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It's A Lifestyle With Miss Inspiration

It's A Lifestyle With Miss Inspiration

By Tanisha Shanee
Tune in and hear from Christ Ambassador, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Tanisha Shaneé as she releases God Inspired Messages. Tanisha discusses topics such as Purpose Drive Lives, Singles Waiting for God Ordained Relationships, Healthy Lifestyles, and anything God places on her heart to release for those to follow.

Tanisha has been featured in multiple publications over the years - Cosmopolitan, Everyday Health, Dr. Oz The Good Life, and others. Her books have sold internationally - 'Transition to a Healthier You' and now 'Dear Single in Love'
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S4E2: #PurposeTalk - Is Success A Secret Society?
#PurposeTalk This is one podcast, you definitely need to take a seat! Miss Inspiration shares some nuggets that she has both personally experienced, but also, has confirmed through her own professional development. These two concepts are apart of the secret society called - homeownership AND home-based business. Listen to how she has personally reaped the benefits even in the challenges of life. But, in the end, at least the home-based business has been tied to her... PURPOSE. Check it out.  This episode was sponsored by: Purposeful Training & eLearning Consulting, LLC To learn more about home-based businesses and their benefits, check out the amazing Dr. Lynn Richardson  #purpose #purposeconversation #financialwealth #financialgain #homeownership #homebasedbusiness #success #GodGiven #MissInspiration #finances #wealthconversations 
July 28, 2020
S4E1: Inspire & Educate with Love
During this global pandemic, we need to not demean people for what you think they should do - especially with their money. But, instead we should provide guidance, encouragement, and educate with love. Do not take their actions as a failure on your part. Miss Inspiration shares how we can only plant seeds and not take it personal. To learn more about getting your first free stock and invest in stock like Snapchat and Microsoft... head to Your free stock is waiting for you! Join Robinhood and we'll both get a stock like Apple, Ford, or Facebook for free. Sign up with my link. and register today! #Inspiration #MissInspiration
July 8, 2020
S3E10: Crisis Activates Purpose
Tanisha Shanee shares how God births and activate purpose during a crisis such as the one we are living in today - Covid19. God took me back to my first love and purpose - healthy living and healing. Matthew 9:37-38, Jesus said, "The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields." Follow Tanisha Shanee on IG: @TanishaShanee -
April 14, 2020
S3E9: Tap into Your Creative Flow
Tanisha Shanee discusses using this self-quarantine time to tap into your creative flow and allow yourself to adventure into new territory of you, your purpose, and the possibilities of the unknown. Don’t let this time go by and nothing besides stress, anxiety, worry, and fear is capitalized.
April 1, 2020
S3E8: No fear, but purpose!
Tanisha Shanee speaks on what to do during this fearful season of the Coronavirus.
March 26, 2020
S3E7: Get Back Up!!! 3 Ways I’m Detoxing!!!!
Miss Inspiration is here to share where she is in her healthy lifestyle journey and after receiving warning from God, she knows she needs to get her butt back in shape to help herself and others. She was told, “Get back to your first love,” and she knew that was a word from the Lord. Tanisha Shanee shares 3 things she is doing to detox and get back in alignment of her healthy lifestyle. To join her in the detox, get your copy of, “Heal Thy Body,” and join her on IG @TanishaShanee
February 25, 2020
I’m a Healed Woman
Tanisha Shanee speaks on the power of being a healed woman and the challenges one may face with dating as a healed woman
January 5, 2020
S3E5: Strengthen Your Faith Muscles! #FaithWalk #LetMeTestify Tanisha Shanee shares a time when she had to have faith that God would answer her prayer. It caused her to believe no matter how crazy it was, she would not have lack. Through her experiences, her faith has strengthen over time.
