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Tantra Made Easy

Tantra Made Easy

By Shashi Solluna
How can sex create a spiritual experience? How can we create the ideal relationship? International Tantra Teacher and Hay House author, Shashi Solluna, shares Tantric wisdom and interviews some of the world experts on this topic.

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What is the Role of Men in a Post-#metoo Era? ~ Paal Buntz

Tantra Made Easy

Embracing Trauma with Tantra ~ Buster Radvik
BUSTER AND SHASHI ARE NOW PLANNING A TRAUMA TRAINING FOR TANTRA TEACHERS...coming soon! ****Both classical tantra and neo tantra have always been known as being controversial paths, diving shamelessly into shadows such as desire, lust and longing. Recently there has been a growing awareness around trauma, and participants are often looking to Tantra as a place to heal traumas. Others report that the Tantra field re-traumatized them with its confrontational practices, or questionable boundaries between facilitators and students (most schools do not allow this, but a few believe it should be allowed). Today I talk to Buster Radvik, who is both a Tantra facilitator and a professional psychotherapist, and we explore the question: can we heal trauma with Tantra?
July 22, 2022
Tantra Beyond Gender ~ Kamela Love
Tantra is sometimes seen as a pretty heteronormative field, with its teachings on masculine and feminine energy. But once you start to dive into it, it becomes clear that these terms are about how energy flows, and is not limited to the physical body or gender. In fact, we could rename masculine and feminine energy as "Yang" and "Yin", or as penetrative energy and receptive energy. What we can see then, is that the way we channel energy can be a choice. A choice that is open to everyone, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation or preference. I chat with Kamela Love about Queer Tantra, and the experiences available. In this conversation, we explore how it is for same-sex couples to explore Tantra. But also beyond even that...Tantric practices can give us all the opportunity to step out of the box. We chat about the new term: "pansexual" and how many individuals find that there is a meeting point beyond experience of letting sexual energy flow that is not limited by who we think we are or who we think we are relating with. ***** Kamela Love (you'll find her on facebook as Kamela Peace) is a lifelong student of mysticism & Sufism, a devoted sacred sexuality practitioner and EFT/tapping practitioner, a Senior Love Coach, a skilled facilitator of sex-positive workshops and play spaces, a community harmonizer through family mediation and restorative justice work… she/they particularly love curating spaces for the queer community! Kamela is on a mission to open hearts, bodies, and minds deeply to healing powers within sexual expression and to empowerment through aligning our sexual energy with the Sacred.
July 11, 2022
The Evolution of Neo-Tantra ~ Margot Anand
Margot Anand was very much at the beginnings of Neo Tantra, as she was asked to teacher Tantra by the mystic Osho. She has been a huge part of the development of the modern Tantra scene. In this interview she chats about the changes she has seen in this scene and the future of Tantra in the world. Hear her juicy stories and an incredible perspective on the evolution of Neo Tantra. For the training she refers to: CLICK HERE.
January 14, 2022
Giving and Receiving in Intimate Relationships ~ Betty Martin
We are drawn to relating so that we can enjoy giving and receiving...the very foundation of what makes a relationship. And yet, these are areas that we are not taught about in our education, and indeed there is a lot of confusion about it all. One of the leading voices on this topic is Betty Martin, who created the Wheel of Consent. This is a practice and a model for exploring the intricacies of true giving receiving, both as the "doer" and being "done to". Once we start to takes these pieces a apart, only then can we begin to understand all of these dynamics. In this interview, you will learn: * Why doing and giving are not synonymous * Why being done to and receiving are not synonymous * Understand more about how to take pleasure * Why receiving is so challenging * How to learn what you really desire * How to activate your senses to really take pleasure from touch * Why even long term couples can benefit from consent and agreements Find out more about Betty here: and her book here:
October 18, 2021
How does Tibetan Tantra compare to other paths? ~ Jampa Stewart
Tibetan Tantra is probably the path least known by Westerners. Most of us in the modern Western world follow NeoTantra and dive into Taoist Sexual Arts and some classical Indian Tantra. This might be partly due to the fact that Tibetan Tantra is much a monastic path, practised largely by monks. This may be one of the reasons it is not so seen in Western culture. Also many of the teachings are secret and not revealed until the practitioner has attained a certain level of personal achievement. Today Shashi Solluna chats with Jampa Stewart, who has dived deep into Tibetan Tantra as well as the Tao Tantric Arts. The intention is to explore what are the difference and similarities of the different paths.
