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Tangible Tech

Tangible Tech

By Steve Sande
Tangible Tech brings you informative and entertaining stories about the world of technology, all from the viewpoint of a 40-year tech industry veteran - Apple World Today's Steve Sande.

Whether it's the latest tech gadgets, space, robotics, drones, healthcare, home automation, or whatever else you can think of, Steve and his guests bring you the details in a way everyone can understand.

Note: the last 100 episodes of the AWT News Update are included in our podcast feed.

Cover art photo provided by Franck V. on Unsplash:
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Tangible Tech Episode 11: Where's My Self-Driving Car?
It's been a while since the last episode of Tangible Tech, and we have a good one for you. A lot of us are fascinated by the idea of self-driving cars, and in this episode your host Steve Sande looks into the present and future of this technology. Steve's crystal ball is pointing towards the late 2020s before we see a lot of self-driving cars on the roads around the world, but in this podcast we look at the 5 levels of automation and what they entail...and what it's going to take to get to Level 5. Thanks for listening to Tangible Tech, and we'd like to ask you to share this episode with friends. Remember to visit the Tangible Tech website and see what else is new in the world of technology and science.
March 11, 2019
Tangible Tech Episode 10: Shedding some light on the subject
What do you see every night but probably don’t think about all that much? Streetlights! In this episode of Tangible Tech, podcaster Steve Sande takes listeners on a journey in time and technology talking about the changes in street lighting tech over the past fifty years or so.
December 3, 2018
Tangible Tech Episode 9: Dabbling with Virtual Reality
We have a real world, but some people — including your podcast host — like the virtual world as well. In this episode of Tangible Tech, Steve talks about his experiences with VR and some new tools that are inexpensive enough for almost anyone to get into creating and viewing VR content. Items discussed in this episode include the Insta360 One and One X VR cameras, the GoPro Fusion, the Ricoh Theta, and the Oculus Go VR headset.
November 15, 2018
Tangible Tech Episode 8: The Trouble With Robots
Podcast host Steve Sande has finally had enough of home cleaning robots that are just plain dumb. In this episode, Steve describes some of the odd experiences he's had with robot vacuums and mops, talks about troubles with a new window-cleaning robot, and tells you why he'll never get a robot lawnmower. If you enjoy this episode, please let us know by considering donating to the upkeep of the podcast and its companion website at . THANKS!
October 29, 2018
Tangible Tech Episode 7: Drones 101, or “How do those things stay in the air?”
Tangible Tech podcaster Steve Sande is not only a science and tech guy, but he's a licensed drone pilot. When he's out flying, one of the common questions he gets from bystanders is "How the (#&$ do those things fly without having wings, a rudder, and that other stuff you see on airplanes?" In this episode of the Tangible Tech podcast, Steve explains how quadcopters (those drones you see just about everywhere) are able not only to take off and land, but do some pretty amazing maneuvers as well. Don't worry; you won't need a degree in aerospace engineering to understand what Steve's saying, just an imagination and your hand... You'll understand what I'm saying once you listen to the podcast. 😀 If you like the Tangible Tech podcast, won't you consider supporting it by becoming a subscriber? Be sure to get your fill of fascinating science and tech news by visiting the website at
October 13, 2018
Tangible Tech Episode 6: The New Space Race
It's been just over 49 years since the United States landed men on the Moon for the first time and ended the first space race. Now we're in a new space race that promises to make humanity a spacefaring species. In this episode of Tangible Tech, host Steve Sande outlines the differences between "then and now", then details the spacecraft and launch vehicles that are either flying or in development to make this space race the one to make space accessible to almost everyone. Be sure to visit the Tangible Tech website at for an endless feed of fun, educational, and fascinating stories about science and technology.
August 11, 2018
Tangible Tech Episode 5: Google Fines, VR, Intel and a Site
Hola! Episode 5 of the Tangible Tech podcast is here, and I have some exciting news for you...but first, let me tell you what the stories are about today. First, we talk about Google getting whacked with a $5.1 billion antitrust fine by the EU, including the effect it may have on Android phones. Next, virtual reality may finally have a chance to shine. Steve talks about Oculus Go, the new $199 standalone VR headset that could open the doors to using VR for a lot more than just gaming. Intel celebrated its 50th anniversary by flying 2,018 of its Shooting Star drones in formation, and it's spectacular. Finally, Tangible Tech is about to be more than just a podcast. In the next week we'll take the wraps off of a new, fast-loading and ad-free website. Like Tangible Tech? Leave us feedback and share with friends!
July 20, 2018
Tangible Tech Episode 4: Getting Down to Brass Tacks
Today's episode of Tangible Tech mixes a bit of news with a seasoning of history, and also sets us up for a future episode on a topic that listeners -- and podcasters -- are trying to get their minds around. To begin, we start off with a request for all of you in the Tangible Tech audience to share the podcast with at least one friend...hopefully more! That follows with an odd etymological detour that leads into our first story. Would you believe that model rockets are now getting the same thrust vectoring technology that's used in the "real" rocket business? Steve talks about Barnard Propulsion Systems' new Signal Alpha flight computer. Model rocketry was big in the early 70s, and Steve provides you with a history lesson about a company that made electronic accessories for these little rockets and took a detour into jump-starting personal computers. The latest with drones? How about finding and fixing potholes in roads?! We take a message from a listener...
July 9, 2018
Tangible Tech Episode 3: Shark Fins!
Shark fins are everywhere around you, even if you're nowhere near an ocean. We're not talking about the type that are attached to our favorite apex predators; nope, Episode 3 of Tangible Tech is about those "shark fin" antennas that are on most modern cars. Host Steve Sande of Apple World Today ( wondered about where the old traditional telescoping car aerial antenna went, did some research, and used Tangible Tech to bring you the final word on shark fin antennas. Be sure to use this podcast as a way to amuse, inform, and befuddle your friends over the 4th of July weekend. Tangible Tech is now available on 10 (count 'em!) of the most popular podcast networks, so share the podcast with your friends.
June 28, 2018
Tangible Tech Episode 2
Steve provides a roundup of some fascinating tech news for the week - hunting land mines with drones; a massive, planet wide dust storm on Mars is slowing down work for some of our robotic workers out there; researchers have come up with a lightweight sheet that can hide humans and equipment from sight in the infrared spectrum; and police aren’t going to be happy with the Supreme Court decision last week that keeps them from tracking cell phones without a warrant. If you like Tangible Tech, please “favorite” us or “applaud” this episode. And be sure to visit our home at Apple World Today (
June 25, 2018
Tangible Tech Episode 1
Expecting the AWT News Update podcast? As of today, that daily Apple news blast is being replaced by a much more fun podcast targeted at EVERYTHING tech -- not just news about Apple. Wanna hear about space? We can do that! How about drones and robotics? Sure! Home automation and connected health? Absolutely. Instead of "just Steve" reading the news, Tangible Tech's going to have the occasional guest as well. Listen to this podcast on Anchor.FM (including the iOS app), and you'll get an added bonus -- the ability to talk back! Yes, you can leave your comments and we'll use them in upcoming episodes as we see fit. Please subscribe to the new feed, tell your friends about the podcast, and let's get ready for some fun!
