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Talking Entrepreneurship

Talking Entrepreneurship

By Alex Sharpe & Alessandra Ingram
The 'F' in success. The real success is hidden in the failures. Entrepreneurs are first and foremost failures. Let's take away the stigma of failure.
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Episode 001: "Episode Three" - Failure, Success In Progress
This isn't what the introductory episode was supposed to be like. But we needed to get over our fear of putting up an episode. We discuss our current projects we are working on and how the entrepreneurial road can be a rocky one. Alessandra discusses how Wix ruined her day and Wordpress is ready and waiting. Holding off on doing this podcast. And how she keeps herself going despite the difficult journey! Alex brings us up to speed with what he is working on. How it can be hard to know when you have given enough content in a post. Unraveling Tik Tok and the fears associated with putting yourself out there. And also how the podcast has been neglected and we're jumpstarting it!
June 24, 2020