June 25, 2021
Kundalini and the Quest for Spiritual Orgasm ~ Michael Winn
What is the connection between kundalini rising, the energy body, energetic sex and astral sex? Perhaps one of the few people on this planet who can talk with confidence on these topics is Michael Winn, founder of Healing Tao USA, who has been facilitating the Taoist Sexual Arts and Inner Alchemy for over 40 years. Following on from his class in the LiveTantra Kundalini Symposium, I chat with Michael about his own first experiences with astral sex and what he learned from it.  In this juicy and alive conversation you will discover: The difference between raising sexual energy up to the heavens, and circulating it in the body. All about energy orgasm and spiritual orgasm Detailed descriptions of astral sex Micheal shares his first experience of being "sexually taken" by a woman in the astral plane! He talks about learning how to work with energy more consciously and deliberately. Michael will share about the profound energetic connection he has with his wife of 25 years, and how they even transcended life and had energetic sex after she had passed away (get a box of tissues ready for this story, as it is very touching) All about porn and how it operates on the astral plane Yes, this interview is far out there and yet somehow also down to earth. You can watch all the videos from the Kundalini Symposium, with a special half-price option available now. Click here to access. NEBER MISS AN EPISODE: SIGN UP HERE FOR ALL PODCAST AND VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENTS
April 25, 2021
The Secrets of Tantric Dating
Dating is something that is constantly evolving. It used to be picking her up and taking her for dinner. Over the last decades we have seen online dating simply soar in popularity, and speed dating and other such live events to facilitate connections.  But what about in the world of Tantra? Surely a field so focused on sex, love and connection should be full of dating options. And how do facilitators merge tantric practices together with dating? Plus, with recent lockdowns, how can Tantra teach us to create the experiences that fulfill us? Today I chat with Eleanor Rutman who runs her own Sensual Speed Dating night in Switzerland. She is a trained tantra facilitator and merges tantra with dating! (Plus, she tells me, had a lot of personal experience with dating in her time!). We talk about what Tantra can bring to dating, plus how we can carry it into meaningful online experiences. *********** Join Eleanor on a live online Tantric Speed Dating event on *********** Eleanor Rutman is a Tao Tantric Arts trained facilitator and teaching assistant. She is the founder of Sensual Speed Dating, based in Switzerland. She has led over 190 dating events, both live and online. She fuses dating with tantric tools for intimacy, opening up the heart and meaningful connection. More info
January 21, 2021
How I Chose a Powerful Woman - Shahid van Helden
This is an unusual episode, because I am interviewing my own partner! I wanted him to share how he chose me. Because this man has impressed me deeply since I met him, and the process of being "wooed" by him was extraordinary.  I know that I can be intimidating to men, purely because I am a well-known Tantra teacher. That in itself can be enticing, but also intimidating. In the past I had men approach me to get something from me, or there was a power struggle there. But with Shahid, he stood solidly in his own power, in his own center, whilst choosing me fully. In this chat, we talk about our story. How a garden designer from North Netherlands came about choosing a powerful tantrika who lived in Asia. How he overcame his fears. How he moved from polyamory to going deep with one, and why. The journey from the first kiss to a full surrender of the heart. We made this to inspire others. Our path is not for everyone. But we hope that there is something there for others like us, who wish to find  way to be empowered and yet in love. Find us together at where we run retreats for couples. For women: joi us this weekend for the Call in Your King Symposium
September 22, 2020
What is the Role of Men in a Post-#metoo Era? ~ Paal Buntz
How is a man to find a healthy way to be in his masculine in today's world? When we hear so much about the "toxic masculine", the backlash of the #metoo movement paints a very dismal picture of men and masculine energy. So what is a man to do? Ignore the feedback and label it all as projection? Crumple in guilt and give up all trance of masculinity? How is a man to date in a post-#metoo era? Can a man still approach a woman and ask her for a drink without being the "toxic masculine"? Is it actually safe for men to try dating as they used to? What does the world of Tantra and Men's work have to offer men struggling to find their way in current times? I chat with Paal Christian Buntz, creator of the Wildman Project, to find out what men are going through and what ways they can move forward. We chat about #metoo, boundaries, tantra and polyamory, porn addiction and relationships. Want more? Join one of Paal's courses for men: Multiorgasmic Man Program: Use the code LIVETANTRA for a 10% discount` The Wildman Challenge:  Use the code LIVETANTRA for a 10% discount`
