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Tal's Tips Empowerment Podcast

Tal's Tips Empowerment Podcast

By Talia Mervosh
Join Talia Mervosh, or "Tal" for short, as she connects with others on a MUCH deeper level! Inside each episode, Tal provides tips on mindset, motivation, & life's challenges from her personal experiences as a wife, dog mom, and now full-time life coach & business owner! Tal also interviews growth-minded humans to share their stories around their journey towards a purpose-filled life. This podcast is guaranteed to get you fired up to take action on creating the life of your dreams -- start listening now!
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30. Clarity, purpose, & SO much encouragement with FUNness Facilitator + Biz Strategist, Nina Obier🌟

Tal's Tips Empowerment Podcast

30. Clarity, purpose, & SO much encouragement with FUNness Facilitator + Biz Strategist, Nina Obier🌟

Tal's Tips Empowerment Podcast

40. Nutrition, Fitness, & Realness with Brianna Jones
A self-disciplined, courageous, and hard-working black woman who has used her love for fitness and nutrition to guide her passions in life. After going through the hills and valleys that are required of a successful weight loss experience, Brianna has since used this, along with her science degrees and certifications, to help shape and mold women of color to authentically rebuild their relationship with food and fitness. Brianna believes that the key to a powerful and lasting health journey involves a distinct mindset shift that improves our perception of food, body, and fitness. Connect with Bri on Instagram: ______________________________________________ Say hello to Tal on Instagram anytime and let her know what came up for you during this episode! Join Tal's Rebirth program: Tal's Tips Empowerment Coaching Resources: Join Tal & her community of growth-minded women while they read a personal growth book each month inside her book club "Unfolding Connections": Be sure to subscribe and leave a rating below!
September 20, 2021
39. Letting the Light Speak Loudest with Laura Fooks🌟
Laura Fooks is the Cofounder + Chief Encouragement Officer at Light Speaks Loudest. She considers herself a recovering perfectionist and striving anti-racist who has been changed irrevocably by God’s love. Laura and her husband, Aaron, live in Denver with their goldendoodle pup. You can find her on Instagram @lightspeaksloudest and @lauramfooks Say hello to Tal on Instagram anytime and let her know what came up for you during this episode! Tal's Tips Empowerment Coaching Resources: Join Tal & her community of growth-minded women while they read a personal growth book each month inside her book club "Unfolding Connections": Be sure to subscribe and leave a rating below!
September 13, 2021
38. Personal Growth, Holistic Health, & Plant Medicine with Colleen Ruiz
Colleen Ruiz is an entrepreneur, holistic health coach, personal development junkie, and plant medicine enthusiast. Colleen started her health coaching business in 2017 after being inspired by her own health transformation years prior. Since then, she has been helping her clients make positive changes in their life that better serve their health and overall well-being. She approaches wellness from a holistic perspective by taking into account all aspects of a person’s lifestyle such as their relationships, career, diet, physical activity, and spirituality. Colleen believes that if our external lives are in harmony with the essence of our inner being, health is achieved naturally. Recently, she has added plant medicine to her personal development toolbox and will begin her Psychedelic Integration Coach training in the Fall of 2021. Colleen’s passion lies in finding new ways to serve the collective by drawing from her own challenges and life experiences. With that comes an insatiable hunger for growth and self-mastery. Colleen continues to dedicate her time and energy to expanding her own consciousness and inspiring others to do the same. You can connect with Colleen at Say hello to Tal on Instagram anytime and let her know what came up for you during this episode! Tal's Tips Empowerment Coaching Resources: Join Tal & her community of growth-minded women while they read a personal growth book each month inside her book club "Unfolding Connections": Be sure to subscribe and leave a rating below!
