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By Jeff Hallett
Weekly news and analysis focused on Liverpool FC. Our shows: Instant Analysis, Match Review, Transfer / Preview / Other Specials with noted journalists, authors & former players. Ali G, Joey Vishny, Bryan Painter, Jeff Hallett Join the conversation on Twitter @TalkOn_FP. YNWA.
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Match Review - Liverpool Destroy Arsenal 3-1
@Jeff_Hallett returns hosting @Bryan_Painter from Loveland, CO via New York and our friend Nick Stellings also in Newport Beach, by way of North Carolina. We thoroughly enjoy Liverpool’s total destruction of Arsenal at Anfield. (1) We start with headlines you need to know (Liv outsells United 3:1, kit deal status, Keita injury status & Daniel Sturridge reality show), (2) cover the match, all the key moments in 1H & 2H, pick our respective MOTM's and finish with a preview of Burnley Saturday at Turf Moor. **Talk On is NOT sponsored by Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits, although we'd like to be**
August 28, 2019
Match Review - Liverpool Escape Southampton 2-1
@Jeff_Hallett hosts @Bryan_Painter and @jvishny as we deconstruct the 2-1 win over Southampton at St. Mary’s. As we do, we start with headlines (Salah vs. Egyptian FA, Harry Winks speaks). Then we get into the match, beginning with how both teams setup, all key moments start to finish (good & bad Adrian, Sadio, Bobby, Trent). And we finish with a preview of Arsenal at the weekend. 
August 20, 2019
Match Review - Liverpool 4, 1 Norwich
Description @jeff_hallett hosts Talk On godfathers @AliG_FP and @jvishny. Lads start with headlines (Alisson down, what now), sort through the 4-1 victory over Norwich start to finish, and we look ahead to Super Cup Wed. vs. Chelsea (will Amir watch??) and Southampton on Saturday.
August 13, 2019
Instant Analysis - 1-1 Man City, Community Shield
Our favorite NYC duo kicks Talk On's 6th season covering Liverpool's 19/20 campaign. @Bryan_Painter and Tyler Vinal sort through the goods, bads & in-betweens for Liverpool's frustrating 1-1 result vs. Manchester City at Wembley.
August 5, 2019
Book Club - Ryan Baldi & The Next Big Thing
19/20 just days away, Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) & Jimmy Torrejon (@jtorrejonr) return to fill the vacuum left by no transfer news, reprising our book club for important football books.      Today we host Ryan Baldi, to discuss his new book - Next Big Thing, How Football’s Wonderkids Lose Their Way. 1H we cover key parts of the book, and 2H we interview Ryan about his creative process, his experience publishing his first sports book (tl:dr it's really hard) & what's next for him. **Good insights for aspiring football writers**
August 2, 2019
Digesting Barcelona Away with Pete Sampson / The Athletic
@jeff_hallett and @bryan_painter welcome an old friend back to Talk On Podcast - Pete Sampson (@petesampson_), beat writer covering Notre Dame Football for The Athletic and Liverpool supporter. Together we pick apart 3-nil at Camp Nou. So many things which went wrong from Klopp’s gamble in his setup to 1st & 2nd goals, Messi’s worldie turning an iced 1st leg into a probable trip to Madrid for the Catalan giants. We predict how Reds finish in both competitions, and try to pick ourselves up previewing Liverpool’s summer tour coming to Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend July 19th. We also learn about Matt Pyzdrowski / The Athletic and keeper analysis we’ll never forget.
May 3, 2019
Stretch Run Special - League, UCL & Mailbag
@jeff_hallett and @bryan_painter are back analyzing a critical stretch of games for Liverpool and City as they both continue duking it out in the final weeks. Also, the coups des gras for the players, Champions League. We dive deep in both competitions, take a thorough look at Barca and the anticipated return of Suarez & Coutinho, finishing with questions from the mailbag.