November 12, 2019
S3E4: I am a Lender, not a Borrower #FinancialInspiration
Tanisha Shanee ( shines some wisdom and inspiration for us as we seek to strengthen our finances and make wiser financial decisions. As always she shares her experiences and how she has made a transformation in the way she spends and make decisions. As always, she shares how God has played a tremendous role in this decision. To learn more about Dear Single in Love, head to for an autographed copy. Email Tanisha Shanee at | follow on IG @Tanishashanee
October 27, 2019
S3E3: "Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself..." #InspirationalMessage
Tanisha Shanee is vulnerable and wants to encourage you to do the amazing things that God has birthed gifts in you. We want to get out of the space of starting and stopping and starting over. In this case it might not be a rebrand, but a form of introduction because you've stopped! You're amazing. You're a solution to someone's problems! *** Get your copy of "Dear Single In Love..." Now at | follow on Instagram @TanishaShanee |
October 20, 2019
S3E2: Life After A Miscarriage #LetsHeal
Tanisha discusses how she has dealt with life after not 1, but two miscarriages. She places her raw experiences and how God was an anchor in her journey. The impact it had on her mind, body, and spirit. To connect with Tanisha, email: / for support go to /
October 6, 2019
S3E1: I'm back!!! I'm frustrated, but it is time to Produce #MissInspiration
Welcome to Season 3! Tanisha Shanee welcomes you all back to this amazing new season. She shares how her frustration is leading her to produce beyond the frustration. Join her as she introduces the new strategy of the podcast... There will be GUEST!!! To donate to the podcast, you may do so using cashapp $TanishaShanee25 | follow on social media @TanishaShanee | website:
September 17, 2019
S2E11 Healing Before You Meet Your Purpose Mate
Dear Single In Love available now on Amazon --
April 22, 2019
S2E10 Why aren't men interested in getting to know me? #DearSingleInLove
Tanisha Shanee continues this conversation of Dear Single In Love. Today we are discussing how dating can be a challenge when men are not interested in getting to know you and allowing you an opportunity to speak and share your truth. A man should notice you, get to know you, and vice versa.
April 20, 2019
S2E9: Past Relationships - April Fools'? #DearSingleInLove
Tanisha Shanee discusses how our past relationships are no April Fools to God because He knew that relationship was not supposed to last. In my new book, "Dear Single in Love" (now available on Amazon), I discuss how God sees the end first. Our relationships were no surprised to God and it should not be to you.  Get your copy of "Dear Single in Love" outlines 8 Principles for Women Waiting for their purpose mate - and we do not mean the old jokers/fools we dated in the past. Close that chapter and prepare for what God has for you.
April 1, 2019
S2E8 #DearSingleinLove "New Season Means It Is Time To Close Those Old Doors"
New season means new opportunities and relationships; therefore, you have to let that season end and die. #DearSingleInLove you have to understand many of you have been given signs and warnings to leave those past, old tired relationships alone. You want God to bring you your purpose mate? Well, He won't when you are constantly entertaining an old love or relationship. Move accordingly in this new season. Wait for your God ordained purpose mate! #relationshipgoals #love #relationship #Purposemate #NewSeason #MissInspiration #TanishaShanee Get your copy of "Dear Single in Love" now
March 21, 2019
S2E7 #DearSingleinLove Be Single and Obedient
You might not understand why you're single and wonder what is taking so long, but God has a perfect plan. Tanisha Shanee explains how your obedience in this season of single is for your good. Time for kingdom couples to rise up, but you have to allow God to devise that perfect plan for you. Get your copy of "Dear Single in Love" now on Amazon
March 14, 2019
S2E6 #DearSingleInLove Stop Waiting For Boaz!
Another addition to #PrayListenObey #DearSingleInLove Series speaks on not looking for Boaz! Ladies, if you go to Amazon right now, you will books on waiting or finding your Boaz. We have to stop searching for Boaz because he was Ruth's husband. What God did do was provide an opportunity for you to learn characteristics and traits of a Godly man. The book of Ruth is a small book, but is powerful as a guide. So ladies check it out and again, stop waiting for Boaz. To order a copy of "Dear Single in Love," you can visit Amazon now  #KingdomRelationships #MissInspiration
March 13, 2019
S2E5 - #DearSingleInLove Stop looking for A MAN!
