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The Secrets Of Earning Money Show

The Secrets Of Earning Money Show

By Tashaya Singleton
Business - Money - Mindset. This show is focuses on sharing tips, expertise, books and thoughts in the areas of Business, Money and Mindset so you can take control of your personal financial economy and life.
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Episode 28: Personal Finance And The Entrepreneur

The Secrets Of Earning Money Show

Episode 28: Personal Finance And The Entrepreneur

The Secrets Of Earning Money Show

Episode 54: Life Insurance & Self Improvement
September is Life Insurance Awareness Month and Self Improvement Month.  The Secrets Of Earning Money Show is dedicated to helping you take control of you personal economy and life by focusing on the topics of Money, Business and Mindset.  Life Insurance and Self Improvement are need to accomplish this goal.  Life Insurance is the "Ultimate Love Letter" which helps you leave a "Legacy of Love".  Self Improvement gives you the confidence to take control of your life so that you can live the life you desired.  Listen to today's episode to learn about Mortgage Life Insurance, Final Expense Life Insurance, and why you should have a personal life insurance policy in addition to the one your employer gives you.  And my recommended, "Top 2", self improvement programs are.   #LIAM #LifeInsuranceAwarenessMonth #LifeInsurance #TashayaSingleton #SecretsOfEarningMoneyShow #SelfImprovementMonth #SelfImprovement #Family #Love
September 23, 2021
Episode 53: Develping Personally With Jon Ribble
September is Self Improvement Month, and we are joined by a special guest Jonathan Ribble, aka "The Secret Agent of Change".  Jon is the founder of Scribble Funnels and has over two decades of business and entrepreneurship experience.  He has had a journey, many of entrepreneurs can relate to. A journey of failure-to-success, success-to-failure and failure-to-success again.  Listen to Jon as he explains the difference between "personal development" and "personally developing", as well as his recommendations for the 6 things you need to do to achieve the success you desire.  You can connect with Jon Ribble by visiting or on Instagram @jonribble #SelfImprovement #SelfImprovementMonth #TashayaSingleton #TheSecretsOfEarningMoneyShow #JonathanRibble #Success #Business #Entrepreneurship 
September 16, 2021
Episode 52: Protecting Your Family's Lifestyle With Shawn Milton
September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, and in this episode we are speaking with Retirement Specialist Shawn Milton of S&S Life and Financial Services.  He spent over a decade serving people in various parts of the world as a volunteer.  This humanitarian work led Shawn to become a financial professional so he could continue being of service to families by providing educational, insurance and retirement services. He has serviced over 25,000 people in the insurance and financial services industry.  Shawn is passionate about protecting the lifestyles of families because, as he says "I don't think a child should lose both parents when one parent dies".  Listen to this episode to learn his Top 3 Recommendations about Life Insurance for Entrepreneurs and Business Owner. You can connect with Shawn Milton by visiting his website or visit the S&S Life and Financial Services business page on Facebook.  Or just give Shawn a call at (347)343-0649. #lifeinsurance #lifeinsuranceawarnessmonth #TashayaSingleton  #TheSecretsOfEarningMoneyShow #ShawnMilton #SandSLifeFinancialServices #Entrepreneurs #Family #Families #Parents #BusinessOwners
September 10, 2021
Episode 51: Let's Talk About Life Insurance
September is Life Insurance Month.  In today's episode we talk about the "Ultimate Love Letter" called Life Insurance.  Some people feel that Life Insurance is only something you need when you're older or married, and we explore reasons why a single person or child may need Life Insurance coverage. Listen to this episode to hear the answer to the question "What type Life Insurance is the best type to have?".  Also, find out how you can make purchasing Life Insurance less stressful.  Your loved ones are priceless, so give yourself peace of mind and take the steps to protect them with Life Insurance today. #LifeInsurance #LIAM #LIAM2021 #LifeInsurnceAwarenessMonth #TashayaSingleton #TheSecretsOfEarningMoneyShow #SecretsOfEarningMoneyShow
September 3, 2021
Episode 50: Business - It's A Family Affair With Mama Soul Wisdom
The month of August is Black Business Month and we are spotlighting Loretta Wetzel, also known as Mama Soul Wisdom.  Loretta has over 40 years of experience in business - corporate, nonprofit and as an entrepreneur. She is the host and founder of the "I Am Love Movement" podcast.  Loretta began her journey as an entrepreneur after a company merger took her from six figures down to zero. She believes business should be a family affair and now she "shares old wisdom for a new generation".  Listen to today's episodes and hear her top 3 recommendations for entrepreneurial success.  Loretta will be will be a speaker at Comeback Champion in the Fall, is creating content for her television network and writing a book about Love and Marriage with my spouse Perran of 41 years. To stay connected with Loretta visit her website or on  Instagram @MamaSoulWisdom. Also, be sure to get the free downloads of the affirmations she uses daily for successful living at And, if you would like to attend her Masterclass on 6  Keys To Discovering Family Happiness and Success be sure to go to: for the upcoming session! #Business #Success #BusinessStartup #BlackBusinessMonth #WomenBusinessOwners #Entrepreneurship #TheSecretsOfEarningMoneyShow #TashayaSingleton #MamaSoulWisdom #IAmLoveMovement #LorettaWetzel
