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The Untangler

The Untangler

By Tangity
Stories about design and designers from Tangity, part of NTT DATA Design Network. We think of design not as something physical but as an idea — the idea that we can improve everything. We know that when we see tangles in digital services or find ourselves trapped inside our own devices, design can help. We are The Untanglers, part of a global collective of enthusiastic and independent-minded individuals. We humanize complexity.
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Xiaoming untangled - Cultural awareness is essential in design
Habits, languages, environment, and digital literacy are just some of the key features a designer must consider when projecting a service. In this episode, Xiaoming Jiang UX Designer at Tangity Shanghai shares her work experiences for the East and West market and why each piece of design is bound to a specific context: cultural, social, physical, or psychological.
March 28, 2022
Kristjan untangled - Media, journalism and design, it’s all about building a relationship
The advent of the Internet and digitalization has forever changed the business models that media and journalism relied on. Trust issues are first in line, as readers are no longer passive recipients of news, but can actively research, question and even create new content. Kristjan Kristjansson is a UX designer based in Hamburg that experienced - from inside - the disruptive change in the media industry, caused by the internet.
December 03, 2021
Alma untangled - Ballet and design, flexibility and visual aesthetics
Alma Rotaru is a Senior Visual Designer in Tangity Rome and she had over 20 years of experience as a ballerina. There are noticeable parallels between these two professions such as the importance of visual aesthetics or the flexibility of the iterative process. Many of the values Alma learned in her youth have become cornerstones of her work as a designer.
July 19, 2021
Gilles untangled - Pictures for the eyes and mind
Understanding data, finding the right granularity, and presenting it to the users to amplify their cognition. Data visualisation links human perception, computer interaction, and data. Gilles Tabart, Senior Interaction Designer at Tangity London, studies and works on making accessible and understandable complex datasets for our clients and end-users.
May 27, 2021
Stephanie untangled - Innovation can not happen in board rooms
True innovation happens when we bring together different skills and perspectives: business people, designers and technologists working together to bring new ideas to life. Stephanie Lacher, Business Design Manager and one of the founders of Tangity Munich, after years spent working in business consulting got tired of the theoretical approach to innovation. Today, she untangles problems with an interdisciplinary team of business, UX and visual designers. And she is convinced: Customer-centricity is key, but there is no sustainable success if you don’t apply a business lens to the problem you are solving.
April 12, 2021
Giovanni untangled - Content is liquid, and we are bartenders of words
When we were kids, we fell in love with stories, our imagination grew, and our creativity pushed us beyond our beliefs. However, not everyone makes storytelling and communication their job. Often it arises as a passion and the need to express oneself. Giovanni Schirò had this calling. As Senior Content Designer in Tangity, he is now a UX writer and storyteller who able to mix the perfect cocktail of words, empathise with users, and guide them through the interfaces he designs.
March 05, 2021
Dominic untangled - Give people the credit they deserve
Those who started their career at the beginning of the new millennium can undoubtedly say that they've first-hand experienced the most significant and fastest technological revolution in the history of humanity. Dominic Quigley, Creative Director at Tangity, has faced these changes over the past twenty years with the mentality of those who ride the wave and dominate it—always looking for new stimuli for users to keep them engaged.
January 19, 2021
Bálint untangled - The importance to ask others and yourself the right questions
The Cold War was over, and a new generation of kids started to being influenced by the western world but living in a context build by years of communism. Bálint Somogyvári, Visual Designer in Tangity, told us how he becomes a designer and fell in love with visual arts. Bálìnt joined Tangity Munich during the lockdown period, facing remote work with new colleagues and an important client: DZ Bank.
December 04, 2020
Giselle untangled - Design is not afraid of change
This a story that starts in Colombia and leads us through all continents. It’s a story of discovery and empathy, friendship, and passion. Giselle Chajin, UX and Service Design Lead in Tangity, shares her story, work experiences, and design approach with us. Nexi, Ansaldo Hitachi, Japan, are just some stages of this marvelous journey.
December 04, 2020