Tanisha introduces her new book, "Dear Single in Love, 8 Principles for the Woman Waiting for Her God Ordained Purpose Mate" which will be released on Amazon, on March 26th. In this episode, Tanisha discusses what woman should not do and one of those things is saying, "I want/need a man." When you say and seek this, you will receive just that... Listen and share. Also, pre-order your copy now at Tanisha Shanee "Miss Inspiration"
March 5, 2019
S2E4: #ItsALifestyle Pt.2 of Power of Your Words #TanishaShanee
Tanisha Shanee "Miss Inspiration" shares some words you need to remove immediately from your vocabulary because they could be in the way of your blessings. Things change when you start thinking and SPEAKING differently! Listen to this second part of Power of Your Words - all God Inspired. "Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips" (Psalm 141:3) follow on social media @TanishaShanee To book:
March 1, 2019
S2E3: #ItsALifestyle "Power of your Words"
This 3rd part of Tanisha Shanee's series, "It's A Lifestyle" Miss Inspiration shares how our words impacts our reality. If we are not speaking the right words, we are not going to see the results we desire. This goes for weight loss, career search, finances, relationships... everything! God spoke the world into existence, so we need to follow His instruction and example and do the same thing. We have power in our words. Do you believe that? #MissInspiration #GodInspired #TanishaShanee to book Tanisha Shanee email:
August 1, 2018
S2E2: It's A Lifestyle Series - Healthy Thinking
Tanisha Shanee, Miss Inspiration continues the conversation of how healthy living really embodies more than just what we eat and how often we exercise. Here she explains how our mindsets play a major role and factor in what it is we are seeking to do and how that can make or break our journey. No sense in eating healthier if you are going to have unhealthy thoughts about yourself or where you are headed, right? Tanisha continues to share how this process helped her to overcome her own battle of obesity - where she used to weigh over 350 pounds and because of the steps she shares in this series, was able to successfully lose over 100 pounds and keep it off for over 5 years. Tanisha's story has been featured in many magazines and she gives all praises to God for assisting her on this journey. To reach Miss Inspiration, email or follow on social media @TanishaShanee (IG) #GodInspired #HealThyBody #MissInspiration #HealthMinistry
July 18, 2018
S2E1: It's A Lifestyle - Heal Thy Body
Welcome to Season 2 of It's A Lifestyle with Miss Inspiration. Tanisha explains how her message "It's A Lifestyle" came about 6 years ago. What started as a weight loss journey, she realized turned into an opportunity for God to use her to help others in devising their own healthier lifestyle. For Tanisha it meant losing over 100 pounds because she was over 350 pounds, but for others it means reversing diabetes, high blood pressure, and other illnesses. Then to take it a step deeper, she realized when God released those amazing fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices throughout the world, He was intentional for us to be healthy and to connect with Him deeper (Genesis 1:29). This is not about a diet, but a lifestyle. Continue to stay connected as Tanisha takes us deeper into what #ItsALifestyle really means. #MissInspiration #TanishaShanee #HealThyBody #ItsALifestyle Email:
July 9, 2018
Episode 23 - Before you give up on your dreams, go to God.
How many of us have been in a situation where we wanted to give up because our dreams or goals were not working out? Well, we have to remember God is the dream giver; therefore, we have to go to Him for the strategy... Do not give up on your goals or dreams. #DreamGiver #PurposeConversation #DreamBig #MissInspiration #TanishaInspires #DontGiveUp
June 28, 2018
Ep 22: Be Available This Season
Many times we make decisions and come with our own plans and think, "well, I showed up." But, my question is did you make yourself available to be used? Did you open the doors for God to come in and shift your thinking or message or pathway to be used for His glory? Be available everyday and see what God has in store for you. #MissInspiration #ItsALifestyle Follow on IG @TanishaShanee
June 4, 2018
Ep 21: Don't pimp God's Gift
Tanisha Shanee inspires us to use God's gift the way He truly intends with the mindset of those that are going to receive it, not by what you are going to receive for it. If you are a songwriter or writer in general, the music or book should be written with the intentions of helping or healing someone, not based on how many people will buy it. We have to do it the way God intends for it because there is someone somewhere ready to receive it. #MissInspiration
May 29, 2018
Ep 20: Dream Killer - You?
