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The Baby Sleep Podcast

The Baby Sleep Podcast

By Tara Mitchell
Paediatric Nurse, qualified infant and toddler Sleep Consultant and Mother, Tara Mitchell is the owner of The Gentle Sleep Specialist. Working with thousands of clients around the globe for over 6 years. Resolving sleep issues, restoring hope and bringing peace back to families. Tara has seen first hand too may times the detriment sleep deprivation has on the entire families well being. This podcast will help you resolve sleep issues, restore your confidence and give you a good laugh and cry along the way.
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My Beliefs on Little Ones Sleep. Backed up by research.
I know it can be hard to decide to change your little ones sleep problems. You may be confused or unsure if it’s normal. In this episode I talk to you about why I don’t fall for the sleep deprivation badge and explain to you the research around some of the fear mongering that’s used to scare you away from getting sleep sorted.
February 13, 2021
Making Mumlife easier with the JOYFUL HABITS COACH
This episode is jam packed with ways to re ignite joy back into motherhood. Katherine and I talk overwhelm, clutter, habits and doing mum life better.  She’s a phenomenal woman and this episode will give you a lot of ah ha moments.
January 24, 2021
4 Month Sleep Whattt?!!
The four month sleep regression has to be the most feared and anticipated of them all. So today I’m taking you through what this milestone is all about. Plus some handy hints to stay on top of sleep during this time.
January 18, 2021
A Revelation that changes Motherhood
Today’s chat is nothing short of a revelation. Jarna  is an intuitive coach and honestly I have never known anyone more remarkable in this field or any like it. Join us for our very first episode and explore mothering like never before.
January 4, 2021