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Operation Tango Romeo, the Trauma Recovery Podcast

Operation Tango Romeo, the Trauma Recovery Podcast

By Mark Meincke
The Trauma Recovery Podcast for #Military, #Veterans, #First Responders, and their families.

#PTSD Recovery is a tough road, and it can not be travelled alone. Here is how OP TR helps.

1. Listening to the show is a form of peer support. Hearing stories from people who have been there, done that...just like you , is a POWERFUL thing. Knowing you are not alone IS healing.

2. There are a LOT of resources out there. I find the resources, and bring them to the show.

3. Know that you are NOT alone
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Ep. #100!!!! Theo Fleury, NHL Superstar joins me in studio to celebrate this amazing milestone!

Operation Tango Romeo, the Trauma Recovery Podcast

Ep. #247. Understanding anger, and solutions to it
Understanding anger, and solutions to it Neurological Reasons Programming the Amygdala Ambush Response Transactional Analysis Parent      Parent Adult        Adult Child        Child Solutions: Self Awareness, that you are on a mission.  Change the Mission Meditation / Visualization Maintain the ADULT ego state by staying in the top 3rd of Graham's Hierarchy of Arguments. Compassion: Everyone has a story, a reason for behaving the way they do.
September 29, 2022
Ep. #246. Chris Banks, Afghanistan/Bosnia Veteran
Connect with Chris on LinkedIn: Canadian Veteran, recipient of: Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation for his service to the Veteran community.  Chris was an Infantry Soldier with the Lorne Scots.  He was attached to 3 RCR, and the RCD.  He has a tour in Bosnia, and one in Afghanistan.  In this conversation we cover some of the most important topics I can imagine.  Whether you are at the beginning of your healing journey, or you are looking to build your capacity as a supporter, this conversation is packed full of critical information.  Please share.  Please subscribe to, and rate this podcast so that others will be able to find it easier. 
September 28, 2022
Ep. #245. Remi Adeleke, Navy SEAL, Nigerian Prince, Hollywood Actor/film maker
You may have seen Remi as one of the star actors of the movie: Transformer, The Last Knight. Born into Nigerian Royalty, his family lost everything, and they moved to the USA.  Growing up in the Bronx, Remi fell into a life of crime.  At 19, he decided to turn his life around, and he joined the US Military.  After a long a winding road in the Military, Remi eventually achieved his dream of being a Navy SEAL.  Hollywood director, Michael Bay was in need of a SEAL for the Transformers movie, and Remi answered the call.  His role of consultant quickly turned into an acting role, and he ended up spending months on the movie set instead of days.  Today Remi is a film maker, and author. 
September 27, 2022
Ep. #244. Nicole Scheidl, Executive Director of Physicians for Life Please share this incredibly important episode as much as you can. Much to my surprise, Nicole gave several instances of Canadians who have been euthanized for the smallest of reasons.  One person is scheduled to be euthanized in a few days because he is blind in one eye, and has diabetes. He is only 21 years old.  The MAID program, (Medically Assisted In Dying) was sold to the public as an option for those with unbearable pain, or who were terminally ill.  This was a lie.  There are discussions right now about allowing 12 year old's to choose to be euthanized without parental consent.  You won't believe your ears with this episode. 
September 21, 2022
Ep. #243. Dr. Elizabeth (Ellie) Stevens
About Dr. Stevens: Board-Certified Psychiatrist, Author and CEO of Eden Psychiatry Founder and Executive Director of Advancing Warriors International Everything changed forever the moment I sustained a traumatic brain injury August 1, 2015. This event led down a journey of the destruction of my world as I knew it. I was an officer in the Air Force, a Psychiatrist, and finishing the 14,000 foot peaks in Colorado, who became the shell of a person within a moment. The brain injury was only the beginning of a year that included rape and four more concussions. Although I had been a master at pushing down my failures, emotions, mistakes, and flaws, I had faced more than I could handle. As everything was laid bare, I came to face to face with the darkness within me. The masks I had worn proving my worth were burned off from the traumas, but instead of being left in ashes, I felt an all-consuming love envelop me. A love I knew I did not earn or deserve. This love empowered me to stop shutting my eyes so tightly in despair, shame, and guilt, and I began to unclench my fists to receive God’s love, forgiveness, and grace. I experienced moral wounds, trauma, and loss, but received freedom, a greater purpose and my restored sense of wonder that had been lost long before these traumas. About her upcoming book, Unshackled: Trauma can either be used as a catalyst for growth, sparking empathy and a closer relationship with God, or as fuel for shame, avoidance, and isolation. Many veterans and first responders know firsthand the toll that trauma can take but lack the knowledge of how to grow from it and move forward. In UNSHACKLED, Elizabeth Stevens uses her unique perspective as both a trauma survivor and a professional psychiatrist to help veterans and first responders, as well as other trauma victims, learn how to grow and heal from their traumatic experiences so that they can experience the abundant life God has for them. Specifically, you will come to understand and learn the effects of trauma from Elizabeth’s story of brain injury, multiple sexual assaults, an eating disorder, post-traumatic stress, suicidal thoughts, depression, and loss of independence;how to get past barriers to healing;which paths will move you forward;the importance of holistic healing—physical, psychological, and spiritual; and that Jesus Christ delivers the ultimate healing.
September 19, 2022
Ep. #242. MLA, RJ Sigurdson
Topics Covered:  Veterans Affairs Canada, EMS, Paramedics, First Responders, Erin O'Toole, Health Passport, Mental Health Supports, The Rolling Barrage, Alberta Education, Alternative Energy, Alberta Oilsands, GEET Gas, Impact of Lockdowns on Albertans, Dog Tails Literacy, Matt Jones, Demonizing Alberta energy, .... RJ was open, honest, and transparent in our conversation.  I hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did. 
September 16, 2022
Ep. #241. RCMP Veteran, Doug Lawrence
#rcmp, #mountie, #depot, #mentalhealth, #mentor #royalcanadianmountedpolice,  Find him on LinkedIn Here: Email him: Visit his website here: From Doug: My name is Doug Lawrence, and I am the founder of TalentC® and proud co-founder of the International Mentoring Community (IMC). I have over 40 years of leadership and mentoring experience. I have had a journey that has been truly inspiring for me. My journey is one that has shaped what has been referred to as my calling. My calling is the “gift of mentoring” and the desire and goal to make the world a better place to be. It is by working with people and organizations to create mentoring movements and a mentoring community that we will realize a dream come true. My vision was that the world could be a better place with everyone embracing the “gift of mentoring.” One person, one organization at a time. That vision included championing the paradigm shift for mentoring and realizing that with that shift we could make mentoring a deeper, richer experience.
September 15, 2022
Ep. #240. Medak Pocket, with Rudy Bajema
In August 1993, the 2nd Battalion PPCLI, (Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry) augmented with several reserve units engaged in the largest battle since the Korean War. The place, was a little town in Croatia known as the Medak Pocket.   The Croatian Civil War is largely forgotten by the world, but not by those who were there.  For some reason, precious little has been written or recorded about the Croatian Civil war, and very little of the history has been preserved.  The United Nations invented a new term, "Ethnic Cleansing" to replace the word Genocide, so as to minimize the reality of the slaughter of civilians in that region.  The French forced attempted to hold the ground, but failed in their mission.  They were replaced with the Canadian troops, who held the ground despite incredible odds.  For more than four days the battle raged on but the Canadians held firm, keeping the Croatians at bay.  Out manned, and out gunned, the Canadians were successful in keeping most of the Serb civilians alive.  The Canadian Government, and the United Nations buried the story. To this day most Canadians have no Idea about the courage and gallantry of their Soldiers at the battle of Medak Pocket.  Find out more by reading "The Ghosts of Medak Pocket" the story of Canada's secret war.    A HUGE, heartfelt hank you to Rudy Bajema for sharing his story with me, on his first ever podcast appearance.  WO (Ret’d) Rudy Bajema, MMM, CD And awarded the MiD
September 12, 2022
Ep. #239. John Barnes, Veteran & Author of "White School-Black Memories"
Buy the book HERE All profits go to Homes 4 Heroes, housing homeless Veterans.  Find John Barnes on Facebook HERE Chief Warrant Officer John Barnes was born in the great province of Newfoundland and joined the Canadian Forces in 1981. He completed his basic training in Cornwallis, Nova Scotia and then made his way to London, Ontario, where he completed his basic Infantry training within the 1st Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment (1RCR). On graduation from Basic Infantry Training, he was posted to 1RCR as a rifleman. Less than a year later, he requested and was granted a posting to 3RCR in Baden, Germany, where he remained as part of the NATO Defence Force for Europe until 1984 when he moved with the battalion to Winnipeg, Manitoba, becoming part of the Army of the West. While in Winnipeg, he completed his Infantry Section Commanders Course at the Battle School in Wainwright and was appointed to the rank of Master Corporal in 1985. In 1988, he returned to Baden, Germany, with 3RCR where he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and remained with the Battalion until 1992. He was then posted to 2 Brigade Headquarters and Signals Squadron Petawawa, as the Operations and Training Sergeant. In 1996, he returned to Petawawa and to1RCR, where he was promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer and served as the Platoon Warrant Officer and Company Quartermaster Sergeant until his posting to Land Force Central Area Training Centre Meaford in 1999. While in Meaford, he was responsible for numerous jobs including running the basic Infantry Courses, and setting up and conducting the new Soldiers Qualification Course. He was posted back to 1RCR in 2003 and shortly thereafter was promoted to the rank of Master Warrant Officer, becoming the Company Sergeant-Major for Charles Company. In 2007, he was posted to 3RCR as the Battalion Drill Sergeant-Major and in 2009, was posted to Land Force Doctrine and Training System in Kingston, Ontario, as the Headquarters Sergeant-Major. Master Warrant Officer Barnes was promoted to the rank of Chief Warrant Officer in March 2010 and posted to Joint Task Force X in Kingston as the Unit Chief Warrant Officer. He was posted to Ottawa in 2013 as the first non-Military Policeman to be selected as the Canadian Forces Military Police Group Chief Warrant Officer. In 2016 he was posted into the Canadian Army HQ as the Chief for the Canadian Army Soldier Care Unit. Chief Warrant Officer Barnes has served in operations in Cyprus, the Persian Gulf, Croatia, Bosnia, and Afghanistan and has been awarded the Sacrifice Medal, Meritorious Service Medal and Member of the Order of Military Merit. CWO Barnes recently had a book published, “ White School Black Memories” which has been on Amazon #1 Best Seller list for two weeks. The Book is his story of Operation Medusa in 2006 in Afghanistan. He has been married to his wife Julie for 33 plus years, and has two children, John a tech with the federal government and Jana a proud member of the Canadian Military Police. Julie and John are now blessed with two wonderful grandsons, Noah and Theo.
