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Talkin’ Bout w/ A.T. | The Jack of All Podcasts

By Adam T. Henslee
Actor Adam T. Henslee gets weird here. At times including guests with backgrounds in performance, film, music and OCR.

The place to let out the crazy.
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Actor Adam T. Henslee gets weird here. At times including guests with backgrounds in performance, film, music and OCR.

The place to let out the crazy.

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#54- LOUISIANA SHORTS - Guilded Gumbo #NOFF2019
Straight from the 30th Annual New Orleans Film Festival! An episode covering some local Louisiana short films from the categories Guilded Splinters and Gris Gris Gumbo Ya Ya. We had filmmakers Jonathan Isaac Jackson (The Girl and Her Electric Sheep), Nick Singer (Stella for Star) and Carl Harrison Jr. (Spy Boy Dow) on board. A great time discussing some of the hardships, favorite times and inspirations for making their films.  This episode is sponsored by Tall Order Productions and by Waffle Bordelon Photography. 
October 17, 2019
#53 - LOUISIANA SHORTS: Right Place Wrong Time #NOFF2019
Straight from the 30th Annual New Orleans Film Festival!  An episode covering some local Louisiana short films from the category Right Place Wrong Time.  We had filmmakers Lorraine Caffery (The Rougarou), Iman Shervington (And What Happened After That?) and Jason Affolder (Old Crows) on board.  A great time discussing some of the hardships and favorite times of making their films.  Important questions answered like: What actor would you want to Sumo wrestle with? What filmmaker would you want to get too drunk with in NOLA? What director and actor would you want to be trapped in a cave with?  Please take a minute to subscribe and leave a review for the podcast, wherever you listen. It helps!  We are sponsored by Tall Order Productions and also Waffle Bordelon sponsored this one! 
October 17, 2019
#52 - The 30th Annual New Orleans Film Festival
We are in!  We have our media pass and will be doing some coverage of the 30th Annual New Orleans Film Festival.  In this episode we are giving a brief overview on what to expect at the fest this year!  Get your TICKETS HERE! This podcast is sponsored by Tall Order Productions
October 13, 2019
#51 - WAFFLE BORDELON (PART 2) : Actor & Photographer
This is part 2 of 2. If you haven't listened to part 1, it's in the files. Go give it a listen and get caught up.  A.T. is joined by actor, photographer and all around awesome man, Waffle Bordelon.  Filmmaker Kyle Wigginton also is here to party.  Talkin' Bout: Kevin Spacey's "Let's Be Frank" Transfer of Energy from Performers to Audience Marketing - Finding Your Audience  Suicide Forest  This podcast is sponsored by Tall Order Productions. A full service video production company. 
July 19, 2019
#50 - WAFFLE BORDELON : Actor & Photographer
This is part 1 of 2.  A.T. sits down with one of the kindest people in the New Orleans film community, Waffle (Brandon) Bordelon.  They are joined by actor/filmmaker, Kyle Wigginton.  Talkin' Bout: Proof of Aliens Origin of the name "Waffle" Enlightenment of Sake Marketing for actors This podcast is sponsored by Tall Order Productions, a full service video production company. 
July 14, 2019
#49 - Lost in Space: Transmission 3
Transmission 3 has been received from the SS. Satori (space craft name). Some of the conversation includes:   Dad Sex Bots Mudras  Your Body the Machine Chakras  Intro to the Illuminati  Space Cadets on Board: El Capitan A.T.  Emily Berganza (multi-media artist)  Kyle Wigginton (filmmaker, actor) 
July 7, 2019
#48 - MITCH ORCINO (PART 2): Cinematographer
This is part 2 of 2. Go listen to part 1 if you haven't, so you can be caught up.  A.T. continues his conversation with New Orleans Cinematographer, Mitch Orcino.  Kyle Wigginton & Simba are still here, we can't get them to leave.  Talkin' Bout: 30 Sec to Intelligent Life (a fun game, try it out) Audiotory Tech Being a Blind Cinematographer  VR Filmmaking  Tall Order Productions is a sponsor of this podcast and also how you can get in touch to work with Mitch. 
