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Talkin Some Muscle

Talkin Some Muscle

By SeSe Liua and Hector Olivera
Welcome to the podcast that steps inside the very simple mind of the Fitness Professional. Hosted by the always thoughtful never refined, veteran journey-man of the fitness industry Hector Olivera and the eclectic Personal Training man of faith always on a “Mission to Find Nutrition" "BigBodySay" SeSe Liua. Together they provide a peek behind the curtain into the mind of the Fit Pro. So whether it's sports, movies, business, love, pop-culture, or training you better believe they'll be Talkin’ Some...Muscle."
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Reebok-Fit (The Story of CrossFit)
Just when you thought it was safe to try out a new gym. Team Talkin Some Muscle is here to bring to you the run down on the exercise phenomenon known as CrossFit. From the first fake pull up to the 2010 purchase by Reebok through every compression crotch wedgie it is our pleasure to recount this harrowing tale of one of the most successful fitness brands in the world. Stay on until the end where Héctor and SeSe bring to you the top 10 Gym brands in America. So hit that play button and Subscribe AFAP!
April 13, 2020
Gold Medal Mommas (Misty May and Kerri Walsh)
Hey Muscle Heads! Upgrade your Trophy Wives for Gold Medal Mommas! On this episode of Talkin Some Muscle SeSe and Hector pay homage to the badassery that is the DOMINATING DYNAMIC Beach Volleyball Mom Duo of Misty May and Kerri Walsh. Let’s face it fellas anything we can do they can do Better they can do anything better than us. Stay on until the end of the show where the guys countdown the top 10 Cities in America with the Fittest mom’s! You know we don’t see nothing wrong with a little “Bump”, “Set”, and “Spike” on Talkin Some Muscle.
February 1, 2020
Dewey Johnson 2020 (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson)
Finally Talkin Some Muscle has come back to lay the Smack Down on another episode! Join SeSe and Hector as they take a deep whiff of what The Rock is cookin! From Dwayne Johnson’s humble 7 dollar start to a multimillion dollar megastar and pop culture mogul. Fitness has always been on the menu for the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. So know your role, hit play on this latest episode, and subscribe!
December 13, 2019
Team MURRICA! F*** Yeah! (2019 USWNT)
SeSe and Hector come back for a dive into the gap of gender pay. Episode 11 covers the Historical FIFA World Cup championship run of the 2019 US Women’s National Team. Join us as we marvel at their fight on the pitch to greatness and their fight off the pitch to eliminate the Gender Pay Gap in Professional Soccer. Let’s go Muscle Heads because we’ve got a gap to fill!
October 18, 2019
How to Catch the Predator (Predator 1987 watch-along)
In response to the overwhelming concern America has expressed as many sci-fi and conspiracy enthusiasts plan their spirited descent on Area 51. SeSe, Hector and the entire Talkin Some Muscle team would like to provide our mountain dew guzzling, "Creepy Pasta" reading, Cheeto fingered believers a full proof workout plan and strategy guide that will guarantee a successful alien hunt of Area 51. To that we turn to the action packed film from 1987 that launched a cinematic franchise based around an 8 foot, dread-lock wearing, infra-red seeing,  nightmarish alien from outer space. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, That's right we watch "Predator" and put together a full proof workout that will give you all the strength you need to secure your very own E.T. Even if it ends up being an elite invisible hunter that takes the heads of it's worthy prey. For our milestone 10th episode SeSe and Hector show you “How to Catch the Predator.”
August 28, 2019
KE KOA (The story of Eddie Aikau)
SeSe and Hector tell the story of the legendary Eddie Aikau. One of the first ever native Hawaiian professional big wave surfers. A Hawaiian hero that became the First ever lifeguard at Waimea bay,  a place well known for it's treacherous surf in Hawaii's North Shore. This is a tremendous story of a person that let his passion and love for his home overcome the many manifestations that fear uses to get us to give up on a dream.  So grab your boards and paddle out to catch the waves of this story that will surely motivate you to conquer all your fears and make a difference in the world!