August 26, 2021
Episode 49: Real Estate Investing Success With Darryl Woods
August is Black Business Month and today's episode spotlights LaDarryl Woods owner of DNA Investors and HG Global Investments.  Darryl has over 15 years experience as a Real Estate Investor.  He is actively working in the Dallas Ft Worth Metroplex and NW Indiana Region.  Darryl specializes in Fixing & Flipping, Renting and Wholesaling.  Darryl is best know for saying "I'm not a guru, but a doru", because he believes taking action is the only way you can achieve your goals and dreams.  Listen to today's episode to learn Darryl's top 3 recommendations to become a successful real estate investor, so you can start on your journey to creating a legacy of wealth for your family too.   #Business #Success #RealEstate #DarrylWoods #TashayaSingleton #RealEstateInvesting #BusinessStartup #TheSecretsOfEarningMoneyShow
August 19, 2021
Episode 48: Books, Tips and Perseverance For Black Business Success
August is Black Business Month, and in honor of Black Business Month this episode talks about recommendations to help Black Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs to achieve business success.  There was 41,% reduction in Black businesses in 2020 due to the pandemic.  With Black Business Owners facing some unique challenges which contribute to the higher rate of business failure, and the statistics supporting this, we must look inside ourselves and find the strength to persevere, pursue and achieve the business success we desire.  We should always remember that business is a contact sport and it takes a team to win.  As the old saying goes "The best defense is a good offense", so be proactive in pursuing our business goals while creating a team.  Here is the list of books recommended in this episode are: Success Runs in Our Race by Dr. George C Fraser; Click: Ten Truths for Building Extraordinary Relationships by Dr. George C Fraser; Think and Grow Rich A Black Choice by Dr. Dennis Kimbro and Napoleon Hill; Succeeding Against The Odds by John H Johnson; Unlimited Power: A Black Choice by Tony Robbins and Joseph McClendon III; Incorporate and Grow Rich by C.W "AI" Allen, Cheri S. Hill and Diane Kennedy; Who Owns The Ice House by Clifton Taulbert an Gary Schoeniger.  Come out to "The 5 C's of Business Success" virtual event, hosted by the Black Women Empowering Finances, on Saturday August 14, 2021 from (10:00AM - 12:00PM Eastern) to have your business finance questions answered.  Register for FREE at  You can connect with Black Women Empowering Finances on Facebook and Clubhouse.  They will host a weekly room on Clubhouse on Saturday's from 10:00AM-10:30AM (Eastern). #Black #Business #BlackBusiness #BlackBusinessOwners #BlackBusinessMonth #Success #Entrepreneurship #Books #TashayaSingleton #SecretsOfEarningMoneyShow #podcasts
August 12, 2021
Episode 47: Black Business And Resources To Achieve Success
August is Black Business Month, and this episode talks about the current state of Black Businesses and what we can do as business owners to make our businesses more successful.  Some of these statistics are not surprising, while others are alarming.  As Black Business Owners with 44% of us using our own money to start our businesses we must take a proactive role in or success by becoming a student of business and our specific industry, ask questions, seek out available resources, and implement what we learn.  And then we must teach others what we have learned, so we can make a positive impact in our community, our nation and the world.  Listen to today's episode to find out more about the free and low-cost resources available to assist you in making your business a success.  Black Women Empowering Finances is hosting a FREE virtual event "The 5 C's of Business Success" on Saturday August 14th, 2021, from 10:00AM - 12:00PM (Eastern) in honor of Black Business Month.  Visit to register for FREE today.  You can connect with Black Women Empowering Finances hosts a weekly 30-minute "Talk & Learn" on Saturdays on Clubhouse.  Also, you can join the Black Women Empowering Finances Facebook group or club on Clubhouse.   #BlackBusinessMonth #Black #Business #BlackBusiness #Success #SBA #SBDC  #BlackWomen  #BusinessSuccess #BlackBusinessStats
August 6, 2021
Episode 46: How To Move The Needle As A Entrepreneur -
