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Tamarian presents NEDtalks

Tamarian presents NEDtalks

By Ned Baker
Join Tamarian’s Ned Baker as he presents conversations, musings, news, notes, and other exciting goings-on in the world of Tamarian; a world populated by rugs and the personalities that connect in the broader world of Interior Design.
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NedTalks: Michael Christie aka The Ruggist
In this ROBUST episode we talk with Michael Christie, Editor of Rug Insider Magazine as well as colorful industry blogger, The Ruggist! We try to coax BOTH of these voices to the table to see how they manage their different perspectives and learn a bit of Michael's backstory that may inform these two "characters".  We cover a lot but the central themes emerge as Michael articulates his passions for the industry and his genuine love for rugs. ENJOY and be sure to visit our blog for the visual companion!
August 07, 2020
Bespoke Custom Rug with The Scarab
In episode 3 we talk to Larry Stone, owner of The Scarab in Minturn, Colorado. The Scarab is an amazing showroom that offers an array of hand made rugs, textiles, crafts, clothing, and jewelry to visitors of the Vail Valley. Larry and his team service an incredible market of designers and their clientele providing rugs for some of the most spectacular interiors in the country. In particular, The Scarab does a lot of custom work with us adjusting sizes, shapes, and tweaking color palettes to create the PERFECT piece for the given situation. We have also had the great pleasure of developing fully custom designs for client's looking for a TRULY unique rug with personal expression.  One such project was centered around a single image of a flower that ignited a creative process that spanned oceans and involved a myriad of characters each bringing their expertise and eye to the table. Enjoy this journey from an idea to a rug and hopefully get inspired to create YOUR bespoke custom rug with Tamarian! 
June 09, 2020
Portland Maine Edition-Brett Mougalian and Tyler Karu
In this episode of Ned Talks we invited Brett Mougalian of Mougalian Rugs and Tyler Karu of Tyler Karu Interiors and Design, both based in the booming city of Portland Maine. Brett and Tyler share with us the ways in which they work together and harness the dynamics of the showroom/designer relationship to satisfy many demanding projects. Brett shares the story of him taking the helm of his family business as he sits in the family farmhouse that was the site of the first Mougalian showroom three generations ago. Tyler pours herself a libation and joins us midway to walk us through some recent projects she did with Brett and shares some of the secrets to her success. We discuss the ways in which Tyler manages her client's expectations and as a result gives Brett the time he needs to offer the widest selection of merchandise for the client. We talk about the current situation with lock downs and quarantines and how the industry had a bit of a head start preparing for virtual interactions. We agree on opportunities that still exist despite the struggles we all face in these strange times. Join us for this episode of NED TALKS as we discuss rugs, interior design, and LIFE!    
May 12, 2020
Tamarian Social Presents: NED talks Pilot Episode
In this pilot episode show host Ned Baker launches this exciting journey into rug industry conversations with Ryan Higgins, Principal of Tamarian, as they discuss recent goings-on and present some positive perspectives during difficult times. This pilot is the introduction to a new series, NED talks; A Tamarian Social Podcast.  
April 07, 2020