September 03, 2020
How to get your Libido Back as a Mum ~ Amanda Ananda
Many women find that their libido diminishes after they have a baby, and it can be a struggle to get it back. As well, a partner may have various struggles with knowing how to relate intimately with her once they become parents. Of course, there are hormonal changes, there are late nights with crying babies, but it IS also possible to bring the intimacy back. Amanda Ananda is a Tantra Facilitator who is also a mum of two. She realized that there is a lot from the tantric wisdom that could help mums to find their sexy again.  In this podcast episode (for mum's AND their partners!), you will find out: * What happens to the body and sexuality after childbirth * How a woman can find her sensuality again * How a partner can learn to touch her again * the shifts is sexuality that happen after childbirth * The importance of fantasy and the mind * a simple trick for new parents to do after work to boost sexiness * How to deal with roles...and work with new models of motherhood that include sexuality And so much more. This podcast is essential for any parents who want to stay as a tantric couple! Watch more of Amanda's videos and guided practices on
April 23, 2020
How to Get Out of a Disempowered Relationship ~ Sonja Shradha Devi
Power dynamics can be one of the biggest causes of conflict and harm in a relationship. Commonly, women give their power away to men in various ways, although this can also be the other way around. In this podcast, I talk with Sonja Shradha Devi about unhealthy power dynamics that result in a woman devaluing her own experience. This might be a personal relationship but is also seen in student-guru relationships. We will talk about: - physical abuse, emotional abuse and even spiritual abuse - how to spot that you are in a disempowered relationship - steps to start to heal within - steps to start to short the relationship or leave - watching not to fall into victim mentality - moving from blame to responsibility - finding your own values, needs and truth - the qualities of empowered relationships and how to attract them Watch videos of Sonja Shradha Devi on her channel at
April 23, 2020
Trauma Healing as a Couple ~ Shashi Solluna
Something that I feel we all need to learn about if we want to have harmonious relationships is trauma healing. Most of us have had more trauma than we realize, and right now we are in times of mass collective trauma (trauma is defined as anything that is overwhelming for our system to process). It affects our emotions, our nervous system our ability to relate with others...and this all comes out in our interpersonal relationships. Add to that the amount of sexual trauma and abuse that many have suffered. You may feel as if you have got over it, and yet in an intimate relationship you get triggered and find yourself shutting down. This is because often our unresolved trauma resurfaces in intimate relationships. For that reason, as I have worked with couples for many years to teach them about Tantra, I have come to the realization that we also need to understand at least the basics of trauma healing if we are to have a harmonious relationship. In fact, this needs to be the precursor to learning Tantra practices (otherwise some of the practices will trigger you and you won't know why). I have made this podcast to help couples understand the basics of trauma healing and the importance of integrating this into your relationship tool kit. If you want to follow my entire course on Trauma Healing (you can join as an individual or as a couple), please go to: Live Tantra Academy
March 23, 2020
Ejaculatory Mastery ~ Taylor Johnson
So many men carry shame around issues such as premature ejaculation and impotence. And to make matters worse, many carry this shame alone as they do not know where to go for guidance and support. Meet Taylor. He is offering support for men in the form of articles, videos and courses to guide them through a process that he himself went through. With his experience of Tantra, Taoist Sexual Arts and his own explorations, he has been putting together a toolkit for men to shift their sexuality. In this interview, we cover a number of issues including: * How to overcome porn addiction, and re-direct your energy back into your life. * Getting over premature ejaculation. * Discovering what ejaculatory choice is. * Healing your relationship with non-erection. * How self-pleasure can become a tantric practice. * Discovering sexual pleasure beyond the genitals. * How to have