June 20, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: June 19, 2018
It's a light news day in the Apple world, so we'll give you some stories about rumored Apple Watches, the upcoming Walkie-Talkie feature of the Apple Watch, how a 6.5-inch iPhone X might be the biggest seller this fall, and a new replacement power cord for MacBooks could shed some light on dark places: That Brazilian developer has done it again, this time finding references to four new Apple Watch models in the latest iOS 12 developer beta release If you and a friend are both running the second developer beta of watchOS 5, you can start to use the new Walkie-Talkie function Rumors from Korea and the Apple supply chain show that Apple thinks the "iPhone X Plus" will be the top seller when it arrives this fall Ten One Design introduced a totally innovative replacement power cord for the MacBook/MacBook Pro. "Stella" has a plug that lights up the socket when you get near it, and other impressive features
June 19, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: June 18, 2018
A slow day for Apple news, so we're covering three short stories for you regarding 911 location services, Apple Pay and an upcoming change in macOS Mojave: Apple partners with a 911 infrastructure company in the USA to integrate its HELO technology into existing call centers so iOS 12 911 calls will send specific and detailed location information Apple Pay is making it to Poland as early as tomorrow System software updates are moving from the Mac App Store to a System Preference pane in macOS Mojave, returning to the location they were before OS X Lion
June 18, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: June 15, 2018
Before you head off for your fun weekend, be sure to load this episode of the Apple World Today News Update podcast so you can be up to speed on the latest news in the world of Apple and the telecom industry: Apple debuts a new portal for the Apple Online Store that features a modern design that's clean and easy to use The HomePod can now read the news in Canada, France and Germany 5G networks are coming, and it looks like the 2018 iPhones may use a new modem chip from Intel that not only supports 5G and all existing wireless standards, but also runs on both CDMA and GSM networks Time Warner has now officially been devoured by AT&T, and T-Mobile and Sprint will file their merger application on Monday
June 15, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: June 14, 2018
Welcome to Thursday's episode of the Apple World Today News Update, brought to you this week by PDFelement 6 from Wondershare.  Today we have news of cheap iPhones (new in the box!), a security scare that doesn't seem too scary, and how Apple employees at Apple Park are going to be made uncomfortable so they'll stand at least part of each work day: Get an iPhone in South Korea for $40! They're new in the box, they're unlocked, but there's a catch... Russian smartphone cracker ElcomSoft says they can read your entire iMessages history...but they pretty much need all of your login information before they can do it Every desk at Apple Park is a standing desk that converts for sitting use, but the chairs are made to make you uncomfortable
June 14, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: June 14, 2018
Welcome to Thursday's episode of the Apple World Today News Update, brought to you this week by PDFelement 6 from Wondershare.  Today we have news of cheap iPhones (new in the box!), a security scare that doesn't seem too scary, and how Apple employees at Apple Park are going to be made uncomfortable so they'll stand at least part of each work day: Get an iPhone in South Korea for $40! They're new in the box, they're unlocked, but there's a catch... Russian smartphone cracker ElcomSoft says they can read your entire iMessages history...but they pretty much need all of your login information before they can do it Every desk at Apple Park is a standing desk that converts for sitting use, but the chairs are made to make you uncomfortable
June 14, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: June 13, 2018
It's Slow News Wednesday™, but we dredged up some great little stories designed to both inform and hopefully entertain you: Former KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo hasn't let his new career stop his rumors, this time about the Apple Watch Series 4 The Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular + GPS will now run on two more carriers in the US: US Cellular and C Spire Like your Ring Video Doorbell? That experience is about to come to a full do-it-yourself home security system from the company, now available for pre-order and shipping in early July
June 13, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: June 12, 2018
For this late spring podcast of Apple-related news, we take you to Macau, tell you about changes to the Apple Support iOS app, and talk about a new iPhone app that can help you to get a better night's sleep: Apple's newest retail outlet will be the second for Macau, a thriving resort and casino area The Apple Support app gained 20 new regions and nine new languages today Want a better night of sleep? The new SleepScore app uses your iPhone to capture body movement to tell you how you're sleeping, and makes suggestions that can help you obtain more restful sleep
June 12, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: June 11, 2018
We hope you had a wonderful weekend. This week's podcasts are sponsored by PDFelement 6 from Wondershare, and today those stories include the following: A river diver recovered an iPhone X that had spent two weeks underwater, and it's just fine, thank you Apple vs. Samsung isn't over yet. Although a court ruled in late May that Samsung owes Apple $533 million, Samsung basically accused the jury of being unreasonable and wants a retrial and $145 million Three upcoming hearings in the Apple vs. Qualcomm battle will decide if Apple has to pay up to $4.5 billion in unpaid license fees, or if Qualcomm really is overcharging for what is now basic cell phone technology
June 11, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: June 8, 2018
It's been a busy, busy WWDC week! After the keynote, hands-on testing of some of the new operating systems, and so on, we decided to end the week on a light note: Happy 10th Birthday, iPhone 3G! Apple's second iPhone brought 3G "speeds", third-party apps, and the App Store to the mobile device. Apple Music is getting a new feature today -- Coming Soon Today we look at a few of the more notable changes to watchOS 5, like how you access Control Center and Notification Center
June 8, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: June 7, 2018
We have a few short and sweet notes for you today, with two of them being about a new and improved password management API in iOS 12: Password Autofill in iOS 12 is going to make it possible for third-party password managers like 1Password, Dashlane and LastPass to work seamlessly with QuickType for super-fast password entry iOS 12 is also adding the ability to share passwords with others through the use of AirDrop Facebook confesses to a problem last month that affects about 14 million users; some of their private posts were made public Still grandfathered into the original AT&T unlimited data plan? AT&T is going to raise your rates next month from $40 to $45.
June 7, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: June 6, 2018
WWDC 2018 continues, and we have stories about a new Apple Watch API for monitoring Parkinson's disease, an upcoming "WWDC for investors", a couple of developer announcements and an iPhone case that purports to detect weapons and bombs: Apple adds a Movement Disorder API to Apple Watch to continuously monitor symptoms of Parkinson's Disease Asymco analyst Horace Dediu is holding a one-day conference in LA next week for Apple investors We discuss iOS 12's ability to automatically install the latest iOS version MapKit JS is going to add Apple Maps to websites Royal Holdings says its upcoming SWORD smartphone case will detect guns, knives or explosive devices, and can match target photos to the people around you
June 6, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: June 5, 2018
We're recovering from the WWDC 2018 keynote and yesterday's podcast with a much shorter podcast today. Today we're thanking our sponsor Digiarty and their free macXvideo 4K video processing and sharing app before jumping into the podcast. Be sure to check out macXvideo here.  We'll be live tonight for AWT TV Episode 41, discussing the keynote announcements and perhaps even taking a first look at iOS 12 Apple provided some fascinating statistics about podcasts, noting that it now hosts more than 550,000 active shows A hacked emergency alert system appears to be the source of an odd alert sent out to people in Virginia this morning Apple is retiring its use of OpenGL after Mojave, and that has some game developers steaming mad
June 5, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: June 4, 2018
If you missed the WWDC 2018 keynote this morning, you're in for a treat...or if you slept through some of the keynote, you can pick up the details of those items discussed while you were dozing. Today's podcast is a special edition long episode that covers the event from start to finish in 26 minutes, with details on all of the announcements made about iOS 12, macOS Mojave, tvOS 12 and watchOS 5. If you're curious about macOS Mojave's new dynamic desktop and desktop stacks, Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12, the cool new Walkie-Talkie feature in watchOS 5, Dolby Atmos support in tvOS 12 and all of the other announcements made today, you've come to the right place. 
