for this episode produced by Keegan Foley. See his music and music production services here. He's open to all opportunities (and also my brother!).
February 06, 2022
Where Heart and Soul Comes From: Victoria Foley, host & author of TBV, tells her own story to fulfillment, the blog, and how she finds hope
Victoria Foley, the girl behind the blog and this podcast, answers all of your questions about who she is, what motivates her to keep going and shares how she almost stopped blogging. There’s a lot more intricacy behind the scenes! Perhaps you’re wondering what made her go on. She dives into the origins of Talk By Victoria (TBV) and the direction it’s headed towards. Her own journey in finding ways to serve others has led her to a few realizations that might sustain you, too. She also gives the slightest sneak peek into the second season of the podcast. Question of the episode: Where do you find hope? Share the first thing that comes to mind! Your answer may turn into a few, so feel free to expand, but out of all of them, what’s the biggest source of hope?: Submit your answers either on Instagram or email victoria@talkbyvictoria. She’ll feature them, either by name or anonymously, on her social media. Sponsor (aside from Anchor): Day Designer Planners. Use this link and use my code DDAFFILIATE10 for 10% off your order. Links: Instagram, Service opportunities you can do right now, Keegan Foley music production
January 30, 2022
"We Have The Tools For Hope": Atenea Gimenez, a Venezuelan college student and volunteer teacher, demonstrates how to light up the darkest of moments
Meet Atenea, once voted as the future CEO of Latin American Leadership Academy (LALA) by her peers in the academy (I was there to witness this). She has a passion for leadership and promoting educational resources to college students. Atenea emits rays of hope and she only wants to spread her waves even further. In this interview, she shares her greatest advice (you'll want to write it down!) and also her personal struggles, especially in the current political climate of her country. From teaching to studying to volunteering, this 20 year old lets nothing stop her from shining her light. She volunteers with Asociación Venezolano Americana (AAVA). She began other leadership programs in Venezuela and graduated from the Latin American Leadership Academy (LALA) in 2019. Upon meeting her in my own LALA bootcamp, she immediately showed her passion for positive change. See a transcript at
October 18, 2021
En conocerse, se encontrará: Gustavo Heredia, fundador de Edulimitless, describe cómo deberemos cambiar la educación en Latinoamérica
"¿Qué es el auto-conocimiento? ¿Cómo lo puedo hacer? ¿Cómo lo puedo incorporar en mi trabajo?" Gustavo Heredia tiene 18 años, es peruano y le apasiona la educación, la política, y el liderazgo. Empezó Edulimitless, que busca contribuir con la educación de calidad en Latinoamérica bajo el enfoque de las inteligencias múltiples. Esta organización ya ha hecho clases de inglés mientras promover los idiomas indigenas, y ser personas sirviendo el mundo.  Además, Gustavo ha sido parte de las organizaciones Global Citizen of the Year y LALA (Latin American Leadership Academy). Más recientemente, fue nombrado embajador de YouthxPolicyMaker. Afuera de los estudios, él lee poemas y le encanta viajar. Él destaca la importancia del auto-conocimiento y, nos enseña cómo y por qué este tema debería ser parte de la educación. 
September 26, 2021
Valorarte empieza ahora: Anabella Espinosa, fundadora de Valorarte, nos cuenta su historia y cómo podemos empoderar a las niñas y mujeres
"¿Cómo creo un espacio donde personas pueden sentirse valoradas? ¿Cuáles son algunos recursos que puedo consultar por la buena estima?" La talentosa Anabella Espinola nos cuenta su paso a empoderar niñas por todo Paraguay. Su organización, Valorarte, ha cambiado cómo las niñas se ven y se valoran. Con sus consejos, libros que recomienda, y más, tienes que escuchar la historia de Anabella y cómo podemos cambiar la narrativa de hablar de los cuerpos de las mujeres. Sigue Valorarte en Instagram. 
August 29, 2021
Bring Humanity to a Statistic: Marianna Bonilla, Co-Founder, Leader of Voices of Migrants, intersects art and charity to uplift immigrant and refugees voices
"How can I help migrants and refugees around the world? How do I raise money and awareness for a new cause? How can I get people to believe in my cause?" Marianna Bonilla works hard to spotlight some of the most vulnerable of society: migrants and refugees. Her own story of migrating from Colombia to the United States has led her to co-found Voices of Migrants (also previously mentioned in episode #2 with Carolina Zubler). From letter-writing events to clothing drives, Voices of Migrants has a bright future full of positive change. Her unparalleled ambition is going to make her an incredible freshman student at the College of William and Mary this fall. Become a pen pal buddy with refugees in Villa Caracas, Colombia. Get involved in VOM by subscribing to their newsletter to keep up to date to all the opportunities they have going on. Sign one of their petitions to encourage humane migrant-related incarceration. Have an immigrant-centered story, artwork or cause you want to share with VOM? Go for it! 
August 22, 2021
Stronger Women, Stronger World: Joni Swedlund, Founder of Inner Rock Group, Empowers Women and Minorities through Leadership Training
*Content Warning: sexual harassment mentioned in this episode* How do I confront the gender-imbalance in the workplace? How can I be a mentor for other women, girls, and/or minorities? Joni Swedlund, Founder and Owner of Inner Rock Group, empowers women and minorities to step into their leadership through her company dedicated to empowerment. Her life story begins in Kansas and goes from Japan to Wall Street to all over the world to her home in Northern Virginia. As a former senior partner at Deloitte and one of the only women to reach her position, she has encountered many obstacles due to her gender. She realized that her mission in life is to empower women, girls and minorities to step into their leadership and be confident in who they are. Therefore, she retired midway through her career to launch Inner Rock. On the podcast, she shares her greatest tips, advices and recommendations to staying true to oneself, finding one's life purpose and how to navigate gender inequalities. 
August 15, 2021
Loving the Neighbors Overseas: Carolina Zubler, Co-founder of Voices of Migrants, makes virtual service a possibility
How can I volunteer when in-person events aren't an option? How can I get past the hurdles of service over technology? My chat with Carolina Zubler addresses these questions and more! When in-person tutoring can't happen, Carolina Zubler persists nonetheless through her proactiveness with Vamos, a volunteer tutoring program in the DC-area for low-income children, run by students at the Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School. As a co-leader for the past two years, Zubler has experienced the turbulence in the classroom and virtually, but she shares how the program not only prevailed, but increased the amount of students and volunteers! Carolina Zubler has an incredible passion for serving others and working with children. From co-leading a tutoring program for low-income children to co-starting Voice of Migrants, she has a heart dedicated to loving her neighbor--even the neighbors across the sea. Her involvement with child development has driven her to become a prospective psychology major at Yale University, where she starts as a freshman this fall. Get involved with the amazing initiatives, like letter writing, from Voices of Migrants.
August 06, 2021
Tejiendo la Sociedad Con Cariño: Lorena Giménez
¿La edad tiene limite en lo que puede lograr? ¿Cómo empieza los proyectos comunitarios que siempre quisiera hacer? En este episodio, Victoria se sienta con Lorena Giménez, una niña extraordinaria de Paraguay, que respuesta a estas dos preguntas y más. Con solo dieciséis años, ya ha fundado dos organizaciones: Tejiendo Amistades y Open Mind. Lorena comparta su historia y también un acto de servicio que todos podríamos hacer diariamente. Para leer la transcripción o leerlo en inglés, visite mi blog. Las organizaciones de Lorena: Tejiendo Amistades: @tejiendoamistades_ Open Mind: @openmind1_. Gracias a Keegan Foley por hacer la música introducción y conclusion de este Podcast. 
July 24, 2021