June 28, 2019
#47 - MITCH ORCINO : Cinematographer
A.T. sits down with New Orleans cinematographer and co-founder of Tall Order Productions, Mitch Orcino.  This is a two part episode. This is part 1 of 2.  Filmmaker Kyle Wigginton and Chi- Master Simba sat in for some fun.  Out here Talkin' Bout:  Origin of Reddit Mitch's Hatred of Electrolytes  What Would Our 9 to 5 Jobs Be Space Unexplainable Feeling of Music Tall Order Productions is a sponsor of this podcast and also how you can contact Mitch about a project. 
June 21, 2019
#46 - Lost in Space: Transmission 2
Transmission 2 has been received from the SS. Satori (space craft name). Some of the conversation includes:   Religion Death Out of Body Pleasurable Drowning Inner Chi Center of the Universe  Space Cadets on Board: El Capitan A.T.  Emily Berganza (multi-media artist)  Kyle Wigginton (filmmaker, actor) 
June 14, 2019
#45 - HEAVEN COLON : OCR Runner, Motivator, Zumba Instructor
One of the most inspirational episodes to touch the Talkin' Bout realm. A.T. sits down with the mighty mind, Heaven Colon.  Heaven has overcome so many hardships in her life. From weighing 371 pounds at her heaviest, to being homeless and broke (physically and financially).  How does someone break through these mental barriers? How can you find happiness within all of this? Is there ever a finish line?  Follow Heaven on her Instagram and Facebook. Her posts are delightfully inspiring. 
June 7, 2019
#44 - RAGAZZI! (PART 2) : w/ Film Graduates Edo & Parker
Episode #42 is where you can find part 1 of this episode. Listen to that one first. Or else.  A.T. sits down with filmmakers Edoardo Ranaboldo and Parker Rice after their recent graduation in Digital Media Productions at Tulane University. They are also joined by filmmaker Kyle Wigginton.  This episode is part 2 of 2.  Talkin' Bout: Parker & Edo's Recent Films  Strange Performance Art (Marina Abramović) Cannabis as Preworkout and Legalization of Schedule 1 Drugs Money Grabbing Remakes of Films So Much More, This Space Can't Contain It Edoardo's graduate film can be found here: "He Should Be with Family"  Parker's will be posted here as soon as it is available to the public. 
May 31, 2019
#43 - MARCUS BOND : Stand-Up Comedian
A.T. is joined by Stand-Up Comdedian, Marcus Bond. Filmmaker Kyle Wigginton sits in to toss some chi.  They are Talkin' Bout: Marcus Bond & his comedy (duh) NOLA Comedy Scene Why Are There No Black Super Saiyans May 31st, 2019 - Get tix to a night of entertainment with Musicians & Comedians, including Marcus. : "Have a Great Night!" 
May 27, 2019
#42 - RAGAZZI! (PART 1) : w/ Film Graduates Edo & Parker
A.T. sits down with filmmakers Edoardo Ranaboldo and Parker Rice after their recent graduation in Digital Media Productions at Tulane University. They are also joined by filmmaker Kyle Wigginton.  This episode is part 1 of 2. Some things that come up: Dark Web & China's Point System Mark of the Beast & Facial Recognition  They all try Natto Beans! (except Kyle, he's traumatized) Capitalism & Universal Basic Income Global Warming & Sake Pouring Tradition Anime & Where Stories Originate  So Much More Edoardo's graduate film can be found here:  "He Should Be with Family" Parker's will be posted here as soon as it is available to the public. 