September 08, 2022
Ep. #238. Patrice Beriault, Documentary Film Maker  Patrice Beriault was kind enough to join me for this conversation.  Through his work, he shares these powerful stories which we can all learn from.  #themessenger #10days
August 23, 2022
Ep. #237. John Senior, Veteran, Peer Support Specialist, Trainer, Coach, Consultant
Johns' Peer support coaching/consulting/training company is called Alberta Recoil.  Johns cell# 780-201-0974 Facebook: Armoured John The pain of PTSD/OSI/PTSI is from disconnection.  The cure, is connection. Properly done peer support provides the connection necessary for healing.  Done wrong, peer support can do damage VIA Sanctuary trauma.  In this conversation we explored our story of peer support, it's effect on the Veteran / EMS/ Fire/ Police community,  and it's barriers to entry.  EVERY station should have a confidential peer support group as prevention, treatment, and aftercare. Those who don't are not properly looking after their people.  Contact John for more info.  #police, #fire, #EMS, #peersupport, #mentalhealthmatters, #talkaboutit, #suicideprevention, #ptsd, 
August 15, 2022
Ep. #236. Ryan Espey, Canadian & World Champ Armwrestler, former Corrections Officer, Current Realtor
LIVE: From Portage La Prairie, Manitoba Ryan Espey is known as the Manitoba Mastiff.  He's a huge man with an equally huge heart.  Ryan is a globally recognized legend within the Armwrestling world.  For Arm Sport fans, you'll hear things from Ryan you've never heard before on any other interview.  For those who don't know anything about Arm Sports, you'll get a unique insight into the sport.  Ryan and I got our times mixed up for the interview, so this one was short...but we'll have him back again soon.  I hope you enjoy our conversation.  And...if you are in the Portage La Prairie area, and need a Realtor...Ryan is your man. 
August 10, 2022
Ep. #235. Mike Meilleur, Veteran, Child Advocate, Veteran Advocate, Honey Farmer Small veteran ran apiary located outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Making premium honey with the proceeds going to help veterans. Follow us on our amateur bee keeping adventure FREEDOM HONEY , That sweet taste of freedom. Mike has been in the news for protecting children from child predators.  He also helps Veterans with PTSD VIA honey farming.  Mike has dedicated a great deal of time and effort towards supporting his community.  His dedication to helping others is a shining example of how to give back to others. 
August 09, 2022
Ep. #234. Daniel Hearn, Host of the "Hard Knox Talks" podcast About his show: Some call us an addiction recovery podcast. Others call us harm reduction advocates. We are a live streaming talk show centered around all things substance use. Join the live and interactive conversation 3 times a week on Facebook and YouTube and find us on all audio podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Podcast Addicts, Google Podcasts, and more!
August 08, 2022
Ep. #233. Dr. Debi Silber, TEDx Speaker, Best Selling Author, Founder of the Post Betrayal Transformation Institute.
Dr. Debi Silber, President of The PBT (Post Betrayal Transformation) Institute and founder of helps people heal from Post Betrayal Syndrome which impacts their work, health and relationships. She's is a holistic psychologist, health, mindset, personal development expert. She's an award winning and 2 time TEDx speaker, coach and author of the Amazon #1 Bestselling book: The Unshakable Woman: 4 Steps to Rebuilding Your Body, Mind and Life After a Life Crisis, The Unshakable Woman-The Workbook (the companion guide to the book) as well as 2 books recommended by Brian Tracy, Marshall Goldsmith, Jack Canfield and many more. Debi has contributed to FOX, CBS, The Dr. Oz show, The Huffington Post, Shape, Self, Health, Working Mother, Forbes, Psychology Today, WebMD, Yahoo Shine, Ladies Home Journal, MSN, Woman's World and Glamour to name a few. Her study on betrayal led to 3 groundbreaking discoveries-teaching people how to prevent repeat betrayals while changing how long it takes to heal (physically/mentally/emotionally)...once and for all. Dr. Debi's latest TEDx-Do You Have Post Betrayal Syndrome?:
August 05, 2022
BONUS Episode: #232. James Topp, Canada Marches
James has walked from Vancouver to Ottawa, and will be starting up again on the east coast, and will make his way back west.  THAT is a LONG walk.  James and I served together in the 3rd Battalion PPCLI in the early 90's. He is an Army Veteran with numerous tours of the Balkans, and Afghanistan.  James believes that our freedoms in Canada have been, and continue to be reduced and/or removed.  He also believes people should have the right to decide what gets put into their own bodies, without having to face losing their jobs, careers, or reputation.  He believes this so strongly, that he is crossing our massive country by foot.  Whether you disagree, or agree with him, there is no cause to hate him.  He's just a guy doing what he thinks is right.  If you're a hater, I hope you take the time to get to know him a little bit before you judge him.  If you're a fan, we covered some ground that I have not heard him talk about on other podcasts or interviews.  If you're a Veteran of 3PPCLI, there will be some nostalgia.  #ppcli, #army, #canadamarches, #jamestopp, #whoisjamestopp
July 13, 2022
Ep. #231. John Krotec, the Poetic Human
John is an Army Veteran, Poet, Author, and speaker.  Poetic humans (pō-ĕt′ĭk hyoo͞′məns) are men who seek to be voices of freedom, wisdom, and integrity. They live as examples of loving leaders for change. This tribe of men is an unwavering, compelling source of courage and hope that will empower others. They intentionally seek out ways to positively impact all those they lead, in every circle of their lives. They are men who encourage other men to know and embrace their true identity. In today’s world, the role of the “modern man” has a number of definitions, appearances and ways in which he is presented. But what is most apparent is that the conversation has to change. There seems to be a disconnect between heart and mind. The dialogue between a man and his family, his spouse, his coworkers, his friends, his peers and most importantly, himself, is in dire need of repairing and rebuilding. This is the root of our tribal calling to reclaim the man in mankind and put kind back into mankind. We are the pivotal bridge to begin again, to start anew, and to allow for transformation to take shape. We’re committed to a different kind of freedom that empowers men to feel safe enough to bring their trauma, shame, guilt and confusion, as well as their strengths, brilliance, and wisdom, to the light. It is time for men to emerge as new souls, healing from what once was, to blazing new paths of emotional freedom. This is where we seek the power of divine leadership as poetic humans with a tribe to support you along the way.
July 12, 2022
Ep. #230. Bill Ciprick CEO of Optimi Health, Psylocibin Mushroom producer About Bill: Over 25 years of Global experience across a wide array of industries in multifunctional organizations ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to small and medium-sized businesses. Bill graduated from UBC with a Bachelor Degree in Economics and has spent his career working in various cities across North America. Prior experience includes leading a specialty advisory practice for the Business Development Bank of Canada, running his own successful consulting firm and helping a high tech company go public and grow from $200 M to $800 M in under 4 years. Bill additionally spent 17 years at Procter & Gamble and has a love and proven track record for growing products and brands. Optimi HealthTM (CSE: OPTI – OTCQX: OPTHF – FRA: 8BN) believes that personal identity is a fluid and evolving aspect of all our lives This includes physical, spiritual and mental well-being. Our goal is to bring-to-market an evolving product family of functional mushroom-based formulations to help transform and “optimize” human development
June 27, 2022
Ep. #229. Do The Work
DO THE WORK You can’t get strong by watching YOUTUBE videos of other people going to the gym. From the videos you can certainly garner some great tips on HOW to work out effectively, but you won’t receive any results without actually doing the workouts. If you break your arm, it’s not very useful to sit on the couch thinking about possibly going to the hospital.  The longer you sit around just “thinking” about getting help for your arm, the more pain you will endure unnecessarily. If you wait a few days, your arm will start to set itself in the wrong position, causing more unnecessary long term suffering. By not addressing the issue and simply getting help, you have made your broken arm into a way bigger issue than it had to be. If you choose to stay home and just wish you had help, you will suffer from your choices. If help comes to your door, and you refuse to open that door, you will suffer from your choice. This is exactly the same for people who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Injuries.  If you don’t do the work, if you don’t take positive action, you will suffer more than you need to. By procrastinating on getting help, the injury is getting worse than it needs to be. If you don’t know where to start looking for help, start with my show. Operation Tango Romeo has over 230 episodes that are dedicated to investigating every form of healing that I can find. I have done episodes on Nutrition, exercise, psychedelics, retreats, NLP, equine therapy, motorcycle riding, canine companionship, skilled peer support, EMDR, talk therapy, mental health first aid, finding purpose, and on, and on, and on.   There IS help available, all you have to do is put up your hand and ask for it. Reach out to any of the organizations that I’ve had on the show, and ask for help. If moving forward with help is beyond your capacity right now…what CAN you do? Can you do one pushup an hour? Can you walk up and down stairs? Can you do half of a bodyweight squat? Can you quit drinking alcohol? Can you attend a peer support meeting, in person or online? Can you visit with someone at least once a week? Can you read one paragraph of a self help book every day? Can you learn one new word of a new language every day? Can you do yoga with the help of youtube videos? Can you listen to one episode of my show a day? Can you call a service officer to ask for help? Can you help someone else? Can you volunteer at a food bank, or any other charitable organization? What skills do you have which could be used to help another human being, or an animal? Can you babysit a dog while people are on vacation? Or a cat? Or a goldfish?  Or a plant? Can you water plants? Can you compliment someone? Can you smile? Can you keep hydrated? Can you make your bed? Can you take a shower? Can you brush your teeth? If you can do any of these things…then do it.  If you can do more, then do more.  Focus on what you CAN do, and get it done. Just pick ONE thing, and do it every single day. Eventually you’ll find the strength to do two things a day, then three, and your capacity for self care will grow.  Eventually you will find the strength to reach out for help, and take your healing to the next level. Taking massive action is great, but not necessary. Tiny steps, done consistently, will get you to a better place…but you still have to take those steps.  If you don’t, you won’t move.  If you don’t move, nothing will change. If nothing changes, you won’t heal. Do the work.