April 24, 2019
Instant Analysis - Liverpool 5, 1 Arsenal
Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) and Tyler Vinal (@tvinall88) are back at the Irish American (@theIApub) providing post-match hot takes on so much hot following Liverpool's battering of Arsenal 5-1.
December 29, 2018
Instant Analysis - United Battered 3-1
Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) and - the J to his PB - Tyler Vinal (@tvinal88) - back at a packed Irish American (@TheIAPub) in NYC. Liverpool booking their first win in their last 9 with United, emphatically 3-1 at Anfield. Lads tackle all the hot takes: from how Klopp setup, to the return of Clyne after 18 mos, Keita Fabinho starting together at last, all the subs, the likely end of Mourinho, Shaqiri and more.
December 16, 2018
Match Review - Napoli, Table-Topping Reflections
 Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) hosts Joey Vishny (@jvishny) and Ali G (@alig_FP) celebrating Liverpool's 1-0 win over Napoli, we ponder the streak Reds are on resulting in top table, righting so many wrongs (Salah top scorer, 1 goal conceded in our last 4).
December 12, 2018
Match Review - Still Pissed About PSG
Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) and Ali G (@alig_FP) together again, getting in a last word or two on PSG. We myth bust (Henderson, Lovren, Neymar), give credit where it's due (smaller list), laugh & cry about all that went wrong and ponder where does Klopp goes from here, has the goal post moved. And because Ali said it, stay tuned for Bryan & Tyler's reaction pod for Everton Sunday!
December 1, 2018
Preview Special with Adam Jones / Liverpool Echo
Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) welcomes Adam Jones (@adam_jones94), Everton beat writer for Liverpool Echo. We discuss state of Everton in 18/19, what has them on a good run of form, all personnel moves in & out, as well as potential trouble areas for Liverpool as they look to recover from PSG. **Stay tuned for Instant Analysis on PSG to drop later this evening**
November 30, 2018
Match Review - Full House on Cardiff, Surprises
Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) hosts all the regulars he's been missing, Ali Ghahremani (@AliG_FP), Joey Vishny (@jvishny) and no Twitter James McGuire. Both Ali & Jeff have secrets revealed, Joey as well at the end, and James reveals his love of Wing Night. Aside from that, we pick apart all the good (lots) and not-so-good (Lovren) from Cardiff at Anfield, and provide our Seat Index ratings.
October 31, 2018
Instant Analysis - Cardiff Meets Shaq & Lovren, 4-1
Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) and Tyler Vinal (@tvinal88) after their own personal International Break (aka day jobs), back at the Irish American (@TheIApub) in NYC providing all their instant hot takes following Liverpool's 4-1 dismantling of Cardiff City. Stay tuned for our full match review Monday with Jeff, Ali G and Joey!
October 28, 2018
Match Review - City @ Anfield, 0-0
Sorry Talk On listeners - we're a few days late posting. Joey Vishny (@jvishny) hosts Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) and Nick Stellings from Southern Cal as we contemplate all that was in the 0-0 draw with City at Anfield. We cover the match in depth, player performances back to front, and finish with our Seat Index ratings. 
October 12, 2018
Match Review & Preview - Chelsea & Napoli
Joey Vishny (@jvishny) hosts Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) and one of our longtime favorite guests, Marcus Owerko (@marcowerko) as we break down the Reds draw at Stamford Bridge, player & opposition performances from a variety of perspectives, Chelsea & Liverpool, and we turn to Wednesday for what we have in store traveling to Napoli.