September 6, 2021
37. "Rebirth Your Self-Worth" Preview of Tal's Upcoming Masterclass
All we really want as humans is to feel seen, heard, and understood, but are we seeing our own value, listening to our own worth, and understanding our own self FIRST before looking to others to validate it for us? Listen in as Tal talks through the feelings that we, as women, may experience regarding self-worth & self-esteem. If you're seeking empowerment, encouragement, and a deeply thought-provoking conversation around what Tal's upcoming Masterclass workshop is all about, then this episode is for you! Tal wants you to stop seeking external validation for your worth and really look inward for that understanding and grounding. Tune in now! Join Tal's Upcoming 90-minute Masterclass: "Rebirth" via Zoom on September 9th at 6:30pm EST  To register, click here: Say hello to Tal on Instagram anytime and let her know what came up for you during this episode! Tal's Tips Empowerment Coaching Resources: Join Tal & her community of growth-minded women while they read a personal growth book each month inside her book club "Unfolding Connections": Be sure to subscribe and leave a rating below!
August 30, 2021
36. How to Get to the YES Side of Your Life & Business with Tollisha Joseph
Tollisha Joseph is the CEO of “The Official GLUE”, a consultant agency that is driven by the heartbeat of human connection. Tollisha turned her frustration around professional networking into a successful business that teaches individuals how to master the art of effective networking and leverage it to increase visibility and revenue for their businesses. We have created success by teaching small and midsize businesses the art of effective networking and getting them on the “YES” side of their business. Connect with Tollisha on Instagram: The Official Glue links:  Say hello to Tal on Instagram anytime and let her know what came up for you during this episode! Tal's Tips Empowerment Coaching Resources: Join Tal & her community of growth-minded women while they read a personal growth book each month inside her book club "Unfolding Connections": Be sure to subscribe and leave a rating below!
August 23, 2021
35. Tal's Top 3 Tips to Finding Value in Yourself
This episode is one of the realest, inspiring, and impactful episodes of Tal's Tips Empowerment Podcast. Listen in and take notes as Tal shares with you her struggles as not just an entrepreneur, but as a HUMAN. Tal discusses how we all care about what other people think of us and sometimes can let the judgment and opinions of others hold us back from fulfilling our true purpose. She brings up powerful points around the ideas of not needing other people to see our value as much as we, ourselves, need to see our value FIRST and the rest will simply follow. You're not going to want to miss this episode where you'll gain motivation, insight, and Tal's top 3 tips to finding value in yourself.  Share this episode with anyone who may be needing it and don't forget to subscribe or leave a rating!  You can find more tips on Tal's Instagram:  Visit to find Tal's coaching programs, book club, and more!
August 16, 2021
34. Educator by Day, Entertainer by Night with "The Young Professor" Matt Graifer
"The Young Professor" Matt Graifer is a central Florida based "edutainer" extraordinaire who has been manifesting his dreams into a reality over the last 5+ years. He spent nearly 8 years as a college professor in the field of exercise science and for the last 5 years, he has performed in front of over 100,000 people as a professional host and master of ceremonies for trivia game shows and in a multitude of sports. He has been the MC for professional sports teams like the Jacksonville Sharks arena football team and the Daytona Tortugas Minor League Baseball team as well as a ring announcer and commentator in professional wrestling, boxing, and MMA. He has hosted major conventions and been asked to speak at events like Elevate Daytona, a Tedx style speaker series. Most importantly, Matt is a family man: married to his wife Shanna and father to his four children: Fionn, Morrigan, Adam, and Lilian. He's a full time educator by day and a full-fledged entertainer by night. Hear his story and how he and Talia crossed paths in education in this uplifting discussion between two friends who haven't caught up in a while that bond over their excitement to help build up others. Connect with The Young Professor for your next event anytime his social media platforms below:
August 9, 2021
33. Welcome to Season 2! Tal shares how her life has changed & her new “higher education” lifestyle✨
This is Season Two - It’s here & ready for you to dive in and gain all the power, wisdom, and empowerment you’ve been missing in your life. This episode shares Tal’s journey of leaving her full-time job and how she is expanding into a real realm of “higher education”. She also mentions her self-discovery program, Practice Makes Purpose, and how it is truly transformational for the women seeking to align with their true direction in life. Be sure to subscribe, leave a rating, and share this episode on social media for someone else to gain the energetic exchange Tal offers. To connect with Tal, follow her on Instagram for daily inspiration and mindset tips!
