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Talk Sick City

Talk Sick City

By Ineffable Entertainment
Two black guys talking sh*t and making light of trending topics like music, sports, and media to bring some humor into your Mondays. Enjoy!
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Talk Sick City Episode 22 : The Hill

Talk Sick City

Talk Sick City Episode 24 : 2Pop Shakur
We vibed during this episode, from Prince to Kanye's anniversaries, Lil Wayne's No Ceiling's 3, Cancelling Chappelle's Show, The NFL's COVID blunder's, and the main event Jake Paul vs. Nate Robinson
November 30, 2020
Talk Sick City Episode 23 : So Icy
Topics today are Abby Shapiro, Bombs over Baghdad, Jeezy Verzuz Gucci (Obviously), Music that came out this week, Deadpool 3, Everybody Hates Chris/ Tichina Arnold, Diaspora and the America's, PS5's, Crazy things going on in New York, Debt collectors on Social media, The Boy Scouts, Catholics, Ireland, Conan O'Brien, and NBA Contracts and trades. Enjoy and Subscribe!
November 23, 2020
Talk Sick City Episode 22 : The Hill
We're back and we're better. Enjoy over an hour plus of pure off the dome commentary
November 16, 2020
Talk Sick City Episode 21 : "Illegal Votes"
You can count on us to tell it to you straight when it comes to this years election!
November 09, 2020
Talk Sick City Episode 20 : What's a Coon to a Goblin?
This weeks episode covers the fifth amendment, Trump in 60 Minutes, Mitch McConnell's bruises, Amy Coney Barrett, Lil Wayne and Trump vs. Jeezy and Biden, Kanye and Joe Rogan, Lebron James and Barack Obama, Sasha Thee Obama, 85 South Show and the BET Hip Hop Awars, Azaelea Banks vs. Diplo, Jeezy vs. T.I.,  Man on the Moon III,  Certified Lover Boy, Sports this week, and More news
November 02, 2020
Talk Sick City Episode 19 : Mayonnaise Malarkey
It took us 4 and half hours to record this. We hope you enjoy it, cause we didn't.
October 26, 2020
Talk Sick City Episode 18 : Da Dogs
We really killed it today
October 19, 2020
Talk Sick City Episode 17 : *Reserved for Tupac*
This episode is a little late today, but it was worth the wait. Join us in welcoming back Joe the the pod as he, Reed, and Oladipo delved into Trump's health, Kamala Harris vs Mike Pence, Orthodox MAGA protests, Kanye 2020 Merch, Whack Cops, Mark Cuban vs Ted Cruz, Kobe vs Everybody, Dogg Face and Ocean Spray, and some personal stories from each of the guys. Enjoy!
October 12, 2020
Talk Sick City Episode 16 : What Ever Happened to Juicy Sommelier?
Topics today include Jussie Smollett, Biden Vs Trump, Melania vs Christmas, Trump vs Taxes, The Trumps vs. Covid, Saturday Night Live!, Jp Morgan Fraud, Breonna Taylors Grand Jury, Savage X Fenty, Kirby Jean Raymond and Reebok, Dr.Dre vs Nicole, Chadwick continuing to be amazing, Morgan Freeman x Savage Mode II, Steve Ballmer vs. The Clippers,  and more! Enjoy
October 05, 2020
Talk Sick City Episode 15 : Ice Cream Man
Today we started off with stories about the ice cream man, his fight for his publishing, Daystar vs Meg, Bobby "Tom Cruise" Shmurda, black superheroes, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson playing in and owning the XFL, Deion Sanders new Head Coach position, the NFL taking your breath away, Chris Paul on HBCU's, Mixed NBA player with white names vs. black names, More on the Breonna Taylor case, Trumps Big Black Business plan, Kamala's rap knowledge, and more... 
September 28, 2020
Talk Sick City Episode 14 : The Whole Clit 'N Caboodle
Topics this week include Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RIP), the USPS, ICE, Attleboro's Covid Problem, Cardi B vs Offset, Kanye vs Twitter, 50 Cent vs Irv Gotti, Marvel movies, Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr., The NFL, and The NBA. Tune In and Enjoy!
September 21, 2020
Talk Sick City Episode 13 : Predator Drones
The podcast wars are getting fierce out here. Don't get any bright ideas though cause we've got two words for you... 
September 14, 2020
Talk Sick City Episode 11.5 : Fuck 12
We don't like the federales.
September 07, 2020
Talk Sick City Episode 11 : Embraced
Rest In Power Chadwick Boseman.
August 31, 2020
Talk Sick City Episode 10 : CoRudy Virus (GOBERT-19)
Rudy Gobert is officially the sickest individual to play for Utah, and Karl Malone used to play there, along with other corona virus news
March 16, 2020
Talk Sick City Episode 9 : Been Simpson
Our favorite simp came up in the news this week, along with other hilarious topics. Enjoy!
March 09, 2020
Talk Sick City Episode 8 : Harden for 3
James Harden sh*t himself
March 02, 2020
Talk Sick City Episode 7 : Spread Love it's the Brooklyn Way
We were getting busy on this episode. Brace yourselves. RIP to Pop Smoke
February 24, 2020
Talk Sick City Episode 6 : Peg-a-SUS
Topics this week include Reed's Most Flagrant Tweets, Twitter Dick Pics, Malcolm XFL, Valentines Day Weekend, NBA All Star Weekend, Juicy Smollett, and Black History
February 17, 2020
Talk Sick City Episode 5 : Read Exodus 23:1, Gayle
We got a lil wild this episode.
February 10, 2020
Talk Sick City Episode 4 : "Girl Dad"
Kobe's Memorial Episode! R.I.P. to Kobe, Gigi, and the 7 others who passed in the tragic helicopter incident. This week we talk Kobe, revisit the Drake/Kanye/Push beef, The Grammy's, Terry Crew vs. Gabrielle Union, Don't Fuck With Cats, DAZN, the Super Bowl, and the NBA All Star Game. Enjoy!
February 03, 2020
Talk Sick City Episode 3 : Ridin' Round and Gettin' It
This week we talk Aaron Hernandez conspiracies, Tom Brady's Retirement/Return, Antonio Brown's Breakdowns, College Prospects, The Weeknd, and more! (The mics were a lil f***ed up this episode, we got back to the normal sound right after these, if you are that mad though you can sick a duck)
January 27, 2020
Talk Sick City Episode 2 : Cool Logic
Joe joins Reed and Oladipo on our second episode to talk opinions on myths, whats whack, Onlyfans, CTE and other things in Talk Sick City
January 20, 2020
Talk Sick City Episode 1 : Lizzo Is So Brave
Listen to us talk about how brave lizzo is and other topics from before the new year
January 13, 2020