psychedelic experiences just from love-making! * Full body orgasm for men, ...and so much more. About Taylor Taylor is a sex educator and coach who helps men master their sexual energy so they can use it to supercharge their entire life. He combines tantric and taoist sexuality with western practicality in ways that make this work practical, grounded and real. He runs in-person workshops, and... He runs two online courses for men: Orgasmic Mastery - a 5-week course that helps men overcome premature ejaculation so they can make love for hours and have multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms Semen Retention Challenge - a 21-day course that helps men build and harness their sexual energy so they can create the life they truly desire In addition to the courses above, you can also connect with Taylor on Instagram at @taylorclarkjohnson and via his website:
January 29, 2020
January 27, 2020
January 27, 2020
The Rabbi who turned Tantric ~ Ohad Pele Ezrahi
Many religions teach that in order to be truly spiritual, you must suppress sexuality and destroy your sexual urges. Tantra is one rare exception, that instead invites you to enter sexuality but with full awareness and consciousness.   Ohad Ezrahi is part of the lead faculty of ISTA, leading conscious sexuality trainings around the world. However, in his early days he was immersed into Orthodox Judaism and was even ordained as a Rabbi. This came from his deep yearnings to find more to life than just the surface level. Yet, the split between sex and spirituality always caused him pain. In this episode, Ohad shares his incredible story, and his findings along the way. Find out how he went from looking for ascension, to turning it around and bringing spirit and consciousness deeply into the physical and sexual realms. I often say, let us journey from Sex to Spirit. But in this case, I definitely will say: Let us journey from Spirit to Sex! See more videos of Ohad at onnhis channel: And read his book Kedesha here..... Access more of podcasts, meditations and courses at
September 13, 2019
How can we Reconcile our Spirituality and our Humanity? ~ John Amodeo
For centuries mankind has been struggling with the differential between the spiritual desire for non-attachment and the human desire for building relationships.  Many have felt forced to choose...those who took the spiritual path renounced all worldly desires with celibacy, monkhood and other austere practices, giving up all the basic human desires (at least on the surface, as we now know many failed and just pushed their desires into shadowy behaviours).. Those who chose humanity may have chosen hedonism, bit many fell into attachment, addiction and cycles of emotionality. Author John Amodeo has been exploring for several decades how to reconcile these two aspects. A trained therapist and marriage guidance counselor, he was also a Buddhist and spiritual seeker. Though these two worlds were mostly kept separate, John set out to find out how to find the meeting point....very much the core essence of Tantra. The result is that he has found that relationship CAN be a valid part of our spiritual growth, if we apply the right tools and attitudes. In this podcast episode, he explains what that looks like. This includes: * An explanation of the different needs of our spiritual aspect and our human aspect * Exploring where these two meet * How relationship can become our spiritual vehicle * taking a look "attachment" and what that really means * How to avoid spiritual bypassing, but also not get stuck in the human experience To find out more about John and his work, please refer to:  
August 17, 2019
How can a Couple Transform their Sex Life into Tantra? ~ Ananda Sarita
Ma Ananda Sarita is one of the world's leading authorities on Tantra. She lived for 26 years in the Osho community, and 16 years in Osho's presence, receiving teachings and transmissions on the teachings and meditations of Tantra. We chat together about how sex can become a spiritual experience, and how a couple can transform an ordinary relationship into a tantric relationship. At the end of this podcast, Sarita shares step-by-step guidance for a couple's practice in spiritual sex.   In this audio:  * Find out what Osho taught to Sarita about Tantra  * Hear how to unite our hedonistic nature with our spiritual path.  * Learn how a couple can surrender their egos to Love.  * Discover how sex can actually accelerate our enlightenment and awakening.  * Find out how a couple need to integrate meditation into their relationship.  * Hear about "Love Appointments" and how a couple can schedule in their tantric experiences.  * Discover how to recognize good chemistry with a partner.  * Find out some of Sarita's secrets of Tantra!  * Hear a step-by-step practice that you and your partner can try out at home!  To see more videos of Sarita, go to NB: The music Sarita referred to is Deuter.
