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Talking Business with Beverly

Talking Business with Beverly

By Hype Media Global
Welcome to Talking Business with Beverly, with your host and Business Strategist Beverly Walthour. Thank you for joining us as we support you, the entrepreneur, in getting the CLARITY needed to create the time and financial freedom in your business. We do this by not only addressing your business needs, but also your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, relational, and financial needs!
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Tapping into Your Worth

Talking Business with Beverly

Becoming the Woman Your Desire
Coach KymmeB, aka the Queen of Shepower, is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Women's International Leadership Coach, Speaker, Certified Sexologist, Business Consultant & Entrepreneur. She is also the Founder/Dir. of The Self Worth Connection Org, Director of Community Engagement for Prevention Works Joint Task Force and Coalition, and Board member and Coach at United Certified Life Coach Association Coach KymmeB has been helping women all over the world discover their inner she-power and self-worth to become the woman they desire to be through the process of Self- Discovery. Her coaching style, compassion, and motivation for her clients guarantee they will successfully become Bold, Fierce, Confident & Free in life! During our conversation, Kymmb shared how she uses her 3-Step Process, Release, Reclaim, and Rebuild to guide women into becoming the woman she desires! Website:
February 17, 2021
How to Make Your Job Optional
Dual Certified Business Life Coach Brenda Underwood loves helping female leaders make their job optional until they can make it obsolete. After two decades in corporate leadership, Brenda founded Breakthrough for Life LLC in 2013 to help ambitious women unlock the golden handcuffs of corporate with the keys to business ownership. Brenda has helped CEOs open new LLCs and divisions from a blank sheet of paper and an idea. She is an expert in infrastructure implementation and revenue-generating sales and marketing. This is where Brenda’s accounting skills and marketing experience marry together into a beautiful picture of profitable business growth. You will benefit from her world-class training from Unisource Worldwide, Toshiba America, and Marshall & Swift. Her life is dedicated to developing Courageous Entrepreneurs. Who do you know that's ready to make their job optional? During our conversation, Brenda broke down the EXACT process needed to ensure you leave your job in a way that benefits all parties!  Brenda's Website:
February 9, 2021
Learning how to GROW through the process is key!
Diann Antley is a Certified Life Coach & Consultant with Anew You, Clarified LLC, a Coaching and Consulting Firm designed to support Divorced, Christian Women with their journey of overcoming the past, rediscovering the present, and rebuilding the future.  Diann is also an Inspirational Speaker, Author, Internet Show Host, and Radio/TV Co-Host. Diann knows what the journey is like first-hand. On the heels of her own divorce, double bankruptcy, and foreclosure, Diann ended up alone, broke, and in need of more.  So, instead of continuing down the road with feelings of anger, resentment, and shame, Diann listened to God, made a detour, and began her journey to rediscovering who SHE is, so she could rebuild with intention. During our conversation, Diann shared how in spite of what you may have been through, it does not have to define you. Learning how to GROW through the process is key! Diann’s website at
February 2, 2021
How to Narrow Your Niche and Grow Your Revenue
LaToya Early is a wife, a woman of God, mother to three strong male leaders, Vision Coach, and founder of Chase Great Enterprises™, where she coach Coaches, helping them find their message, narrow their niche and create multiple streams of income through business development and lifestyle transformation.   LaToya is a purpose enthusiast who has committed her life to providing faith-based internal and external wealth-building strategies to emerging Coaches. In 2012, LaToya found her path in Kingdom building and turned her serial entrepreneurial lifestyle into a profound business owner and empowerment speaker. She is the overseer of a coaching community where she provides niche' coaching certifications, trainings and mentorship. During our conversation, LaToya spoke with us about how narrowing who and how you serve your clients actually brings more revenue into your business.  Website:
August 18, 2020
How to Narrow Your Niche and Grow Your Revenue
LaToya Early is a wife, a woman of God, mother to three strong male leaders, Vision Coach, and founder of Chase Great Enterprises™, where she coach Coaches, helping them find their message, narrow their niche and create multiple streams of income through business development and lifestyle transformation.   LaToya is a purpose enthusiast who has committed her life to providing faith-based internal and external wealth-building strategies to emerging Coaches. In 2012, LaToya found her path in Kingdom building and turned her serial entrepreneurial lifestyle into a profound business owner and empowerment speaker. She is the overseer of a coaching community where she provides niche' coaching certifications, trainings and mentorship. During our conversation, LaToya spoke with us about how narrowing who and how you serve your clients actually brings more revenue into your business.  Website:
August 17, 2020
How to Leverage Social Media to get seen
Shequita Lee is a Social Media Coach & Consultant and CEO of SL Media, LLC. Shequita began using social media in 2009. She was able to grow and enhance her team skills and abilities with the help of social media. From then onward, Shequita has been eagerly indulged in training, and coaching entrepreneurs and small business owners, simplify social media with various tips & strategies. During our conversation, Shequita went in-depth about how entrepreneurs can leverage their social media to expand their brand.  Website:
August 10, 2020
How to IGNITE power and success in life and business
Dr. Phildra Swagger is President/CEO of Combined Expertise, Inc.  She began her career as a classroom teacher and served as a principal, district administrator, university instructor, and charter school founder over a career that spans 30 years.  She is a passionate educator with a dedicated focus on helping urban and at-risk youth succeed in life.  Dr. Swagger believes everyone should live their best life and serves as a transformational life coach and creative business strategist. During our conversation, Dr. Phildra talks about how small and medium-sized businesses can identify gaps in their philosophy and business. Website: 
July 27, 2020
Healing From the Past
Evangelist Imelda Salmon is a Transformational & Emotional Healing coach – NLP Practioner - Transformational Speaker and Author. I help overwhelmed AND overachieving women who seem to have it all but are privately falling apart, get to a true place of authenticity and power through simple emotional techniques to reprogram the language of their brain so they can change the way they think, speak and act to heal and turn things around for good. During our conversation, Imelda walked us through how to heal from the past by addressing those things that impacted us as children. She provides practical solutions to help you shift your thoughts and actions. Website:
July 20, 2020
How to Create a Job Exit Strategy
Valerie is a Job Exit Strategist who helps corporate Christian women to hone in on their passions, master their mindset and create a fail-proof job exit strategy to leave their 9-5 and build a business around their passions. Valerie worked in corporate America for over 30 years and in human resources for 20 of those years. She worked in all areas of Human Resources from talent acquisition and benefits to leadership training and employee relations.  During our conversation, Valerie shared the steps needed in order to leave your 9-5 with grace!
May 4, 2020
The Mindset of a Believer
Stephanie Hill Nchege is a unique and refreshing blend of therapist, writer, coach, motivational speaker, and cheerleader.  She is a master’s level clinical therapist, certified life coach, and published author.  Stephanie has spoken at conferences throughout the United States.  Her keynotes include “It’s not business as usual it’s Kingdom business”,  “How to overcome stress and have peace for your increase”, and  “Breaking the stigma…Good mental health is your true wealth”, just to name a few.   She stands firmly on the premise that in this world, we can make a difference, one life at a time.  Stephanie is a mindset coach to Kingdom Minded Entrepreneurs. She helps clients to breakthrough their limiting beliefs and build thriving businesses, brands, and/or ministries. She is passionate about helping her clients not to have the status quo business as she herself has been a successful business owner for more than 20 years.  Her first book “An interview with God” has a complete 5 star rating by readers as she challenges readers to ask God their questions no matter how hard they may seem; after all he has the answers and those answers will lead you to purpose.  During our conversation, Stephanie talks with us about how to shift our mindset so that we increase our sales. She uses scriptures as the foundation to her work.  www.
April 27, 2020
How to have H.O.P.E. (Happiness on Purpose Everyday)
Wakeitha Cunningham is a Certified Transformational  Life Coach and Personal Finance Coach, who is passionate about helping women live with happiness, meaning, and purpose in both their personal and professional life. She helps professional women identify barriers that have kept them stuck by helping them create a life success plan, so they can pursue their God-given purpose. Her heart to serve others led to her position as the L.I.F.E Program Coordinator for the Family Promise of Hall County, a non-profit organization that provides shelter and assistance to displaced families. She enjoys volunteering and empowering women. During our conversation, Wakeitha walks us through how to have joy, peace, joy, and value in your life.