August 2, 2021
32. Final Episode of Season 1: Recapping an Amazing First Season & Recharging for Season 2!💗
PODCAST ANNOUCEMENT!🎙🎙🎙 Season 1 is coming to a close... With many new transitions happening for me and my business, I have decided to revamp the podcast and drop a whole new Season in August! In this final episode, I am reviewing and recapping every amazing episode of my podcasts first Season! If you haven’t heard every episode, take a listen to this “season recap” of all the episodes which features a special shoutout to each and every guest that has ever been featured! I want to specifically thank each and every listener and the guests that I’ve been able to meet, interview, and connect with on a whole deeper level. Together, we’ve created 32 amazing episodes! You won’t want to miss the hints I drop for Season 2! Stay tuned: Season 2 drops August 2nd!
June 7, 2021
31. Get ignited, uplifted, & inspired with Speaker & Life Strategist, Rachelle Sylvain-Spence🔥
This episode is featuring the one and only @_rachellesylvain who is constantly providing wholesome life advice and guidance. I cannot wait for you to hear her story and her wisdom around purpose, struggle, and following our desires. Rachelle Sylvain-Spence, LMSW-CPC is a dynamic change agent and multidisciplinary professional speaker and life Strategist. Her pursuits share a common thread in her desire to ignite, uplift and inspire all to the potential of a great life. Rachelle is the founder of R-Motivation, a life strategy and consulting company. Rachelle strongly believes that the journey towards a balanced life and extraordinary results starts with self discovery. She has also created “The Backyard” a web talk show and written “mienegri”, a guide designed to provide a stepwise path to self growth. Connect with Rachelle at @_rachellesylvain or on her website
May 31, 2021
30. Clarity, purpose, & SO much encouragement with FUNness Facilitator + Biz Strategist, Nina Obier🌟
If you need a pick-me-up, some motivation, or a good pep talk...THIS EPISODE IS IT! Here's everything you need to know about Nina Obier: She loves taking selfies, she is a crazy fan of happy hours, and she uses the phrase "in my humble opinion" a lot. She is passionate about personal development and is known for having the wisdom of a 90-year-old with the energy of a 9 year old. She loves to SMILE for a living: Share, Motivate, Inspire, Listen, Encourage, through her speaking, writing, and coaching as a Business Strategist and FUNness Facilitator. Connect with Nina on Clubhouse or IG: @ninaobier
May 24, 2021
29. Caffeinate☕️Your Marketing Plan for Your Business and Your Life w/ Marketing Guru, Kelly Hackney
This episode is a pure infusion of energy, light, and love because we are getting CAFFEINATED with the amazing maketinf guru herself, Kelly Hackney! Listen in as Tal & Kelly talk all these business, social media marketing, Jesus, and everything in between! Kelly started Caffeine with Kelly, LLC. in December 2020 with the vision to add some caffeination to marketing plans! She has a mission and passion to add more positivity to the world, one cup of coffee at a time. With 10+ years of marketing experience, Kelly brings authenticity, customization, and deep strategy work to the marketing space. Kelly prides herself as being the guide for her clients to help them be the hero in their story and win the day with their customers. For more information - find Kelly at or on Instagram as @caffeinewithkelly
May 17, 2021
28. *Mother’s Day Episode* Meet Tal’s Mom: Reiki Master + Massage + Aroma Therapist, Julia Caira💗
This episode is featuring someone very very special😍 My Mom! In celebration of Mother’s Day, I wanted to interview my very own mother, who is an entrepreneur herself! Julia Caira is the owner and creator of Healing Essence LLC, who is a Reiki Master, Massage + Aroma Therapist, an Ordained Minister and SO MUCH MORE! Tune in to hear how Julia’s journey with massage and energy healing begin! You may even take away some tips on how to begin your own energy work, use essential oils, or tap into your intuition a little deeper!✨ Julia offers long distance healing sessions, past life regressions, as well as reiki certification workshops + aromatherapy courses. You can call or book with her in person in Fort Lauderdale or Sebastian, FL or even virtually for a long distance session. Contact Julia at or on her Instagram @healing_essence or by her Facebook page @healingessencestudio Be sure to subscribe & leave a rating🎙
May 10, 2021
27. Appreciate your body & improve your quality of life with personal trainer/coach, Estelle Galyean
Estelle is your online functional personal trainer/lifestyle coach who helps you go from changing your mindset around exercise to chasing performance goals. She helps you experience what it’s like to live life in your own body and be appreciate all that it does for you. She’s been able to maintain her fitness and other health routines living in different countries and while being on the road for 1+ years. She’s seen how this has improved the quality of her life and now she’s here to help you do the same.