For today's episode we are joined by expert guests Dee Bowden and RaShida Roberts.  Dee Bowden is a Revenue Recovery Expert.  She is the Founder of BCS Solutions, author of "Collect The Cash: The Sale Is Not Complete Until The Money Is In The Bank" and has collected over $13 million dollars in revenue. Dee was named as the "Best Revenue Recovery Specialist" in 2018 and 2019.  RaShida Roberts is a Personal Finance Coach, who has personally crushed $15k in debt in 12 months.  She is the Founder of Target Financial, host of "The Cashflow Conv" podcast, and author of the soon to be released book "Find Your Spark: 7 Steps To Ditch Debt, Stress And Ignite Your Financial Lifestyle".  Listen as these Financial Experts give you tips that helped them move the needle on their Entrepreneurship journey and how you can too. You'll hear their #1 recommendations, and why they feel having a degree isn't going to save you as a Entrepreneur. If you're ready to move the needle and take your business to the next level then listen to this episode now.  To pick up your autographed copy Dee Bowden's book "Collect The Cash" go to  You can connect with Dee across social media @DeeCollects.  Be sure to listen to RaShida Robert on "The Cashflow Convo" podcast as she tells you how to ditch your debt and the stress that goes with it.  You can connect with RaShida across social media @TargetFinancial or visit her website #Business #Entrepreneur #DeeBowden #RaShidaRoberts #BusinessStartup #BusinessSuccess #Success #SecretsOfEarningMoneyShow #Podcast #CollectTheCash #BlackWomenEmpoweringFinances 
July 29, 2021
Episode 45: Money, Business Credit and Success
Today we are joined by two Financial Experts, Janisha Richardson of Positive Business Credit and Joyce Chesley Hayward of Fusion 4 Business.  Janisha is a Business Credit Expert with over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, and has a passion for working with traditionally underserved populations.  Joyce is a Profitability Expert with over 30 years experience helping small to medium size business owners in a holistic manner to maximize their profitability.  Listen to today's episode to find out who your best employee is and why you should honor them.  Learn how to set your business up to start on the path to building credit in only 1 day.  And, find out if there's any truth to the old myth that businesses can't be profitable in their fist year.  If you're ready to get your business on the road to success you'll want to hear what these members of Black Women Empowering Finances has to say to help you achieve your goals.  You can connect with Janisha by email at jrich@PBCS-LLC.COM and visit her website for some great resources www.PBCS-LLC.COM.  You can connect with Joyce by email at and be sure to pick her free resources at   #Business #BusinessCredit  #BusinessSuccess #Profitability #WomenBusinessOwners #BlackWomenBusinessOwners #SmallBusinessOnwers #Money #Success
July 22, 2021
Episode 44: Podcasting Your Business To Profits with Raven The Talk Show Maven
Today we are joined by our expert guest Raven Blair Glover, "The Talk Show Maven".  She is the Founder, Executive Producer and Host of Amazing Women of Power and Careers From The Kitchen Table.  Raven is living proof that the second act your of life can be better than the first.  At the age of 55 she started her podcast from her kitchen table and now she's grown it into a media empire.  She has received the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, from President Obama, and Talk Show Host of the Year, from Universal 7 Radio Network.  Listen to today's episode to learn Raven's 4 step process to earn profits in business, and why she said she had to "Step up, Show up, and Grow up".  You will surely be inspired to go for it now!  If you are a podcaster, coach or speaker looking to gain visibility and authority then Raven The Talk Show Maven's new project the "Careers From Home TV Mini Series" may be the opportunity you've been looking for.  To see if you qualify, visit for more information.  You connect with "Raven The Talk Show Maven" by email:  or across social media @TalkShowMaven #Business  #Podcast  #Profits  #TalkShowMaven  #RavenBlairGlover  #RavenTheTalskShowMaven  #CareersFromHome  #TalkShow
July 15, 2021
Episode 43: Lead Your Business to Profits & Sustainability With Colleen Biggs
Today's expert guest is Colleen Biggs, she strives to influence and encourage women to show up in order to do anything in life that they so desire.  Colleen is the Founder of Lead Up For Women, has over 30 years of success in business, and is the best selling author of "The Anatomy of Accomplishment".  Listen to today's episode as Colleen Biggs shares why you should spend time working on your business and not just working in your business for increased profits and to create a sustainable business.  She also gives her top 3 recommendations for success.  Lead Up for Women was created for every woman to have all the resources needed in one organization to live her best life.  Lead Up For Women is hosting a 3-day Business training event, "The L.E.A.P. Event", August 11 - 13, 2021.  This training is designed to show you where you are leaving money on the  table, how to attract your ideal clients, and how to take the necessary steps to increase your productivity, be UNBREAKABLE on your journey and make more money!  Go to to register today.  You can connect with Colleen across social media @LeadUpFoWomen. #Business #Profits #ColleenBiggs #LeadUpForWomen  #WomenBusinessOwner  #Women #LEAPevent #FemaleEntrepreneurs #Entrepreneurs #WomenEntrepreneurs
July 8, 2021
Episode 42: Why Estate Planning is for everyone
Today's episode is about Estate Planning.  Many people think Estate Planning is only for the rich but it is something everyone should consider.  If you think a will is the only document you need then listen to today's episode to learn about the other documents and some reasons why we may want to do our Estate Planning earlier in life rather than later.  