April 20, 2020
How to become a financial powerhouse
Ms. Thomas serves as owner and Principal Consultant for Speak2Empower, LLC, which is a professional accounting and auditing agency based in Central Ohio. S2E serves successful women business owners, particularly women of color, specifically in the areas of accounting, financial literacy, and generational wealth. Our mission is to empower 1,000 women and families to becoming financial powerhouses in the year 2020. During our conversation, Toye walks us through the importance of tracking our monthly and quarterly expenses and cash flow. She also walks us through the difference between an accountant, bookkeeper, and CPA. Website:
April 7, 2020
How to establish a marriage based on Grace
Michele Franklin Wilson is a life coach emphasizing marriage. She has been married to Kim Wayne Wilson for over fifteen years. So far, Michele has come to understand the dynamics to establishing a successful marriage through biblical principles. These principles were demonstrated by her parents (50 plus years married). Misconceptions regarding the role each spouse holds can cause an unnecessary strain on the relationship. Establishing a marriage based on Grace, helps the couple who they are meant to be in the marital relationship and realize a joy-filled marriage God intended. Michele guides couples to a Grace-Based Marriage. During our conversation, Michele walks us through the myths of what it's like being married and how to ensure you are partnered with someone who will help you fulfill your purpose.
March 30, 2020
How to live a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life
A gifted global empowerment speaker, author, healthy lifestyle coach, and fitness enthusiast, Felicia R. Phillips, MDiv, is also the founder and CEO of Through His Eyes, LLC.  Founded in November of 2017, Through His Eyes started as a faith-based speaking and coaching firm that empowers men and women to walk in their destiny and manifest their God-given dreams. It has since expanded its scope to include marketing and communications services for small businesses and nonprofits and transformational health coaching to Christian women who want to look and feel fabulous inside and out. During our conversation, Felicia provided tips and strategies that we can implement immediately to shift how we view food and our bodies. She also provided mind-blowing statistics when it comes to the health of African American Females.
March 16, 2020
How to live with purpose and abundance
Andrea Davis served over 35 years in the Federal Government as a Quality Assurance Specialist and Contracting Officer, overseeing large-scale contracts for such agencies as the Department of Defense and NASA. Toward the end of her government career, Andrea transitioned to entrepreneurship where she now coaches clients, helping them discover their purpose and harness the power of their gifts. A member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Andrea is certified by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). She is a graduate of Fayetteville State University and received an MBA from Florida Institute of Technology. I am a woman who is passionate about helping others live beyond self-imposed limits. I’m here to help you build a roadmap and access the keys to live the more fulfilled life you’ve been dreaming of. During our conversation, Andrea walks us through her S.H.I.F.T. Method when it comes to eliminating limiting beliefs so that you can live with purpose and abundance.
March 9, 2020
How Entrepreneurs Can Boost Their ROI through brand storytelling and Live Video
Roshanda ‘The Rosho’ Pratt –the storyteller strategist, live stream expert, speaker, and television news producer of more than a decade. I equip influencers, media personalities, and organizations with the tools to tap into the power of their story, amplify their voice, and monetize their story online. I’m on a mission to empower and release an army of messengers who not just tell their stories, but show up and impact the world. During our conversation, Ro spoke all about how to use the power of Live Streaming to boost your brand!