June 16, 2022
Special Series Ep. #3. "How to save the Royal Canadian Legion" with Scott Casey.
This is a special series dedicated to supporting the success of the RCL.  There are several Legion Branches across the country which are struggling, and several others which have closed down.  And yet, there are other branches which are thriving. The intent of this series is to investigate why some branches thrive, while others wither away. At the end of this series, I will do a conclusion episode with the do’s and don'ts of successful branches.  This roadmap to success will be available to all branches, and to National Command.  It is my sincere hope that the Legion embraces this information to create a plan to move forward, and ensure the survival and success of the RCL. When the Legion succeeds, the entire Veteran community succeeds.  It is crucial that the RCL continues to be a cornerstone of Veteran support and advocacy.  This can only be done by attracting more Veterans into leadership roles within the organization. Attracting more Veterans can only be done by creating a warm and welcoming environment for the Veteran community. Please share this episode with as many Legion members as you can. Together we can save the Royal Canadian Legion.
June 15, 2022
Ep. #228. Sherry Lachine, Mental Health First Aid Instructor, founder of Broadmind
Mental Health First Aid is a skill that EVERYONE should have.  You are guaranteed to be in several situations in your life where these skills will be incredibly helpful, and not having the skills could be incredibly harmful. About Broadmind: We bring proven science, best practices, new innovations and delightful experiences in mental health to educate individuals and organizations on how to manage stress, support each other and create psychological safety. Connection Together we can create real-human-connection in workplaces – safer, happier, connected. People We equip people with the knowledge and skills to thrive and to support others in their mental health and wellbeing journey. Proven Science We bring the proven science, best practices, and new innovations in mental health to every organization we serve. Community We believe in supporting the health of our community members.  Not everyone has an employer or the opportunity to get these supportive, life-enhancing/saving educational experiences.  That's why we provide free training to community members through our amazing relationship with the Kingston Community Health Centres.  Learn more
June 08, 2022
Special Series, Ep #2. "How to Save the Royal Canadian Legion" with Pierre Vallieres
This is a special series dedicated to supporting the success of the RCL.  There are several Legion Branches across the country which are struggling, and several others which have closed down.  And yet, there are other branches which are thriving. The intent of this series is to investigate why some branches thrive, while others wither away. At the end of this series, I will do a conclusion episode with the do’s and don'ts of successful branches.  This roadmap to success will be available to all branches, and to National Command.  It is my sincere hope that the Legion embraces this information to create a plan to move forward, and ensure the survival and success of the RCL. When the Legion succeeds, the entire Veteran community succeeds.  It is crucial that the RCL continues to be a cornerstone of Veteran support and advocacy.  This can only be done by attracting more Veterans into leadership roles within the organization. Attracting more Veterans can only be done by creating a warm and welcoming environment for the Veteran community. Please share this episode with as many Legion members as you can. Together we can save the Royal Canadian Legion.
June 07, 2022
Special Series: Ep#1. "How to save the Legion" with Brandon Gorham
Several Branches of the RCL have closed down over the years.  Fewer and fewer Veterans attend, or buy memberships. But I believe the RCL can be saved.  This series is dedicated to discovering the do's and don'ts for Branches to become successful.  The Legion is an important institution, but most feel they have lost their way.  Lets fix it. 
June 02, 2022
Ep#227. Dawn McIlmoyle, CAF Veteran, MST survivor, Vet Advocate.
Military Sexual Trauma, like other traumas can be devastating to a persons life.  Healing, and rebuilding is no easy task.  Dawn has been able to rebuild, and use her experience to help others heal and reach out for help. 
May 31, 2022
Bonus Episode. #226. Terry Grant (Mantracker)
Kids don't play "Hide N Seek" any more, instead they play "Mantracker".  Terry Grant is an international icon.  You can join him for a back-country trip by contacting Anchor D Ranch, and booking your spot. Terry joined me for the first ever "Bonus Episode" Of Operation Tango Romeo.   Bonus episodes have nothing to do with trauma recovery.  They are just cool conversations with cool people about interesting stuff.  If you want to get to know more about Terry, this episode is for you!
May 30, 2022
Ep. #225. Paul Brandt, Country Music Star, Child Protection Advocate
Country Music Star, Paul Brandt was kind enough to ride his motorcycle to my studio to record this important episode.  Paul shares stories that you won't believe.   To help protect your children, and the children of others, please listen to, and share this episode as much as you can.  Please visit to learn more about what YOU can do to help protect children. 
May 26, 2022
Ep. #224. Conrad Weaver, documentary film maker, PTSD-911 Documentary
Conrad Weaver Producer/Director PTSD911 Documentary 301-606-7794 PTSD911 will provide information about a path forward from PTSD that does not lead to suicide, but rather leads to return to a fulfilling life that involves serving others. Fire, Police, EMS, and 911 operators all came into their respective professions to help others. They want nothing more than to be able to return whole to their jobs. But, in the circumstance of PTSD, help is needed for healing. Department leaders need to develop programs and policies to help their members. This takes education and awareness, which PTSD911 will provide. Also, the responders need to know there is help available, which will be another critically important message in this film. GOALS FOR THE FILM 1. Raise Awareness – We must help the general population understand the issue. Most civilians don’t know or understand the issue of post traumatic stress in first responders. The average citizen does not understand the depth of this issue, and they need to know. The goal is to educate the viewer and stimulate change in people’s behavior and attitudes toward our nation’s first responders. The producers feel first responders are heroes who not only deserve applause, but also deserve to have access to the support networks that can help mitigate ongoing stress that trauma can bring. The initiative is to help people understand the urgency of this situation, and motivate individuals, organizations, and communities to be proactive in providing support and resources to help all first responders work and live a healthy and productive life both in their professional and personal lives. 2. End the Stigma – To help first responders realize it’s okay to ask for help. The case studies featured in the film will depict individuals and agencies who are helping their members realize it it ok to raise one’s hand and ask for help. The producer’s goal is to make it ok to not be ok and to ask for help. 3. Inspire Systemic Change – No one should get fired just because they are struggling with the traumas they have faced, and have asked for help. The filmmakers want agency leaders to learn how they can implement healthy changes and training within their departments so their members get the mental health help they need and can continue to be productive in their public service to our communities.
May 24, 2022
Ep. #223. Bonnie Kaplan, PhD. Co-Author of "The Better Brain"
THE BETTER BRAIN, Overcome Anxiety, Combat Depression, and Reduce ADHD and Stress with Nutrition. Buy "The Better Brain" book!  On Amazon: HERE True Hardy Nutritionals Bonnie J. Kaplan, PhD is a Professor Emerita in the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Originally from Ohio, she did all her training in the US (University of Chicago and Brandeis University). Her interest in the biological basis of behavior led to postdoctoral training and then faculty research in neurophysiology at Yale University Department of Neurology and the West Haven (CT) Veterans Administration Neuropsychology Laboratory until she moved to Canada in 1979. She has published widely on the biological basis of developmental disorders and mental health, especially the contribution of nutrition to brain development and brain function. She was the founding principal investigator of the Alberta Pregnancy Outcomes and Nutrition longitudinal study ( Bonnie has over 180 peer-reviewed publications and textbook contributions, and many more invited lectures. After retiring from full-time academic research in 2016, she turned her attention to raising the profile of nutrition in mental health in two ways: a) by focusing on Knowledge Translation, and b) by raising funds to help her junior colleagues who have not yet been able to convince funding agencies that this is an important topic. Her efforts to include nutrition knowledge in the care of people with mental health challenges has earned her a variety of awards, including the Dr. Rogers Prize in September 2019; and selection in 2017 as one of 150 Canadian Difference Makers in Mental Health, in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday. In 2021 she was chosen as one of the top “7 Over 70” in Calgary, partly for her book The Better Brain, written with Professor Julia Rucklidge and published by Harper Collins as well as Penguin Random House. The award also was acknowledgement of her establishment of two charitable funds supporting research by junior colleagues who study nutrition and mental health. Those funds have now raised and distributed over $1 million CAD. Her primary goal is to influence the way mental health treatment is delivered.