July 1, 2021
Episode 41: Ditch Stress & Ignite Your Financial Life With RaShida Roberts
Today we are joined by our special guest RaShida Roberts, the Founder of Target Financial, a educator, speaker, Financial Coach and author of the soon to be released book "Find Your Spark: 7 Steps to Ditch Stress and Ignite Your Financial Life".  She helps people improve their relationship with money, setting boundaries, and changing mindsets to maximize every dollar.  RaShida is on a mission to positively impact 100 people in 2021 to live a debt free lifestyle through financial coaching.  Listen in to learn why RaShida says “For most, making money is not your problem. You need to focus on managing your money” and start taking control of you finances today.  You can connect with RaShida at or on social media @:targetfinancial #becomingdebtfree #debtfree #debtfreelifestyle #debt #finances #financial #financialcoaching #book #moneymanagement #money #findyourspark #7stepstoditchstreeandigniteyourfinanciallife 
June 24, 2021
Episode 40: DC The Brain Supreme - A 28 Year Journey of Entreprneurship and Success
Today we are joined by a special guest DC The Brain Supreme of Tag Team, the 90's Hip Hop duo with the hit song "Whoomp! (There it is!)".  "Whoomp! (There It Is!)" quickly climbed to #1 on the Billboard Hot R&B charts in just 14 days.  Recently featured in the auto insurance commercial for GEICO the 90s classic Reel School Hip Hop duo Tag Team is back on Top.  And, the hit song "Whoomp! (There It Is!)" continues to appeal to admirers in multiple generations.  Listen to today's episode to learn about the Tag Team journey to success,  and tips to keep you motivated to achieve the success you desire in your own entrepreneur journey.  This was one of my favorite interviews so he'll be back again.  You can connect with DC The Brain Supreme by visiting the Tag Team website  or on social media @dcglennatl and @tagteamwhoomp #scoopthereitis #sprinkles #tagteam #whoompthereitis  #success #entrepreneurship #businessstartup #business  
June 17, 2021
Episode 39: Annuites, Retirement and Aphasia
June is Annuity Awareness Month and Aphasia Awareness Month.  Social Security covers less than one third of the income a person needs for retirement, according to the U.S. Department of Treasury, with men living to age 77 and women living to age 81 adding a Annuity to your retirement portfolio so you can have a predictable lifetime income to help cover your expenses.  Listen to today's episode to learn about public and government employee retirement plans that are Annuities, and learn about the invisible condition that over 2 million people in the U.S. have called Aphasia.  To learn more about Aphasia visit  If you would our host, Tashaya Singleton, to assist you with your retirement needs you can connect with her by visiting her website:,  by email: or on Facebook: @TashayaInspires #Retirement  #Aphasia  #AphasiaAwareness  #Annuity  #AnnuityAwareness  #AphasiaAwarenessMonth  #AnnuityAwarenessMonth #SocialSecurity
June 11, 2021
Episode 38: The Basics of Annuities
This month is Annuity Awareness Month, and today's episode focuses on the basics of annuities.  Some people like annuities and some don't. Annuities have been around since the Roman Empire and have been in America since the 18th century.  Listen to this episode to understand the basics and learn the truth about annuities, and then decide for yourself.  For assistance with adding annuities to your retirement portfolio you can connect with, our host, Tashaya Singleton by visiting her website:,  email: or on Facebook: @TashayaInspires. #AnnuityAwarenessMonth #Annuity #Insurance #Retirement
June 4, 2021
Episode 37: Sparking Some Mindset Magic With Victoria Moos
In today's episode we are focusing on mindset.  Our expert guest, Integrative Learning and Teaching Specialist Victoria Moos joins us to help spark some magic in our mindset.  Victoria is the Founder of XMLF, Experience The Magic of Learn Foundation. She has earned the California Teaching Credential and Certificates in Brain To Body Learning Approach.  She has helped students from elementary to college achieve success using the "Whole Child Integrated Learning and Teaching Approach".  Victoria is on a mission to provide financial aid to those who would otherwise not receive the help they need.  Listen in to learn how Victoria's "Investigative Technique" can help business owners and entrepreneurs improve their mindset so they can achieve success
May 28, 2021
Episode 36: #DisabilityInsurance - Do you know what a Keyman Insurance Policy is?
May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month, and today we will talk about two Disability Insurance policies that business owners should have for their business.  15% of people have a disability, according to the World Health Organization.  The Council for Disability Awareness did a which found that we underestimate our own chances of becoming disabled.  Listen to today's episode to find out how many of us underestimate our chances and the importance of having a Keyman Disability Insurance Policy, and using Disability Insurance to fund a Buy Sell Agreement.    
