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Culture + Kingdom & Entrepreneurship

Culture + Kingdom & Entrepreneurship

By Culture + Kingdom & Entreprene
Come with me as I share my journey into entrepreneurship, while trying to stay authentic in a culture, that’s everything but. I will interview Dope Entrepreneurs and Women in Ministry. We are here to Empower, Motivate and Uplift.
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God call's us Little Helpers with Jeardon Byron Keith Jr.
Episode 17 In this week episode I am interviewing the co-owner of Little helpers lawn care & cleaning services. We are discussing  New business challenges Working with family  Affirmations that help us through uncertain times  You have to be your own walking advertisements Little Helpers Lawn Care & Cleaning Services LLC littlehelpers_services : IG Follow the host thatgirl_tamira :IG My Boutique fashionhangersboutique: IG  
October 05, 2021
Girl where have you been? Lets catch up!
Happy New Year Guys! In this episode, we are just catching up. Can you believe its been a whole year since my last episode... I know its been too long.   We started another business!!! I know super exciting! Scriptures Jeremiah 29:11 Bible App -  Dreams Redeemed Devotional  Follow us! (personal/podcast page) (FB podcast page) Websites  WE THE PEOPLE SERIES  If you or you know someone who should be interviewed in this series please email me   
January 27, 2021
2019 Reflection - Bonus Episode
Happy New Year's Eve!! This is a quick reflection of my 2019. I am giving you 5 tips that you should definitely take with you into 2020, the year of...INTENTION Follow us on Instagram Follow my boutique Website Podcast Facebook page
December 31, 2019
Dream . Pray . Conquer
Season Two Intro ✨ Episode: 15 In this episode I am discussing the real deal holy-field... about the struggles in my business.  I'm just getting started, we will be doing a series about challenges in starting a small business. I am discussing my struggles of leasing and just being out here in these entrepreneurial streets with no strategy.  Scriptures:   Hebrews 6:15 Genesis 12:2  Follow the podcast Follow my boutique  
December 15, 2019
When God Has Qualified You with Youth Pastor of Abundant Life Church: Ivan Morris Jr.
Episode 14: ✨Season 1 Finale ✨ We have come to the Season 1 Finale.... Yayyyy!🎇 We are discussing : When God qualifies you, no one else Validation is needed  Lets talk about the real reason why Millennial's are leaving the church  How to seek a relationship with God, when you are thinking he doesn't want to hear from you  A prayer for all my business owners in the waiting season Scriptures to Reference: Romans 12:2 Follow Pastor on Instagram Follow the Podcast on Instagram Follow My Boutique Shop with me
September 24, 2019
Being Your Authentic Self With Sustainable Fashion Blogger : Kamrin Brown of Naturally Kam
Episode:13 We are discussing:  The importance of Sustainable Fashion.. and the wasteful practices of some of our favorite fast fashion retailers.  Keys to know if you are purchasing Real Vintage Pieces or just Retro Pieces.  Manifesting what we have asked God for, and how we need to walk more by faith and not sight during our entrepreneurship journey  Scriptures to Reference: Proverbs 31:10 31:17 31:25-26 Follow Kamrin on Instagram Follow the Podcast on Instagram Follow my Boutique (Fashion Hangers Boutique) 
September 05, 2019
Getting Raw with Dr. Raw : Dr. Renee A. Walker :
In Episode 12  We are discussing what exactly is Brand Storytelling? What are the first steps entrepreneurs need to take for branding their gifts and businesses?  The importance of showing up in your business everyday, especially when you are not seeing the results.  The test of your faith during the Planting season in your business. Scriptures to Reference  Galatians 6:9  Dr Renee's Free Gift  💥Get the 7 Steps To Attract Raving Fans To Your Brand (FREE): Dr Renee's Social and Website Links 💥Get a FREE consultation: 💥Begin crafting your brand story by joining my FREE community of entrepreneurs:  Follow the Podcast on Instagram Facebook My Online Boutique - Website Follow Fashion Hangers Boutique on Instagram
August 23, 2019
The Comeback Kid: Arielle Felix CEO of Angel Pink
In Episode 11, I am interviewing Arielle Felix. Singer, Song writer and CEO of online boutique Angel Pink.  Arielle was born with Peters Anomaly, in her right eye, which is a rare form of Glaucoma.  At age 9 the Glaucoma spread to her left eye, leaving her completely blind within 48 hrs.  Arielle explains how her past traumas prepared her for one of her biggest comebacks! Follow Arielle on Instagram Boutique Website Purchase Arielle Album " Secrets"  Scriptures to Reference 2 Corinthians 4:13 2 Corinthians 4:16 Follow the podcast Follow my Boutique My Website 
July 25, 2019
Are We Really Gang, Gang...?