May 3, 2021
26. Surrender, Release, & Learn to Rebalance Your Nervous System using Breathwork with Katie Bywater
Katie Bywater is a breathwork facilitator who helps women break free from self-sabotaging behaviors, depression and anxiety. She is trained in Biodynamic Breathwork which is a healing modality that helps release stuck energy, emotions and trauma from the body and nervous system, opening women up to the best version of themselves. In breathwork sessions, she uses a combination of breath patterns, conscious movement, sound, emotional expression, meditation and energy healing to release stuck patterns and energy that are no longer serving the client. Website: Instagram:
April 26, 2021
25. Passion, Mindset, & Biz Advice with Marketing Coach & Motivational Speaker, Hayley Luckadoo💓
Hayley is a marketing coach, high energy motivational speaker, and host of the Females on Fire podcast. As a coach, she helps women in business fill the gaps in their sales and marketing processes to create better and more profitable strategies that actually convert into revenue, and as a speaker, she empowers entrepreneurs to let go of the things holding them back, step into who they truly are, and go after their biggest and wildest dreams. Hayley is an audacious dreamer who started with a hobby wedding planning business born out of her college apartment, pivoted to create her company Luckadoo Media, and turned it into a serial entrepreneur success story built on resilience. She has been featured in major outlets like Fox, NBC, CBS, Medium, and Foundr, along with dozens of chart-topping podcasts, and spends her days in her pink office with a Dr. Pepper in hand, dreaming up content and resources to help entrepreneurs go after their goals, level up their business, and change their life. Connect with Hayley on Instagram at: @hayleyluckadoo or contact her by email at You can also visit her website at
April 19, 2021
24. All things Clubhouse♣️🏠 and how to use it with Business Strategist, Annabelle Bayhan
Annabelle Bayhan is a Clubhouse Business Coach and Strategist who helps her clients use Clubhouse to grow their influence, income and impact so that they show up confidently and completely for themselves and the clients that need their work most. Learn more about Annabelle at
April 12, 2021
23. Hard Decisions & How to Make Them✔️ [Minisode with Tal]
You’ll want to take notes for this week’s minisode with Tal! This episode is chalk full of advice for making those gut wrenching, challenging, and [let’s be real] avoidable decisions that life throws our way. Be sure to connect with Tal on her Instagram or on her website
April 8, 2021
22. All things marketing, self-care, and pursuing your passions with Kimberly Morse
Kimberly Morse is a recent dual degree grad from the University of Florida turned Marketing Coordinator for the premier diverse & inclusive training company for female entrepreneurs, Women Empower X. She came out of college with two degrees, a variety of experience, and absolutely no direction on where to go next. Kimberly has since turned her internship into a paid position and found her passion for marketing the things she loves most: fitness, empowerment, and wellness. Socials: Instagram: @kimberly.brooke_ Clubhouse: @kimberly.brooke
April 5, 2021
21. Leadership strategies, skills, and lessons for ambitious women featuring Maya Roffler🎙💯
Maya has been in a leadership role for over ten years in corporate America as well as small startups. She feels extremely passionate about leading women and has found great success in her career. She has worked in corporate retail, startups, and the event production space for most of her career. She has led teams larger than a hundred and enjoys the challenge of bringing together a remote team. Her goal is to assist in creating successful individuals and that is different for every direct report. Maya takes traditional leadership thoughts and concepts and pushes them even further. She translates these concepts to speak to women who are aspiring leaders or leaders who want to grow. She hosts her own podcast, MaYapinion™- The Leadership Podcast for Women, every week with Motivation Monday's and Women for Women Wednesday's. She teaches others how to podcast in addition to running her business, MaYapinion™ LLC. MaYapinion™ serves individuals, corporations, and non-profits with leadership mentoring, business strategy, and event curation. You can listen and find her here:
March 29, 2021
20. First comes love, then comes marriage❤️ Relationship coaching with Matt Hoyle
Matt is a relationship coach that has helped hundreds of couples over the past 8 years. In January of 2020, he left his full time job and started his own relationship coaching business online. Matt believes: -With the right plan, any relationship can be fixed. -A loving, intimate, connected relationship is possible. -Men and women can understand and appreciate each other. Matt has been married for over 8 years now to his lovely wife Lynette and wants to provide hope for other couples who are struggling in their relationship. His goal is to help couples find their spark and keep their spark alive. Be sure to follow and connect with Matt on Instagram @thesparkguy To book a FREE 45-min relationship coaching call with you, your partner & Matt himself, use this link:
March 22, 2021
19. Strengths-based business coach, Nicole Saunders, shares her wisdom and entrepreneurial journey🔥
Join in on this authentic and informative conversation as Tal and Nicole discuss the Enneagram test and multiple personality tests that Nicole uses with her clients to guide them to success within their own businesses. Nicole shares her entrepreneurial journey and her transition into a business coach for female-identifying entrepreneurs. Nicole empowers womxn to grow their businesses by tapping into their personalities and strengths. When not working with clients, Nicole can be found hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina with her husband and their three dogs while jamming out to Mumford & Sons. She loves making pottery and is obsessed with personality tests. We discuss using your strengths and personality traits within business and to reach your fullest potential! We have such a fun and relatable conversation that will empower you to step into your true self and never look back! You can find Nicole on Instagram @saunders_says
March 15, 2021
18. Emolyn Liden shares her story & inspires us all to create with our hands, minds, and souls.
Emolyn combined her passion for traveling and fiber arts by starting The Roving Knitter, a handmade knitwear business focusing on supporting small farmers and fiber producers. Her knitwear line explores concepts of slow fashion, sustainability, creativity and function. Emolyn works as an art advocate and educator. She hopes to enliven traditions that some pose to be dying out, and bring old-world skills back to our modern lives so that we can feel the magic from making things with our own hands. You can find Emolyn’s work on Instagram at @rovingknitter or order from her website:
March 8, 2021
17. Holistic Health Coach, Kirsty Smith, shares her wisdom about women’s hormone health💫
OK, seriously...this episode is EXTREMELY informative, educational, and straight up goodness in your ears. ⁣ ⁣ Kirsty is a holistic health coach specialising in helping women who are ready to ditch PMS for good and to reconnect to their inner wisdom to work in alignment with their hormones. Kirsty helps women work with the unique phases of their cycle to achieve more with less stress, more rest.⁣ ⁣ Kirsty lives in Bath, UK with her boyfriend and rescue dog Toofy. ⁣ ⁣ This episode is for every single women that may struggle with PMS symptoms, PCOS, hormone imbalance, and everything in between. ⁣ ⁣ Even if you don’t struggle with these, you may be suffering from a symptom that has an underlying issue. Listen & learn as Kirsty drops her wisdom and knowledge onto us. ⁣ Connect with Kirsty on Instagram @natural_rays
March 1, 2021
16. Design your dream life with wise words from earring designer and business owner, Ashley Nevar
Ashley Nevar is an earring designer and the owner of Ash from Nash. Currently located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, her brand aims to help women realize their beauty and worth through jewelry design. Listen in as Tal and Ash share stories about becoming business owners and designing a life they are proud of! Make sure to follow and support Ashley’s business on Instagram @ash.from.nash You can also purchase a pair of earrings using code TALSTIPS20 for 20% off on her website
February 22, 2021
15. Singer & songwriter, Brad Keaton, shares his inspiring journey of life, love, and singing
