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Hey! My name is Tonthalell (TONT-HA-LELL) and I am the host of TAP IN TALKS podcast. My #1 goal is to normalize prayer as a part of everyday life. I wholeheartedly believe that PRAYER CHANGES EVERYTHING and am convinced that the only unanswered prayers are the ones we never pray. When communicating with God becomes a normal practice you'll see life in a different light. Think of me as your personal 'Prayer Coach', I'm here to help get you excited and engaged in your life of prayer!
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Bravery in the Face of Failure: Unafraid to Fail!
Fear is a bondage that will keep us from our FREEDOM. Fear causes us to be afraid of stepping out in FAITH, to do the things God has told us to do. The fear of failure debilitates us. It causes us to be stuck, unable to see beyond our current state.  Faith often takes an act of courage outside of our human logic. Sometimes our steps of FAITH seem like actions that are destined to fail... Let's talk about it real quick!
March 17, 2021
Fear, Failure, & Freedom: Own Your Story!
The power comes when you own your story! Owning your story allows you to tell fear where to go and to repurpose failure for your best use! It is most liberating when you find the strength to stand up to fear and put failure in its place, here is where you find your freedom!
February 24, 2021
Hey! Welcome to TAP In Talks!
This is a brief intro of what you can expect from me as a subscriber to my podcast community. The basis of this podcast is normalizing prayer, but we will talk about other aspects of developing a strong relationship with God! Y'all ready to TAP IN?
February 10, 2021