October 2, 2018
Instant Analysis - Reds' Handy Work of Saints
Our NYC crew at the Irish American, Bryan Painter (@Bryan_Painter) and Tyler Vinal (@TVinal88) offering their immediate reactions from Southampton. Stay tuned for our Full Match Review and look ahead at Chelsea 2x in League Cup & PL
September 22, 2018
Match Final & Preview - Spurs & PSG @ Anfield
Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) welcomes James McGuire and new TalkOn contributor Jay Paulus (@JayPaulusICG) to settle our thoughts on Spurs at Wembley, and preview tomorrow's important match as Liverpool kickoff their 18/19 UCL campaign vs. PSG
September 18, 2018
Instant Analysis - Retribution @ Wembley
Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) & Tyler Vinal (@tvinal88) back at the Irish American in NYC like the PB&J they are, giving you all the hottest takes coming away from Spurs 1, 2 Liverpool. Stay tuned for our Full Match Review on Monday!
September 15, 2018
Transfer Special with Dave Hendrick / Anfield Index - State of LFC, January & Spurs
Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) hosts special guest and friend of the Talk On Podcast - Dave Hendrick (@DaveHendrick_) from Anfield Index. We start with a current state of Liverpool FC in all areas, from players (back to front) to Klopp, and everyone else in between. Then on to potential incomings in January, and we finish with a lengthy preview of Spurs and tactical setup at the weekend. 
September 12, 2018
Match Review - Reds' First 1-0 vs. Brighton
The lads are back, this time at least two of us trying our brain power at 5am local. Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) hosts the great Ali G (@AliG_FP) and new regular Talk On contributor Alex Perrin (@americaskopite). We cover the week’s notable headlines (1 - Y3 Mourinho Watch lol, 2 - Karius to Besiktas final, 3 - Mignolet not excited as 2nd choice), dive into the match, look at player performances back to front, offer our Seat Index ratings, and preview what’s to come at Leicester Saturday. 
August 28, 2018
Instant Analysis - Reds Take All 3 Points from Brighton
Your NYC Reds return for their first Instant Analysis of 18/19 at the Irish American. Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) and Tyler Vinal (@tvinal88) deliver their hot takes from the match. So much to ponder going into next week, but result stays the same: Liverpool win 3rd of their first 3, taking all 9 of a possible 9 points and with their 3rd clean sheet in a row, City dropping points at Wolves, top of the table for 2nd time of the first 3 weeks!  Stay tuned for Monday when Jeff H, Ali G & new contributor Alex P bring you the Full Match Review - Talk On, Talk On
August 25, 2018
2 Weeks, 2 Wins, 2 Clean Sheets
Hodgey weaps, Joey Vishny (@jvishny) hosts Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) and James McGuire, enjoying the milestone of a 2nd clean sheet in 2 weeks, this time away. We cover the week’s headlines (1 - Karius to Besiktas, 2 - Year 3 Mourinho, 3 - Grujic 2023, Hertha Berlin). Thorough chat about the match from the big stories to individuals (Gomez, VVD, Alisson, Keita !!!), then finish with our Seat Index ratings & preview Brighton at the weekend.
August 21, 2018
First step taken, Liverpool 4, 0 West Ham
Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) is back hosting Joey Vishny (@jvishny) as we discuss Liverpool 4, 0 West Ham at Anfield. We start with major headlines from the week, introduce our Mourinho Year 3 watch which we plan to enjoy, then get into the match, beginning with our initial reactions, then on to individual performances, finishing with our Seat Index ratings.   Stay tuned for next Monday’s pod, Liverpool away @ Palace!
August 14, 2018
Preseason, United LOL & Pulisic
Your Talk On crew is back from summer holiday, Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) hosts the NY lads Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) & Tyler Vinal (@tvinal88). We talk about notable standouts in preseason (Phillips, Camacho, Sturridge, including Shaqiri's debut), enjoy a good bit of United’s misery, the 4-1 result on the US tour, Mourinho right on schedule for his year 3 meltdown. Then we finish with a healthy Pulisic vs. Fekir vs. both debate.   Stay tuned for more Talk On as we inch closer to end of transfer window and start of the season! Up the GD Reds!
August 2, 2018
Transfer Special - Fekir to Liverpool!