Spartanburg, SC-based Soul Singer Brad Keaton is an accomplished songwriter and recording artist, boasting national and international radio play and a Billboard-charting project on his resume. Brad began singing in churches at an early age with his family, and even picked up a harmony part at the age of 3. He has been singing for over 30 years and writing songs for more than 15. With a lifetime of experience, Brad brings a professional and polished product to any stage that he performs on. And while his red beard, trilby fedora, and retro-cool shades may catch your attention and turn your head, his pure and sharp vocals will spin you around and shake you by the lapels. Brad has released 2 Projects and multiple Singles, with the most recent EP "Full Circle" reaching the Billboard Heatseekers Chart at #4. Following this significant accomplishment, Brad followed it up with a Single produced by J-Stylz of R&B group Blackstreet at the end of 2019, and then released another Single in early 2020 featuring Soul Singer H’Atina from Los Angeles. Brad also put out 3 cover songs in 2020, “Talk” by Khalid, “Memories” by Maroon 5, and “Killing Me Softly” by The Fugeez. Listen in on Tal & Brad discuss his journey and current projects! Follow brad on Instagram @bradkeatonmusic or online at
February 15, 2021
14. Sea turtle aquarist, eco-friendly advocate, and fish loving soul, Maria Watson, shares her story
Join us for a deep conversation around believing in your dreams, saving the planet one less straw at a time, and of course, sea turtles! Maria shares her inspiring story of turning her dream job into a reality and gives listeners hope to accomplish this too! To chat about marine science, sea turtles, environmental advocacy, or just casual dog mom life, connect with Maria on Instagram at @mia403
February 8, 2021
13. Intuitive energy coach, Maura Quinn, fills us with breath work, journaling tips, and realness
If you’ve ever felt anxious, depressed, or not worthy...this episode is for YOU! In this episode, Maura Quinn, an Intuitive energy release coach, shares her experiences and journey with us! Maura’s story is nothing short of relatable and is truly inspiring to all. We discuss anxiety, depression, and Maura gives us tips on how to cope and heal from inner demons. We even do a spontaneous breath work session! She fills us up with so much wisdom and helps us to release things that are no longer serving us. Maura is a soul like no other and hosts a monthly membership called Epiphany where women get together to break free of the noise and shift into a positive and enlightened life using yoga, journaling, and meditation. Follow Maura on Instagram at @mauraquinnn to join her community today.
February 1, 2021
12. Manifesting, speaking our truth, and a pre-parenthood journey featuring Maria Manifested
This episode is one for all open minds and open hearts. Maria is a Christian, wife, advocate, and teacher turned nanny. We dive into her pre-parenthood journey where we discuss Maria’s fertility, beliefs, and life journey up to this point. She is wise, ambitious, and growing every single day in truly every single WAY! We discuss the powers of manifesting, mental, physical, and spiritual health, as well as encouraging others to speak their truth to whatever is calling them to speak up about what they believe in, regardless if it’s accepted or not. Maria can be found on Instragram at @maria.manifested or the free speech apps, Parler & Telegram @The UnSilent Advocate or at
January 25, 2021
11. Healthcare drop out turned resume guru, Marika Zagula shares her story & job searching tips
This episode is filled with resume, interviewing, and linked in tips that will surely get you back on your feet if you are in search of a new job! Marika shares her experiences and client stories with us in hopes of providing others with the fuel they need to get their dream job in no time!
January 18, 2021
10. An uplifting & resourceful coach-to-coach chat with Ashlee Marie
Listen in as Tal and Ashlee reconnect on the lessons they’ve learned since becoming life coach certified together over two years ago! Being a wife, mother, coach, author, and entrepreneur can be exhausting, indeed. But nothing can stop coach A’Marie from creating and transforming lives. This powerful and resourceful episode is one for the books!
