Talk To People Fearlessly

Learn How To Speak Purposefully and Fearlessly!

An episode of Talk To People Fearlessly

By Crystal Elizabeth Melville
Learn How To Purposefully and Fearlessly Speak Your Heart Anyone.
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Exposing the "Latch Key" Phenomenon
A summary, reflection and response to the #PihuOnNetflix Movie is given with great appreciation to the work to writer, producer and director Vinod Kapri of Bhagrathi Films, distributed by Kirshnan Media.  The Theme "Exposing the "Latch Key" Phenomenon is explored.  The film depicts the real life events of a toddler Pihu (Myra Vishwakarma), "while her mother lies still in bed, unsupervised, Pihu struggles to manage on her own and unnoticed in the minefield her home has become ." "Director Vinod Kapri said that the idea behind making the film was the question of "what does a toddler do when she is left alone at home?" He also based it on a real life incident that he read in 2014 in a national daily about a four-year-old girl who was left alone at home. He decided to have minimal dialogues in the film, wanted the story to depend on "how the girl behaves", and felt that "every shooting schedule [was] unpredictable." According to him, the film explores issues faced by married couples, and compulsions about the concepts of family and children." Sources: Wikipedia and IMDB Watch are you takeaways? Have you ever been a "Latch Key" child? Has your child(ren) ever been "latch key?" If so, why? Can it be prevented? How can we work together to eradicate this "latch key" phenomenon? Let's discuss and Talk to People Fearlessly!
July 5, 2019
Understanding Your Voice
By learning the purpose and power of your voice you can change your life. On this episode you will learn the meaning of your voice, and why you must use it.
July 5, 2019
Learn How To Speak Purposefully and Fearlessly!
Introductory episode and Trailer, for the "Talk To People Fearlessly" Podcast, hosted by Crystal E. Melville. Join us on a journey to understand our voice, and why it's important to use it wisely, timely and effectively. We will uncover and dissect the leading cause of loss of speech, and why people don't speak up when they should. The leading cause of pain is the inability to speak up. Experience breakthroughs like no other. Are you ready to be free? Are you ready to talk to people fearlessly? What are you waiting for, join the movement! Share, comment and send us your voice messages and pressing questions. You'll have the opportunity to have them answered right on the show. Thank you for listening. To find our more about the host, to schedule speaking engagements or to schedule a one on one or group coaching session, visit 
July 3, 2019
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