With the impending announcement of Nabil Fekir joining Liverpool, Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) hosts fellow transfer junkie Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) and James McGuire for a Transfer Special. We sort through the latest headlines, having achieved carpal tunnel from the number of browser refreshes. We discuss Fekir at length and what he’ll mean to a revamped midfield out-classed by Madrid in the final. And we’ll speculate on what it means for the upcoming season and both lads will step to The Podium to deliver their transfer-related awards. ** Stay tuned for our re-mix of pods featuring Stevie Nicol's book and interview with both he & his co-author Mark Donaldson, coming in a 2 part series, plus lots more Talk On over the summer **
June 9, 2018
17/18 in Summary & The Podium
Joey Vishny's (@jvishny) hosting Jeffrey Hallett (@jeff_hallett) and Alireza Ghahremani (@alig_FP) as we look back at the great season that was: Liverpool's 17/18 managed by one Jurgen Klopp. We begin introducing "The Podium", sort of a super set of positive & negative reviews (shout out to our winners Fabinho, Come to Beşiktaş, and Mina Rzouki lol). We review the players back to front, discuss Karius and his recent reported concussion, shake heads how much Ali now loves Lovren & Joey still doesn't, ponder a "worst to first" midfield going into next season, and finish with a word or two on Keita, Fabinho & (LFC hopeful) Nabil Fekir.   ** Stay tuned for a summer of content, including our Stevie Nicol interview, transfers & following Reds in World Cup, and of course preseason tour in the US **
June 6, 2018
LIve Prematch from KYIV - Nervous Excitement
We're LIVE from Kyiv for the Champions League Final!! Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) hosts Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett), Tyler Vinal (@tvinal88) & Gillian Kape (@gkape3) - we have a quick chat about the amazing global Reds presence in the city, the nerves going in the match, some extra keys for Liverpool to be successful winning their 6th, and add a revised score prediction.
May 26, 2018
UCL Final Preview Special with Ryan Baldi / Football Whispers
Jeff (@jeff_hallett) and Joey (@jvishny) welcome Ryan Baldi (@RyanBaldiFW) of Football Whispers to preview this weekend’s UCL Final vs. Real Madrid.   Ryan also shares about his forthcoming book The Next Big Thing, which includes a story about former Liverpool hopeful, Adam Morgan.  Anyone interested in Ryan's book can get it here >   ** Stay Tuned for More Talk On, Live from Kyiv!! **
May 23, 2018
Massive Job Done, 12 Days to KYIV!!
Joey Vishny (@jvishny) is back hosting our regular season-ending pod with Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) and yet another newcomer to Talk On, Nick Stellings (@nastyguy6969). Reds accomplish the first of two major results in front of them, 4-0 vs. Brighton, confirming their participation in 18/19 Champions League. We discuss the major storylines from the match, positionally along with some speculation for 18/19, and we finish with the first of our many upcoming previews of the final vs. Madrid. ** STAY TUNED Talk On goes on location to KYIV, expect lots of great content coming your way **
May 15, 2018
Kyiv Dreams + That Extra "Final"
We're back after a short hiatus in the run up to Kyiv. Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) hosts Jimmy Torrejon (@jtorreFP) as we share some Talk On announcements: HELLO to our listeners around the world in Liverpool, Australia, India, Egypt WELCOME!!, special guests coming soon to Talk On as we preview UCL final, and we'll be live in Kyiv for pre-match & post coverage, BAC be damned. Also we sort the headlines you should know about the team and preview what’s to come at the weekend vs. Brighton.
May 11, 2018
Roma UCL Preview with Pete Sampson
Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) hosts Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) and a special guest, Irish Illustrated Chief Editor & long-time Red Pete Sampson (@PeteSampson_). We discuss Pete's history following Liverpool, Brian Kelly's chaos drill ⚽️, LFC & Notre Dame parallels, and what to expect in the semi-final matchup with Roma. In our preview, we sort the macro picture, the individual matchups, and finish with a score prediction.  