May 23, 2022
Ep. #222. Lakeydra Houston, USAF Veteran, Space Force recruiter, MST survivor
Lakeydra Houston, USAF Veteran, Space Force recruiter, MST survivor Find her on LinkedIn: About Lakeydra: For years I was ashamed…..only a few knew my secret and no one knew my pain!   As a child, I was bullied at school and molested by a family member.  Joining the military was my way to escape and blossom into the person I thought I wanted to be not knowing my life would change forever.  Military Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence was not talked about and I was a victim of both.  Due to embarrassment and fear of retaliation, I kept the incidents to myself and alcohol became my security. While I was trying to overcome my pain, my sister was murdered.  I felt so alone, I was ready to end it all.  After a suicide attempt, I realized it was more to live for and my faith was renewed.  Since that day my pain birthed my purpose to be a voice for victims. We are a support system that will fight with you and for you so you are never alone during your healing.
May 16, 2022
Ep. #221. Bohdan Kit, providing gear for Ukrainian fighters
Find KOLO on Facebook HERE Visit the KOLO website HERE Email KOLO HERE KOLO is a group of top managers from the IT industry who have come together to help the Ukrainian army. We find, buy and send drones, thermal imagers, bulletproof vests and other equipment to the soldiers of the Armed Forces in hellish places.
May 10, 2022
Ep. #220. Paul Harman "Harm", The Rolling Barrage, Veterans/First Responders cross-Canada motorcycle ride Are you ready to ride?! Come join us for some wind/throttle therapy on a stop, a leg, a day, a weekend, or the whole ride, in our efforts to combat PTSD, personal challenges, and to join a supportive network of brothers and sisters. This is the family you never knew you had. The Rolling Barrage starts on the first Monday in August and crosses Canada on a daily route until it “takes the ridge” during a grand finale in Vancouver, BC. Riders, many of them in for the “full pull”, conduct a 20 day epic motorcycle journey from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans, with daily events scheduled in towns all the way across Canada.  Registered riders and those who support us, may join in at any point along the route, to show nationwide strength and unity that our military, first responders, and safety community deserve. What separates TRB from a typical charity ride? TRB is a pilgrimage, it’s a 20 day excursion through everything that Canada has to offer its visitors.  The smells, the sights, the tastes, the sounds, the touch, All your senses are engaged.  It’s time to think, long and hard, about everything and anything you’ve been needing to think about.  It’s connection to people who understand that life throws potholes into your  journey and it can cause you to lose your balance and crash.  TRB isn’t just a motorcycle group ride, it’s life changing moments that brings human vulnerability to the forefront of our minds.  This is the family you didn’t know existed. Disclaimer The Rolling Barrage is an independent, yet inclusive, organization and event.  All are welcome to attend and support us as private citizens or companies.  Apart from the recipients, providers, and donors that we have vetted on our public lists, we: Claim no territory; Are not part of CAF, Veterans Affairs, Emergency Service, or any local / provincial / federal government entity; Do not actively support political entities or activities; and Hold no allegiance to any specific club or organization. We welcome all registered riders and supporters to wear the military, veteran, first responder, safety community, or motorcycle vest and paraphernalia that they are proud of, during the TRB rides and events – so long as they don’t represent any criminal entity / behavior, undermine or bring discredit to our organization and its efforts.
May 06, 2022
Ep. #219. Rosie Cataldo, Human Trafficking, Child Sex Trafficking Education and prevention
On LinkedIn:   Website: Email:  What lengths would you go to in order to protect your kids from being raped?  It's a horrible question to ask...which is why people don't ask it.  Without talking about the problem, and the prevention, our children are left vulnerable.  Talk about it.  Talk about it with your kids, teachers, friends, about it in order to prevent it. 
May 05, 2022
Ep# 218. Bruno Guevremont , Clearance Diver, Bomb Disarmer, Veteran, Healer, North Pole Expeditionary     Bruno was injured, sought help, got better, and continues to heal.  He is now travelling across the country to share his story of healing as inspiration for others to walk the healing path as well. 
May 02, 2022
Ep. #217. Erin O'Toole, RCAF Veteran, Member of Parliament, Former Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada
Erin enrolled in the Royal Military College of Canada at 18 and became an officer for the Royal Canadian Air Force at 22. He did basic training in Chilliwack, got his wings in Winnipeg and was then based in Shearwater, Nova Scotia. Erin then spent his twenties flying on search and rescue missions and naval support operations with 423 Squadron. He rose the military ranks to Captain and was awarded both the Canadian Forces Decoration and the Sikorsky Helicopter Rescue Award for rescuing an injured fisherman at sea. Erin’s military service instilled him with the determination to always see a mission through. Mr. O'Toole was very nearly the next Prime Minister of Canada, and continues to serve Canada as a Member of Parliament, and by working with several Veterans organizations. 
April 27, 2022
Ep. #216. Dan Jarvis, US Infantry Veteran, CEO of 22zero
I've always said there MUST be a better way to treat PTSI's , and maybe this is it.  This could be one of the most important episodes I've ever done.  Dan Jarvis is on a mission to take the 22 suicides a day, down to ZERO.  Is this pie in the sky? Or, is it actually possible? Please take the time to check out the links below, and have a look for yourself.  I plan on going through the protocols myself, and I'll keep everyone posted as to the results.  Is there a Silver Bullet for PTSD/PTSI/OSI?   Is it REALLY a life sentence? Visit the 22zero website here: Watch the Documentary here:  
April 19, 2022
Ep. #215. Todd Martin, Veteran, Musician, founder of Re-Cycle Okotoks
Do you remember your first bike?  Todd Martin sure does, it was gifted to him, as his family couldn't afford one. Now, he's paying it forward by fixing up, and distributing used bikes to thousands of kids.  In addition to helping so many children, Todd is also a fundraiser and advocate for Veterans Mental health.  Todd's massive efforts have recently received National recognition, and he has received the "Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation".   From Brent Calver of the Western Wheel:   An Okotoks veteran has been recognized at the national level for helping his comrades. Todd Martin, a veteran of the 1990s Yugoslavia conflict and prolific community volunteer, was presented with the The Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation Award during a virtual presentation by the Honourable Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Veterans Affairs. The award was in recognition of Martin’s extensive efforts and volunteerism to raise funds and awareness for veterans and mental health, specifically post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other similar operational stress injuries. “The typical mantra in the military is you’ve got to look out for each other,” said Martin, a retired Army mechanic and member of the Okotoks Legion Branch 291. “And even though I’m out of the military, I had a network and connectivity, I had energy, why wouldn’t I do something to help them?” While he didn’t find himself affected by PTSD, he saw the effects first-hand with others who served, and saw the need to do more. “The thing that drove me to do this was recognizing there was a need for privately funded organizations to put up mental health programming for ex-military folks,” Martin said. “It’s driven out of the need of having to do something, because if there’s a need, there’s an opportunity to do something.” n June 2019 Martin took part in the Battlefield Bike Ride, a 670km ride from Dieppe, France to Juno Beach on the 75th anniversary of D-Day with Wounded Warriors. Through the ride he raised over $17,000 for Wounded Warriors, a charity supporting veterans suffering with PTSD. Martin was slated for another ride in 2020 through The Netherlands, but it was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He hopes to take part in a 2022 ride. In 2021 he also took part in the stressful activity of caving to raise funds for the Princess Patricia’s Light Infantry (PPCLI) Foundation, which similarly supports veterans, where he raised $3,808. “Simply put, whether it’s with Wounded Warriors, the PPCLI or cycling or whatever it is, if there’s something that needs to be done and I’m able to help them do it, I want to be a part of it,” he said. That nomination, Martin said, was the product of his friend Wayne Krause and wife Sharon Martin ‘conspiring’ with the help of Legion Branch 291 (Okotoks) President Bob McLeod. “Todd is certainly a unique sort of individual, he gives so much of himself to the community and to veterans and our branch,” McLeod said. “Really any activity that’s supporting veterans, Todd is in there with both feet, and he’s done so much. And it’s not just a think that he does, but what’s on his mind, like what we can do to help veterans and what we can do in the Branch to help veterans better.
April 15, 2022
Ep. #214. Adam Carr. Save A Warrior
ADAM CARR Adam (Cohort 035) has over 12 years of service in the U.S. Army. As a Special Forces Green Beret, Adam hunted Al Qaeda operatives, developed intelligence networks, conducted diplomatic relations, and briefed Ambassadors and Generals on Geopolitical environments. In 2006, Adam earned his B.A. in Security and Intelligence from The Ohio State University. He spent the next eight years deploying to Asia, including Operation Enduring Freedom - The Philippines and Operation Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan. Adam's passion comes from a deep-rooted desire to serve others and save lives. Adam has been profoundly affected over the loss of his teammates, mentors, and close friends to suicide. He currently speaks to students, corporations, and a wide variety of audiences all over the country. He has over 20 years of leadership and managerial experience and is a Business Coach for MBA Students at The Ohio State University. Adam is a graduate of the Ignite Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Adam earned his MBA at The Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business and was selected as the Most Outstanding Student of his 2019 MBA Cohort. Adam lives in Dublin, OH with his wife Tarah and their three children, Noah, Jonah, and Norah. THE PROBLEM 80,000 Warriors were lost to suicide in the last decade. To put this in perspective, during 18 years of combat in Vietnam, 58,209 Warriors lost their lives. WARRIORS OF IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN: BY THE NUMBERS There are 2.6 million Warriors who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. A 2014 study of 2,150 Warriors revealed some startling statistics regarding Post Traumatic Stress that bring into question earlier estimates regarding the number of Warriors affected by their experiences in the combat zone. It is possible that as many as  75% of the respondents of this study suffer from Post Traumatic Stress. Even if not all respondents do meet the requirements for diagnosis, it is obvious that they are encountering some mental or emotional difficulties after serving in the combat zone and could benefit from opportunities to heal. Unfortunately, most of those who have sought care have not found healing. A recent study by the American Legion found that only 16% of Warriors who were treated at the VA for Post Traumatic Stress with talk-therapy and medication management reported that those methods were clearly beneficial for their health. ‣ Only 16% of Warriors report improvement after undergoing the medication management and talk therapy treatment at the VA. ‣ The VA spends roughly $8,300 per Warrior with PTS, annually.