May 21, 2021
Episode 35: What You Want To Know About Buying and Selling Real Estate - William Brown
Today we are joined by our special guest Real Estate Professional William Brown.  He is the founder of William Brown Real Estate LLC.  He is a premier instructor for Alpha College of Real Estate, licensed in the states of Virginia, New York and Georgia, with over 35 years of experience.  William Brown specializes in the Rehab of single family, multifamily and income producing investment properties.  He is passionate about helping people achieve the American Dream of home ownership and building wealth for themselves, their family and future generations. You'll want to listen in today as he gives us his top three recommendations for buyers and sellers.  As well as, hear him explain the difference between being pre-approved and pre-qualified for a mortgage.  William, also, gives some good tips on improving your credit score.  You can connect with William Brown by giving him a call at (757)287-1433, visiting his website:, or sending him an email: 
May 13, 2021
Episode 34: #DisabilityInsurance - Let's Talk About Income Protection
Did you know that you could buy insurance to protect your income?  It's called Disability Insurance, and the month of May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month.  So, today we're going to talk about Disability Insurance and the documents you'll need, should you be unable to care for yourself because of injury or illness.  Many of us have insurance in place to protect our house, our car and our life, but not our income.  Disability Insurance is the foundation of your financial security because you need income from your business or job to pay for your day to day living expenses.  Listen to today's episode for information to help you overcome some common myths, and learn what documents you should have in place in case you become disabled, so that you can still have a good quality of life.  You can contact our host, Tashaya Singleton, for to assist you with your Disability Insurance needs by visiting her website:, or email: or telephone (757)951-5358.     #DIAM  #Insurance #DisabilityInsurance 
May 7, 2021
Episode 33: #FinancialLiterayMonth - Mark Kravietz Helps You Plan Your Exit
As Financial Literacy Month comes to an end, this will be the final episode in our series #FinancialLiteracyMonth.  Today we are joined by our special guest Certified Financial Planner Mark Kravietz.  He is the founder of Aline Wealth and the host of the podcast "Find Your Exit".  Mark Kravietz specializes in Exit and Philanthropy Planning.  He was voted Best-In-State by Forbes in 2019 and 2020.  Listen is as Mark tells you why you should build your business to sell.  And, gives tips on how you can properly prepare to exit your business.  You can connect with Mark by visiting his website:, or email:  And, be sure to tune in to his podcast "Find Your Exit" for more great advice.
April 30, 2021
Episode 32: #FinancialLiteracyMonth - Dee Bowden Tells You How to "Collect Your Business' Cash"
This month is Financial Literacy Month, and we are continuing our series on Small Business Finances.  Today we are joined by Revenue Recovery Expert Dee Bowden.  Dee has over 10 yrs experience in accounts receivable.  She has collected over $13 million dollars in revenue and was recognized as Best Revenue Recovery Specialist 2018 & 2019.  She is the author of the newly released book "Collect The Cash: The Sale Is Not Complete Until The $$$$ Is In The Bank".  Listen in as Dee tells you the 3 things that revenue recovery is all about, why "Collecting The Cash" is important, and her top tips to collect your business' cash.  Also, if you want to learn more about "Collection Zone" be sure to pick up her new book on Amazon.  You can connect with Dee by visiting her website:  or on IG: DeeCollects.  Remember Dee and I are panelist for "The 5 C's of Business Success" virtual panel event happening this Saturday April 24, 202, from 10:00AM - 12:00PM (EST) be sure to register for this free educational event by visiting  We look forward to seeing you there!
April 22, 2021
Episode 31: #FinancialLiteracy - Maximizing Profitability In Your Business
April is Financial Literacy Month, and we are focusing on #FinancialLiteracy for small businesses owners all month long.  Today we are joined by our guest CPA Joyce Chesley Hayward, "Your External CFO" as she shares her top 3 pitfalls that keep small business owners and entrepreneurs from maximizing their profitability, as well as her top 3 recommendations for them to maximize their profitability.  Joyce assists business owners in a holistic manner with analysis, auditing, reviews and accounting.  She has over 30 years experience helping small to medium size businesses maximize profitability so you are sure to pick up some golden business nuggets.  You can connect with Joyce by visiting, or by email at  Also, be sure to pick up her "7 Keys To Profitability" by texting (202) 335-4255.
April 15, 2021
Episode 30: #FinancialLiteracyMonth - The Roadmap To Buiness Credit
April is Financial Literacy Month, and we should remember that financial literacy is important for business owners too.  Today's episode we will talk about building business credit with our special guest, Business Credit Expert, Janisha Richardson.  Many business owners and entrepreneurs do not take the necessary steps to establish business credit, whether they're a start-up or have been in business for over decade, because they do not know where to start.  Listen to today's episode to learn Janisha's top 3 recommendations for taking the first and most important steps to start building business credit.  To stay connected with Janisha by visiting her website www.PCBS-LLC.COM, and pick up their free guide while you're there, or by email at  You can register for the free virtual panel event "The 5 C's of Business Success" today at or Eventbrite (  Also, remember our collaborative book "I Am A Victor" will be released on April 13, 2021 on Amazon.  We'd love your support to help us make it a bestseller. 
