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Open-Format conversations with Music Producers, Artists, and Entrepreneurs.

Hosted by Eraserfase, brought to you by TASTYCHOPS.NET
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Freshkils gets head-butted in the face.
Make beats? I will send you dope samples every day.   I dig, I chop, I send it to you, you flip.   try it free: -  FRESHKILS is a producer / performer from Toronto Canada. He is one of the world's premier Finger Drummers, with millions of youtube hits, and hundreds upon hundreds of live shows on his reumee.  Kils joins me to talk about preparation H, sampling, touring, and the time he got headbutted in the face outside his own show. He and I have done some touring together and have known eachother for years... so this conversation is less interview and more like two friends catching up
November 15, 2019
Artist Manager Mark Tavern
BROUGHT TO YOU BY TASTYCHOPS.NET - DOPE SAMPLES, HAND SELECTED, CHOPPED AND PROCESSED BY ERASERFASE, DELIVERED TO YOUR INBOX, EVERY SINGLE DAY.  On this episode, I'm joined by Mark Tavern ( to talk about his thoughts on Artist Management, the evolving state of the music industry as a whole, strategies for artists to build their fanbases, the importance of understanding the business of music as an artist, and a range of other topics... Mark has unique experience and a wealth of knowledge to draw his conclusions from, and he drops a lot of very valuable bits of information throughout this podcast. Definitely an episode that will bring you value if you are curious at all about the business side of music.   Mark Tavern is an artist manager, consultant, educator, administrator, and arts advocate with more than twenty years of music business experience. In addition to running his own management company, Tavern currently teaches music business at LaGuardia Community College and before that, at the Institute of Audio Research. Prior to 2012, he worked at major record companies including Universal Music Group, SONY Music Entertainment, and BMG Entertainment, taking part in more than 200 recordings, a dozen Broadway cast albums, and numerous reissue projects, including the GRAMMY®-winning 24-CD box set The Duke Ellington Centennial Edition. For more information and insider tips about the music business, visit his website.
October 29, 2019
BEATSBYJBLACK talks finger drumming
podcast presented by .. sign up for free, & get dope samples in your inbox daily.  visit and find J @beatsbyjblack & @fingerdrummingacademy on instagram on this episode I talk to BEATSBYJBLACK, who is based in ATL and has been recently working in the studio with TIMBALAND. He's been featured in commercials for GAP, McDONALDS, PAPA JOHNS, and you might also remember him from one of the early TASTY CHOPS commercials from instagram.  JBLACK is building a community around the art of Finger Drumming, and has started an online academy to teach people the skill that has brought him to this point in his career. 
August 29, 2019
Anonymous Tour Story with eraserfase
TASTY CHOPS PODCAST BROUGHT TO YOU BY TASTYCHOPS.NET  (dope sample chops in your inbox daily, try for free at this  segment is called 'anonymous tour stories'... where touring-artists tell their craziest tour stories, with the names of everyone involved changed to protect the innocent. Juicy stuff. in this first one, i decided to tell you all about the time me and two of my friends nearly died several times on our way to Missoula Montana... and thats not even the crazy part of the story. find eraserfase: @eraserfase on ig and twitter. 
August 26, 2019
ILLingsworth on new-fatherhood, beats and tekken
make beats? get new samples sent to your inbox daily -> https://TASTYCHOPS.NET follow illingsworth @illingsworth everywhere + bandcamp: --- ILLingsworth is one of my favorite producers. He's an icon of the beat scene, Detroit to the world over. His prolific output of quality beats spans over a decade. He also enjoys a good laugh. We talk about how he's balancing new fatherhood and a career in music, the value of levity and humor, and tekken. 
August 20, 2019
STLNDRMS is the Bob Ross of Beats.
TASTY CHOPS PODCAST BROUGHT TO YOU BY: find STLNDRMS at: --- Based in Atlanta, GA, STLNDRMS is a founding member of the CONTROLLERISE COLLECTIVE, and has been releasing a consistent stream of quality music for years.  His approach has always been organic; Diligently and patiently working his craft, eschewing frills and shortcuts, and employing an ethos of positivity, humility, empathy and kindness.  In an industry which is often susceptible to cynicism and strategic positioning, STLNDRMS creates because he must... and he does it with un-waivering enthusiasm. For him, making beats, and community building, are not some grand scheme or strategy. STLNDRMS is simply making the music he wants to hear, and creating the environment he wants to thrive in.  moral of the story: BE LIKE STLNDRMS.
August 06, 2019