April 14, 2022
Ep. #213. Melanie Mikeska, Monterey County Sheriff (ret)  Melanie Mikeska knows what it's like to feel different, disconnected, and isolated.   When she reached out to her department for help, the help wasn't there.  The department heads didn't know what to do, or how to respond to one of their own needing help.  This is her story of healing and recovery. 
April 11, 2022
Ep. #212. Gurdeep Pandher, Bhangra Dancer, Joy Spreader, International sensation
Visit his website here:  On Instagram: gurdeeppandher On Facebook: We must not wait for Joy to find us, instead we must create our own joy, and spread the joy to other.  When you're hungry, you must eat.  When you are cold, you must go to the warmth. When you are troubled, you must create joy.  Gurdeep is creating and spreading joy around the world, and is being received by open arms globally.  This is the power of one single person....and this same power is inside YOU.  Find it, use it, and be joyful. 
April 07, 2022
Ep. #211. Craig "The Sawman" Sawyer. Veterans for Child Rescue
LinkedIn:  Watch the Contraland movie: Watch the Contraland movie on Youtube: V4CR was founded in April of 2017. V4CR is dedicated to raising awareness about the epidemic of child sex trafficking right here in the United States, exposing this fastest growing criminal enterprise and putting predators behind bars. The mission of V4CR is three fold: • Nationwide alert: Provide nationwide attention to the prevalence of child sex trafficking that is rampant in all 50 states. We do this through traditional media, social media and our Nationwide Volunteer program. • Arrest child predators: An investigative team uses their military and law enforcement experience to run operations in conjunction with local police and district attorneys to arrest predators that prey on children and see the cases through to conviction. • Protect our children: The V4CR Nationwide Volunteer program provides educational outreach programs to arm citizens with the necessary tools to protect their children and maintain safe communities.
April 06, 2022
Ep. #210. Christian Lillington, Veteran, Author, Advocate
Visit the Warriors for life website here:    By Christians Book on Amazon: Parade State Zero  About Christian: Born on the Shores of Cape Breton My name is Christian Lillington and I joined the Canadian Armed Forces on 24 June 1993 in Sydney, Nova Scotia. I grew up in a small fishing community on the northern tip of the Cape Breton Highlands and remained there until embarking on my career in the military.   I was always focused on success and I was highly competitive in all aspects of my life. Military Service Throughout my career, I served in numerous positions within the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps, Canadian Army Training System, Military Personnel Generation and the Canadian Army Headquarters. I was posted and held positions within three Armoured Regiments and different training establishments moving over 10 times throughout the country for various postings and positions. I proudly served at home and abroad to include a tour with the United Nations in Eritrea, Africa on Operation Addition in 2001 and two tours to Kandahar, Afghanistan on Operation ATHENA (2006-07 & 2010). Find Operation Tango Romeo on Anchor: HERE Visit Operation Tango Romeo on Facebook HERE Visit the Operation Tango Romeo website HERE Buy the Book “Why not Me?”                    HERE
April 04, 2022
Ep. #209. Lisa Dabels, Hypnotherapist
Visit Lisa's website here: About Lisa: After a significant loss and trauma in my life, I started on my own journey of healing. After years of learning and studying, I found hypnotherapy to be the perfect avenue to help others that are also on a similar journey.  I am fascinated by the science of how the mind and memories work together to create patterns for your future. In a space of compassion and caring, I will guide you to release what is no longer helping you and empower you to create a new blueprint for your mind to follow. This will open up new potentials, you will be able to experience your life in a clear light. - It is possible. Contact Information 780-340-3146 Edmonton, Alberta #hypnotherapy, #trauma, #suicide, #grief,  Find Operation Tango Romeo on Anchor: HERE Visit Operation Tango Romeo on Facebook HERE Visit the Operation Tango Romeo website HERE Buy the Book “Why not Me?”                    HERE
April 01, 2022
Ep. #208. Annette Whittenberger, US Army Veteran, Advocate, Author, Podcast host
Visit her website here: Find her on LinkedIn here:  Find her on Facebook here:   "My self healing journey started with writing and speaking out... it was one of the scariest things in my life." From Annette: This is the story of a Retired Army Veteran, a Mother and a Military Wife... dealing with life after the Army. I share my story and talk about the daily struggles with family and personal issues (depression, PTSD, anxiety, trauma). My goal is to inspire and motivate other men and women who struggle. My mission is to end the stigma of mental health, stop suicide and let you know that you are NOT alone. Find Operation Tango Romeo on Anchor: HERE Visit Operation Tango Romeo on Facebook HERE Visit the Operation Tango Romeo website HERE Buy the Book “Why not Me?”                    HERE
March 31, 2022
Ep. #207. Sean Molino. British Army Veteran (Welsh Guards), Founder of Forces Fitness & Veterans Awards CIC
On LinkedIn Here:  Forces Fitness Website: Veteran Awards Website: About: Working with Organizations, Companies, schools colleges and universities on all their Health and well- being needs. We can design anything from one hour workshops to full board residential health and wellbeing retreats. We've worked with 100's of partners on these projects and the feedback we have received has been fantastic. The sessions mainly cover a basis of education in health, well-being & nutrition, motivating them and encouraging problem solving through team work & communication challenges. Other recent projects include employability Bootcamps working in partnership with local housing associations in England & Wales. Our program provides attendees with the fundamentals on job search skills, career exploration, developing a positive attitude, money management and steps towards leading a healthier & happier life. Healthy body, healthy mind. If one thing the military has taught me is mental fitness Is just as important as physical fitness. Extremely proud to be an ambassador for the Welsh Government, role model and mentor for the big ideas Wales project. This project involves helping young entrepreneurs into becoming successful at self employment by telling my story and working with them. I conduct these sessions within schools & colleges across Wales. Founder of the The Veterans Awards CIC a not for profit organization, rewarding our Military Veterans & organizations/companies that that support them to inspire future service leavers that great things can happen. In support of the ABF The Soldiers' Charity! I also occupy the role of MD of Forces Fitness. FF is a Multi award winning company, winning Theo Paphitis Small Business Sunday, Business of the year at the S Wales Business Awards, FSB Community Business of the year Finalists and Gold ERS Award Holders. We run group residential Bootcamps available for corporate bookings or individuals. All levels of fitness attend, from the athlete to the person wishing to lose a stone or two! We also work with, schools, youth clubs, professional sports teams, councils & many companies throughout the UK. Our Bootcamps have featured on multiple TV programs on BBC, BBC Wales and Cardiff TV. Specialties: Employability Bootcamps, Health & wellbeing workshops, Survival Days, Team Building workshops & residential Bootcamps.
March 30, 2022
Ep. #206. Will Smith SMACKS Chris Rock. My perspective is a little different...for a reason
One thing I am always careful about, is to NOT be hypocritical in anything I represent on OTR.  In this analysis of the Smith vs Rock debate, I open up with a story that I have never before shared publicly.   I've never been a fan of bullies or cowards...and they are usually one in the same.  In this instance, Will Smith was both a bully and a coward.  I'm not saying that is who he is on the whole, but only in this particular instance.  I hope has the character to look inside of himself, and take ownership of his actions.  He was NOT in the right here, not under these circumstances. 
March 29, 2022
Ep. #205. "The Chad" Chad Kennedy, Sea 2 Sea for PTSD
Find Chad on Facebook here: Find his Website here: Chad Kennedy is both an Army Veteran, and a First Responder.  He is walking across Canada to raise awareness and funds for PTSD treatment and awareness.  If you are able, please donate here:  Meet the Man - Chad Kennedy I have been involved in Law Enforcement since 2004, most recently with the Alberta Sheriff Highway Patrol, now off work indefinitely while working on my healing. Up until a few years ago I had a constant battle with anger and anxiety... I reached out for help. I was diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety in 2018. Recently I suffered a post traumatic stress injury (PTSI) after attending a horrible incident in the Canadian Rockies on July 18, 2020, fortunately I was able to receive the help I so desperately needed for my trauma. August of the same year I suffered a meltdown... after calming down and reevaluating the situation, it was evident that though our loved ones are at our side, our loved ones don't truly understand the beast that lives within us. Yes it's a physical injury, not a visual injury. "NOT ALL WOUNDS ARE VISIBLE." The vision. To walk across Canada alongside of some amazing warriors, raising awareness of PTS and mental health, to raise funds to help those who need treatment and to assist in creating education programs for loved ones and friends. Emergency Service (nurses, doctors, corrections, police, peace officers, firefighters, paramedics, EMT's, & dispatchers), Military, and Veteran Communities. It's time to tell our stories, it's time to be heard. April 2022 we shall be warriors, we shall beat this together! Your donation or purchase of our merchandise will help fuel our walk and support Mental Health Initiatives across Canada.
