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Tangible Peace of God with Marjorie Whitley

Tangible Peace of God with Marjorie Whitley

By Marjorie Whitley
Gain peace, relaxation, and true intimacy with God, through practical guidance, calming music, and meditation.
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Tapping The Well of Goodness
Episode 1. Welcome. Do you see God as good or angry? Find out as we explore the garden of your heart. Today we will be looking into the pathway of goodness, followed by a simple healing meditation exercise. This episode dives into our belief system of how we see God. 2 minutes of peaceful meditation music at the end of the episode for relaxation and extended meditation.
June 01, 2022
Tangible Peace of God – Introduction
Welcome to the introduction of my podcast Tangible Peace of God. This podcast is dedicated to revealing the beauty, wonder, and tangible peace of God and his kingdom, through creative music, stories, and meditations that you can use to connect with God ..  The peace of God is a tangible thing that you can touch, and feel deep in your spirit. It’s palpable and real.   I’m excited to help YOU to tap into your own well of intimacy that your father in heaven has just for you! In today’s intro episode, I want to share a little bit about myself, why I love doing what I do and give you an idea of what you can expect from future episodes. 
June 01, 2022