June 4, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: June 1, 2018
It's June! We'll finally see the official start of summer in a few weeks, we have an Apple keynote coming up on Monday, and betas of the next-generation operating systems should be available soon. In the interim, we have the news for you in convenient podcast form: UBS has raised its target share price for shares in Apple to $210, matching Morgan Stanley's number from earlier this week. The investment firm cited stronger than expected demand for iPhone X and Plus models as the primary reason for its optimism A Bain Capital-led consortium that includes Apple, Dell and several other memory manufacturers has completed the purchase of Toshiba's memory group The final emoji list for 2018 is here and will be released on June 5. We have a video overview from Emojipedia on the website for your viewing pleasure
June 1, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: May 31, 2018
It's the last day of May, and we have some fascinating stories for today's Apple World Today News Update podcast: One Apple supplier's stock has fallen by more than half its value this year, based on rumors that Apple might be making its own power management chips Connected health pioneer Withings is back after being acquired and run into the ground by Nokia Distracted driving laws may start seeing the Apple Watch as a "handheld device" after a Canadian student was ticketed for driving and using her Watch
May 31, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: May 30, 2018
Can you believe it's Hump Day already? Those 3-day holiday weekends make the work week fast, and we're going to give you three short news items to make your day go by even faster: Apple is leasing even more industrial space in Santa Clara, CA, part of a huge expansion in the office and lab space that's located around the south Bay Area We have some tips for you about iCloud Messages; how to turn it on and what is backed up by the new cloud service that showed up in iOS 11.4 yesterday Want to watch Monday's keynote at the 2018 Apple Worldwide Developer Conference? We have tips on where you can stream the event
May 30, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: May 29, 2018
We hope the Memorial Day weekend was good for you! Today we have three small stories for you to listen to on the Apple World Today News Update podcast: iOS 11.4 is available, with some new features and three major bug fixes that are sure to make a lot of users happy Is your Uber driver creeping you out? The rideshare company has added a feature to its app to let riders call 911 with a single swipe and a tap We speculate on what the addition of a third lens could do for the photographic capabilities of a 2019 iPhone
May 29, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: May 25, 2018
Friday at last! To end your week, we have stories about Apple retail stores, Apple employees at Display Week in LA, and some possible names for macOS 10.14: The Pier Apple Store in Atlantic City, NJ will be closing soon due to a sharp decline in tourism and visitors to the city A new, larger Apple retail outlet is nearing completion in Seattle's University Village shopping center Some possible names for macOS 10.14 have surfaced in overseas trademark filings, including Sequoia, Mojave, Sonoma and Ventura Apple employees were in evidence everywhere at Display Week in LA this week, checking out the latest display technologies and making presentations
May 25, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: May 24, 2018
Chain saws and wood chippers provide a cheery backdrop to today's Apple World Today News Update Podcast, with stories about expensive iPhone cases, a higher target price for Apple shares, a new camera app, and the case of the disappearing Vevo app... Have $10,436 just laying around? You can blow that on a diamond-encrusted iPhone X case from luxury accessory manufacturer Hadoro Morgan Stanley is bumping its stock target price for Apple from $200 to $214 based on future growth from Apple's services Obscura 2 hit the App Store today, bringing with it a lot of new and updated features for the iPhone-toting photographer Vevo won't be updating its apps or website any more, as the music video distributor is going "YouTube-only"
May 24, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: May 23, 2018
We're back for another day of news with the Apple World Today News Update Podcast: Apple's offering a $50 credit to anyone who paid for an out-of-warranty battery placement for an iPhone 6 or newer device during 2017 A longtime Windows developer brings Frooty Loops to Mac Seeing a lot of Apple Watches? It's not surprising -- Canalys says Apple sold an estimated 3.8 million Apple Watches in the first three months of 2018 Ground hasn't been broken for Foxconn's Wisconsin display factory, but now rumor has it that the company might produce smaller displays for Apple and automakers at the plant instead of TV displays
May 23, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: May 22, 2018
For this sunny (at least at Apple World Today HQ) day in May, we have four short news items that you'll find interesting: Apple has announced the date and time of the annual Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) keynote. Expect to see new versions of every Apple operating system, as well as announcements of some other surprises... Dropbox updated its iOS app today, adding a file activity notifications feature and a refreshed file preview design Apple Pay may seem ubiquitous...but it falls behind the Starbucks app in terms of the number of users in the USA The iPhone continues to dominate the United States smartphone market, with six of the top 10 smartphone models being from Apple
May 22, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: May 21, 2018
Welcome to another week of the Apple World Today News Update Podcast! Today we have stories about a real proposed "Apple Tax", a fun new "feature" in Google Maps, Apple slipping a spot in the Fortune 500, and a cool portable second monitor for MacBook and MacBook Pro users: Cupertino is considering an employee head tax that would specifically target its biggest employer -- Apple Want to drive a green pickup truck around the city? Google Maps for iOS adds that icon and two more to replace the familiar blue arrow Apple's now number 4 on the Fortune 500 list, but it's still the most profitable company in the country AOC's I1601FWUX portable USB-C monitor can make it easy and affordable for MacBook/MacBook Pro users to take a second monitor with them on the road
May 21, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: May 18, 2018
After a week off on a nice relaxing vacation, Steve's back with a jumbo-sized Apple World Today News Update podcast. Today we talk about privacy, a building resembling a huge iPod on a dock, and the goals of the nascent Developers Union: Apple collects surprisingly little personal information on its customers, according to a ZDNet report who compared the small amount of mostly anonymous data collected on him by Apple to the huge files sent to him by Facebook, Google and Twitter A new 24-story apartment building in Dubai is opening later this year. The design, which began in 2006 when iPods were the hot Apple product, resembles an iPod leaning on its charging and syncing dock Developers who want more of a cut from Apple than the 70% of sales they already get are forming a "Developers Union". They also want Apple to allow free trial offers for any app.
May 18, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: May 11, 2018
Happy Friday! This will be the last AWT News Update podcast until next Friday, but we have some good news for you: Loup Ventures analyst Gene Munster thinks that "Apple as a Service" is the next big reason for investors to keep backing the company A 76-year-old Hong Kong man is the latest to have his life saved by Apple Watch Microsoft wants to work with Apple to get iMessages on Windows
May 11, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: May 10, 2018
It's a rather slow news day in the world of Apple, but we have a real estate story, some info about a new app that does something pretty amazing, and a rumor about the next-generation iPhone SE: Eddy Cue is putting his vacation home near Lake Tahoe up for sale. Anyone with $11.9 million can get a nice home, and it's only three years old Lost the prescription for your eyeglasses? If you have a pretty simple prescription, you can use a new app that will determine that prescription and help you buy new glasses online More rumors are coming out about the iPhone SE 2, with an iPhone case maker saying it will resemble a small iPhone X complete with a notch at the top
May 10, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: May 8, 2018
Just a short podcast for you today, with a heartwarming FaceTime story, news from Google's tech conference this week, and an upcoming security update in iOS 11.4 that will make it even more difficult for law enforcement officers to get personal data off of iOS devices: A soldier thought he was going to miss out on the birth of his daughter due to an early delivery and a flight delay. FaceTime saved the day Google announces ML Kit, a machine learning software development kit that allows developers for iOS and Android to build machine learning enabled apps iOS 11.4 will apparently have a new feature called USB Restricted Mode that will disable data transfer over USB if a device isn't unlocked after a week
May 8, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: May 7, 2018
Another manic Monday, with AAPL zipping to a new high close. We have info about that and a lot more for you in today's Apple World Today News Update Podcast: Apple is soliciting Apple Watch owners to join in on the Apple Heart Study being done in partnership with Stanford Medicine The iMac turned 20 yesterday. The all-in-one is credited with beginning the turnaround in Apple's fortunes iOS 13 rumors are beginning to seep out, and we haven't yet heard what's going to be in iOS 12 During trading today, Apple hit $187.67 per share. Warren Buffett would love to own all of Apple's stock...