May 24, 2019
#41 - Bro-Hood Chat Down
One of the best Bro-Hood Chat Down's to date!   Some of the fun times had on this episode:  2020 Guinness World Record Challenge   Artist Emily Berganza makes an appearance  New Segment Called the "Bro-Off", not to be confused with offing your bro  Shane Henski (Sean) creates a whole new "We"   2020 Guinness World Record Challenge - they plan to break as many as they can in 2020  Bro-Off- Ryan & Sean go head to head as A.T. plays small snips of songs from hit video games and from WWE. The two brothers then try to guess what they are from.   The new "We". This one goes way back.   A.T. on the web:  Website Instagram Twitter
May 17, 2019
Raw Anchor Calls From Listeners
One of the best features on Anchor! Voice calls from other Anchorians.  Calls followed by a reply from A.T. As raw as it gets. 
May 12, 2019
#40 - Lost in Space: Transmission 1
A.T. and good friend Kyle Wigginton have another one of their average conversations.  Some topics that come up:  The death of Wigginton  Non playable characters (NPC) in life Planet X Tooth eyes and multiple lives  Future of filmmaking  Space Cadets on Board: El Capitan A.T.  Kyle Wigginton (filmmaker, actor) 
May 10, 2019
#39 - GoT Nerdin' w/ Mike Hogan
A.T. and producer Mike Hogan hold the first ever lay down podcast and nerd out on Game of Thrones.  They throw out some predictions for episode 3 of season 8. Then hop into the pod again with some post-episode thoughts & feelings. A few other honorable mentions: The Comedy Store 4/27 Show The Wisdom Tree What's Hogan Been Up To?  GoT predictions start at 21:40 GoT post thoughts start at 42:38 Hogan on the wild wild web: Website Instagram  To whom it may concern:  Website Instagram Twitter
May 3, 2019
#38 - TENEA INTRIAGO : Kat from 'Overthinking w/ Kat & June'
A.T. sits down with actress Tenea Intriago.  Tenea is known for roles on Claws, Law & Order, but most notably for her recent role as Kat from the YouTube original,  'Overthinking w/ Kat & June'. A.T. pops some baby champagnes to celebrate and discuss her time on the show.  A.T. and Tenea also talk about very important things such as: Conspiracy theories  New years goals  Funny tasting dark chocolate  Tenea writes poetry on the spot Mental health and much much more Binge watch the entire season of Overthinking w/ Kat & June HERE How to find Tenea (no stalking please): IMDb Twitter  Instagram ACTORS! Former guest, Eva Contis, is running a special on Actor's Reels. Have your reel professionally done by an experienced Director & Editor. Contact her at for further details.  To find nudes of A.T. go to: Website Instagram Twitter YouTube 
January 11, 2019
#37 - (OCR) TERRAIN RACE RECAP w/ The Diggity
A.T. sits down w/ his team members from The Diggity, Emily Berganza and Ryan Henslee to recap their recent obstacle course race, Terrain Race.  Emily is a multi-media artist. Follow her on her Instagram page Ryan is an Obstacle Course Runner & hosts the RCH Show  Find him on YouTube A.T. posts nudes: Instagram YouTube Twitter
November 30, 2018
#36 - EVA CONTIS : Director & Filmmaker
A.T. sits down and has a chat with the very creative Eva Contis.  Eva is a Director & Filmmaker. Her most recent film "Breasts" is currently in its festival run and most recently screened at the New Orleans Film Festival.  A.T. and Eva are Talkin' Bout her inspiration, casting process and local funding of "Breasts". They also dive into the origin story of Eva's creative career as well as finding out the thing that has helped shaped who she is today. Sounds deep huh? Crack open a beer with us, brew some coffee or sit there with cotton mouth and snag some inspiration from the creative Eva Contis.  Watch this conversation on YouTube More information on the film HERE  Keep updated with what Eva is working on HERE  A.T. posts nudes:  Website Instagram Twitter YouTube
November 16, 2018