April 8, 2021
Episode 29: #FinancialLiteracyMonth - What Small Business Owners Should Know
April is Financial Literacy Month, this month we are going to focus on Financial Literacy for the Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur.  There are a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs that are generating large revenues, and they're still struggling financially because a lack of financial literacy.  Most business owners and entrepreneurs are very talented at what they do but they did not take the time to learn the business side of what they do.  Listen to today's podcast to help start you on your path to becoming financially literate in your business so your business can be successful.  You can purchase the book "Becoming Significant", by David and Isabel Fagan, at  To help me in make the, collaborative book, "I Am A Victor" an Amazon Bestseller be sure to buy a copy on the release day Tuesday April 13th, 2021. 
April 2, 2021
Episode 28: Personal Finance And The Entrepreneur
March is Women's History Month and we are celebrating by highlighting women financial professionals.  Today we are joined by our guest RaShida Roberts who crushed $15,000 in debt in 12 months.  RaShida is a Financial Coach, founder of Target Financial, author of the soon to be released book "Find Your Spark: 7 Steps to Ditch Stress and Ignite Your Financial Life", and the host of the podcast "The Cash Flow Convo".  She is committed to motivating singles and educators to  set boundaries and transform their mindsets to maximize their money.  She believes, “For most, making money is not your problem. You need to focus on managing your money.” Listen in to hear her top 3 money management recommendations for business owners and entrepreneurs.  You can connect with RaShida at on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter at @TargetFinancial.
March 25, 2021
Episode 27: Women And Financial Wellness - Women's History Month
This is Women's History Month, and today we'll talk about why Financial Wellness is different for women.  The principles of Financial Wellness do not change, but there are factors that change how they will be implemented.  It is more important now than ever for women to take control of their personal financial economy and life in this "SheCession" caused by the pandemic.  5.4 million women lost jobs, and 90% of the jobs lost in December 2020 were lost by women.  You can visit the following websites for resources to help women start businesses and increase their financial literacy.,,
March 19, 2021
Episode 26: Tina Skin Diva Talks Skin Care for Busy Entrepreneurs And Business owners
This month we are celebrating Women's History Month, all month long, and today we are joined by our expert guest Tina Jackson, "Tina The Skin Diva".  Tina is a Skin Coach, NY Licensed Cosmetologist, Author and Domestic Violence Survivor Activist.  Listen in as Tina gives you tips to improve your skin and image for business and everyday life.  Tina's book "The Fight For My Life: How I overcame 38 Illnesses" is available on Amazon.  You can connect with Tina on Facebook Business Page: Tina Skin Diva Tips and Talents,   Instagram: @tinaskindiva7,   Email:   Also, don't forget to visit her website,, for her natural products.      
March 11, 2021
Episode 25: Women's History Month - Women & Money
This month is Women's History Month, so we will focus on "Women, Business, Money & Mindset".  We "Women" have made some great strides of the years.  We are CEO's of large corporations.  And, we own over 11 Million businesses that generate $1.7 Trillion in sales. However, 58% of women still leave our money decisions up to our male partner.  Ladies listen to this episode understand why it's time for us to level up and take control of our "Personal Financial Economy and Life".   
March 5, 2021
Episode 24: #InsureYourLove - Life Insurance: A Selfless Act
Today we conclude our Life Insurance Awareness Month series, #InsureYourLove, for February.  Our special guest today is Hameed Sharif. He is a Financial Services Professional that is passionate about helping people protect their loved ones, business and charitable organizations with Life Insurance.  Listen to hear Hameed's top 3 tips on Life Insurance for business owners, and why he's so passionate about Life Insurance.  Hameed wants everyone to know that "Life Insurance is a selfless act".  You stay connected to Hameed on Instagram: Sharif_Money_Cosh or  Email:
February 25, 2021
Episode 23: #InsureYourLove - Beneficiaries, Estate Planning & Life Insurance
This is Life Insurance Awareness Month, and we are celebrating #InsureYourLove the entire month of February.  Today we are talk about some surprising Life Insurance statistics and why it's important to keep your beneficiaries updated.  Also, you'll learn why you should reach out to your insurance agent to keep them updated about changes that are happening in your life.  Because, as things change your insurance may also need to change.  Leave your loved ones the greatest love letter you can - a Life Insurance Policy.  You can reach out to our host, Tashaya Singleton, to talk about your business and financial needs by visiting her website:, email:, or by telephone: (757) 951 - 5358.