May 7, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: May 4, 2018
May the Fourth Be With You! Today we've got four short news items to make your day: Apple informs Windows users that the Texture app -- which it recently purchased -- will be retired on that platform on June 30 Shares in Apple almost made it to $184 per share today, reaching an all-time high of $183.99 at one point (this was before the close of the market...) and a market cap of about $932 billion The Spanish-language People magazine's latest issue features 50 portraits and a cover photo, all done with the iPhone X Facebook is looking into a subscription-based ad-free feed
May 4, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: May 3, 2018
We missed yesterday's podcast due to a conflict, but we're back today with all sorts of great news for you: Yet another person can thank the Apple Watch for saving his life, after a New York man followed his Watch's advice to seek medical attention immediately after suffering from a ruptured ulcer Just a reminder: your Mom wants flowers for Mother's Day on May 13th, and you can get some nice deals by using Apple Pay to pay for them The big beneficiary of all of the negative news about Apple from Wall Street analysts during the past few months was Apple, which was able to buy up a record amount of its shares at a discount price Apple's iPads are bucking the trend of shrinking tablet market share
May 3, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: May 1, 2018
It's May, time to start keeping an eye out for severe weather, mow your lawn, and get ready for summer coming next month. Today's stories: The Apple Watch is credited with saving another life...but this time it wasn't the owner's heart that was having problems Olloclip has released the Connect X Lens System for the iPhone X The Lumos Smart Bike Helmet gets additional HealthKit and Apple Watch integration, and is available in Apple retail stores The third betas of the latest versions of iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS are now available to developers
May 1, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: April 30, 2018
Wow, this is the last Monday of the month of April, 2018...which will never be seen again. What happened on this unique date in history?  A well-known Apple analyst steps down from his post, leaving a void in the world of Apple rumors Sprint and T-Mobile have announced that they're engaged to be married. We're not sure when the nuptials will be held, but they're expecting a 5G network Cross-platform writing app Bear got a nice update today, and you can now publish ebooks from Bear if that's what you want to do
April 30, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: April 27, 2018
Happy Friday! Today's podcast has a fun story about Apple's rumored AR/VR headset that may arrive in 2020, what Apple says you should look for in a Wi-Fi router now that it's no longer making them, and news about a fun Apple Music deal: Dual 8K displays blasting your eyes with augmented or virtual reality? A WiGig connection to a powerful but lightweight computer? That's what may be in store for us in 2020 with Apple's rumored AR/VR headset Apple has published a recommendation on what prospective Wi-Fi router buyers should look for Apple's giving away another month of free music to those who have been on the three-month Apple Music trial but haven't signed up. The deal goes through May 27
April 27, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: April 26, 2018
It's Thursday, so we'll look at one throwback that failed, some updates to Apple Maps, and how Tim and Donald got along: Apple Maps received some good updates during the month, including several indoor airport maps, lane guidance for some European countries, and public transit instructions for five US states Tim Cook and Donald Trump had a productive meeting yesterday, with Cook lauding the tax cuts and tax reform, saying that Apple will be investing in the USA Remember the flop that was Snapchat Spectacles? Well, Spectacles 2 are out today, with some new features that might make them popular.
April 26, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: April 25, 2018
Today's podcast has some bragging points for iOS device owners to lord over their Android-owning buddies, word about a new malware variant that's pretending to be an Adobe Flash Player installer, and your new Lexus may have Apple CarPlay (but no touchscreen): 76% of all iOS devices are now running iOS 11 with another 19% running iOS 10. Compare that to the tiny 0.5% of all Android devices running Android 8.1 Oreo... Malwarebytes found a nasty little malware variant that pretends to be an Adobe Flash Player installer. Hint - don't use Flash The 2019 Lexus US luxury sedan will come with CarPlay, but uses a trackpad instead of a touchscreen as a user interface
April 25, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: April 24, 2018
We have some entertaining short news stories for you on today's podcast: Verizon gains subscribers in the March quarter, most likely from the Apple Watch Series 3 Instagram has a new web tool for downloading all of your content; unfortunately, it was down at the time we broadcasted this! Original Mac icon designer Susan Kare is in the news, winning a prestigious medal from the American Institute of Graphics Art and being called upon by Apple to testify on the company's behalf in the Samsung damages retrial Amazon can already get into your house if you let they are expanding that capability to cars
April 24, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: April 23, 2018
Happy Monday! Cheer up, buttercup, there's lots of good news from the world of Apple today: Have the Kindle reader app for iPhone or iPad? Good, because it is World Book Day and Amazon wants to give you some free books to celebrate Two new Apple ads use light-hearted imagery to convince Android users that it might be a really good idea to switch to iPhone HomeKit fans in the US can now purchase the first HomeKit-compatible window air conditioner available in the country; just don't expect to get a bargain price on it Does it seem like everyone loves the iPhone X? A survey by Creative Strategies shows that it's extremely popular with the early adopters and has a very high satisfaction rate Snapseed has been update for the iPhone X
April 23, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: April 20, 2018
It's finally Friday, and Apple's probably glad that the stock exchanges are closed for two days after negative analyst reports pushed the company's shares -- and the Dow Jones Industrial Average -- lower. Other news for this Friday: Developers who have apps featured in the iOS 11 App Store see huge increases in downloads, according to data from research firm Sensor Tower Several questionable "supply chain reports" from Wall Street analysts have driven Apple's share price down almost $13 a share in three days AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson announced a new skinny streaming service called AT&T Watch while testifying in the antitrust case against his company over the proposed acquisition of Time Warner
April 20, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: April 19, 2018
Wow, lots of interesting news in the world of Apple today (except for AAPL's share price tanking, but...) -- Apple's environmental report for 2017 shows significant progress, FoundationDB goes open source, there's good news for snorers, and don't tear apart an iMac Pro and expect Apple to repair it... Apple is making good progress on all environmental fronts, including a goal to plan to eventually eliminate the need for mining for materials for its products Apple's FoundationDB is now open source, so perhaps developers can add the Dropbox-like sharing functionality to it that we need Keep waking up your partner with your snoring? Sleep Cycle will now wake you up with a tap on the wrist from an Apple Watch, so you can change position and hopefully stop snoring A YouTube vlogger is griping that Apple won't repair the iMac Pro that he tore apart for an online review
April 19, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: April 18, 2018
It's hump day, and the week is all downhill from here... Today we have a few stories dealing with competition in the smartphone and smart speaker markets: A head-to-head comparison of the iPhone X and Google's Pixel 2 results in a solid win for the iPhone X...but not for Siri A Wall Street analyst thinks Apple is working on a cheaper version of the HomePod due to lagging sales That same analyst foresees dual-SIM versions of the iPhone coming later this year, both on a less expensive LCD phone and a larger iPhone X The continuing lawsuit battle between Qualcomm and Apple is starting to hurt Qualcomm badly, with rumors of layoffs at the San Diego-based chipmaker  
April 18, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: April 17, 2018
Happy Tax Day in the USA! We hope you got your taxes early this year and didn't wait until today to file, because the IRS electronic filing system had issues earlier today... Our stories today include that, and: If you filed your federal taxes earlier in the year, you can celebrate tonight by watching AWT TV, live at 6:30 PM PT / 9:30 PM ET on the AWT Facebook page.  Otterbox has release three new cases in honor of the upcoming Star Wars film "Solo: A Star Wars Story". Hint: The Millennium Falcon case is really nice... More evidence that the iPhone X has been a success - the model alone accounted for 35% of the profits for the entire cellular handset industry in the two months it was was available in 2017
April 17, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: April 16, 2018