April 17, 2018
Liverpool Thru Convincingly to Semis, Not Done
Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) hosts Jimmy Torrejon (@jtorrejonFP) & Paul Bickler (@pbickler) after Liverpool’s convincing away win at the Etihad, 2-1, 5-1 in aggregate, securing their first trip to the semi-finals of Champions League since ’08. As we do, we start with how both sides set up, Liverpool absorbing most of City’s energy in the 1st half, we discuss Van Dijk / Sterling, then the defensive show to go with Salah’s back-breaking away goal, Bobby’s prototypical “Klopp” goal shutting the lights off. We look at individual performances back to front and finish with another peak at potential ties in the semis.
April 11, 2018
Instant Analysis - Clean Sheet & Priorities, Everton
New York City boys Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) & Tyler Vinal once again with cocktail(s) in hand, unpack the performance at Goodison. Job done with a lot of footnotes: players get rest, Moreno misses the team sheet, Karius another great save & continued stamp on 1st choice, and perhaps a word or two on Solanke / Ings.
April 7, 2018
One Hell of a Halftime, LFC 3, City 0 UCL
Joey Vishny (@jvishny) hosts Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) and Paul Bickler (@pbickler) with just a stupid amount of positives to sort through. The Reds, on their biggest European night since 05, just battered City, physically & mentally. And we get to talk about it, so thanks for joining us. We'll start at 30k feet, the major highlights from the match, then look at the individual performances (back to front), provide our Seat Index ratings, and finish with a preview of Everton, and maybe just a peek at next Tuesday.
April 5, 2018
Liverpool's Greatest Hits, 5-0 Watford
Joey Vishny (@jvishny) hosts our weekly panel, Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) and newcomer to Talk On from Boston, James McGuire, as we celebrate Watford enough to stay entertained through Crystal Palace. The familiar mix of headlines, match analysis, individual performances back to front (and oh, and was there some front in this one), seat index ratings, and finish with a minute on the UCL draw.
March 20, 2018
Instant Analysis - Salah 4, Watford 0
Live from the Irish American in New York, Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) and Tyler Vinal (myFace book offline) provide their immediate reaction to Liverpool’s thrashing Watford 5-0 at Anfield. 
March 18, 2018
Full Digestion of Aftermath, Liverpool 1 - United 2, Preview Watford
Joey Vishny (@jvishny) hosts Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) and Anthony “Kanga” Johnston (@Aljohnston23) as we do our best with the brain damage left by Liverpool at Old Trattford, 1-2. We start with the news, give the Carra situation its due attention and look closely at the match. We evaluate the opposition, pull out the key storylines, dive into the individual performances, and provide our Seat Index ratings. Then we point at the weekend for retribution, preview Watford at Anfield
March 13, 2018
Instant Analysis - Klopp Out-Managed at Old Trattford, 2-1
The boys at the Irish American in NYC give their instant match reaction of the Liverpool vs Manchester United match after falling 2-1 at Old Trafford.
March 10, 2018
Handicapping Top 4 & Taking 3 Points at Old Trattford
Joey Vishny (@jvishny) hosts Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) in Chicago and Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) in New York - and we're all convinced you need more than the usual LFC love fest, Salah's a god, so is VVD, Bobby, etc. With Newcastle covered well by Bryan's Instant Analysis at the weekend (have a listen if you haven't already). Jeff pulls out 3 headlines you need to know for the week, Bryan handicaps the stretch run among top 6 in the Premier League, we volley some Seat Index and we finish with what a win could mean for the Reds at Old Trattford.
March 6, 2018
Instant Analysis - Celebrating Reds' 2-0 Result vs. Newcastle
Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) hosting all the lads in New York at the Irish American: Ali Ghahremani (alig_FP) and the elusive Tyler Vinal. They break down the kind of result we've come to expect from Klopp at this point of the season, and vs. the low block, 2-0 over Rafa's Newcastle. We'll look it all from the clean sheet, to the boss midfield and finish with all our reasons to smile about Klopp and the production from our front 3. Stay tuned for the full breakdown coming Monday night!