February 19, 2021
Episode 22: #InsureYourLove - Living Benefits & Business Uses Of Life Insurance
This month is Life Insurance Awareness month, #InsureYourLove, and we are celebrating "Insure Your Love" the entire month of February.  For today's episode we are joined by a special guest, Tianya Edgerton, the owner of Tianya Edgerton State Farm.  Listen today as she shares some little known ways that Life Insurance can benefit you and your business.  Remember to #InsureYoureLove, and leave a "Legacy Of Love" with Life Insurance.  You can connect with Tianya by going to her website  
February 11, 2021
Episode 21: #InsureYourLove - Leave A Legacy Of Love
February is "Insure Your Love Month", and today's episode focuses on Life Insurance.  Life Insurance is an essential part of leaving a legacy of love, if there are people and organizations that depend on you for their financial well-being.  We do no know when we are going to depart this world, but what we do know is that we want the best for our family, friends and charitable organizations that we leave behind.  Listen to this episode to find out what type of policy is the best policy to buy.  And, remember to #InsureYourLove.
February 5, 2021
Episode 20: Financial Wellness Month - Top 3 Tips To Start Building Business Credit
This is Financial Wellness Month, and we are joined by our guests Janisha Richardson and La'Sharne Bing the Co-Founders of Positive Business Credit Solutions, LLC.  Janisha and La'Sharne have over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience and a passion for working with underserved populations in the small business arena.  They share their top 3 recommendations to help you start on the path to building business credit with us today.  Listen to find out how to start your business off right no matter what your budget is right now.  To stay connected to Janisha and La'Sharne by visiting them at their website www.PBCS-LLC.COM on Instagram @PCBSLLC and by email at    
January 28, 2021
Episode 19: Start Improving Your Financial Well-Being Today
This is Financial Wellness Month, and we are joined by our guest Tianya Edgerton, a 14 year veteran in the Insurance and Financial Services.  Tianya shares her top 3 recommendations to help you start on the path to improving your financial well.  She walk you through the beginning steps you should take to begin you journey to becoming a "Hundred Thousandaire" and then a Millionaire.  To stay connected with Tianya by going to her website
January 21, 2021
Episode 18: Let's Get Your Important Papers Organized
January is Financial Wellness Month, and in today's episode we talk with our special guest Stacey Golden-Lisnock about the importance of getting your important papers in order.  Stacey is the host of the "Legacy Therapy Podcast" and the creator of "Got It Together Now!", an organized emergency info file.  Many of us are not prepared for life events, and we don't always know where to start when someone is suddenly unable to care for themselves or dies.  It is somehow seen as taboo to talk about money, insurance and  other important financial papers.  Getting your papers in order early will reduce stress and help ease the pressure on your loved ones during a difficult time.  Go to to get your papers in order today.   
January 15, 2021
Episode 17: Starting On The Path To Financial Wellness
This is the first podcast of the new year - Happy New Year Everyone!  January is Financial Wellness Month, and it's the perfect time to look at where you are financially and set your financial goals.  Just like you have goals for other areas of your life you should have goals for your finances.  Financial Wellness is something we should all strive for because our finances affect our relationships and our health.  Let's take a few minutes, and do the income and expenses exercise to see where we're at right now, so we can create a plan to get to where we want to be financially.  Visit for help creating a spending and debt repayment plan that allows you to LIVE.  
January 8, 2021
Episode 16: Resolutions And Commitment
Today's episode focuses on New Year's Resolutions.  This is the last day of the year, and New Year's Resolutions are a tradition for many of us.  With 80% of of us giving up on our resolutions by mid-February, maybe it's time to ask yourself:  Am I making my New Year's Resolutions based on convenience or based on commitment?  All women entrepreneurs the Success Women's Conference is hosting the Woman On Fire Conference January 1 - 3, 2021, you will be inspired and fired up by the women speakers they have assembles.  You can register for free at  For those of you entrepreneurs who are motivated, ready to learn, leverage your time, connect and take your business to the next level the Strategic Alliance Summit is being held January 5 - 7, 2021.  To register visit   
December 31, 2020
Episode 15: The Twins Called Growth And Change
Today we talk about Twins Called Growth And Change.  Growth and Change are twins, because you cannot have one without the other.  And, this time of year many of us are looking to make changes in our life or to grow our businesses.  We must remember that change starts with our decision and action.  For the women that are ready to take for motivation, ideas and guidance so you can the Success Women's Conference will be hosting the Woman On Fire Conference Jan. 1 - 3, 2021, registration is free.  Be sure to register at and attend because you will be inspired and fired up by the speakers.
December 25, 2020
Episode 14: A Key Ingredient For Success - Focus
Today's episode is about Focus, which is one of the keys to achieving success.  When we develop tunnel vision and focus on our goals we are excited, have a sense of purpose and achieve our goals faster.  Jumping from one business system to another delays our success, because we start from ground zero with each new system.  Focusing on the opportunities that move us closer to out goals is key.