Welcome to another week in the weather-wacky month of April. Today we talk about a new feature that may be on the way to watchOS, how quickly a law enforcement tool called GrayKey can crack iOS passcodes, and ponder Apple's next exercise challenge: watchOS 5 may come with support for third-party watch faces...or not Grayshift's GrayKey box can break your four-digit passcode in about 6 minutes, 30 if you're a criminal it might help to give your iPhone a long, complex alphanumeric passcode There's an Earth Day exercise challenge coming up
April 16, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: April 13, 2018
On today's Friday the 13th edition of the Apple World Today News Update podcast, we use our crystal ball to look at a possible feature for macOS 10.14, report on the FBI being questioned by lawmakers about why they hassled Apple, and have photos of an unreleased gold iPhone X: In a little less than two months, macOS 10.14 will be unveiled. We speculate on whether the popular Workflow app for iOS will be released in a version for macOS A bipartisan group of lawmakers wants to know why the FBI took Apple to court regarding the unlocking of an iPhone used by a killer in the 2015 San Bernardino shootings...when it didn't need to The FCC (of all places) releases photos of a gold iPhone X, something that was never released
April 13, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: April 12, 2018
Welcome back - the podcast skipped a day yesterday, as Steve was taking advantage of warm Spring weather and enjoying some downtime with his wife. We have three short news items for your listening pleasure on today's Apple World Today News Update podcast: iMovie for iOS got an update today, adding iPhone X screen support and adopting Apple's Metal graphics processing framework, among other improvements The HomePod isn't selling well; Bloomberg feels that it's the lack of Siri smarts and the price tag that are hurting the smart speaker, not the speaker's great sound Today's the day Apple started warning Mac users about the impending incompatibility of 32-bit apps
April 12, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: April 10, 2018
The AWT News Update podcast will be "off the air" tomorrow, but we'll be back on Thursday. Today's stories: Instagram adds new features to its iOS apps that add a depth of field focusing capability and an @mention sticker Vimeo hits the Mac App Store with a native client that adds functionality to Final Cut Pro for easier publishing of video to the service Facebook attempts to "save Face" with a new Data Abuse Bounty program that awards those with first-hand info about Facebook apps abusing Facebook policies or selling user data
April 10, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: April 9, 2018
Three stories headline our short, fast and fun podcast today: Microsoft Office for iOS gains the ability to open Office documents that are stored in Files PayPal is becoming a bank...without going through the usual hassles associated with becoming a bank Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has signed off of Facebook, citing the social network's policy of making money off of user's personal information as his reason
April 9, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: April 5, 2018
Just a note - we'll be taking a "sick day" tomorrow to go to a MLB game, so there will not be an Apple World Today News Update podcast tomorrow (April 6). Today we have a few stories about some of Apple's future directions: Apple's Pro Workflow Team could be one of the most important and useful groups for the near future, working on fine-tuning Mac hardware and software for the creative pro market We take a look at MicroLED technology, where it's most likely to be used first at Apple, what companies Apple is partnering with, and talk about a product about two years out that could benefit from this display tech
April 5, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: April 4, 2018
Apple Music keeps getting more popular, Scanbot turns 7, and macOS 10.13.4 breaks some apps and accessories: Apple Music now has 40 million paid subscribers, showing solid growth and a lot of potential iOS paper scanning and storage app Scanbot has been great in the past, with the release of Scanbot 7 today it gets even better Oops. macOS 10.13.4 may have added eGPU support, but it also broke screen extender apps like Duet Display and Air Display, as well as USB DisplayLink monitors and docks  
April 4, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: April 3, 2018
Today's Apple World Today News Update podcast has substantially more content than yesterday's "short edition". Stories today include a look at some of Intel's new Core processors that could be used in a 2018 MacBook Pro update, scheduling of the Q2 2018 earnings call, and some concern from the Wall Street Journal about a "nagging badge" for Apple Pay: The Intel Core i9-8950HK could be a powerhouse for a 15-inch MacBook Pro BTO option, but it doesn't support LPDDR4 RAM... It's hard to believe, but we're already in Apple's third fiscal quarter of 2018. We'll find out how they did in Q2 on May 1st. The WSJ seems to be concerned about a red badge that hounds users unmercifully about Apple Pay if they don't choose to "Setup later in Wallet"
April 3, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: April 2, 2018
We have a rather short Apple World Today News Update podcast for you on this Slow News Monday™.  Bloomberg's "educated rumor" that Apple might be moving to its own Mac CPUs in 2020 caused Intel's share price to take a sharp drop today Want a smartphone that lasts longer than just about any other? Get an iPhone 8 Plus
April 2, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: March 30, 2018
It's the last day of March, the day before a holiday weekend, and the first weekend of Major League Baseball for 2018. We'll end the week with three stories: Drones were used to help 26 smugglers move almost $80 million worth of refurbished iPhones from Hong Kong to Shenzhen MyFitnessPal reported a huge data breach affecting 150 million users; if you've ever used MyFitnessPal, change your password immediately macOS 10.13.4 brings external GPU support to the Mac platform for the first time, and we tell you which eGPU chassis are approved for use
March 30, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: March 29, 2018
Today's Apple World Today News Update podcast features stories that will be of interest to people with big forearms, those who keep their iPads plugged in all the time, and potential murderers: Apple's coming out with a larger version of the Sport Loop Apple Watch Band, perfect for those with monstrous forearms The iOS 11.3 update includes a new feature to help battery health on iPads that are plugged in all the time Heart rate data from an Apple Watch is being used as key evidence in an Australian murder trial
March 29, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: March 28, 2018
Just a few stories for you this afternoon on the Apple World Today News Update podcast: A Department of Justice investigation shows that the FBI misled Congress when it said that it had used all possible means to access the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino killers and wanted to force Apple to "open a back door" Apple CEO Tim Cook was interviewed by MSNBC's Chris Hayes and Recode's Kara Swisher with topics ranging from education, creativity and technology to the Facebook controversy and freedom of speech
March 28, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: March 27, 2018
Today's Apple educational event is over, but the impact on school administrator spending habits remains to be seen. Today's Apple World Today News Update podcast discusses: The news announced at the event in one very concise statement A rumor of a slightly larger Apple Watch screen coming this fall App Store and iTunes Store outages have been occurring today, most likely due to the mass downloading of iWork updates We correct a statement that many websites are making about iBooks Author and Pages for ebook development
March 27, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: March 26, 2018
Monday! Hopefully the day we all dread hasn't been too bad for you. We have some interesting news bits for you today: Apple is now accepting trade-ins of older Apple Watches Watch out, Apple! Google Chromebooks are already eating your lunch in the education market, and now Google and Acer have teamed up for the low-cost Acer Chromebook Tab 10 tablet. Can Apple beat it with a lower-cost iPad expected to be announced tomorrow? Use an iPad with a PC? The Microsoft Edge browser now runs on iPad, so you can send web pages from your iPad or iPhone directly to your Windows PC Apple's "original content" for streaming TV won't arrive until next March, and they're working on upbeat, optimistic content Amazon's Kindle app for iPad now supports Split View and a new continuous scrolling mode
March 26, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: March 23, 2018
Happy Friday! Today's Apple World Today News Update podcast has stories about happy developers, livestreams that aren't happening next week, possible product announcements in the education space, and using the fingers of dead people to unlock iPhones: 5,000 Apple developers are probably dancing in the streets today after finding out that they're going to WWDC 2018. Another 500,000 developers are feeling suicidal after finding out they didn't win the WWDC lottery Apple isn't going to livestream next week's education event from Chicago, fortunate as we won't have to see Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel politicizing the event A new, low-cost iPad with Apple Pencil support may be revealed at the Chicago event Forbes reveals that law enforcement agencies now regularly use the fingers of the recently deceased in an attempt to unlock iPhones with Touch ID
March 23, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: March 22, 2018