#35 - LEMETRIA : Performer & OCR Athlete
A.T. sits down with Athlete and Performer, Lemetria Dillon.  Lemetria is an OCR Athlete, Actress, Singer/Songwriter, Mother and the hardest worker in whatever room she's in. Lemetria just got back to the states from competing in the London OCR World Championships (9 mile run, 100 obstacles). A.T. and her discuss the hardships and inspirations that came with doing this Obstacle Course Run along with the Orgasmic Death Slide. A.T. and Lemetria also dip into the making of her new album, "For the Lover's Soul" available on most music platforms. Watch this episode on YouTube Lemetria on Instagram   And if you've been considering stalking A.T. : Website Instagram Twitter YouTube
November 9, 2018
#34 - MINIFLIX : Streaming Platform for Short Films
A.T. sits down with Tober from Miniflix, to do a deep dive into the new streaming platform.  Miniflix is the world's #1 online streaming platform for award-winning short films. After all, not everyone can make it to Cannes Film Festival. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to enjoy the festival winners too. Miniflix also plans to develop more of a relationship with independent filmmakers to get their films on to the site, regardless of award status. To submit your film reach out to the email below:  Miniflix on the web  Miniflix on Instagram Watch this conversation on YouTube A.T. on the web: Website  Instagram Twitter YouTube
November 2, 2018
#33 - OWEN DUNNE : Director / Actor #NOFF2018
A.T. sits down at the 29th annual New Orleans Film Festival to have a chat with Actor, Director and all around Artist, Owen Dunne.  Owen has an energy that is infectious to all those around him. A true artist and creator, he has many outlets where he puts his creative endeavors. He just dropped an EP titled OHD. They talk about inspiration for his album and the making of it. They spiral into a lot of different topics on race, gender and conversations that need to be had. Actor/Filmmaker Kyle Wigginton also sits in to join the fun.  Owen's Album can be found HERE   Owen also acted and produced a film in the New Orleans Film Festival which will screen on Wednesday Oct 24th in the Louisiana Shorts: Astra block. It's titled "How to Sell a Broken Heart".  As always, do subscribe, rate and review. We are watching. A.T. on the social:  Website Instagram Twitter
October 21, 2018
#32 - LENNY FEINBERG : Director of "Father's Kingdom" #NOFF2018
A.T. is all up in the 29th Annual New Orleans Film Festival. In this episode he sits down with Documentary Director, Lenny Feinberg. Here is the description of his Doc from NOFF: There’s always a place at the dinner table for Father Divine. But the man born George Baker, the son of formerly enslaved parents who preached integration and even led his equally black and white congregation in civil rights protests, died in 1965. Father Divine, whose followers believe him to be God, took his church from Long Island to Harlem, and finally to an estate in Pennsylvania, where around twenty remain today. They insist that Father Divine never exploited them financially or otherwise, but historians speculate on the morals of an omniscient and rigorous leader who amassed an empire. Father’s Kingdom provides an in-depth take on one of the most unusual and divisive religious leaders you’ve never heard of. Trailer can be found here: Tickets for the screening at NOFF can be purchased here: All other info about the Doc: Sponsor: New Orleans Film Society To become a member: Use promo code 'ADAM' for 10% off of your membership
October 20, 2018
New Orleans Film Festival Update
A.T. gives an update on what to expect with Talkin' Bout for this next week, since the New Orleans Film Festival is in full swing. There will be multiple episodes posted within this next week with guests from the festival, so be sure to stay tuned in! Much love to all.