March 2, 2020
How to live your life by design
Nashika Kelly is an accomplished, versatile, and perceptive Accounting Professional with over fifteen years of experience. In addition, Nashika has a passion to uplift individuals to turn their dreams into their reality. She found her calling in coaching and leadership as a Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics. Working closely with women from all walks of life, she led her sales unit to many accomplishments, the #1 spot of her National Area earning fabulous “Diamond” rings, multiple company cars and many bonus checks. Nashika is passionate about helping individuals raise self-awareness of areas in their lives that need change and help them to create a positive outlook on life, starting from within. Website:
February 10, 2020
How to Use the Art of Storytelling to Build Brand Awareness
Whether it's publishing a novel, landing a feature article in The New York Times or ghostwriting articles, Lakeshia Poole loves to tell a good story. Busy executives, thought leaders and business owners count on her to deliver consistent, concise and compelling content that drives brand awareness and the bottom line. She has spent more than 15 years helping organizations, companies and individuals tell their best stories to the best audience at the best time. Lakeshia has provided strategic marketing and communications solutions to a variety of clients including Wells Fargo, Nestle's Lean Cuisine, Walmart, Morehouse School of Medicine, Habitat for Humanity, CDC and Moe's Southwest Grill. She has partnered with leading national public relations agencies to provide top-notch client service, media relations and copywriting. Blending digital media relations with traditional outreach, Lakeshia has generated media coverage across multiple key markets and nationally in outlets like,,, Parenting, MSNBC, The Wall Street Journal,,, The New York Times, Black Enterprise, Self and TODAY Show. She previously served as a Senior Manager at public relations firm Golin. In addition, she worked as Assistant Director of Partnership Marketing for Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s national technology initiatives with Microsoft, Comcast, Sprint, the Todd Wagner Foundation and Best Buy. She has also led public relations programs and training efforts on behalf of the national early childhood education franchise group, Primrose Schools. When she's not creating fresh content for clients or coaching aspiring writers, Lakeshia is likely dreaming up new storylines for her next fiction book. She’s published four books. Her latest title, “Faith Beats Fear,” is a daily devotional that offers practical guidance on growing from worrier to a warrior in 31 days. This unique book combining Scripture and story has netted 5-star reviews and reached Amazon’s top 3 Bestsellers list of Women’s Christian Living eBooks. Lakeshia enjoys spending time with her family and rooting for The University of Georgia Bulldogs. Website:
February 3, 2020
Personal Growth: How to Grow into your next level
Pamela D. Smith is a certified life coach and Author who empowers women to grow into their next desired level. She knows what it’s like to feel stuck and wants to help you go from enduring life to enjoying life. A certified coach with the John Maxwell Team, Pam is also an award-winning performer and trainer in the airline industry. She is passionate about personal growth and with her support, clients are experiencing results in months that others take years to accomplish on their own. With a life-long passion of encouraging and helping others, Pam is an avid volunteer supporting both domestic and international causes, including serving as a small group leader focused on personal growth at Faith Christian Center. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and spending time with the loves of her life: Her husband, children, and grandchildren. Website:
January 27, 2020
Taking Back Your Life
Cledra Gross is an Entrepreneur, speaker and author of “Becoming a Successful Coach…what I wish I had known before investing $90,000” and “Rewrite Your Story”. She has been selected as one of Atlanta’s top 10 over 40 for inspiring others to live their best life and is the recent recipient of 2019 Coach of the Year Award & nominee for Health & Wellness Advocate of the Year After 2 layoffs she left her 21 year career in the pharmaceutical industry as an executive to pursue her passion as a Master Life Coach to coach women via a virtual platform that allows her to reach women around the world. Using her Chemical Engineering background Cledra has created systems of thinking using neuroscience and proven strategies to create lasting change.  During our conversation, Cledra broke down her Thought Tree and the fruit we produce. She focuses on "root work" vs. "symptom management"
January 20, 2020
Cheers 2 Your Health: How to Create a Healthy, Harmonious Lifestyle
Kryshondra Torres is an Integrative Nutrition Health and Happiness Coach for frazzled African-American “Mompreneuers/Intrapreneuers” over 30 whose self-care is so far down the list it's fallen off. She helps YOU create a healthy, harmonious lifestyle for yourself and your families and in the process, manage your weight and energy levels. #selfcareisNOTselfish During our conversation, we discussed 3 steps you can implement IMMEDIATELY to start leading a healthier lifestyle.
January 13, 2020
How to Establish Business Credit in about 6 Months
Kendra is a business funding & strategy expert with over 10 years of experience helping entrepreneurs and fortune 500 companies launch, grow, and scale their businesses. She's coached over 100 small businesses through successful launches and helped them acquire millions in funding collectively. Kendra worked as a small business and commercial banking specialist for almost a decade and closed over $1 billion in business loans. She has led several multi-million dollar business transformations for some of the largest brands in the world. During our conversation, Kendra goes in-depth into how to establish business credit in about 6 months. She provides the steps you need to take no matter what kind of business you own.