Today's Apple World Today News Update podcast has news on where Apple's future revenue growth will come from, a unique proof-of-concept app that wants to make it easier to assemble IKEA furniture, and a rumor about trial production of this year's iPhones: Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty sees Apple's future revenue growth coming not from iPhones, but from services and wearables A developer has created a proof-of-concept AR app that could make it easier to understand those sometimes nebulous IKEA furniture assembly instructions Rumors! Trial product of this year's three iPhones could start as early as June
March 22, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: March 21, 2018
A short podcast today, but with a few fun stories about the top grossing app in the US App Store, zombies and the iPhone X, and a unique campaign by a Chinese smartphone manufacturer to get potential iPhone X buyers to wait... The top grossing app in the US App Store is...YouTube. Find out how a free app can make so much money A game developer is using the iPhone X TrueDepth camera to capture facial animations for an upcoming "The Walking Dead" title Huawei's new P20 smartphone arrives in less than a week, and the company is trying to dissuade people from buying the iPhone X until they can try the new phone
March 21, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: March 20, 2018
We're stirring it up topic-wise on this Tuesday, the first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere, with stories about autonomous vehicles, tvOS 11.3, a mock home setting where you can test HomeKit devices, and Apple's plans for even more office space in the South Bay Area: Apple has doubled its autonomous car fleet since January; we also look at the cause of Sunday's Uber autonomous car fatality Apple has released the sixth -- and probably final -- beta of tvOS 11.3 to developers London shoppers can try out a large HomeKit mock home setup at a new store in the Westfield London shopping center Think Apple Park and Apple Campus 3 are it for the company's real estate expansion? Just wait -- the company's plans in San Jose, California are unreal
March 20, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: March 19, 2018
A pair of short -- but fascinating -- stories to start off the week: We look at some possibilities on what may be announced at Apple's educational event in Chicago next Tuesday Apple Campus 3 (AC3) is about to open, another big Apple building about four miles north of both 1 Infinite Loop and Apple Park
March 19, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: March 16, 2018
Happy St. Patrick's Day (one day early)! Today's Apple World Today News Update Podcast includes a pot of gold with leprechauns dancing around it, as well as some important and informative news bits: Apple World Today has launched the new Team AWT Community Forum, an online discussion group for Team AWT members Are you a developer in Paris? If so, look in your email inbox for an invitation to an Apple event next Friday That Steve Jobs job application from 1973? It sold at auction for $174,000 Apple's R&D expenditures this year are going to be HUGE
March 16, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: March 15, 2018
Steve's finally back from his Spring Training trip, and has several timely news items for today's podcast: Are you a Team AWT member? Keep an eye on your email inbox for something new... Apple's App Store has been blocked in Iran today, although nobody is owning up to who's doing the blocking Media giant iHeartMedia has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, struggling with streaming competitors like Apple and Spotify, ad revenues flowing to Facebook and Google, and a lack of radio listeners Google's changing its wearables brand from Android Wear to Wear OS in hopes of being more competitive with the Apple Watch line
March 15, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: March 2, 2018
On today's News Update podcast, we give you three stories that deal with Apple competitors Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft. Please note that the podcast will be on spring break until March 14. Facebook is testing a new feature that could make it easier to post your status to your News Feed: something called Voice Clips. It lets users record short audio clips that friends and family can then listen to. Amazon's Alexa digital assistant went mute for a while today after a data center issue caused a regional outage of Amazon Web Services Apple's wonderful accessibility features for the vision impaired and blind received a boost today from Microsoft with the Redmond, Washington company's new Soundscape app for iPhone
March 2, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: March 1, 2018
Welcome to March! As the daffodils begin to peek out, we have a few stories from the world of Apple for you: The Apple Watch Series 3 propelled Apple into the leader spot of the wearables market in the 4th calendar quarter of 2017 Going to the movies this weekend? Use Apple Pay with Fandango and you can get $5 off of two or more tickets Asymco analyst Horace Dediu calculates that two out of three Apple devices ever sold are still in use The big four US mobile carriers have joined forces to create a new secure authentication method that will eventually replace those SMS texts of two-factor authentication codes
March 1, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: February 28, 2018
Finally, the last day of February... Today's podcast gives us stories about competition in the tech biz, as well as an upcoming IPO and a new use for the Apple Watch Series 3: Google is taking on Slack with its new Hangouts Chat for G Suite Move over, Google Pixel 2 - although you claim you're the best smartphone camera, Consumer Reports puts the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus atop the smartphone camera heap Spotify is planning on a $1 billion IPO soon Your Apple Watch Series 3 can now track your skiing or snowboarding activities
February 28, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: February 27, 2018
There are a lot of little news items today dealing with video content, 5G, and Apple's sky-high share price: Hit-or-miss director M. Night Shyamalan is the latest to get a green light from Apple for an original series. Thank God he's only directing one episode... There's a big sale on 4K HDR movies and more in the iTunes Store right now Mobile providers T-Mobile and Sprint throw their hats into the 5G ring AAPL reached a new record high of $180.48 before retreating today, buoyed by nice words from Warren Buffett
February 27, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: February 26, 2018
Better late than never is our motto for this Monday evening. Today's late Apple World Today News Update podcast was postponed a bit, but now we're here with three short news stories to keep you informed and entertained: The HomePod smart speaker apparently saw higher day one pre-orders than any other premium smart speaker Apple's newest iPhone video ads are targeted squarely at users of Android devices, touting the ease of use, security, environmental friendliness and outstanding support versus Android Apple's share price is near record territory again, and a NYU professor thinks that the company is "the best value play" of the top four large tech firms
February 27, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: February 23, 2018
TGIF! We hope you're going to have a safe and fun weekend, wherever you may be. We have three stories to close out your week with a short News Update podcast: Cloud storage company Dropbox files for a $500 million IPO Apple and other companies testing self-driving car platforms may get to test their technology on California roads without having a "safety driver" behind the wheel Director Steven Soderbergh's new psycho-thriller "Unsane" premiered at the Berlin film festival this week. The movie was shot on an iPhone and opens in theaters on March 23
February 23, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: February 22, 2018
Today's news brings us word about more screenshots in the iOS App Store, an auction of items signed by Steve Jobs, and a quasi-scientific test of car navigation apps by an Adobe manager: Apple now allows developers put submit up to 10 screenshots per device type for their App Store listings Want a piece of history? Three items signed by Steve Jobs are going up for auction soon, including an employment application from 1973 Bored by your commute? Gather data for an unofficial test of car navigation apps like this Adobe senior manager did
February 22, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: February 21, 2018
It's a shorter than usual AWT News Update today, with three posts that focus on companies that work with -- or compete with -- Apple rather than the fruit company itself... Dish Network's Sling TV, which provides Apple TV, iPhone and iPad users with streaming TV, announced it had 2.21 million subscribers at the end of 2017 Facebook's new updated Facebook Messenger app now provides the ability to do group video or audio calls, something that FaceTime still can't do AT&T announces that a "dozen cities" will have 5G service by year's end, but don't let that get you dreaming of "multi-gigabit" mobile connections just yet
February 21, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: February 20, 2018
It's Tuesday - be sure to watch AWT TV tonight live at 6:30 PM PT / 9:30 PM ET on as Steve Sande and Marty Edwards bring you an hour of iOS and macOS tips! Here's some news for you while you wait: AirPlay 2 disappears from the latest betas of iOS 11.3 and tvOS 11.3 Samsung announces a new line of SSDs for enterprise, one of which has a 30.72 TB capacity Samsung's also seen its smartphone market share drop in the company's home country of South Korea, where Apple and LG keep increasing their share A Pennsylvania woman credits her Apple Watch with possibly saving her life after a drunk driver hit her car, temporarily blinding her That news about Apple filing for a new trademark for the rainbow logo? It's a nothingburger. 