Ep 20: Are you your own dream killer? Tanisha Shanee discusses dream killers and many times they are friends, relatives, and social impressions that deter us from living out our God given dream. But, today Miss Inspiration discusses how we can be our own dream killer before we even get to the family and friends. We think of every reason why it won't work out and why it is too impossible. Books aren't written because the thought, "nobody will read this crap" creeps in. Or the greatest one, "I'll get to it later," but knowing the intentions aren't really there. Listen in and gain some insight on the dream killer. Make sure you listen carefully to this God inspired message. #MissInspiration #dreamkiller #purposekillers #purposeconversation #GodInspired #HealThyBody #ItsALifestyle #TanishaShanee #TanishaInspires
May 21, 2018
Ep 19: Goodbye Dream Killer
Ep 19: Say goodbye to your dream killers because they can't kill what God needs for us to do. A dream killer can be a friend, boss, family member, or stranger used by the enemy to abort God's plan. They don't want to see you move forward, but I'm here to encourage you otherwise because His plan must live on. We all have purpose and it must be carried out. Don't listen to those Dream Killers. They see and know the anointing on your life, so see it in yourself. Visit and leave a comment or message! #ItsALifestyle #TanishaShanee #MissInspiration
May 2, 2018
Ep. 18: Who Is In Your Circle?
Who is in your circle? Read: Bruce Wilkinson's "The Dream Giver" because as we leave the land of familiar. Surround yourself with the individuals that God has called us to connect with. Be empowered and inspired by the new circle. #ItsALifestyle
April 4, 2018
Ep 17 Work Burnout- Don't Die
Ep 17: workplace burnout is real! This message is inspired by an article released about a principal dying at her desk ( If we do not take care of ourselves, our greatness will not be seen or felt. Tanisha Shanee holds professional development workshops to help organizations in devising a healthier workplace and lifestyle ( #MissInspiration #ItsALifestyle
March 8, 2018
Ep: 16 Your Character Matters
Ep 16: Character goes a long way and matters! You can have all the money, degrees, but if you have poor character, it won't matter. Make sure you're humble, show up with care, and show you are ready and willing to learn as much as possible - it will take you very far. Your character is apart of your lifestyle. / **** Special promo from our friends at Massive Travels where they're committed to offering travel services of the highest quality. Visit them at or call 800-721-7197 #MassiveTravels #MissInspiration
March 7, 2018
Ep 15: In Your Mess You Shine
Tanisha Shanee shares an encouraging word for those that maybe in a space where they don't feel they're doing too great, but guess what? Someone out there still sees the shine in you. You haven't lost the fire or spark, but it needs to be a time for you to pull yourself up and out and start producing. Someone is waiting for you and some people are ready to work with you. Purpose is apart of your lifestyle. Start pushing yourself out the mess and continue to shine brighter. #BeInspired #MissInspiration
February 26, 2018
Ep 14: To Accept Love Or Not?
This is a two part episode and I pray it opens your heart. I am transparent about not being prepared for the love God sent into my life and I broke my own heart because I couldn't accept I deserved it. Now, I know I am not alone. But, I have asked God to forgive me because I hurt me, but someone else. Love is a beautiful thing, but I learned you have to get out your own way and heal before you can receive that love... #MissInspiration
February 19, 2018
Ep 13: Signs Of Stress
Ep 13: Wednesday Wisdom: Signs of Stress!!! Yes, stress is a silent killer and can impact your life. But, people want to know how else can they determine when they're stressed? Well, here you go! Looking for more information about stress and how to manage it? Email me and we can discuss holding a workshop for your team, staff, students, etc
February 7, 2018
Ep 12: Goodbye, Stress!
Stress. We can say so much about it. It has caused many illnesses and even deaths. At 22, I suffered from a mild stroke and from then I learned to stressing about things I had no control over is not and will not take my life. I later realized I needed to laugh more and pray because what would help the situation if I am in the hospital or dead? Many know what I mean. Let's find ways to let go of this thing called stress. Don't hold onto it. I hold workshops pertaining to stress and the management of it. Let's work.