January 6, 2020
Creating a Business You Love
Leslie Marie Wright,33, was born in D.C to Wenda and Leon Wright May 8, 1984. Though, her family relocated to North Carolina in 1998 after parents divorcing, Wright became determined to let nothing defer her and to achieve greatness. She completed her bachelor's from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and found jobs with UPS, an attorney’s office, and retail stores. In 2008 she rekindled her love for writing, speaking and became an author and launched Partiez By Leslie Event Planning Company, as well as writing several best-selling books on making money on your own terms. Later, coined the 911 event planner, she also began consulting businesses on visibility and event management. She recently launched Front Lines Leadership Community (2017) to show others how to monetize their vision. Since then, Leslie has been featured in the Huffington Post, The News & Record, Channel 12, ABC45 and more. Bookings/more info contact: During our conversation, she spoke about her entrepreneurial journey and how she helps other entrepreneurs get their businesses up and running.
December 16, 2019
Growing Through the Grief Process
Monaye is the founder of Monaye Marcia Business Ventures which offers Virtual Assistance and Life & Grief Coaching. The virtual assistance component helps small businesses and entrepreneurs keep organized so they can focus on the core functions of their unique business. Through Life & Grief Coaching she empowers mommies to help their grieving kids by being a Hope Dealer. She creates programs that promote confidence, connection, and family engagement. During our conversation, she spoke about how to handle traumatic experiences from both the adult and child aspect. She went in-depth with strategies you can implement to help cope during and after these experiences.
December 9, 2019
Developing the Leader Within
Dr. Janice Witt Smith, MBA, SPHR, is an award-winning university educator; experienced human resource and leadership development consultant; trainer; published author; researcher; and executive, business, and career coach.  Dr. Smith has been an HR Director and academic Dean and has over 25 years of business experience and in successfully coaching and developing leaders. Dr. Smith is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and ICF-certified Professional Coach (PCC), and has amassed over 2,000 hours of executive coaching; with 1,400 of those hours with clients of the Center for Creative Leadership and its international clientele. Dr. Smith (“Dr. J”) is currently the Vice President for Professional Development for the International Coach Federation (ICF)-Charlotte Chapter. During our conversation, we spoke about the importance of leadership development in individuals and organizations. She provides tips you can implement to help you uncover and strengthen your leadership skills.
December 2, 2019
Business Networking Done Right
Sherron Washington, M.A. is a marketing and communication (marcom) professional who has imparted her wisdom and expertise for over two decades. She has been deemed “The Marketing Whisperer” by many, due to her uncanny ability to assist businesses in developing innovative, results-driven, yet, simple marcom solutions.  Sherron is the founder and CEO of the P3 Solution, a full-service marketing and communications (marcomm) firm located in the Washington, DC Area, that specializes in providing easy marketing strategy, messaging, design and social media solutions for businesses.   During our conversation, she spoke with us about the key elements needed when it comes to marketing your business. She provides powerful strategies you can use to network effectively.
November 24, 2019
Tapping into Your Worth
Kimberly Browne, known as "The Worth Specialist", is a certified Life & Women’s Global Leadership Coach that helps women Reclaim their SHEPOWER to become Bold, Fierce, Confident & Free in life. She is also a Speaker, Author & Business Entrepreneur that provides services for women and children. Her desire to help others walk in their true power and know the value they have within is her ultimate goal. During our conversation, we spoke about how women can reclaim any parts of themselves that they may have lost due to life circumstances. She provides tips, tools, and strategies to help you become bold, fierce, confident, and free in life.
November 20, 2019
How to Love the Hell out of People
Angela is the best-selling author of, “Love the HELL Out of Folks: My Story of Healing Broken Family Relationships (and How You Can Too!)” and serves in the marketplace as a Forgiveness Coach helping her clients to build their relationships with God and heal their relationships with their family members. Angela is a Certified Transformational Speaker, Coach, Mentor, and Entrepreneur who has a great passion for helping others become whom God created them to be. Angela received her bachelor’s degree in business administration and a Master’s degree in human resources development management from National Louis University. In 2001, Angela retired from the Army as a Staff Sergeant with an Honorable Discharge and later moved to her hometown in Birmingham, Alabama. During our interview, we spoke about how to love people past their hurt and trauma. She provides tangible tools and strategies you can use to ensure you create healthy boundaries!
November 11, 2019