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Random Thoughts From A Therapist

Random Thoughts From A Therapist

By Kurt LaRose and TalkifUwant
Random thoughts from a therapist, an expert in clinical hypnosis, a counselor and an author by trade taking a view that is not about right, wrong, good or bad. Here Kurt LaRose (from attempts to move away from black or white thinking where absolutist binds CAN aid in "mental illness" formulation. There is good in all of us - where matters of safety are exceptions. From religion, sex, politics, love, death, moms, dads and "just life" - something here may tickle your biases a bit. Using snark, with new and old psychobabblejabble - this is my voice.
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Wearing masks is political?
Masks have kind of made their way into the political circles. It's like a subtle way, wearing a mask or not wearing one, to say I lean left or I lean right. Maybe it's just the display of obedience or rebellion? I have a political opinion, but I wouldn't share it with a mask. There's too many other ways to say political things. Masks? Oh, those are for other reasons ... I suppose.
September 20, 2020
Preparations and Pandemics in Random Thoughts From A Therapist
Planning for a pandemic suggests that a pandemic could not have been. In the midst of one, doing what you can to stay as healthy as possible makes sense. As the world relives and relearns again, small things change everything and the world really really is a small small place. The frailty of humanity, the vulnerability of all - may lead to equality awareness as opposed to more of who is causing the problem. In a pandemic, it is an evasive, elusive and hard to be seen virus causing a world of power to humble a bit. The person next to you, and if not close, then the loved one who is a phone call or letter away could use a little of your connecting. Oh and you might give yourself some love too in these isolating times. It's a third option view to what can be done in pandemic times.
May 16, 2020
The debateable and the impeachable. What the therapist might say.
When power and politics enter the stage what's debated is the impeachable. What's missed in this power and politics distraction is you and I - the people and the purpose. Here again, an expert in mental health takes the stuff of today and suggests a third option.
December 19, 2019
Feeling down and looking up!
Feelings and thoughts and actions occur. These can be viewed as negative, bad, wrong or in some other pejorative phrase. The judgment if "negative" itself is a bias, "bad" is a bias and "wrong" is too (well, outside of actual safety anyway). The good news is that biases can change. How? By changing the judgment. Even as studies about implicit bias suggest it cannot be changed much at all - a new science in its seminal stages is noteworthy here too - changing a view is simpler than you think. Feeling down can be something more. Doubting thoughts can be something else. Trudging along may not be at all ...
October 11, 2019
Hugging the murderer of your brother in a courtroom is a story about wherewithall
As a Dallas police officer is sentenced in court and as impact statements of other loved ones are directed to her injurious killing, the brother of the deceased takes a different tone. His ability to focus on the reason for the murder trial, conviction and sentencing (in what may also be an injustice as the mother and other family members make clear too) is a story of great determination, passion, love and internal wherewithall. This young man, barely past the criteria for adulthood, grabs onto what matters the most to him ... that is what his deceased brother wanted and therefore finds a way to keep alive the character of his older and valued and now gone sibling. Yahoo news reports the story in a way that captures all sides of the many relative legal, cultural, moral and political arguments of our day, in what I would rate a perfect 10 stars in true news reporting! From the coverage of crooked systems, faulty investigations and training, faith toting Jesus moments before the jailhouse, seasoned prosecutors and crying judges along with the hug of a victim sibling to a police officer killer these newsworthy moments are hard to overlook. Today, as you listen, consider checking your biases - well - at the door. You CAN do it, as this human strenghtening moment emulates.
October 4, 2019
Guns and straws. As the US returns to normal following a series of mass shootings now this: straws.
As traumatic events continue to hit the American psyche the divide over guns remains stuck. Agreement about plastic straws certainly is not evident in the US though. Collectively saving the sea turtles and recycling straws or sucking through mushy melting paper ones seems to be gaining ground from all sides. While the exact numbers of injuries and deaths to sea turtles is hard to find, the lives lost and hurt in "homegrown extremist" mass shootings is known. While the debates continue in what to do about guns and dying people the story of a unified front in straws, frankly, just sucks.
September 6, 2019
Healthcare Making A Nation Sick?
As healthcare (aka: health insurance and bankcare) remain embattled in quarter of century long arguments - providers and patients are simply getting sick. Here Random Thoughts From A Therapist takes an alternative view of yet another charged topic looking at what real care must mean.
July 11, 2019
"Good" and "bad" where most double binds emerge.
As people go about judging this and that as good or bad the double bind emerges where no matter what you or they choose something will be wrong. Here when the bind is rooted in "good and bad" ways of thinking exaggerated emotional responses appear. As bad is always somewhere then so will fight and flight appear where real and tangible danger erupts. Changing the view from good and bad to something that includes the good intentions of nearly everyone who acts, might be a bit more akin to reality. "Good and bad", "right and wrong", these may create the binds that build exaggerated responses. Is "good and bad" normal? Statistically 51 of 100 makes anything normal. The better question may be is it healthy?
July 2, 2019
Dad's give something to everyone. Known or not Dad is a player in life. Science might explain.
A holiday in American Culture about dear old dad - may stir for many things other than affection. How this happens can be viewed not only in the environment of a present or an absent father figure. And patriarchy will not resolve the connections either. Seeing that science offers up a bit of trust and care in the life cycle, from the making of babies (however that occurs) to curious connections can move us from issues of attachment and abnormal longings - to something as hormonal as the biological equivalence to "love." Whatever dad gave or didn't he may be one part if what makes and what makes you love. And to be clear, moms do too!
June 19, 2019
Pride has been villified as a concept long enough. Interestingly, healthy people have a bit of it!
The enthusiasm of a changing culture is cool, even if slow and gradual. Ironically the gradual emergent sense of pride is a delay of health. Why resist something that indicates growth, health and wholeness?
June 8, 2019
All people believe in something: a mental health perspective on faith.
The controversial topics to NOT discuss in "mixed company" like politics, faith and sex ....ARE discussed! Here a mental health expert takes a shot at all of them. Why? If you can get through sex, voting and religion in three segments of a podcast then the rest will be easy. An outside of the box view of right and wrong begins here ... #talkifuwant
May 31, 2019
Did Mueller do a good job for $30,000,000? Where could that money be now?
As the flare of arguments and causes builds and as the positioning and posturing takes form allot of money that could be helping you and I is being spent on the "sum of nothing. " If we stop funding the sides of red and blue the machines will change. And if we instead started funding and donating to us - "we the people" will grow.
May 30, 2019