Are you really going hard for your Gang, Gang or Nah...? In this weeks episode..  We are talking about that feeling or need to be validated by certain people in our lives.  Who's validation do we really need? Scripture verses  to reference: Ephesians 3:20 Numbers 23:19 Romans 8:18  Message Clip preached by: Bishop Dr. Leroy Gilliard jr.  Church: Mt. Carmel Baptist Follow us on IG Follow my Boutique on IG Boutique Website:  
June 21, 2019
On God's Timing - with Special Effects Make-up Artist Doris Elias
In this episode I am interviewing  Special Effects Make-up Doris Elias.  Mrs Elias was an Internal Medicine Physician Assistant, turned creative freelancer. We are discussing moving on Gods timing and not ours.... Also is there really a such thing as work life balance? why every freelancer & Entrepreneur should invest in taking business classes.  Doris Elias Instagram Look Good Feel Better Artists and Makers Studios II Follow the podcast Follow the Boutique Boutique Website
June 04, 2019
Bey Taught Me: Homecoming Documentary - Take Aways
Take Aways from Watching Beyonce Homecoming Documentary. Watch  "Homecoming" On Netflix  Follow me on IG Follow my boutique Boutique Website
May 25, 2019
We Splurging Affordably : Owner/ Creator of ISPLURGE :Jannell Gasque
Episode 7 I'm Interviewing my friend, owner/  creator Jannell Gasque of ISPLURGE.  We are discussing being your own brand ambassador.  The importance of being tech savvy when launching a t-shirt brand. When your in the building stages of business, how to know whats your God given "Identity".  Follow the podcast ISPLURGE IG To Shop/ purchase e-book or read blog 
May 17, 2019
A “Me” Idea vs A God Idea!
  In Episode 6:  I am discussing, discerning the difference between a "Me" idea and the idea God has given us. Follow me on instagram Follow my boutique Boutique website Pastor Tour'e Roberts Sermon - "From Believing  to knowing"  Good Idea vs God Idea in Business   
May 11, 2019
Being In The Wilderness: Cultivating your Business with Jasmine Crawford.
In this episode I am talking to Personal stylist & Style coach Jasmine Crawford, owner of Tranquil Essence.  Jasmine launched her business in May 2018. Tranquil Essence is a website that allows clients to be styled from the comfort of their own home, using a virtual stylist.  Jasmine is explaining the importance of cultivating your own business, in the competitive world of personal styling. We are explaining what it means to be in the "WILDERNESS" season of your business.  Sarah Jakes Roberts : Wild Women Sermon  Follow the podcast Follow the my Boutique Boutique website Follow Jasmine Jasmine Website
May 03, 2019
We Buying Black : Designer Tantrice West
I'm talking to Designer Tantrice West, owner and head designer of the  brand "Designed by Tan". Tantrice created this brand to give plus size women the courage to stand out in a quote on quote "small waist" society.  We are discussing the importance of promoting self-love.  Networking your way to the top and Fasting to stay connected to Gods promise. Follow the podcast Follow my boutique Follow Tantrice Follow the brand Designed by Tan
April 26, 2019
Stating All Facts: Author Antoinette Davis - Part 3
In part 3, were talking about the importance of building a team. Valuing the time of people around you who donate their talent to help bring your vision to life. Follow the podcast Follow my boutique Boutique Website Follow Antionette Davis on IG Contact the host
April 20, 2019
Stating all Facts: Author Antoinette Davis- Part 2
Stating all Facts:  Part 2 of my interview with Antoinette Davis: We are talking about investing into your business, marketing and asking God for EXACTLY what you want. Let’s start saying INTENTIONAL PRAYERS. Follow the podcast Follow my boutique Website Follow Author Antionette Davis Instagram 
April 18, 2019
Stating all Facts: with Author Antoinette Davis - Part 1
Author Antoinette Davis explains the journey to becoming a full time Author. Ms Antoinette drops so many jewels for new authors and entrepreneurs.  We had such a good time, the interview was 2 hours long. This episode will be broken up into three parts. So enjoy part one!  Follow Antionette Davis You can find digital copies of her books on Follow our podcast on Instagram Follow my Boutique Boutique Website
April 12, 2019
Poverty Mindset vs Poverty Mentality
Have you ever struggled with “ Mindset” well I have! I am  discussing how Poverty Mindset and Poverty Mentality are one of the same. They can’t live without the other! Let’s  change our Mindset so we can change our life! Use the Echo app to store and schedule your daily prayers Follow the podcast Follow my Boutique Boutique Website
April 05, 2019
Hey World it's Me!
Allow me to re- introduce myself...  In my 1st episode I'm explaining the meaning of  the podcast name, the horrible hours of leasing a space in the mall and what to expect from this podcast.  We are diving right in! Follow the Podcast Follow my Boutique My Boutique Website
March 29, 2019