February 20, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: February 19, 2018
Steve's podcasting record for February took another hit last Friday with a bad bout of stomach flu; today he's back with four news stories for you: WWDC hasn't been officially announced, but rumors are pointing toward June 4 - 8, 2018 in San Jose, CA  Apple's new flagship retail store in Chicago has another issue -- this time, a big crack in one of the glass panels A drone crashed into Apple's new headquarters building over the weekend. The building is unscathed, but the pilot may not get the drone back Twitter is dropping support for the Mac, discontinuing its Mac client. We have news of a deal for a replacement client for you
February 19, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: February 15, 2018
This Thursday afternoon we have a variety of short news items for your listening pleasure: Apple will require developers to support the iPhone X starting in April 2018 for all new apps submitted to the App Store One character in India's Telugu language is crashing message apps in iOS 11, and a fix is on the way soon Getting an Apple HomePod? You might want to get a Pad & Quill HomePod Coaster first! Google Maps for iOS receives a handy update that speeds access to many features Facebook is entering the smart speaker market later this year
February 15, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: February 14, 2018
Today's podcast is somewhat shorter in length, which should be useful for those of you who forgot today was Valentine's Day and are still rushing around trying to buy gifts and set up restaurant reservations... The Apple Watch Series 3 finally appears in the refurb section of the online Apple Store, although GPS+Cellular watches are not available yet Apple has published an ARKit/Augmented Reality mini-site that includes details on ARKit, phone technology, and apps that use ARKit A Barclay's analyst thinks that Apple's 2019 iPhones may add a rear-facing 3D sensor for AR purposes YouTube TV adds a number of Turner networks today, but also announces a higher monthly fee for new subscribers starting March 13
February 14, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: February 13, 2018
Today was Apple's annual shareholder meeting, held at the Steve Jobs Theatre on the Apple Park campus. As a result, today's podcast covers just one topic -- the shareholder meeting, the agenda of the meeting, and comments made by shareholders and the Apple executives during the meeting. 
February 13, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: February 12, 2018
Steve is back to recording the podcast after a week-long hiatus due to a death in the family. Today we have three stories; one highlighting major US carrier Verizon, another the HomePod, and the final focusing on wireless mobile chip vendors Qualcomm and Broadcom: Verizon announced that it will begin locking smartphones for a specified amount of time in order to reduce criminal demand for its unlocked phones A scientific test of Apple's new HomePod smart speaker proves that it has excellent sound quality Apple suppliers Qualcomm and Broadcom are set to restart talks on a possible takeover of Qualcomm by Broadcom; any takeover would have an impact on Apple
February 12, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: February 1, 2018
Welcome to the shortest month of the year...that usually feels like it's two months long. Our February coverage of Apple starts with five stories from around the world of Apple: Uber's latest iOS app update disabled the ability to hail a ride from within Apple Maps or using Siri India builds another barrier to entry for Apple by raising custom duties on imported mobile phones from 15 to 20 percent A new setting in iOS and macOS makes it possible for enterprise administrators to delay updates for up to 90 days Only a little over three weeks until the first Apple retail store in Austria is set to open in Vienna Slack is the latest company to do away with an Apple Watch app
February 1, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: February 1, 2018
Welcome to the shortest month of the year...that usually feels like it's two months long. Our February coverage of Apple starts with five stories from around the world of Apple: Uber's latest iOS app update disabled the ability to hail a ride from within Apple Maps or using Siri India builds another barrier to entry for Apple by raising custom duties on imported mobile phones from 15 to 20 percent A new setting in iOS and macOS makes it possible for enterprise administrators to delay updates for up to 90 days Only a little over three weeks until the first Apple retail store in Austria is set to open in Vienna Slack is the latest company to do away with an Apple Watch app
February 1, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: January 31, 2018
We leave the month of January with an extended edition of the AWT News Update podcast: Apple is crippling macOS Server later this spring and asking administrators to consider switching to open source versions of the apps that make up the server package 18-core iMac Pros are on the way to some lucky folks who ordered the powerful computer One feature to expect in Apple operating systems later this year is the ability for developers to easily port iOS apps to Mac, with iPad apps reportedly requiring little or no changes to run on macOS Apple responds to SEC and DOJ investigations with a statement describing its intentions in throttling iPhone CPUs
January 31, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: January 30, 2018
Just a short little podcast for you today, giving you the 411 on HomePod, Apple Maps, and a proposed new Apple Store in Scottsdale, Arizona: The upcoming HomePod smart speaker will apparently install updates through the Home app Two new American cities are getting transit directions in Apple Maps: Omaha, Nebraska and Milwaukee, Wisconsin Architectural renderings of a proposed Apple retail store in Scottsdale, Arizona show a stunning external design
January 30, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: January 29, 2018
It's a quiet day for Apple news, so we've gathered up some stories that might make your day! Virgin Mobile is selling "pre-loved" iPhone 7/7 Plus models at a significant discount, and you may be able to get a $1 per month trial plan for six months as a new user A pair of Apple stores, one in Nashville and one near Seattle, will be closing next month for renovations and possible expansion We have a list of the Apple Music services that will be supported by the HomePod once it's available on February 9 Apple's share price dropped today on rumors that the iPhone X isn't selling well and that the company might cut production of the high-end phone
January 29, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: January 26, 2018
For this last Friday of January 2018, we have a series of fun and informative stories for you: Apple has created clever animoji ads for Sunday night's Grammy awards featuring the music of several of the nominees Revenues from the iOS App Store are almost double that of Google's Play Store, even with fewer downloads for iOS apps Apple's HomePod is now available for pre-order; we talk about some of the first review comments TSMC broke ground on a new plant today that will build 5nm process chips for Apple The iPhone SE 2 may roll out as soon as May or June of 2018, according to sketchy rumors from DigiTimes
January 26, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: January 25, 2018
Hang in there - it's almost Friday again. Today we look at some additional changes in the world of Apple that may be included in the upcoming iOS 11.3 update: iOS 11.3's enabling of Advanced Mobile Location on iPhone is expected to save an additional 7,500 lives in Europe alone in the next 10 years The unbundling of iTunes continues with the possible move of audiobooks to the new Books app that will arrive with iOS 11.3 A close look at iOS 11.3 code makes reference to a "Modern" iPad, which many are taking as a clue that Face ID will soon make it to the iPad Pro line
January 25, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: January 24, 2018
A short edition of the Apple World Today News Update podcast today: Siri - a half-billion devices now use Apple's intelligent assistant, up almost 125 million from June of 2017 We look in detail at some of the new features expected in iOS 11.3 later this spring
January 24, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: January 23, 2018
Tuesday's been a relatively quiet day in the Apple world, but there's always something new to tell our listeners about: We tell you about the main features of the new OS updates out today Wacom announces a new stylus called the Bamboo Tip that's targeted at iOS devices and is half the price of the Apple Pencil iPhone X sales were actually quite good in Apple's Q1 2018, countering idiotic rumors from last week that Apple might cancel the product There's a "Double Feature" promotion going on in the iTunes movie store
January 23, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: January 22, 2018
Beat the Monday blues with a few upbeat stories on today's Apple World Today News Update podcast! The new Apple Park campus is so large that the company is making 1,000 bicycles available for employees to get from place to place Drone manufacturer DJI has the same problems Apple does in terms of having new products leaked A developer beta of iOS 11.2.5 shows that HomePod owners will be able to disable Siri when desired A glitch with Movies Anywhere made it possible for some iTunes users to get the movie "Thor:Ragnarok" one month before it's due to be released
January 22, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: January 18, 2018
Sorry we missed you yesterday (Wednesday)! We're back today with a quartet of short news stories from the world of Apple: A researcher/developer had his app -- used to gather data on ISP throttling of video streams -- rejected by the App Store Some Facebook Messenger users are reporting a bug that crashes the app after typing just a few words in a single line Use SpotHero to pre-pay parking? Apple has a deal for you if you use Apple Pay as your SpotHero payment option The GOP tax bill signed into law a few weeks ago is resulting in Apple adding almost $350 billion to the US economy, and employees are also getting a stock bonus