July 21, 2019
"Luke...Your dad got Busted" (The story of Lance Armstrong and PED's)
Lance, Lance, Lance. It's time to take your medicine. And no we don't mean the healthy diet of PED's that helped you win 7  Tour De France championships. We mean the only medicine that you can get When SeSe and Hector come together in this episode of "Talkin Some Muscle" to discuss the swelling ego and "shrinkage" of integrity that occurs when an athlete decides to use PED's to win multiple championships.  Let's all cozy up and get ready for this weeks injection of the show that will enhance the performance of your podcast library! Most importantly let's see if we can all get through an episode about steroids and performance enhancing drugs without anyone lying...
July 1, 2019
Grab Your Gimmicks
It's time to have the talk. Have You or a friend been misled and taken advantage of by the empty promise of the latest and greatest fitness gimmick? Well SeSe and Hector are here to fight for your right to reach your goals without shaking a weight, tugging your toner, rocking your abs, or bosu-ing your balls. So throw out your obscene workout videos and allow our hosts to  guide you through the bowels of the fitness industry garbage used to turn a quick buck. This week's episode is all about the Fitness Gimmick. 
June 15, 2019
Brand-a-Mania! (The story of Hulkamania)
Well let me tell you something muscle heads! I see a lot of different fitness brands out there trying to make it to the top of the fitness mountain. Take a moment and pay homage to the most recognizable brand to come out of the Pro Wrestling business. SeSe and Hector pull back the curtain on the brand Hulkamania. A brand that dominated the wrestling industry across all merchandising and box office platforms. And if you listen closely you just might  gain insight as to how to grow your own brand to astronomical proportions dude! If not well then just "hang and bang" with us for this body slammin', leg droppin', Hulked up edition of Talkin Some Muscle! 
June 3, 2019
Not a Speck of Podcasting Talent! "Rudy" The True Story
 Hey You!! Get your head out of the clouds and figure out how to make your dreams come true! Step one: Listen in on this episode of Talkin Some...Muscle! It's the re-telling of "Rudy" the captivating true story of the young man who lived out his childhood dreams of playing football for The University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish despite being way undersized, underweight, and being told he was a "slow" learner.  Step Two: SUBSCRIBE to Talkin Some...Muscle!  Because whether it's a childhood, day, sweet, pipe, or wet, With "BigBody Say" SeSe Liua and Hector Olivera any and all dreams are possible!  
May 7, 2019
...and Crane Kicks for All. “The Karate Kid" (1984)
Say it with me..."Wax-on...Wax Off"  In this edition of Talkin Some...Muscle we crane kick the importance of the 1984 Karate Classic "The Karate Kid". Starring Ralph Macchio and the late great Nouriyuki "Pat" Morita.  If you "focus Daniel San" and "see the tree" in this episode you too shall have all the secrets of  being a master personal trainer.  So you say you want to invest in personal training? Let us send you on your quest with insight as to what questions you should ask your personal trainer before making a financial commitment that either lead you to an "all valley" fitness championship or a reality "crane kick" to the pocketbook. Strap on your seat belts and "SHOW ME...HIT SUBSCRIBE".
May 1, 2019
The "Strug" is REAL
We get the "F" out for this episode that covers a historical event from the 1996 Summer Olympic games in Atlanta where a small girl out of Tucson AZ made history with a gold winning Vault on an injured ankle. We also answer the question When is the Juice worth the squeeze in regard to pushing past an injury. Hector gets his creative writing juices flowing, SeSe does it all for the nookie and so much more!  So join us! We promise it will be GOLDEN!
April 22, 2019
"Hearts on Fire" Rocky IV (Science vs Grit)
It's SeSe and Hector back at it again! Join us on our second fantastic voyage as we harken back to  the muscles that squat in the snow and don a full white spandex leotard in the fourth installment of the Rocky Saga. We also launch the debate of "Science Vs Grit" inspired by the epic Training montage between one Ivan Drago and Rocky Balboa. Stay with us to the end and SeSe will give his top 3 grit building exercise movements and Hector will provide you with all you will ever need as far as fitness gadgets and gizmos are concerned! If you don't well then..."I must Break You."
April 17, 2019
Pumping Iron (1977)
It's our very first episode! Come Join "Big Body Say" SeSe Liua and Hector Olivera on a cannonball dive into "Pumping Iron".  Directed by George Butler and starring some unknown gap tooth foreigner named Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Allow us to show you how the muscles in this 1977 bodybuilding documentary  would change Hollywood, The "Action Hero", the fitness industry and everyone in it forever! So strap on your seat belts and "Come with me if you want to live."
April 13, 2019