July 30, 2019
Loving Conflict: Tools for Conscious Couples ~ Max Rivers
How to deal with conflict in your relationship? For many people, arguing takes the fun out of being in a relationship, and can even be the cause for the whole relationship to fail. Marriage Meditator, Max Rivers, explains that although conflict can ruin relationships, it also can actually take your relationship deeper. You simply need to know how to transform it. His explanation is that we argue on one level, but resolve on another. Trying to resolve an issue at the level at which is causes conflict is actually not going to work. Because we need to get underneath into the underlying issues. Once a couple know how to navigate to the underlying layers, then the exact same issue can actually open both of your hearts to deeper levels of compassion and understanding. Together you can start to build trust instead of torment. In this interview, Max shares the steps to take to make this shift. * How arguments can be retreated over and over again because we are at the wrong level for resolving it. * How to access that deeper level and communicate from there. * Non Violent Communication taken a step farther, into understanding the mystery of forbidden needs. * How we attract the very person who can trigger us, and why. How to let those triggers take us deeper into self-understanding. * The secret of how never to be "wrong" in your relationship. * How to build a relationship that fulfills both people. NOTE: There are a couple of small audio delays due to failing internet, however the information is still clear. For more information on Max Rivers and what he offers, please go to Download my free guide to building a relationship agreement field together to use together wit this information, and start building the relatonship you want.
July 15, 2019
Can Pleasure Lead us to Awakening? ~ Lin Holmquist
Pleasure is something that is so often seen as an enemy of being spiritual. So many religions will teach us that you have to choose between following your pleasure or following God. Yet Tantra says the opposite. Tantra says: let pleasure take you home. Let pleasure awaken you. Let pleasure bring you back to your true self. In this episode, I chat with Tantric Therapist Lin Holmquist, who is passionate about pleasure as a way to awaken back to our true self, our divine nature. We cover questions such as: * How is it that pleasure can be part of our awakening?  * What do we do with the guilt and shame around pleasure?  * How can we heal shame? * How can we awaken our capacity for pleasure? * What is the difference between hedonism and Tantra? * Is the path of pleasure about avoiding pain and negative feelings? * How do we find pleasure in the pain? Plus Lin shares about her own kundalini awakening experience, and how this taught her the pleasure of being in her true self. About Lin Lin is a tantric therapist and facilitator, and produces the Swedish Tantra Festival at Angsbacka. She has been living the tantric life and teaching all over the world in retreats and festivals. Find out more about her on:
June 20, 2019
Can we be Spiritual when we have Desire? ~ Dr. Saida Desilets
So many religions have told us that we have to overcome desire in order to become spiritual. Desire is basically a hindrance to spiritual awakening, they say... Yet, we are all born with desire. We desire breath, then breast milk and warm loving arms. Desire helps us choose life. How can something so fundamental to humanity be against our awakening? I ask these questions to my friend, Dr. Saida Desilets. Dr. Saida Desilets is a phenomenal teacher of Sacred Sexuality. She was brought into the field through her own personal tragedy, and yet defied all of the odds to heal and recover herself, and not only survive, but THRIVE. After many years studying Tantra and Taoist Sexual Arts, Saida went on to complete a PhD in female sexuality in Transpersonal Psychology, making her one of the world's leading authorities in the Tao Tantric Arts for women. Her latest book, Desire, explores the juicy topic of desire...including how we can resolve our desires whilst following a spiritual path. She brilliantly breaks down desire into different categories to help us understand it better. She also looks at sexual desire evolving, so that we can understand shifts in our desire over our lifetime. Watch Saida interview me (!), and find out more about the rest of her work:  also check out: (Linked to the book, "Desire"... on this website you will find a playbook, 4.5 hours of videos and an audio meditation)
April 08, 2019
How to Really Pleasure a Woman ~ Eyal Matsliah
Eyal Matsliah from Intimate Power, author of Orgasm Unleashed, shares with me some of his secrets on how to pleasure a woman. Eyal has over a decade of rich Tantric wisdom...but as well as learning all the "techniques", he has uncovered some of the deeper mysteries. In fact, he concludes that techniques don't really work, at least not on their own. It is about finding a deep communion with the feminine (including one's own inner feminine). In this interview he shares some absolute nuggets of wisdom that every man should know...the sexual education you never got at school! It is also interesting for women to listen to, to learn more about their own pleasure and also to communicate better with their partners. - how to make connection to a woman. - the art of communicating about sexual pleasure. - "Hinting": the conscious form of teasing. - The difference between men and women in sex. - The rhythm that leads to the greatest pleasure. - How to enter a flow state together in love-making. - The divine experience of sex. And in case you are thinking "this is all just about sex...where's the spirituality?!", let me just say that Eyal is one of those who says never mind if yu come toTantra for sex, it can awaken you anyway! He says: "I came to Tantra for the sex, and I found God." Thanks, Eyal. Ready to delve into the whole online course? "How to Please a Woman" online course: The course that teaches you how to give her the best orgasms of her life!