January 18, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: January 16, 2018
A smaller sensor notch in 2019, poor working conditions in a supplier's factory (or not), and the folks from Cupertino are pretty darned helpful to law enforcement: A rumor has it that 2019 iOS devices may use a much more compact sensor for Face ID Apple's own investigation seems to contradict a Bloomberg/China Labor Watch report that found bad working conditions at an Apple supplier's factory The head of the California Division of the FBI loves Apple, as the company provides training to FBI and local law enforcement officials Apple's Health app is being used as evidence in a German murder trial (hint: your heart rate climbs when you're trying to dispose of a body)
January 16, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: January 15, 2018
Can you believe we're already half way through January? We have some stories today to warm your heart during the cold weather: The Apple App Store has a huge economic impact and will be larger than worldwide movie ticket sales later this year A change in India's complex sourcing and taxation requirements today might make it easier for Apple and other multinational firms to open stores in the country Holdout Toyota announced that starting with the 2019 Avalon, it will start support Apple CarPlay
January 15, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: January 12, 2018
Friday at last! Today we have stories about how "The Last Jedi" director Rian Johnson kept the screenplay safe, why you won't need to sign for Apple Pay purchases after April, and an interesting CarPlay app. Rian Johnson ("The Last Jedi") used a remarkably low-tech method to keep the screenplay for the blockbuster movie safe from leaks Visa joins the other major credit card companies in making signatures for chip card and contactless payments unnecessary after April Gracenote's CarPlay app makes listening to radio stations easier, but it won't be in the App Store anytime soon
January 12, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: January 11, 2018
Today's podcast topics deal with history - the history of emoji on iPhones, the FBI's poor opinion of Apple's excellent encryption, and an IPO for a company that Steve Jobs once unsuccessfully tried to buy: The designer of some of the first 500 emoji to be used on iPhones provides a ten-year retrospective on her work An FBI forensic expert frustrated with Apple's encryption refers to the company as "jerks" and "evil geniuses" Dropbox, the file-sharing powerhouse that Steve Jobs once referred to as a "feature, not a product", will be going public later this year
January 11, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: January 10, 2018
It's Hump Day™! As we reach the middle of this week, there's not a lot of news that we haven't covered elsewhere, but we still have two kinda creepy stories for you. Remember the "FruitFly" malware that was infecting Macs last year? The hacker behind the attack has been indicted for not only his malware attacks and stealing data, but for child pornography as well A second iPhone fire has occurred, this time in Spain. The uptick in incidents seems to be tied to the increase in iPhone battery replacements taking place due to Apple's discounted replacement plan
January 10, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: January 9, 2018
In the news today on the podcast -- Apple's ITP is choking online advertising firms, an overheated battery causes an evacuation at a Swiss Apple store, WPA3 is announced and may force Apple AirPort users to go elsewhere for Wi-Fi router equipment, and a tiny USB-C flash drive with a big capacity is displayed at CES: "Hundreds of millions of dollars" are being lost by online advertising firms due to Apple's ITP feature in Safari A Zurich, Switzerland Apple retail store was evacuated after an iPhone battery overheated and started filling the back of the store with smoke WPA3 is announced, and will require hardware certification on new Wi-Fi routers -- most likely meaning that Apple AirPort routers will be left out SanDisk shows off a tiny 1TB USB-C flash drive
January 9, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: January 8, 2018
Happy Monday! We have stories today about a survey showing that smart speaker users don’t use their smartphones as much, a rumor about an iPhone SE 2, and Intel being slapped with three lawsuits so far over the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities. Accenture surveyed 2,271 smart speaker owners, and the majority of them say they’re not using their smartphones as much anymore An Indian tech site says that an iPhone SE 2 will be released this year, complete with a glass back for wireless charging Intel is facing class action lawsuits from three states so far alleging damages due to the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities
January 8, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: January 5, 2018
The first Friday of 2018 arrives with stories about ugly smart sunglasses, a tiny and fast Thunderbolt 3 SSD, and how Apple's App Store is making a huge amount of money: Vuzix will be showing its Blade Augmented Reality Sunglasses at CES, which run Alexa and are...well...butt-ugly Plugable announced the new Thunderbolt 3 4b0GB NVMe SSD, which is a perfect accessory for video editors on the move Sensor Tower data shows just how large app sales have become for both Apple and Google 
January 5, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: January 4, 2018
A deal on grocery delivery from Apple and Instacart, a big win for TSMC, and it's been an interesting week for Spotify: Pay for your grocery delivery via Instacart with Apple Pay, and Apple will pick up the delivery charges through January 10th TSMC will reportedly build all of the A12 processors for this year's iPhones, edging out Samsung on what could be a huge order Spotify has announced that it has 70 million paid subscribers, is filing for an IPO to go public, and might have to pay out $1.6 billion in a lawsuit
January 4, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: January 3, 2017
Augmented Reality isn't proving to be "the next big thing," Apple adds a news podcast feature to Siri in the newest iOS 11.2.5 beta, and Mophie creates a product that can keep a USB-C MacBook running for up to 15 hours over what the internal battery can offer: A recent survey from Apptopia shows that developer interest in AR appears to be nearly nonexistent, with AR apps making up only about 0.03% of all apps in the App Store Soon, you'll be able to ask Siri to "Give me the news" and get a short news digest podcast in return Mophie's new Powerstation AC is going to be very popular with MacBook owners, as it can give the little laptop a total of over a day of battery life
January 3, 2018
Apple World Today News Update: January 2, 2018
Steve's back from vacation, so we start off the year with news on an Apple acquisition, conflicting Wall Street forecasts for Apple, a long-awaited iPhone X app update, and Google's most popular searches for last year: Apple purchases Buddybuild, which makes continuous integration and debugging tools that will be built into Xcode One pair of Wall Street analysts is forecasting low production and sales of iPhone X for the first fiscal quarter of 2018, others think the company is on its way to a $200 share price DJI updates its drone app for the iPhone X Slime, unicorns, memes and acronyms that defined 2017, as brought to you by Google
January 2, 2018
AWT News Update: December 19, 2017
A website app gets banned from the App Store for just mentioning jailbreaking, iTunes Movies has 4K HDR bundles for Christmas, and a lot of new banks are supporting Apple Pay worldwide: AppleInsider's app was updated for iPhone X...and then rejected from the App Store because a headline showed the word "jailbreaking" Getting an Apple TV 4K for Christmas? There's a sale on 4K HDR bundles in the iTunes Movie store Apple Pay expands to more banks and credit unions in the USA, as well as in China, Finland, France and Ireland
December 19, 2017
AWT News Update: December 18, 2017
iPhone X availability rises, iPhone 6s devices with old batteries might be slowing down, and Apple raises iPhone prices in India in return for the country raising import taxes: The iPhone X is now available same day at most US Apple retail stores, and production is going so well that global supply equilibrium is expected in the next month Apple may be reducing the performance of iPhone 6s devices with degraded batteries to prevent shutdowns India raised consumer electronics import taxes; Apple raises iPhone prices 
December 18, 2017
AWT News Update: December 15, 2017
We have some short and sweet stories for this Friday afternoon, including word of a new space drama TV series ordered by Apple: A Chinese woman has received two refunds for two iPhone Xs on which Face ID was unable to discern between her and her co-worker Apple's bringing a concert film with former Oasis lead guitarist/vocalist Noel Gallagher to Apple Music soon Apple has ordered a new space drama TV series from the man who was responsible for the very successful "Battlestar Galactica" reboot A new Apple retail store will be (hopefully) opening in Seoul, South Korea by year end  
December 15, 2017
AWT News Update: December 14, 2017
A fascinating day for news about the iMac Pro, net neutrality, and a purchase that will make the Disney empire even larger than before: Apple announces that any Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider can add RAM to the iMac Pro The FCC voted today to rescind the 2009 net neutrality laws Disney will be purchasing most of 21st Century Fox for $52.4 billion in stock, adding a huge amount of content to its holdings
December 14, 2017
AWT News Update: December 13, 2017
Smaller chips, an updated app, and popular cameras are in our news today: More efficient 7nm process chips may only be used by Apple and Samsung in 2018 The Iconfactory updates its classic Twitterrific app, with a change that uses less power on the iPhone X Once again, the iPhone is the most-used camera brand on Flickr
December 13, 2017