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The Perch: Everything Sunlake High School

The Perch: Everything Sunlake High School

By Talon and Perch
This is a student created and student produced podcast discussing everything surrounding Sunlake High School and more.
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Show #3
Today we have Jacob sharing some information about clubs here at SLHS, Braden, Jair, & Daniel with student tech tips, Marc sharing some insight to area events that are currently going on, Max will be sharing some helpful ways to be a better athlete, and Madison has a guest on her segment where they will be doing some reviews in the entertainment industry.
April 09, 2021
Show #2
It is hard to believe we are in our second episode of our first season, here in the perch podcast of SLHS,  yet here we are. We have another amazing show lined up for this episode with our weather, student financial literacy, local business spotlight, and lastly some great college prep tips. If you are a student at SLHS and are interested in producing content for our podcast show, student newspaper, or even our yearbook, make sure to come see me, MR. WEBSTER, in room 4-136 and I will gladly share with you how you can be a part of the Multimedia Communication Academy here at Sunlake High School.
April 01, 2021
Show #1
Student created segments on School Clubs, Sport Readiness, Tampa Area Events, and Student Tech Tips are in this episode.  This podcast is produced through the Digital Media Multimedia Foundations class and If you have any interest in taking this class next year, make sure to talk to your guidance counselor or see me, Mr. Webster in room 4-136.
March 26, 2021
The Perch Podcast Trailer
This is a quick introduction to Season 1 of the Sunlake High School student produced podcast show, The Perch Podcast.
March 12, 2021