March 4, 2018
Reds Make Tidy Business of Moyes & West Ham 4-1, Newcastle
Joey (@jvishny) hosts a retro episode with Football Purists' veteran Anthony Johnston from Australia and Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) from Southern Cal as the Reds put in another, are we really calling these "business-like" 4-1 result at Anfield. As a nod to Anthony’s earlier days on the pod, we pull out some notable headlines from the week, we deconstruct all the positive from West Ham, look at the individual performances back to front, we provide our Seat Index ratings, and finish with a look ahead at Rafa's Newcastle, coming to Anfield Saturday.
February 27, 2018
Liverpool on Steroids in Porto 5-0, and West Ham
Talisman Joey (@jvishny) is back hosting Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) in New York and Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) in Southern Cal. We reflect on the many positives from Porto 5-0, positives which made even Joey positive. You know what we do, we deconstruct the match, Lovren, Henderson & Milner great on the day, and our fab 3, Mane, Firmino, and the Egyptian King. We look at the individual performances (back to front), provide our Seat Index ratings & preview what’s to come at the weekend vs. West Ham.
February 20, 2018
Job Done at St. Mary's, Preview Porto
Joey's (@jvishny) back hosting Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) and Aaron Tucker (@atuck_FP) as we deconstruct the Red's business-like 2-nil result at St. Mary's. We pull out all the key storylines, look at individual performances back to front, provide our Seat Index ratings, then spend some energy thinking about Porto on Wednesday.  
February 13, 2018
Good & Bad of Spurs at Anfield, Looking Ahead
Jeff Hallett (@Jeff_hallett) hosts Bryan Painter (@Bryan_painter) in New York and Jimmy Torrejon (@jtorrejr_FP) in Southern Cal as we break down LFC’s maddening 2-2 result at Anfield. As we do, we’ll start with the major headlines, beginning of course with officiating, then working to the individual performances of note, we’ll provide our Seat Index ratings. And we’ll begin to look ahead at the rest of the season, starting with Southampton at the weekend.
February 7, 2018
January Transfer Window - Spurs @ Home
Joey hosts Ali and Tyler as they chat about the January transfer window and look forward to the Tottenham game. 
February 2, 2018
Klopp Hands City 1st Loss, VVD, Phil & January
Sorry Talk On listeners we’ve been away for a little, but Joey’s back (@jvishny) - albeit frozen in Chicago - hosting Ali G (@AliG_FP) & Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) in sunny California. We celebrate everything that was City @ Anfield. We look at the big stories from the match, individual performances from back to front, along with our Seat Index ratings. We provide a final word on VVD and moving through the last of our Coutinho grief. And we pick our heads up and ponder what’s to come through the end of the January window.
January 16, 2018
Van Dijk Holiday, Other Transfers, Leicester & Burnley
Jeff from Southern Cal (@jeff_hallett) hosts our freezing weather contributors, Bryan (@bryan_painter) in -10 NYC and James (@whitejamesc) in +10 Chicago. We react to what it means to be on the ultra nice list as supporters, Virgil Van Dijk’s formal announcement by the club. We ponder the immediate impact on the pitch, and FSG / Gordon / Klopp’s perception among supporters, including other targets still on the board for January. We finish with a quick look at what’s to come tomorrow vs. Leicester and 1/1 at Burnley.