March 14, 2019
How a path of Self-Pleasure can lead to true Sexual Empowerment. ~ Courtney Davis
Courtney Davis, creatrix of the Viva la Vagina online training, had an awakening through looking at her own vagina.  She had thought she was fully sexually empowered because she was able to "Fu*k like a man", i.e. she could have non-emotional sexual encounters without attachment to the other person. However, one day when she was invited to gaze at her "yoni" (tantric word for the vagina), all of that changed.  She realized that she had been modeling an externally-generated empowerment, a style she had learned from society, and actually been completely overriding the wisdom of her own body. In this podcast, Courtney will share with you: ~ The difference between external sexual empowerment and internal sexual empowerment. ~ How yoni gazing can shift your sexuality. ~ How self-pleasure can become a path of self-knowledge and self-growth. ~ Why it is important for us to learn about our own sexuality before we seek out partners. ~ The difference between clitoral orgasms, and deeper more energetic orgasms. ~ How internal energy orgasms can lead to emotional release. ~ How your sexual empowerment can alter limiting beliefs in the rest of your life. ~ Why this shift in sexuality can take sex from the physical realm to a more spiritual and profound realm. And I would like to add that this podcast episode is not only for women! It is also great for men to hear about how a woman can deepen her sexual experience, and learn more about the female sexual mysteries! Find out more about Courtney at:
February 26, 2019
How a Man can become Multi-Orgasmic! ~ Kiya Shanti
Kiya Shanti, filmmaker of "Sex to Spirit" and "Tantra Lovers" and author of soon-to-be-published novel "Tantra Island", is a leading inspiration for men who want to experience full body orgasm and the states of ecstasy that this leads to. In the mainstream world, men are taught that the highlight of their sexual pleasure is to have an ejaculatory orgasm which can be over in seconds and often leaves a man feeling tired or depleted. In the Tantra world we are taught that we can move into full body orgasm.  Yet even in Tantra, the focus is often on the women's orgasm. It can be common in  Tantra for men to take the role of space-holder (we call it "Shiva presence") whilst the woman goes into full body orgasm (that we call Shakti energy). However, there is actually another level possible, which is for BOTH partners to be in full body orgasm. This happens when both partners have activate their inner masculine and inner feminine (and thus it is even beyond physical gender). In this interview, Kiya explains: ~ What the difference between ejaculatory orgasm and full body orgasm is. ~ How to avoid "blue balls" or frustration whilst transitioning to full body orgasm. ~ Three amazing tools he used to develop full body orgasm capacity. ~ How the energy paths work in full body orgasm. ~ Ways to pull up sexual energy from the sex center to the heart and consciousness. ~ The use of breathwork to develop energy orgasm. ~ How emotions are connected to orgasmic states and to ecstasy. ~ How two partners can connect and enter energy orgasm together, and how this takes them to a higher state of consciousness. So finally this information is out there! I recommend that all men who are desiring a more fulfilling sexual experience take a listen to this podcast and get inspired! Find out more about Kiya's creativity on:
February 26, 2019
Polyamory and Open it Heaven or is it Hell?