March 28, 2022
Ep. #204. Jennifer Tracy, Redefine Your Mission
Jennifer Tracy is on a mission to save lives. With courage and grit, she continues to inspire high functioning leaders to stop struggling silently and teaches the necessary steps it takes to find life on the other side of depression, anxiety, PTSD, perfectionism and possibly even thoughts of suicide. Jennifer knows pain, the pain of burying a husband and child. The pain of being diagnosed with PTSD and the silent pain that she describes as 'Scars That People Can't See.' Eight years after her loved ones died in a horrific car crash, Jennifer faced yet another battle surviving traumatic brain surgery, undergoing a Chiari I Brain Malformation Decompression. Real-life adversity has not let up for her. Her message for you- pain is universal- what you choose to do with it is powerful. Resiliency comes from mastering the necessary skills it takes to endure, grow and never give up. She is the best-selling author of From The Deepest Darkness To The Light of Hope. At the age of 29, she lost her husband and one of her twin daughters in a car crash caused by a drunk driver. Her other two surviving daughters McKayla and Amber, who were left permanently injured, have both graduated from high school, and her oldest daughter McKayla recently graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a Criminal Justice Degree. Since 2009 she has positively influenced countless thousands with her community programs, speeches and her books. Her life's purpose is to help others never give up and find life on the other side of grief, thoughts of suicide, pain, regret, and adversity. These roles allow Jennifer to work as a true force for good in the world.   Buy her book here:
March 24, 2022
Ep. #203. Arm-wrestling, and how it helps me
Fitness, Community, Strength, Health, ...Armwrestling is all these things to me. It's a sport I can engage in with my kids It's a community where I feel accepted and happy It's really FUN! Devon Larratt is #1 in North America, and in June we'll find out if he is #1 in the world.  He's a Canadian Army Veteran of the PPCLI, RCR, and Special Forces. It was his YouTube videos that ignited my interest in the sport, even at my age.  I'll be 52 in May, but this is a sport that I can keep competing in, well into my 60's.  We'll see how strong I'll be when I'm 62!  It's better to be old and strong, than young and weak.    #devonlarratt, #nolimitslarratt  #nolimitsarmwrestling #armwrestling
March 22, 2022
Ep. #202. Marie Blackburn, Founder of the Veterans Association Food Bank Marie Blackburn founded the Veterans Association Food Bank in Calgary, Alberta.  This Food Bank was the first of it's kind in Canada, and as far as I know, the first in the world.  It has now expanded to Edmonton, and there is a demand for new branches across the country.  There has been a large increase in demand for their services due to inflation, so if you're able to donate, please do so.  The Calgary branch also has a thrift store, so donations can be made there as well in the form of household items, clothing, tools, etc.  Our Mission The Veterans Association Food Bank is dedicated to supporting and enriching the lives of Veterans and their families. Our Vision As a community of Veterans helping Veterans, we will be the support base where together we create healthy and resilient futures. The Veterans Association Food Bank recognizes any person who is currently serving or has honorably served in the Canadian Armed Forces. The Veterans Association Food Bank also recognizes and offers support to those currently serving, honorably discharged or honorably released Commonwealth Allies, members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Peacekeepers, Merchant Marines, or Ferry Command (Coast Guard). Support will be extended to spouses, widows, widowers, and any dependent children in need. Proof of military service or affiliation required.
March 21, 2022
Ep. #201. Nathan Phillips, First Responder to the Humboldt Broncos bus crash
Nathan Phillips was a volunteer fire fighter who was on scene for the Humboldt bus crash which took 16 lives. Here is his story. 
March 16, 2022
Ep. #200. Luc van Poelje, Founder of Psychedelic Insights
Luc is the founder CEO of Psychedelic Insights BV/Ltd. to offer qualified trip guides the opportunity to serve clients in an optimized setting and with science based protocols. The aim: Professional and experienced staff, providing psychological guidance of psychedelic experiences. Psychedelic Insights has since become an experienced professional and no nonsense organization with passionate trip guides to help our clients navigate altered states of consciousness. He is a Royal Netherlands Marine Corps veteran, plant medicine advocate, entrepreneur, ocean sailor, mountaineer, and rain forest explorer. Above all, he is a dad to his daughter Sam (2006). His life (choices) changed after Psilocybin and Ayahuasca experiences in 2013. Luc ran a emotional health education service for 4 years, including (walking) therapy and lifestyle coaching, and was a public speaker on mental well-being, especially in youth prisons where he gave 40+ talks on emotional health where he inspired the most serious offenders in The Netherlands. Luc is a proponent of keeping these sacred medicines alive inside you, by doing them periodically. His service provides the psychological guidance for a 1 day private psychedelic psilocybin session with (donated) fresh truffles. This process comprises of 6 video intro, preparation, intention and integration support calls. Also, everything for the session day. 2 professional trip-guides are there just for you for the entire experience and are not on the clock. Two guides are there for you to guide, hold space and keep you safe. The post session day support and integration therapy sessions can be schedules with one of your 2 your therapist-guides. Our trip-guide facilitators consist mostly of therapeutic and medical professionals and deeply empathetic entheogenic plant medicine practitioners.
March 15, 2022
Ep. #199. Jesse Gould, Heroic Hearts Foundation, US Ranger Veteran
Jesse Gould is Founder and President of the Heroic Hearts Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit pioneering psychedelic therapies for military veterans. After being deployed as an Army Ranger in Afghanistan three times, he founded the Heroic Hearts Project in 2017 to spearhead the acceptance and use of ayahuasca therapy as a means of addressing the current mental health crisis among veterans. The Heroic Hearts Project has raised over $350,000 in scholarships from donors including Dr. Bronner’s and partnered with the world’s leading ayahuasca treatment centers, as well as sponsoring psychiatric applications with the University of Colorado Boulder and the University of Georgia. Jesse helps shape treatment programs and spreads awareness of plant medicine as a therapeutic method. He has spoken globally about psychedelics and mental health, and received accolades including being recognized as one of the Social Entrepreneurs To Watch For In 2020 by Cause Artist. Driven by a mission to help military veterans struggling with mental trauma, he is best known for his own inspiring battle with PTSD and his recovery through ayahuasca therapy. Jesse’s work can be seen and heard at NY Times, Breaking Convention, San Francisco Psychedelic Liberty Summit, People of Purchase, The Freq, Psychedelics Today Podcast, Kyle Kingsbury Podcast, Cause Artist,  and The GrowthOp.
March 14, 2022
Ep. #198. How to build confidence & self esteem
1. Stop beating yourself up.  Be as kind to yourself as the person you love the most.  2. Try to realize, you ARE enough! 3. You are not your past.  4. Choosing a better path, and walking it, is the only way to resolve the mistakes of the past.  5. Self Love is the courage to make a promise to yourself, and the integrity to keep the promise. 
March 13, 2022
Ep. #197. The Negative Feedback Loop of Rejection, and its' horrendous consequences
Rejection sucks, and the damage it can do can be catastrophic. This rejection loop is often played out when Military members try to transition to civilian life, but that's not the only place where we see it.  Anyone who is a little socially awkward can experience rejection, which puts them in isolation, which makes them more awkward, which causes more rejection.  Rejection-Isolation-repeat until someone becomes either a total recluse, or unable to function in any social setting.  When this happens, people will either become wall-flowers, or they will lash out / act out.  Often, they simply isolate, and avoid people at all costs. 
March 12, 2022
Ep. #196. Virginia (Ginny) Burton Truman Scholar, Martin Honor Scholar, UW graduate, National Spokesperson, Author, Mother, Recovering Addict, and Former Prisoner.
Truman Scholar, Martin Honor Scholar, UW graduate, National Spokesperson, Author, Mother, Recovering Addict, and Former Prisoner. "My Story Isn't an Accident" Ginny’s remarkable story is sparking hope in many across the world, creating a belief that change is possible for anyone. Her story is one that she says “must be shared so others know there is a way out of whatever hell they have been caught in, whatever challenges they face.” The big picture goal for Ginny is to change institutional policy in the US for those impacted by systems, and she’s gaining momentum. Her personal experience with addiction, criminal justice, and homelessness; and then as a social service provider and behavioral health service provider combined with her education has given Ginny a unique perspective and credibility in areas that most policy makers lack. 12/20/2021 - Guest on Tucker Carlson Today. Catch the long form show on Fox Nation. Must Subscribe for full version. 1/24/2022 - Guest on "Addict to Athlete" podcast. Catch "Through the Eyes of My Clean Self" 1/26/2022 - Guest on Ladies of Another View in North Dakota (12:45 minutes into show) 1/29/2022 - Guest on Blugh - Skyy Show "From Addict to Scholar" 7 PM Eastern; 4 PM PST, 5 PM MT, 6 PM CT. Listen Live OR Catch Here 1/31/2022- Guest on North Dakota Today (link for viewing to come soon) 2/3/2022 - Keynote Speaker at the F5 Project Opportunity Ball in Fargo North Dakota. 2/14/2022 - Speaker at the Trevecca University Chapel Service, 6PM in Nashville TN 2/2022 - Guest on Daily Blast News Show in Denver, Colorado 3/8/2022 - Guest on Operation Tango Romeo Podcast 3/10/2022 - Guest on the Painless Universal Podcast 3/16/2022 - Speaker at New Freedom AZ 4/30/2022 - Speaker at the TedX Wilmington, "Leading From The Front: Profiles in Leadership, Courage, and Passion", 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EDT #vginnyburton, #donttellmeicant, #systemschaneagent, #livedexperienceleader,  #doinghardthingschangecourse
March 08, 2022
Ep. #195. Jimmy Vaughan, childhood sexual abuse survivor
Sexual predators often put themselves into a position where they have access to their young prey.  In Jimmy's case, the predator who stalked him was an adult leader of the Sea Cadets.  At the age of 14, the grooming process started, and the abuse began.  Predators can always tell who may be vulnerable, and susceptible to the grooming process.  Like a Lion on the Serengeti, they pick out the young and the vulnerable from the herd, and start stalking their prey.  Children who feel unloved, and or insecure are the most vulnerable. The child predator can identify those who are craving attention and affirmation more than most, and they use that craving to start the grooming process.  The predator offers a sense of connection, false love, false acceptance, and false self esteem to their prey.  Once the bond is strong enough, the abuse begins, often without the child even realizing that they are being abused.  The effect this can have on a Childs' life is always profound, and often catastrophic. Their sense of identity is destroyed.  They may become confused about their sexuality, and unable to navigate morality.  Jimmy is helping others via Peer Support, to help them find a sense of healthy connection.  Peer support, when done right, helps to end the stigma and shame of abuse. 