December 30, 2017
Good & Bad Lovren, #Salah & Preview Arsenal
Joey Vishny (@jvishny11) is back hosting the CA boys, Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) and Jimmy Torrejon (@jtorrejr_FP) as we deconstruct the 4-nil result at Vitality vs. Bournemouth.  We shift attention to the back line with good shifts put in by (cough) Mignolet, Robertson, Gomez & yes, even Klavan.  As we do, we look at the key individual performances from back to front, provide our Seat Index ratings, and preview what's to come Friday vs. Arsenal.   **Wishing all our listeners around the world Happy Holidays**
December 19, 2017
Instant Analysis - Free Coutinho, Return to Form (0-4)
Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) hosts the elusive Tyler Vinal (@tvinal88) at the Irish American in New York City as Liverpool return to winning ways at Vitality Stadium.  They contemplate some of the immediate storylines from the match, from Klopp's starting 11 to Countinho's return to form after a tough midweek, and a press who never seem to live in the moment.  And stay tuned for our full analysis on Monday's Talk On
December 17, 2017
What Could Have Been, Liverpool 1, Everton 1
Joey's (@jvishny11) is back hosting our bi-coastal panel, Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) in New York, Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) and our friend, Jimmy Torrejon (@jtorre_FP) from the Canary & Blue Podcast in Southern Cal. We breakdown this frustrating result, the many unrequited highs and the low that's become all too familiar at Anfield. We evaluate the individual performances from back to front, provide our Seat Index ratings and preview what’s to come Wed vs. West Brom.
December 12, 2017
Instant Analysis - Captain Continho & Dismantling of Spartak (7-0)
Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) fills in for Joey, hosting an Instant Analysis edition of the TalkOn podcast, with Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) in New York, welcoming back an old friend in Chase Haislip (@CanaryandBlueFP) from our great Canary & Blue podcast covering the Brazilian national team & its players. We breakdown this wondrous result, all the elements that worked well in Klopp's attack, including a capable midfield and mistake-free back line, which we don't often see.  We talk through some of the individual performances, provide our Seat Index ratings and ponder what to make of it all.  We also throw in some extra score predictions for Everton at the weekend, cause why not.  
December 7, 2017
Brighton 1, 5 Liverpool, Looking Ahead
On a cold night in Chicago, Joey Vishny (@jvishny12) hosts Jeff Hallett in Southern Cal and Aaron Tucker (@ATuck_FP) somewhere in the Midwest.  Lads take a thorough look at Brighton away, the many positives (Firmino / Coutinho / Salah), the few if any negatives (soft pen), we provide our usual Seat Index ratings, and then preview what's to come vs. Spartak Wed and the Derby at the weekend.  
December 5, 2017
Liverpool 1, 1 Chelsea
Joey Vishny (@jvishny12) is back hosting Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) in LA and a newcomer to Talk On, Marcus.  We breakdown the draw at Anfield, look at all the individual performances from back to front, all the substitutions, and provide our Seat Index ratings.
November 27, 2017
Sevilla 3, 3 Liverpool Recap, Chelsea Preview
Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) hosts Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) as we try to make sense of LFC's 2H implosion at Estadio R. Sanchez Pizjuan. We look at the individual performances & breakdowns more to the point, from back to front, speculate where the Reds go from here in Europe & domestically, and we take a closer look at when Liverpool host Chelsea at the weekend.    
November 23, 2017
Instant Analysis - Liverpool 3, 0 Southampton
Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) hosts our two favorite Talk On contributors without Twitter accounts, Tyler Vinal & Gillian Kape. From the Irish American in NYC, we evaluate the 3-nil result at Anfield, worship Moreno, delight in the attack, Salah's brace, Coutinho's belter and a clean sheet despite 2 suspect defenders, Lovren & Klavan.
November 18, 2017
Southampton & Sevilla Preview
Joey Vishny (@jvishny11) once again hosts the boys from the coasts, Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) in NYC and Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) in SoCal as we shake off this last bit of rust from International break.  We preview what's to come in this run of fixtures, beginning with Southampton and the all-important do or die away at Sevilla. 