These days if you venture into the field of Tantra, you often find the trend of "polyamory" entwined with it. Polyamory means "many loves" and is a way to try to deal with the fact that we have many connections with different people, even if we are in a committed relationship with one person.  "Poly" can mean anything from having multiple lovers at a time, sharing energy and touch with many people but sex with one, or have a primary relationship in which there is an openness about attraction to others. It has sometimes been used to deepen trust, honesty and connection in a relationship. But it has also been used to try to "have it all", and can become an excuse to take what you want, no matter whom that hurts. As a group of Tantric professionals, we entered discussion about this. Is this actually a path for growth and expansion, or it is causing us unnecessary pain? Join us on our red table discussion on the topic... More videos and podcasts on With (in order of appearance): Shashi Solluna (host): Kalindi Jordan: Hajnalka Makk: Maria Fazzingo:
January 11, 2019
How can Sexual Healing Remove our Blocks to Expansion? ~ Kalindi Jordan
Today I chat with Kalindi Jordan, a teacher or Tantra, Tao and Sexual Healing based in the UK. Her work really specializes in the healing that is required before we can have the sexual experiences we desire...and even the sexual experiences we haven't yet even dreamed of! Often we get so focused on trying to attain the expansive experience or pleasure we long for, that we don't realize that healing in our body and also our mind are actually essential steps before that can happen. Past traumas can shut us down in various ways. But also our thought patterns can deeply affect our sexual capacity. Kalindi has worked so deeply with women on these areas that she has developed a very profound understanding of how thoughts affect the body, and blocks are created. In this podcast, we chat about her findings and how women and couples can move through blockages. As she also works with teens, we chat about how to work with the next generation. Find out more about her work at
December 13, 2018
Tantra, Fertility Mysteries and Long-Lasting Love ~ Stuart Sovatsky
This is an interview with the academic Stuart Sovatsky, with his astounding 50 years' experience studying Psychology, Counseling and Classical Tantra. An unusual voice in the world of Tantra, Stuart is a great believer in building long-term committed relationships in which to practice Tantra. He also looks at the importance of awareness of fertility at the core of Tantra...the seed of life. And how this awareness can bring a deep profound element to our eroticism. Beyond mere reproduction, can our fertility point us home to the Source of life? Stuart also explains his theory of the "second puberty". The first one being in our teens when desire awakens, but the second one being more of a spiritual awakening when the kundalini energy is activated. This changes our sexuality from a genital-focused act to a full body experience, with the higher centers included. Beyond pleasure, we can taste bliss. Access his books on amazon: Access his academic works here:
November 22, 2018
Full Body Orgasm as a Spiritual Path ~ Shashi Solluna
In this episode I explore the mechanics around using sex and sexual energy to generate spiritual experiences. Topics covered include: - What IS a spiritual experience anyway?  - How can our state of contraction or expansion affect our reality?  - Why do we seek expansive or spiritual experiences?  - What did Tantra and the Taoist Sexual Arts teach us about using sexual energy for spiritual growth?  - Can sex lead us to our higher self?  - How is orgasm related to generating expanded states of consciousness?  - How can we use sexual energy as rocket fuel for our spirituality?  - What are the energy pathways used and how can we open them?  - What practices are used to facilitate sexual-spiritual experiences?  - What precautions do we need to take doing these practices?  Author: Shashi Solluna References: for more videos see
October 15, 2018
Taoist Sexual Secrets ~ Minke de Vos
Shashi interviews Minke de Vos, one of the world's experts in the Tao Tantric Arts (over 30 years' teaching experience).  Minke shares the secrets of how you can turn sex from a physical act into a spiritual experience, generating more love and energy. In this podcast: - Hear how Minke had her own spontaneous energy activation.  - Learn how the Taoists view sex as an exchange of energy and also a way to generate energy.  - Discover how ejaculatory choice (being able not to ejaculate or to wait longer before release) can affect love-making.  - Find out what yin and yang energies are and how we use them in love-making.  - Learn how we shift heavy sluggish feelings into light and energized sensations using sex.  - Hear about ways of circulating sexual energy through the body.  - Find out how a couple can exchange energy in different ways.  - Discover the mysteries of astral sex and energy body sex!!!!  - Plus Minke shares one of her own personal sexual experiences in which she merged with the Universe! Learn about the Taoist Sexual Secrets from one of the world's most experienced masters, Minke de Vos.  *****  See more videos on Minke teaches trainings for women on 
October 11, 2018