March 03, 2022
Ep #194. A.K. Dozanti, Life Saver Wellness
Life Saver Wellness offers Beat The Burnout agency trainings, personal coaching and a Mobile App available in the Apple Store and Google Play! It is the mission of Life Saver Wellness is to respond to the mental wellness needs of law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics, 911 dispatchers as well as military and emergency medical personnel. Utilizing a realistic yet unorthodox approach to stresses and concerns of our first responders, Life Saver offers unique and proven methods to combat the affects of chronic stress and trauma on the mind and body.
March 02, 2022
Ep #193. Michael Sugrue, Co-Author of "Relentless Courage: winning the battle against frontline trauma"
  Michael's Deets: Michael Sugrue: Save A Warrior (SAW) Title: SAW Ambassador Why Veterans? I am an Air Force Veteran who served worldwide on active duty for almost 6.5 years. I served as a Security Forces Officer and honorably separated as a Captain in 2004. Immediately after the Air Force, I started a career in civilian law enforcement. After almost 14 years in civilian law enforcement, in 2018, I medically retired as a Police Sergeant. In addition to being an Ambassador for Save A Warrior, I am also an active Volunteer Peer for the West Coast Post Trauma Retreat (WCPR).a Veteran of the Airforce, and the Walnut Creek P.D.  We covered a lot of ground in this conversation, both Police and Military will be able to really resonate with this episode.  What we didn't cover is Michaels work in Peer Support, but we'll get there next time. 
March 01, 2022
Ep. #192. Joe Roberts, from Skid row to CEO
Joseph (Joe) Roberts also known as the "Skidrow CEO" is a Canadian motivational speaker, author, youth homelessness advocate and co-founder of The Push for Change Foundation. Roberts experienced drug addiction and chronic homelessness as a youth and entered drug treatment in 1991. Roberts worked in sales and web development before he became an inspirational keynote speaker. Roberts is the author of four books. Joe Roberts was born November 25, 1966 and was raised in Midland, Ontario. Roberts’ father died in 1975 when Roberts was 8. Roberts struggled with low self-esteem. At the age of nine, he started using drugs and quickly moved on to alcohol, marijuana, LSD, cocaine, and eventually heroin. He left home at 15 due to family conflict and the inability to get along with his stepfather.[1] After being imprisoned at 16, he dropped out of Barrie North Collegiate at 18 and began regular intravenous drug use. At 19, Roberts relocated to British Columbia and found himself homeless on the streets of Vancouver's Eastside, pushing a shopping cart and collecting recyclables to support his drug dependency. Shortly before Christmas in 1989, Roberts contacted his mother (who was located in Midhurst, Ontario) and she helped him relocate back to Ontario. After a suicide attempt, prevented and intervened by Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Constable Scott MacLeod. Joe entered the Alcohol and Drug Intensive Treatment Program in Belleville, Ontario in 1991. Roberts then applied and was accepted into the Business and Marketing Program at Loyalist College. He graduated in 1995, and then returned the following year for the Business Sales program. He graduated on the Dean’s list and won the Laurie H. Cameron Memorial Award for academic excellence [2] with a combined GPA of 3.94. Due to success in business, Roberts received the Ontario Premier’s Award for College Graduates (Business)[3] and as a result an annual bursary was created in Roberts’ name at Loyalist College: The Joe Roberts – Courage to Change Bursary.[4] This bursary is awarded to a mature student who has overcome life obstacles and returned to school.[4]
February 28, 2022
Ep #191. Kelsi Sheren, CEO of Brass & Unity, Afghanistan Veteran
Brass & Unity gives 20% of their proceeds to Veterans organizations, and is committed to helping Veterans recover from PTSD.  From Kelsi: In 2016, I started B&U to help save my fellow soldiers lives, or at least try to give them a second chance. After serving on the front lines in Afghanistan (Infantry & Artillery) at 18 years old and losing many of my friends during battle, I came home with severe PTSD. After 7 years of anger and pain I decided to use my struggle for good, and try to help others through their struggle. To accomplish this, B&U donate's 20% of net profits to help rehabilitate soldiers & First Responders. About the upcoming book An engaging journey of the sights and sounds of war - A female veteran’s first hand experience as a 5’0” tall, 18 year old artillery gunner going into battle and coming out a broken soldier, forced to rediscover her purpose in life. Take a dark and intimate view of what a soldier goes through before, during, and after deployment, while detailing the strength and resiliency of the mind. The harsh realities of war echo throughout, while her process of coping with the trauma and coming back into the light is revealed. Navigate through war, readjusting to civilian life, over a decade of struggling with PTSD, to becoming a wife, mother, business owner - Brass & Unity takes on the hardening of the mind through difficult times, with the unity of picking up the pieces to create a stronger version of yourself on the other side, leaving you inspired.
February 24, 2022
Ep #190. Mark Spicer, British Sniper, CEO of Osprey Group
Mark is a world renowned Sniper, and the CEO of the Osprey Group.   And...he has attempted to end his own life more than once. He shares his story, and wonderful insights on how to end Suicide.  Osprey Group USA was formed by Sgt Major (ret) Mark Spicer is a 25-year veteran of the British Army with a worldwide reputation in the sphere of Sniping and Counter terrorism, which led to his selection and use as the US Governments Expert witness in the Washington DC Sniper trials. He has served worldwide with the British and UN forces on real world deployments, and has vast experience of counter terrorist operations and terrorist methods of operation, having worked extensively against the IRA in Northern Ireland and subsequent terrorist elements throughout the former Yugoslavia and Middle East regions. Working within specialist Infantry units as well as both covert and overt special operations units, he has gained a vast experience of counter terrorism and covert surveillance operations, often working at very close proximity to known terrorists without their knowledge, and received an award from the Her Majesty the Queen, in recognition of his success during a particular counter terrorist operation. His experience and understanding of the terrorist mind, has seen him become a successful seminar keynote speaker at Tactical Officer Associations (SWAT) across the United States and for the Dept. of Homeland security. He also recently completed a 2- year contract with Osprey Group, working directly for His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan, where he designed and project managed a new training facility as well as planned and controlled several State Visit Security Cordons.
February 21, 2022
Ep #189. Sandra Rush, Author of: Blast From The Past
Buy the book from S M Rush HERE Visit Sandra on LinkedIn HERE Her Website is  Email her here:  A member and supporter of the Battle of the Bulge Association (USA), South African Military History Society, and the Italy Star Association. 2021 winner of the Speak Up Talk Radio Firebird Book Award. A media and creative expert with two decade's worth of experience in media. At present an energetic communicator on military events and is passionate about helping communities through communications channels that connect and engage people. Currently leading Fundraising and digital content via publications in support of our armed forces and veterans. Open to offers of radio and TV interviews. Based on a true story the publication of my recent book 'Blast from the Past', tells of real life experiences that the soldiers deployed in Afghanistan faced every day and families they leave behind. Royalties go to Combat Stress and ABF(The Soldier's Charity) in support of mental health PTSD and Domestic Violence.
February 16, 2022
Ep #188. Jessica van der Hoek, Equine Assisted Therapy, Ketamine Therapy
It was an honor for me to be a participant in Jessica's Equine Assisted Therapy program for PTSD.  I learned to be more aware of my own energy, and its effect on those around me.  I learned to better regulate my energy, and become more self aware.  Visit Jessica's website at Prairie Sky is a Registered Charity that provides customized, transformational and life-changing Equine Assisted Therapy programs to individuals facing a range of physical, emotional and social challenges. We are committed to creating a safe and accepting community where participants can be themselves while benefiting from direct equine interactions, and ensure that each participant will find a place in our herd. Equine Assisted Therapy is a recognized and effective form of therapy to promote motor and cognitive function, foster emotional intelligence and increase physical strength. We currently provide programming to special needs adults and children, at-risk youth, and those suffering with PTSD, including first responders and military personnel, and are proud to have helped to change the lives of over 400 people and counting.
February 12, 2022
Ep #187. Open Letter to Canadian Police. Maintiens Le Droit
This episode is delivered to you with love, honor and respect.  I care deeply about the well being of our Police Officers, and encourage them to take preventative measures in their mental health.  Hold your heads up high.  Do the right things.  Maintain the Right.  Maintiens Le Droit
February 10, 2022
Ep #186. Wayde Greer, Author of: SUCCESS or SUICIDE?