February 5, 2018
Ep 11 Healthy-It's A Lifestyle
February 1st I am offering a special for my upcoming master class 5 workshop virtual sessions 2 workbooks 1 low price for you and a friend For the last 5 years, I've been helping people by providing knowledge on how they can devise a healthier lifestyle. Not just weight loss, but heal their bodies from illnesses and toxins that are running rampant in communities. The first cycle classes will start the week of Feb.18th - so join in now. Head to or directly to Future dates will be added and on site locations will be added as well. #HealThyBody Tanisha Shanee
February 1, 2018
Ep 10: The Past - Let Go!
Many of us may suffer with holding onto the past and constantly falling in love with it. The past is over and for some, you're missing out on the present because you keep looking to the past. Well, I am here to tell you let go - old relationship, jobs, friendships, lifestyle habits. Don't lose precious time rehashing on them. Embrace the present and look to the future.
January 30, 2018
Ep 9: From Intern To Purpose
Now as a motivational/inspirational speaker and author, I've realized I am in purpose, but a lot of what I learned did not come from a course or a job I had, but from my foundation - my internships. Now, at 15 years old, I entered the music industry at Roc A Fella Records and then I went to Interscope Records. There I learned all about public relations and basically how to help get someone's brand in front of people. While I didn't go on to become a Publicist, fast forward to now. How did I get into Cosmopolitan, Eating Well Magazine? I tapped into my Internship Knowledge Vault. All that information I obtained was for great use now! It saved me thousands of dollars and helped me to get my store out to those that needed to hear it. Parents, educational leaders - I encourage you to have that conversation with the youth because they never know how it will benefit them later in life. To learn more or connect with me, email me at #InternToPurpose
January 18, 2018
Ep 8: Dr King "Keep moving"
Today we celebrate the life of Dr King and one of his quotes really touched me years ago - "If you can't fly, then run... If you can't run, then walk... If you can't walk, then crawl, but by all means, keep moving." So many of us looked up to Dr King, but are we applying the principles he left for us? I know as a speaker, author, and inspiration, I do seek to do just that because I know it can and will help someone later in life. Keep moving, just don't stop!
January 16, 2018
Ep 7: Stand Strong
Stand strong even when you are being frustrated, afflicted, or punched around. But, hold on. Listen to Tanisha's weekly Saturday God Inspired Messages at for the replay! #ItsALifestyle means we are strong!
January 13, 2018
Special Call In: Debra Foxx
On Anchor listeners can call in and leave a message. Want to say thank you Actress, Debra Fox for tuning in and leaving a message about the show. #ItsALifestyle #MissInspiration
January 12, 2018
Ep 6 The Expert Is Within You
Have you ever heard, "You're not an expert."? Well, I am here to tell you that you are an expert, but you have to birth it. I didn't think I was an expert, but once Cosmo, Eating Well, WebMD, and Dr Oz The Good Life Magazines. As a motivational speaker, do you know I was speaking since I was in the 6th grade? Inspiring people since I was that young? Like, hundreds of adults and youth. So, do not allow anyone to discredit who you are! #BeInspired
January 11, 2018
Ep3: Motivational Monday
Ep 3: Motivational Monday - speaking it until it becomes a reality. You can and have the ability to take control of your health by speaking it into existence. When I was over 350 pounds, I would say, "I'm going to lose at least 100 pounds..." Guess what? After 362 days, I did and have now kept it off after 4+ years. So, guess what? You can do the same!!! My story was recently featured in Women's Health Magazine and I plan to continue inspiring the world about healing establishing a healthier lifestyle - mind, body, spirit. Visit for more information
January 8, 2018
Time To Reclaim You!
Miss Inspiration speaks on reclaiming the things you have given away. Let this be the year where you reclaim the person God needs you to be! Reclaiming who you are is the first step towards healing for your purpose! Visit to take advantage of reclaiming you - join the next session.
January 7, 2018
Welcome: It's A Lifestyle Ep1
Welcome! Happy 2018 #ItsALifestyle Meet me every Wednesday
January 2, 2018