November 16, 2017
West Ham 1, Liverpool 4, Edge of Intl Break
Joey (@jvishny11) welcomes back the boys from the coasts, Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) in NYC and Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) in SoCal as we breakdown the Red's result at London Stadium vs. a beleaguered West Ham United, ultimately forcing the club to sack Slavan Bilic.  We evaluate individual performances from back to front, give our Seat Index ratings, and preview what's to come over international break, Alberto Moreno called up for Spain.  
November 6, 2017
Newcastle 1-1 Liverpool Review
Joey Vishny hosts Jimmy Torrejon and Ali Ghahremani for this Liverpool Podcast. They discuss Newcastle away, give their seat index ratings, Frustrations and encouraging signs so far this season, what needs to change/what needs to stay the same, thoughts on Klopp so far this season, and missing Lallana and Clyne.     
October 3, 2017
Liverpool 1-1 Burnley, Preview Leicester City (2x)
Joey (@jvishny) welcomes back the CA boys, Ali Ghahremani (@Alig_FP) and Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) as we breakdown the Red's lackluster run of form since international break.   We evaluate individual performances from back to front in the 1-1 result vs. Burnley at Anfield, address the little magician in the room (Coutinho), and preview what's to come in the 2x tie-up with Leicester City.
September 19, 2017
Manchester City 5-0 Liverpool, Sevilla Preview
Joey Vishny and Bryan Painter chat about the horrible defeat to Manchester City and look forward to the Sevilla game on Wednesday.
September 12, 2017
Manchester City 5 - 0 Liverpool, Quick Reaction
Our NYC Talisman Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) hosts the elusive Tyler Vinal (still no Twitter) as we try to break down what we saw on the tele. Why did Klopp setup the way he did? How much did no CB in summer window hurt us? Was the red really a red?  All these questions answered & more on this Post-Match Special.
September 9, 2017
Transfers & Manchester City Preview
Bryan Painter hosts Jeff Hallett, Jimmy Torrejon, and Alex Perrin as the boys rate the top 6 transfers and review the upcoming game against Manchester City.
September 6, 2017
The Ox Special
Ali G hosts Joey Vishny and Jack Sessions to chat about all things Alex Oxlade Chamberlain. We hear about the Ox from an Arsenal and Liverpool perspective to better understand what kind of signing this is.   
September 5, 2017
Liverpool 4-0 Arsenal and Transfer Window
Bryan Painter hosts Stephen Luna, Tyler Vinal, and Jeff Hallett as the boys chat about the monster 4-0 win against Arsenal and the transfer window.
August 29, 2017
Liverpool 1-0 Crystal Palace, Hoffenheim Preview
Welcome to the new channel and home to Football Purists' Talk On podcast!  Minutes 1-20 we bring on Francisco Terreros who is leading the re-branding process to chat a little bit about the thought process.  In this episode Joey hosts Ali, Jeff, and Jimmy and chat about the company re-brand (, Palace v Liverpool, and the HUGE game against Hoffenheim.   
August 22, 2017
Talk On: Hoffenheim Review, Palace Preview
Bryan Painter (@bryan_painter) takes the reigns for Joey on this Champions League special, hosting Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) in Denver, and a couple new contributor to Talk On, Aaron Tucker & James White. We celebrate the highs, dissect the lows from the 2-1 result at Hoffenheim, as well as our chances finishing out the return leg.  We look at individual player performances back to front, and preview what’s to come at the weekend vs. Palace.    **Thanks to you, Talk On is moving to its own channel! Subscribe to Football Purists Talk On in your podcast app**
August 17, 2017
Watford 3-3 Liverpool, Hoffenheim preview
The new home of the Talk On Liverpool podcast
August 15, 2017
Summer Transfer Special - VVD, Coutinho & Come to Beşiktaş
Joey Vishny (@jvishny) hosts Talk On originals Ali G (@alig_FP), Jimmy Torrejon (@jtorrejonjr) and Jeff Hallett (@jeff_hallett) to talk summer transfer window heading into 17/18.
August 8, 2017