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Drip Like Jesus

Drip Like Jesus

By Tarnisha Hayter
Welcome to Drip Like Jesus Podcast. DRIP stands for Devote.Reach.Influence.People just like Jesus did. I will share scriptures and discuss personal experiences of my own, as well as interview people all around the world on topics geared towards Jesus, his salvation and purpose. My goal is to be transparent, authentic and to teach people how to be more Christ like as I continue to learn through biblical teaching, interviews and self awareness. I can't wait to help people all around the real with real life issues and bringing them closer to Christ.
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Perfect Peace
I know we are all going through changes in life due to coronavirus and there are many people who are crushed in spirit. In this episode you will learn how to find and keep "Perfect Peace" in the middle of a crisis. 
May 25, 2020
5 Ways to renew your mind
In this episode you will learn the importance of renewing the mind and also receive 5 tips to help you renew your mind daily.
May 02, 2020
A New Thing
Out with the Old in with the New. This episode dives in deep about God trying to create "A New Thing" In3 your life.  Scriptures - Isaiah 42:8-9 & 43:18-19
April 21, 2020
Salvation- How to become Saved
This episode is about Jesus talking to his disciples about his resurrection, how to become saved, and what it means to be holy. Scriptures- Luke 24: 45-49  Romans 10:9-10 1st Peter 1:3-7 & 1:13-16
April 20, 2020
My Story
Get to know your host as I share my story in hopes to inspire others.
April 19, 2020