October 18, 2018
#31 - JACOB PHILLIPS : Audio Book Narrator / Actor
Jacob Phillips is an Audio Book Narrator and Actor.  A.T. and Jacob sit down and chat about Jacob's journey from being in the army to falling in love with performing arts. They also discuss his process when narrating a book.  Watch this conversation on YouTube  Jacob (aka J.C. Jacobson) has several books available to listen to on Audible Follow Phillips on Instagram Find A.T. somewhere on the web:  Website Instagram Twitter
October 12, 2018
#30 - JON KIERAN : Prog. Mgr @ New Orleans Film Society
Jon Kieran is the Programming Manager for the New Orleans Film Society.  A.T. and Jon sit down to chat about the upcoming New Orleans Film Festival. They are Talkin' Bout different pass options, the festival after parties and how this is the most diverse year in the festival's history. That being said, A.T. acknowledges how a lot of local NOLA filmmakers feel left out from NOFF, due to them not being classified as "diverse". So A.T. asks Jon his opinion on the matter.  To become a member of the New Orleans Film Society go HERE  Watch this conversation on YouTube Subscribe, Rate & Review. Or we'll find you.  Get in touch w/ A.T.: Webstie Instagram Twitter
September 28, 2018
#29 - MIKE HOGAN : Producer & Host
Mike Hogan has returned!  He and A.T. sit down to talk about Mike's recent job as producer in New York for the Documentary, "Ghost Empire: The Forgotten Story of Harvey Comics". They also talk about Mike's local production company, Tall Order Productions and dig into an analysis of the wild movie, Hard Candy.  Mike Hogan co-hosts his own podcast called Nola FilmCast   Watch this conversation on YouTube  If you press that play button, it's encouraged that you press the subscribe button. Just to see what happens.  Find A.T. on the web:  Website Instagram Twitter
September 21, 2018
Public Service Announcement
A.T. shares why the pod has been MIA for the last month. He also shares some future guests coming on and gives a shout out to some of his previous guests who are doing awesome things!
September 14, 2018
#28 - RYAN HENSLEE : Obstacle Course Runner & YouTuber
A.T. sits down with his brother Ryan Henslee. Ryan is an obstacle course runner and host of The RCH Show on YouTube. This is 2/3 of our normal Bro-Hood Chat Down, but still packed with glorious conversation. They are talkin' bout their recent obstacle course races, Ryan's show and the washing machine strength of their older brother Sean. Find The RCH Show here: To sign up for the Terrain Race to run with A.T. & Ryan's team, "The Diggity", sign up here: Stalk A.T. on the social web: Book your float session with NOLA Float Tanks and use the promo code AT15 for 15% off :
August 3, 2018
#27 - JASON EDWARDS : Actor & Producer
A.T. sits down with Southeast Actor / Host, Jason Edwards. Jason has a slew of great credits in film and television including Queen Sugar, Preacher, Sun Records and many other spicy things that are in the works. He is a great example of how you don't need to move to L.A. to be a working actor.  A.T. and Jason are talkin' bout Jason's introduction into acting, his experience auditioning for some of the aforementioned credits and about Edwards podcast, "The Jason Edwards Show".  Watch this conversation on YouTube Find A.T. on the Social Web: Website Instagram Twitter
July 27, 2018
#26 - CHRIS CAMBRE : American Ninja Warrior Contestant
A.T. sits down with Chris Cambre the Bayou Ninja, currently competing on American Ninja Warrior.  This is the second time Chris has been on American Ninja Warrior and we dive into both of his runs on the show. A.T. talks with him about his training, his upbringing, the importance of a good team and his Chicken Mcnugget diet.  Watch this conversation on YouTube Follow the Bayou Ninja on Social Media:  Instagram Facebook   Show A.T. some of that lovin': Website Instagram Twitter
July 20, 2018
A.T. sits down with Spencer Fossier, owner at NOLA Float Tanks.  Spencer is well versed in the Sensory Deprivation (Float Tank) world with over 1,000 hours spent in the tank. A.T. talks w/ Spencer about his history in the floating universe, him bringing tanks to New Orleans, benefits of floating and a trippy experience he had when staying the night in the tank.  To schedule your your own Float Tank experience go HERE  Watch this conversation on YouTube   Come find A.T. Website Instagram Twitter
July 13, 2018
Life. It's not that serious.