Buy the book HERE Thank you to Mark's Commercial for supporting Wayde.  We had a message for Joe Rogan that I hope he hears. #joerogan
February 09, 2022
Ep #185. Sean Conohan, Paramedic, Host of the UpTalk Podcast
Listen to the UpTalk Podcast here:  Find him on Facebook Here: Email him here: 
January 28, 2022
Ep. #184. Tyler Ledford, CFO of Flanders Fields, USMC Veteran Flanders Fields is on a mission to make sure no veteran is ever denied a bed, addiction treatment placement or support because of inadequate financial resources. Many veterans experience delays of days to months waiting for the Veterans Administration to fully cover needed services, often to their detriment. There is always the possibility the services won’t be covered at all. In cases of opioid addiction, such delays can be deadly. The nature of addiction often leads opioid dependent veterans to seek street alternatives and the prevalence of fentanyl is so dire that a delay of just a few hours in getting into a treatment facility can result in another needless death. Many more of our brother and sister veterans are lost to addiction, either directly by overdose or indirectly by suicide, than are lost in combat. It is our relentless mission to help every veteran in need that we can.
January 27, 2022
Ep #183. Michael Overlie, Canine Partnered Energy Coach
Learn more about Michael here: Buy his book: "Let Your Dog Lead: Musings on How to Create an Exceptional Life" HERE  Join Michael! A 2 day special event! March 18th & 19th, Everybody Hurts Summit. Free to everyone. Amazing speakers and new paths to healing! Stay tuned for more info or contact us at to hear more. From Michael:  What is calling you? Do you hear it? Your soul is pulling you, drawing you towards your purpose. Are you ready to move? Get unstuck? There are things you have noticed but didn’t realize what they meant. Whispers. A tap on the shoulder but no one standing there. You sensed something. It is time. It is time to remember who you are. It is time to do something amazing. It is time to listen to your dog. Your dog was brought to you for more than just comfort, more than just a buddy. Your dog was brought to help you notice, help you awaken. Your dog found you to help you create something. Something fantastic! Grab the leash and get ready!
January 26, 2022
Ep #182. Operation Pegasus Jump, Tim Turner (T2) and Rob MacNeill
2 Airborne legends are putting together Operation Pegasus Jump, for First Responders, Active serving, and Veterans.  Wanna jump in Paradise?  Have a listen, and see if it's for you.  Calling all Veterans, Serving Military and First Responders. We are grateful for your time served and everything you have done and are doing for our Country. As a way to show our appreciation and give back, Campbell River Skydive Centre is excited to host Operation Pegasus Jump in July 2022. Veterans, Serving Military and First Responders are considered to be at a greater risk for developing Operational Stress Injuries and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder than most other occupations. As a way to bring you Hero’s together as brothers and sisters, our main event will be a First Jump Course with the option to continue through the student process. Other activities will include a Golf Day, Flyboarding and Helicopter Tours, as well as hanging out with old friends and making new ones. Along with these activities there will be a meet and greet on the first day and a military style BBQ/Smoker on the last. If you are unable to skydive we still welcome and encourage your attendance to Operation Pegasus Jump to enjoy all other activities planned. Campbell River Skydive Centre is the only veteran owned drop zone in Canada. Our primary staff volunteering their time for this event consist of many retired Search and Rescue Technician, Airborne Regiment and Jump Company Veterans who are all certified skydive coaches and instructors. To see full details and to register for the event please see the following link: Cut off for registration is June 1st 2022. If you are unable to attend and would still like to donate to Operation Pegasus Jump, donations can be made at All Covid restrictions and requirements will be considered and communicated to all participants closer to the time of the event. #airborne, #skydive, #veterans
January 25, 2022
Ep #181. Rob Lalande, Veteran, 3BN PPCLI
Rob gets real, shares his story of struggle, and of recovery.  Healing does happen.  Rob has raised tens of thousands of dollars for Veterans causes, and continues to do so. 
January 24, 2022
Ep #180. General Rick Hillier, Chief of Defense Staff (ret)
Rick Hillier has a lifetime of service.  From the age of 16, he moved towards a life in the Military.  General Hillier has spend years of his life in various war zones around the world, and has earned a reputation among the troops as Canada's favorite Military Leader.  From 2005-2008 General Hillier served as Canada's Top Soldier.  As the CDS (Chief of Defense Staff) he was an unshakable advocate for both the active duty Military and Veterans.  Because he refused to be a "yes man", the Politicians never knew what to do with him.  His staunch advocacy for doing the "right thing" at times created rifts with his Political counterparts, but he stood firm regardless.  Rick has earned nearly every medal and citation imaginable, including the Order of Canada.  Today. Rick is a steadfast proponent for others to receive the appropriate medals and citations which they deserve.  Canada has a bad habit of not recognizing it's battle exploits.  Too many acts of Valor have not been acknowledged appropriately.  Rick is doing his best to remedy this fault, and see that the brave Canadian troops receive the recognition which they have earned. 
January 19, 2022
Ep. #179. John Senior, outside the wire vs inside the wire
John Senior is both an Army, and Airforce Veteran with tours in Bosnia and Afghanistan.  Today, John is a peer support leader with OSI-CAN.  We talked about PTSD as it relates to people who serve behind the scenes, and why it occurs at a higher rate than those who are on the front lines.  The audio quality is not as good as it usually is...I hope you can forgive me for the background hum. Caution***Explicit Language***
January 19, 2022
Ep. #178. Jack Riggins, US Navy SEAL
Jack is a veteran with 20 years of Naval Service leading Navy SEALs and Special Operations Forces throughout the world.   A leadership and cultural dynamics expert, Jack has consulted with business leaders across the United States, Pro-athletes, Olympians, and NCAA Teams in his journey. He is the co-founder of Performance Mountain along with Dr Larry Widman. Performance Mountain optimizes people, teams and organizations. A native of Fremont Nebraska, Jack earned an NROTC scholarship and graduated from The University of Nebraska in 1998. Jack graduated from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL School (BUD/S) in Class 222. Jack is also a graduate of the Army Command and General Staff College and holds a Master’s Degree in Global/International Affairs and Interagency Collaboration from Kansas University. Jack participated in a number of conflicts and contingency operations throughout the globe in his 20 year Naval career. Assigned to SEAL Team One during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks Jack participated in contingency operations as part of the United States initial response from October to December 2001. Later, assigned to SEAL Team Three as a Troop Commander, Jack was the Commander of Naval Special Warfare Task Unit-Ramadi, Iraq in charge of counter-terrorism and counterinsurgency operations in Al-Anbar Province. Jack was the first SEAL Troop Commander to lead Special Reconnaissance Team-1 focusing on Multidiscipline Intelligence Support Missions for SEAL Team, Special Mission Units, and other government agencies. Jack’s last assignment was as the Director of Combating Terrorism for Special Operations Command Europe. Jack has also been a volunteer leadership and cultural dynamics advisor to Nebraska Athletics, Creighton Athletics, and Midland University and various business leaders across the region. Jack and Dr. Larry Widman founded Performance Mountain, a consulting firm that optimizes leadership and culture within Teams and Groups. Jack has been an active advocate of our nations wounded warriors and Veterans, both nationally and regionally. Jack is on the board of the Nebraska Soldiers Foundation and supports the PGA Tours Birdies for Brave program, Nebraska Golf Fore Troops and NS2 Serves. Jack is also active in the SEAL-NSW Family Foundation (NSFF), where in 2010 he started “Nebraska Support for SEALs” (NSS) which provides an annually weekend family retreat for Active Duty SEAL families here in Nebraska and raises funds for the SEAL-NSW Family Foundation (NSFF). Jack has been married to his college sweetheart Kate for 19 years, and has four children: Jack spends his free time along with his wife chasing their four children, coaching little league sports, hunting birdies on the golf course, and enjoying all things Nebraska.
January 17, 2022
Ep. #177. Rob Leathen, FireFighter, Artist, Peer Supporter
An Artist and Author, Mental Health Educator and Advocate, Public Speaker and a Peer Supporter who also happens to be a Firefighter (Acting Platoon Chief) for a mid sized career fire department in Ontario, Canada. “SILENCE DOES NOTHING BUT STRENGTHEN STIGMA” Rob: I was diagnosed with severe PTSD and severe Depression in 2019. I see my battle with PTSD/Depression and suicidal ideation as a gift rather then a curse or burden because it’s forcing me to reinvent myself, rebuild and evolve into a better person then I was before my diagnosis. I’m a vocal advocate for 1st responder mental health using my lived experience with PTSD, Depression and suicidal ideation to help educate others by telling the story of my mental health journey through my artwork, talks, presentations and writings. My story includes a deeply personal account of my mental health journey detailing the milestones, mistakes, lessons learned and keys to my success as well as what YOU need to know about PTSD/Depression and its symptoms. My personal experience with mental health, long time commitment to the fire service and networking with other 1st responders has given me a unique perspective on mental health and its place within the 1st responder community.
January 11, 2022
Ep #176. Jon Macaskill, Navy SEAL, host of the Men Talking Mindfulness Podcast Jon Macaskill is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate and former Navy SEAL Commander specializing in operations research and mindfulness. Jon Macaskill, MMT, is a Navy SEAL Commander turned mindfulness and meditation teacher.  He is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate and holds a Master’s degree in Operations Research from the Naval Postgraduate School. Jon has served in Iraq, Afghanistan, off the coast of Somalia, and in Panama.  He also runs a consulting business that brings mindfulness and meditation to high performing teams to aid in dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression, all while increasing focus, creativity, and productivity. He also serves as the Deputy Executive Director for Veteran’s PATH, a non-profit organization that works to introduce meditation and mindfulness to veterans to bring them a sense of peace, acceptance, transformation, and honor. Jon’s wife also served in the Navy and is now a civilian Orthopedic Physician Assistant in Virginia Beach. They are both proud parents of two small children and currently live as a family in Chesapeake, Virginia.