December 18, 2020
Episode 13: Preparing For Success In The New Year
Today's episode is focuses on preparing yourself for success in the new year.  Success is a choice, and we get to choose whether next year will be successful or not.  Success is a marathon not a sprint.  You must do the inner work, so that you have the motivation needed to achieve your definition of success.  Recommended resources:  Books -  "Psycho-Cybernetics" by Dr. Maxwell Maltz,  "The Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale, and "The Power Of Positive Living" by Norman Vincent Peale;  Business and Self Improvement Courses: and    
December 11, 2020
Episode 12: The Power Of The Small Wins
This is December, the last month of the year, now is the time to reflect on the past several months and evaluate our business.  We should have a plan to make next year more successful than this year.  Our goals can be big, but the plan we implement to achieve our goals should be broken down into small bite size pieces to create "Small Wins".  "Small Wins" are important because they keep us on tract and give us momentum, so we can achieve our big goals.  There is power in the "Small Wins".
December 4, 2020
Episode 11: A "Grateful" Entrepreneur
Happy Thanksgiving!  This episode is help remind us to have a grateful mindset.  Often times as entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals we focus on our professional goals and neglect the relationships that are most important to us.  Sometimes we need to be reminded that our legacy is not just the assets we leave behind, but also the lifestyle we model.  What good is it to work hard and achieve our professional, business and monetary goals and sacrifice what is most important - our health and relationships with family and friends? May you take a step back and evaluate your life and mindset this Thanksgiving day. Be Blessed!!!!
November 26, 2020
Episode 10: Networking Isn't Working For Me
This episode focuses on the topic of networking.  No matter what business you are in, people will tell you that you have to network if  you want to build and grow your business.  But, maybe you have been networking for a while and not getting results.  Or maybe, you have a network but your business is not growing.  In this episode you'll learn how a network should work, and when to leave if not working for you.
November 19, 2020
Episode 9: Your Time Is NOW!
As entrepreneurs we must take control of our mind and make the most of our time.  SpeakerCon 2020, featured speaker and Purpose Pusher, Lakeisa Arrington spoke the topic "The Power Of Now".  Lakeisa told us about the power of the "N's".  All of us as entrepreneurs should draw on the power of the the 6 "N's" Lakeisa talked about to keep us inspired and on track to accomplish our goals and dreams.  You can connect with Lakeisa on Instagram @theexperiencebyla or visit her website
November 12, 2020
Episode 8: You only need 2 things to earn money online
This episode talks about the 2 things, SpeakerCon2020 panelist and Visibility Coach, Dr. Stevii Aisha Mills says you need to earn money online.  Dr. Stevii's statement broke earning money online down to it's most simplistic form.  And, she takes away almost all of our excuses for not earning money online.  After learning these 2 things, you'll see that most of us have been making earning money online harder than it has to be by over thinking things. You can connect with Dr. Stevii on Instagram @JustStevii.
November 9, 2020
Episode 7: Don't Let Money Hold You Back
Don't let money hold you back and keep you from starting a business or growing your business.  And, it's not really the lack of money that is holding you back it is the fear that you will run out of money before your business is successful.  It doesn't take money to get started it takes creativity and thinking.  If you start where you are, with what you have, believe in yourself and consistently do something in your business everyday to move you closer to your goals you will achieve your goals.
October 29, 2020
Episode 6: Jill Lublin, Radical Publicity Expert - Tells You How to Make Your Business More Profitable And Visible
Today, I am joined by our expert guest, the Radical Publicity Expert Jill Lublin.  Jill will give you tips on how to get publicity for your business, so it will be more profitable and visible.  I own two books "Guerrila Publicity" and "Networking Magic" both co-authored by her.  Jill Lublin's latest book, "Profit of Kindness" will be delivered to me soon.  Jill teaches a virtual Publicity Crash Course.  You can continue to connect with Jill by going to  And, to attend Jill's course visit  
October 22, 2020
Episode 5: Quick Start Business: Finding Clients and Pricing
We talk about how to find clients for our "Quick Start Business" online spending little to no money, as well as how to price our products and services.
October 22, 2020
Episode 4: Quick Start Business
We talk about setting up a "Quick Start Business".  A business you can start today using the skills you already have, so you can start earning money today.
October 22, 2020
Episode 3: Getting Your Money Right #2
We talk about the percentage of money you should place into your 5 - Basic Money Accounts, so that you can manage you money and eventually get to a place where you're working because you want to not because you have to.
October 22, 2020
Episode 2: Getting Your Money Right #1
In this episode we talk about starting where you are with what you have during difficult financial times.  And, gives tips on how to keep yourself in a positive frame of mind. 
October 22, 2020
Episode 1: About The Show
This podcast focuses on Business, Money and Mindset.  We talk about books, tips and techniques that get results.  Guests will join the show to share their expertise.  Episodes will be about 30 minutes, or less.  New episodes will be released on Thursdays.  So, come back and listen to "The Secrets Of Earning Money Show" every Thursday.
October 22, 2020