July 9, 2018
#23 - PATRICK SANDERSON : Actor & Filmmaker
A.T. sits down with Filmmaker, Patrick Sanderson. Pat is an actor, writer and director currently based in New Orleans. He recently finished his pilot, Unintentional Community, which is currently in the shopping phase. A.T. & Pat are talkin' bout the new pilot, the 'yes & no' life of a creative and how you can become famous on IG TV. We go deep. Find out more information on the pilot at Stalk Pat Daddy: Sponsor: To join the New Orleans Film Society: Use the promo code 'ADAM' for 10% off of your membership
July 6, 2018
#22 - FALLON YOUNG : Executive Director at NOFS
Did you find enjoyment? Consider subscribing & leaving a review on iTunes or YouTube! A.T. sits down with the Executive Director of the New Orleans Film Society, Fallon Young. This episode has a lot of focus on the ins & outs of the New Orleans Film Festival. Fallon discusses some of the things the festival looks for within submissions and how NOFF craves local productions to feature within the festival. We also discuss some of the great things going on in the New Orleans Film Society (NOFS)  To join NOFS:   For more information on NOFF: How to stalk A.T: Website Instagram Twitter 
June 29, 2018
#21 - MIKE HOGAN : Producer & Host
If you enjoyed, please consider subscribing on iTunes! Join the mailing list to keep on the up & up when episodes are out: A.T. sits down with producer / host, Mike Hogan. They talk about the stigma that still lingers around cannabis users, entertainment covering the hard topic of rape, what Mike is currently working on and of course their boy Joe Rogan is mentioned. All the while they sip some Abita Watermelon Shandy and try to figure out what Shandy means. Mike is currently co-producing the feature documentary "Ghost Empire: The Forgotten Story of Harvey Comics" : Mike also co-host his own podcast called Nola FilmCast: Watch this episode on YouTube: Stalk Mike's Podcast on Social Media: A.T. also encourages stalkers:
June 22, 2018
#20 - ADAM STEPHENSON: Actor & Screenwriter
SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES/YOUTUBE IF YOU ENJOYED!  A.T. sits down with actor / screenwriter / casting assistant Adam Stephenson. They talk about Stephenson's time on the hit show 13 Reasons Why, his film that just finished the festival circuit, "Huervos Rancheros" and some great info for actors from Stephenson's time as a local casting assistant in New Orleans.  Watch this conversation on YouTube Show A.T. some lovin' if you're feeling frisky: Website Instagram Twitter
June 15, 2018
A.T. is talkin' bout just starting. The goals we have, the things we would like to accomplish and the lack of motovation that sometimes follows. How do we get over this hump?
June 3, 2018
#18 - MICHAEL SCOTT: Actor & Pilates Instructor
Michael Scott is an actor and pilates instructor in New Orleans, LA. He can be seen in When We First Met, Shock and Awe, and Zoo, along with many other titles. Michael & A.T. discuss nutrition, Michael's training as an actor, the stories we get to share as creatives and a thorough breakdown of Pilates. Michael is hosting a Pilates + HIIT party every Wednesday in June called "Summer Sweat Series". The event can be found on Facebook here: Watch this conversation on YouTube: How To Stalk Michael Scott: IG: Twitter: Only if you wanna: IG: Twitter:
May 25, 2018
In this episode A.T. is talkin' bout the things that resonate with us and that we continue to let resonate with us. Watch along on YouTube: These links will take you to magical places: Instagram:
May 14, 2018
#16 - MARK LANDON SMITH : Agent, Playwright, Producer
Mark Landon Smith is a Producer, Casting Director, Playwright, Actor & Head Director for Arts Live Theatre in Northwest Arkansas.  Mark & A.T. talk about how big the filming scene is getting in NWA, the process of producing a film, Mark's boutique agency: Actors Casting Agency, advice for actors, how much social media plays into getting cast, creating your own content and so much more. Mark mentions advice for filmmakers from Ryan & Jennica Shwartzman which can be found HERE  Watch this conversation on YouTube   For further inquiries with Mark go to his WEBSITE  A.T. is on the web: Website Instagram Twitter
May 7, 2018
#15 - TAYLOR BRIDGES: Salvaging Sustainability
Taylor Bridges was recently featured on TedTalks to talk about reclaiming the 3 R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. She is currently a senior at the University of Arkansas working on a Bachelor’s of Psychology with a minor in Sustainability. A.T. & Taylor were also joined by Zac Owens & former guest Emily Berganza. They discussed Taylor's TedTalk, new projects in motion, alternatives to plastic & if we are already in too deep into the "Convenience Era". You can view Taylor's TedTalk here: Instagrams for the homies: Taylor: Emily: Zac: Hey I'm here too: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube:
