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Talks With Blake

Talks With Blake

By Blake Worrell
I think it's time to truly connect with each other and hear about our personal experiences, fears, and hopes. Perhaps we can come closer to discovering that common ground. Perhaps we can even be empathic by the struggle that others face. We may even realize how privileged some of us actually are. Either way, this channel seeks to can bring humankind together in peace.
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Talks With Blake

Izrail Jasir, (also known as Eazy) is a trained bodyguard working for VIP's.  He is also working as the head of security for special events.  Izrail shares his experience in helping organize the Black Lives Matter Protest in Berlin, and how working with the police gave both hope and doubt.  With over a decade of trained experience, Izrail shares how he thinks the authority system can be improved upon.    Note:  Some segments of this podcast have been edited.
June 19, 2020
Raya shares her experiences in a predominantly all-white high school and one of the outrageous events that occurred that were clearly downplayed by those responsible.  She also expresses her gratitude for those who are standing up for her and the hope that it gives her. ​ Note:  For safety reasons she has asked to edit the names and locations in this podcast.
June 2, 2020