January 11, 2021
9. Take flight with the creative Aerialist, leader, and coach: Cheryl Cox
Join us for this incredible first episode of 2021 with the energetic, authentic, and creative, Cheryl Cox. Tal and Cheryl have a super empowering conversation all about Cheryl’s journey of dancing to becoming a professional Aerialist! They discuss what she does as an aerialist, a creative, and a coach to lead other creatives in following their dreams and achieving their long term goals. Follow Cheryl on Instagram at @aerialcheryl or visit her website at
January 4, 2021
8. 6 Simple Tips for Personal Growth in the New Year
Tal offers six simple tips for excelling in personal growth in the new year and beyond. Tips include: getting your tribe of supporting people, spicing up your environment for more mental & physical space, setting a routine up to make your life easier, setting realistic goals, making time to self-reflect, and giving more compliments to others! She also offers a FREE resource for you to download for creating and keeping a morning routine. You can download it now at
December 21, 2020
7. Special needs parent and advocate, Lara Kitts, shares her truly touching story
This episode is real, raw, and a deep look into the life of a special needs mother, healer, and advocate. Lara shares her journey and the in’s and out’s of what it’s like being a special needs mother and caregiver. We discuss guilt, grief, and self care for special needs parents in particular. Regardless if you have a special needs child or know someone with impairments, this episode will open your eyes to the deeper struggles we may not even know are there and how to handle them.
December 14, 2020
6. Weight loss tips & a confidence boost with online Macro Coach, Shelby Hopkins
Shelby Hopkins is an online Macro Coach specializing in helping women yo-yo dieters create restriction-free meal plans & lean, toned bodies. This episode is everything you need to understand the simplicity behind Macros - what they are and why they work! She has helped countless women gain confidence inside and out. Come have a listen as we explore her world of fitness and nutrition coaching!
December 7, 2020
5. Calling all Creatives! Listen as Tal interviews Allie Otterbacher, a Business Coach for Creatives
Allie is a business coach who is also a marketing expert specifically geared towards creative-minded humans seeking business assistance. Listen as Allie takes us through her experiences of college, corporate marketing, and starting her own business! She dives into how she became the business coach for creatives that she is today and reveals how overworking has impacted her. She shares tips of her own on depression and anxiety that we can all relate to. It’s such an amazing and inspiring episode! Listen now and don’t forget to follow Allie on Instagram at @allieotter
November 30, 2020
4. Gut health and wellness interview with the founder and creator of Cultured Love: Jodie Krumpe
This episode is sour and sweet, just like the fermented foods “Cultured Love” creates for the world. Join Tal as she interviews Jodie Krumpe, the founder of “Cultured Love”. Jodie opens our eyes to the benefits of real, organic, and living foods. We discuss the science behind gut, immune, and brain health using fermented foods and probiotics. Cultured Love produces sour kraut and kimchi in its efforts to make living foods easily accessible. You can find Cultured Love on Instagram at @culturedlove or order online at Enjoy this episode and all of its wisdom now!
November 23, 2020
3. Find your truth as Tal interviews her special guest, Trisha Phillips
Take a listen to this inspiring episode where we explore how Trisha helps others find their own truth. Trisha started her career in corporate America. After 18 years of honing her speaking skills as a corporate trainer, she decided to follow her heart and start her own business. The focus of her business, Consciously Unconscious, is on raising awareness about the fact that most of the time we are living our lives on an unconscious level, simply responding to life and events. Through her class, Living your Truth, she explores: What is Truth, How our thoughts, words, and actions define who we are, why there is resistance to change and telling the truth, and how can we actually create ourselves at a conscious level.
November 16, 2020
2. First guest interview with the incredibly intuitive: Amanda Flaherty
Join Tal & Amanda as they discuss Amanda’s journey and how she created her business, Odyssey Through the Sea. Amanda is a intuitive healer, oracle card reader, & certified Yoga Instructor. She also uses Reiki and crystals to guide others in clearing their energy, shifting their mindset, and live in alignment with their souls purpose. She gives tips and heartfelt advice for those of us looking to deepen our spiritual mind and open up to a world we ALL can be apart of. Follow your heart & take a listen! You can book a session with Amanda on Instagram or Facebook at @odysseythroughthesea
November 9, 2020
1. Welcome to Tal’s Tip’s Empowerment Podcast!
In this episode, Tal discusses the purpose of her podcast, introduces her business, and sets the tone for the upcoming interviews she will have with guest speakers. These guests are business owners, coaches, educators, leaders, creators & more! Take notes as we dive into the topics of coaching, mindset, motivation & living with purpose.
November 5, 2020
October 27, 2020
October 27, 2020