May 4, 2018
In this episode A.T. goes on a rant spiraled from the question, "Why don't you do background work?" referring to his acting. A.T. talks about trying to keep his head in the game & trying to continue to move forward, not backward. Watch (& Subscribe homie) on YouTube: Follow here and I'll post some nudes: Instagram: Twitter: FB:
April 25, 2018
#13 - MICHAEL VIGNOLA : Film Composer
Michael Vignola is a multi-award winning composer for Film & Television. His music easily takes on a surreal dreamy vibe and is absolutely beautiful. A.T. & Vignola share thoughts about the influence of meditation as well as psychedelics when creating art. Also get a glimpse into the creative process Vignola goes through when scoring a film and staying grateful in this crazy business. Michael's music is available on iTunes and you can find all of his information @ Watch this conversation on YouTube: Subscribe, Rate, Review on iTunes: If you're feeling a bit obsessive : Follow on Instagram: Follow on Twitter: Subscribe on YouTube:
April 18, 2018
A.T. goes on a ramble about how we are all tricked into changing our schedules for Daylight Savings time. Little do we know, that is a little hack we can take advantage of. This shows that we have the ability to change our entire schedules to benefit the things we are passionate about. Watch on Youtube: Subscribe on iTunes: IG: Twitter: FB:
April 11, 2018
In this episode A.T. talks about the characters we get to choose in this game of life that we play. How we can be ANYBODY that we want. We are alive right now, so there is no time to waste. CHOOSE THE CHARACTER YOU WANT TO BE!  Watch along on YouTube A.T. on the web: Website Instagram Twitter YouTube
April 6, 2018
A.T. and his brothers 8-bit Barstool & RCH sit down to bring you another round of the Bro-Hood Chat Down. Aside from the many laughs that were had, this episode goes deep as RCH asks 8-Bit what his life goal is. They also talk about RCH's obstacle course races he has coming up this year and share some regrettable bullying moments from childhood. MATTY MO called in to the brothers and asked the question "Who's The King?" Growing up, he wants to know who was the one winning the fights. Tune in to find out!
March 18, 2018
A.T. discusses the struggle one can go through when always searching for happiness in someone else. It is 110% okay to be alone and experience things by yourself. That is the true way to become a mindful individual w/ your own thoughts. Would ya just look at that: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter: FB:
March 12, 2018
A.T. is talkin' bout the disservice we as able bodied individuals are doing to our own bodies by not surpassing our limits. By one not utilizing what they have been given. If you must: Instagram: YouTube: Twitter: FB:
February 28, 2018
A.T. has a conversation w/ Dominic from "The Sponge Minds" on "The Matrix" and the symbolism it carries into everyday life. They discuss religious allegory, how "THE ONE" has impacted of children and how the writers & directors The Wachowski brothers are now the Wachowski sisters. Dominic is in graduate school for his MBA in Strategic Management and spent four years in the Air Force. He hosts his own podcast here on Anchor called "The Sponge Minds".
February 24, 2018
A.T. has a conference call w/ his two older brothers Sean & Ryan. They reminisce old memories of Sean chasing them with baseball bats, talk Dwayne Johnson and have many laughs. Ryan has his own podcast on Anchor called “The Dirty Sole” about Obstacle Course Racing. Sean also has a podcast on Anchor and on the podcast app called “8-Bit Barstool” and is also on Twitter @TankedGamers.
February 17, 2018
Here A.T. performs his spoken word poem, "One". We all are so different... But are we?
February 16, 2018
A.T. spits out a new spoken word about the importance of change in our lives.
February 11, 2018
A.T. Performs his slam poem, “What Will You Think Up Next?” It revolves around the power our thoughts play into our everyday reality.
February 1, 2018
#1 - EMILY BERGANZA : Multi-Media Artist
Emily Berganza is a multi-media artist. In this podcast her and A.T. talk about some of her current projects, the importance of physical fitness, the food industry and much more.  Follow Emily on Instagram
January 30, 2018
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